Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy vs. Plankton!
Writer: James Kochalka
Art: Hilary Barta
Coloring: Rick Neilsen
Lettering: Comicraft
Comic information
Series: SpongeBob Comics
Comic: SpongeBob Comics No. 10
Page: 19-22
Previous: Raising the Curtain of Evil!
Next: SpongeBob is the Key
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Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy vs. Plankton! is the fourth comic of SpongeBob Comics #10.



It is night in Bikini Bottom and Plankton tells Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy that they will never stop his evil plan. However, they don't know that it is him talking. Mermaid Man asks Barnacle Boy if he hears something. Barnacle Boy asks, "What kind of something?" Plankton continues, saying that the gears to his plan are already in motion and that the heroes cannot stop it. He then laughs. Mermaid Man hears Plankton again, but doesn't know if it is a voice or an evening breeze.

Barnacle Boy asks if there is a prize if he guesses right. He then asks if he can have a cookie. Mermaid Man says that he might be if he ate all his vegetables at dinner. Barnacle Boy says that he did. He says that he is a good boy and that he deserves a cookie. Plankton then says that soon, he will be the master of Bikini Bottom and everyone will kneel before him. Barnacle Boy notices Plankton and says that he is a noisy and obstreperous bug. He adds that he has won a cookie. Mermaid Man says that something is not quite right.

He leans down close to Plankton, who tells him to tremble before his greatness. Mermaid Man says that Plankton is not a bug. He then picks Plankton up and gets up. He says that Plankton is actually a green pea. Mermaid Man accuses Barnacle Boy of lying and hiding the "pea". Barnacle Boy admits it and says that he hid the pea to get a cookie. He also apologizes.

Mermaid Man says that he is disapointed with Barnacle Boy and that he will not be big and strong like Mermaid Man if he does not eat all his vegatables. Barnacle Boy says that he knows. Barnacle Boy promises to be better next time and asks if he can have a cookie. Mermaid Man says that Barnacle Boy has to first eat the "pea" and then they will talk about the cookie. He then puts Plankton up to Barnacle Boy's mouth. Barnacle Boy says, "Oooo... It's going to be yucky." Plankton says that he is foiled again.


  • Barnacle Boy appears to be less intelligent in this comic than his television counterpart is.
SpongeBob Comics No. 10 (VE)

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