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  • I cannot stand that phrase. When will I be ready to become admin? When I fit some unachievable standard that only I have to follow because I have to be perfect because of my past behavior? That is what it seems like. The last two of my requests for adminship were denied because I was not ready yet. I have done so much for this wiki. I have tried to be as nice as possible, but I'm not sure I should be if I am not going to get anywhere.

    I don't think you or anyone else understands what it is like to be in my situation. How would you like it if you were reverted back to a normal user, had to improve even though you did not want to, then have request the adminship and have the community basically say, "Just a little longer". Not just once, not just twice, but seemingly forever. I am sick of it. I am not perfect and I should not have to reach some unobtainable standard.

    I made a mistake, but I have to pay more than the price for something that was so small. I am of course talking about my accidentally harshness towards Nicko, which in my opinion, would have been completely deserved due to his behavior towards me in the past few months. Why must I be the villain and he the hero? He is treated like he is the savior of the wiki, the all protecting hero, and I am treated like I am the biggest threat to this wiki. Don't pay attention to the dragon, when there are thieves stealing your gold. 

    I have done so much, but even after one year, I am still treated like dirt. I am not dirt. I am a human being with feelings. I only want what I think is best for the wiki. If I am not welcome here, I will have to go. To these people, I will always be a dragon, no matter how many people see me as a human, as long as one person sees me as a dragon, everyone will. I am sick of people acting like if I stand up for myself, I am doing something wrong.

    Besides my mistakes, I would like to know what I have done wrong since I returned in October. I don't think that I have done anything wrong.

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      • 1. "When I fit some unachievable standard that only I have to follow because I have to be perfect because of my past behavior?" - this is somewhat true.
      • 2. Do not request an admin (or anyone) to be blocked if you havn't even discussed the dispute with them first. Blocking is a last resort.
      • 3. Your lack of communicating with people before making accusations is precisely why I did not support your request. If you approached every dispute by peacefully discussing it, then I would support. But you don't. Too many people don't.
      • 4. "He is treated like he is the savior of the wiki, the all protecting hero" - that's not true.
      • 5. "I am treated like I am the biggest threat to this wiki." - actually, it's people's over reaction to certain situations.
      • 6. The community is still broken, and communciation and not over reacting are the key. Everyone needs to stay calm.
      • 7. "Besides my mistakes, I would like to know what I have done wrong since I returned in October. I don't think that I have done anything wrong." - see #3.
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    • 1. What do you mean by "This is somewhat true."?

      2. I know that. I never requested that he be blocked. I just told him not to do the action again or I would.

      3. In any other instance I would have. Even I can admit that I was a bit rude on purpose. He has been treating me like dirt since I returned.

      4. Plenty of evidence would say differently.

      5. My point is not invalidated by your statement.

      7. I meant anything that did not have to do with communication. I meant things that I have actually done that are wrong, not things I have written.

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  • Can you please create a Blu-ray template. I only say this since I want to create The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Blu-ray) article properly.

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  • Can you create a another template like this, but for shorts.

    Episode (Change to "Short")
    - "name of short"
    - "name of short 2"
    List of home videos

    I ask you this becuase i find it odd on DVD pages (Example: Complete Seventh Season) where it says episode under the shorts.

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  • I need you to do something about it.

    First, there is no proof that any of those images will appear in the actual movie. (I know that it is unlikely that all of them won't appear, but you get my point.)

    Second, there are too many of them. They need to be at least divided up by trailer(s).

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  • The SpongeBobiaChatBot is broken. Could you fix it? 

    If you don't believe it, ask ABF.

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  • Can you flag me? I am here to fix errors and do automated edits. I am operated by FliplineFan12

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  • Hello Andrew, I have noticed that you always leave avatar image for user of the month blank.

    Therefore, I have decided to simplify filling that parameter as much as I could. See documentation of this template:

    Also, can you please fill the template with image for some other user, so I can make sure that template is solution to the problem. Look here for template usage in article:

    By the way, I kinda miss editing here, but I am still not ready for full return, only occasional edits, like this one and the yellow background sides image. Also, when will yellow background sides be implemented?

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  • Hi, I sent you an email, if you don't mind checking please. Thanks! :3

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  • I know that it is kind of early to complain about a user, but Nicko has just gone too far.

    I am trying to make a real effort on letting my past relationship go and to accept things that the community decides, but every time I see his edits or talk to him, he either wants nothing to do with me or pisses me off in some way. I am sick of Nicko correcting grammar all the time. If I am going to work with him, I need him to stop. I cannot take it anymore. I dislike very few users. JCM and Nicko are really the only ones that I really just dislike. I don't know if you will ever be able to feel the way I do. He is uncooperative. You are probably thinking that this is hypocrisy, but it isn't. I correct grammar to help the wiki, he corrects grammar to just get what he wants. He should have never been allowed to have any of his grammar rules pass. The discussion was unfair, he was too new to be listened to, his logic was circular logic. (Circular logic is most notably used by Christians to explain the existance of God and the bible. The logic can be found here: The circular logic here is that Nicko used the proof to give the reason. I may have not given proof, but at least my logic was not circular. Please do something about Nicko.

    He also should have never become admin. It was like giving a hammer to a small child, they are going to do more harm with it than good.

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    AMK152 closed this thread because:
    We have resolved this.
    04:12, December 22, 2014
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    • AMK152 wrote:
      *1. I understand. But for consistency, they should be the same, "Sea urchin." Both the page name and the link on the article, that is.
      • 3. Like I said, if you have a grammar issue, bring it up when the petitions are up.
      • 4. Is there anything else that needs to be resolved? I thought I covered everything.

      4. There are many problems, but I think taht covers all of the current ones.

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    • 4. Okay. That's why I created the petitions proposal. You can air your concerns there, and if there is enough interest in exploring a discussion, it will happen.

      I am going to close this now.

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  • How do you create a category? I only ask you this becuase I can't find a source helpful enough.

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