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  • Please may you upload this background from this contest please. I am not a admin so I cannot do this by myself. Thanks. Here is the link:

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  • This wiki is supposed to be accurate. Correct?

    Are people allowed to make pages that have not been proven to be true?

    Any unsourced or poorly sourced information is supposed to be deleted. Correct?

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    discusstion has moved to a different thread, and ended here.
    20:40, November 15, 2014
  • Can I recreate Money waiter/gallery?

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  • I am done voting on discussions.

    If my system will not be implemented, then there is no point in participating.

    If my sytem will be implemented, the first discussion I want to redo is the "Unneeded Categories" discussion because it was not  a good discussion to use the voting system on.

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  • Hello, I am asking if you could remove my rollback powers, mainly because I am less active on Wikia, also because I have more important things in my life right now, so I feel I don't need these powers if i'm not gonna be as active, thank you.

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  • Why did you delete the Scotland page?

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  • This discussion is not a good discussion. It is a discussion that should not be a vote. If you close this in the next couple of days, then some people will not be happy with the results. I know that you cannot make everyone happy, but this is ridiculous. There is a reason that the category was created, therefore, it is not useless. To have the community decide on categories that are, in YOUR opinion, useless, is not a good idea. I did not like it from the start and I still don't like it. The discussions have to stop being votes (or at least stop being votes until the end). These are not discussions, these are votes. Votes should not be what controls a wiki.

    There are two main reasons that a vote is bad: 1. Most people don't say there opinion and just vote. 2. Voting doesn't solve the important part of the discussions. It just says, "this is the way things are now. I know that you may have had other things to say about this, but this is the final decision and cannot be changed ever." Saying that the community decided something is a lie. First, most people don't even vote (because they don't know about it). Second, a vote is not a good way to decide things. It is just having one way or the other (which has been chosen by YOU) and saying to just vote on it. Because in the real world things can just be solved by a vote, no actual discussion involved. (That was sarcasm)

    The discussions have to change. They have to be actual discussions. I still think we should redo the old ones as well.

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    has gotten out of hand, no longer profiting the discussion of "unneeded categories"
    02:34, November 12, 2014
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    • wrote:
      im not but you just told him " im an admin" WE KNOW THAT

      Of course. It's not meant to shove it in his face. I'm not a hated Admin. Only by those, who I've blocked, because, wait for it…

      I had every right, and need to block them. There was no non need to not.

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    • Tanhamman wrote:
      120d wrote:
      Tanhamman wrote:
      2. Okay. And look. I'm an Administrator right now, with high regard, and you are a former Administrator with the repuation of none. Well, not none. A poor rep.

      3. Power isn't the problem. Well, it is. For you. You can't get over it.

      4. So the discussions have a lead path.

      5a. You're right. There aren't discussions in discussions. We vote. To conclude. We aren't drama queens, 120d, like you.

      5bs. There is no need to try it. Besides, where are you blocked on the SpongeBobia network?

      6. And yet, I'm the patient one here.

      7. Right. I'd say mine about you, but I'm too "Uptight".

      2. Are you the top contributer here? I don't think so.

      4. What?

      5a1. I am not a drama.

      5a2. If they're called "Discussions", shouldn't there be actual discussions, If there not discussions, then we might as well call it 'Votes".

      5bs1. I am not currently blocked anywhere. Don't get any ideas.

      5bs2. Why is there no reason to try it? So far, you've given me, "I and a few others don't want to do it." You have given me no real reason not to do it.

      6. I cannot help but laugh, considering that, in the message I am responding to, you insulted me and claimed that power is a problem for me. If that is patience, then I am the most patient person on this wiki.

      7. That is not at all what "Uptight" means. You being uptight has nothing to do with your lack of swearing at me.

      8. You are just proving my point that you should not be an admin. Every time you have insulted me, claimed false things, used the word "power", and blocked me, you've just gotten closer to the danger zone. But, I am sure your fine. You're invincible. You are such a good contributer. But I cannot help but feel that your behavior is bad. In other words, you're a good contributor, but your behavior is bad. Doesn't that sound familiar?

      2. Of course not. But I'm not the most hated.

      4. It's difficult to explain.

      5a1. I'm pretty sure you are.

      5a2. You can always start a discussion. We 'discuss' a needed matter. By this, I mean we come with a proposal ready, and then decide what to do.

      5bs1. Just askin'.

      5bs2. Ever heard this "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? This is just like that.

      6. I find that you are not the most patient. You may have patience, but you do snap. I snap. I know this. Just not as easily as you.

      7. And where, pray tell, did I swear to you?

      8. Hm. I don't misuse "power", I don't constantly gripe about grammar, I don't care how others see me. You my friend cannot achieve the 5th level of the hiarchy. Maybe the 2nd. But no more. Me, I'm at all 5 baby. No issues there.

      2a. I have a feeling that I am not the most hated person. There have to be people much more hated than me. Also, thank you for giving me an example of someone who hates me as a person.

      2b. Also, not yet, you aren't.

      4. If it is difficult to explain, then why did you bring it up?

      5a1. I am not, well, at least not as much as you are.

      5a2. I don't understand this. It is almost like you want my plan.

      5bs2. I have. I have used it many times. Do you think we needed a name change or to change the format of titles?

      6. That might be true, but every moment, you are getting quicker.

      7. The point is that you didn't. You were implying that your uptightness was the reason that you did not swear at me.

      8a. You do misuse that word.

      8b. I would no longer call you my friend.

      8c. What are you talking about? levels?

      8d. I guess I also forgot that you are egotistical.

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  • Hello, I have received information that Tanhamman has been talking behind my back, as well he is doing the same with 120d, I received this information from Tominator, while Tomiantor didn't tell me anything Tanhamman actually said about me or 120d, he did say Tanhamman has talked bad about me and 120d, could you warn Tanhamman or something? or at least tell him to stop this?

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    Tominator777 closed this thread because:
    05:51, November 7, 2014
  • I read them. Both of the images are 30px but is still this still considered cramping the page?

    Aquaman"Face the Wrath of Atlantis!" - Dragonballgtgoku Shazam
    03:26, November 6, 2014 (UTC)
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  • My biggest problem with Discussions is that they are not discussions. The name change is the most discussing we have ever had and that wasn't a whole lot. Discussions are just votes. Discussions should not be black and white there should be a compromise in the end. ALWAYS.

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