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Medley[1] Fishbowl[citation needed] is a light green fish. He is similar to Sandals and makes cameo appearances. He is the husband of Vera. He makes a few appearances after season 3.


He is a light green colored fish who has olive green fins and light yellow eyes. He wears dark blue shorts with a white flower design. His shorts resemble the ones Sandals wears.


In "Hall Monitor," he and Vera are first seen together as a couple, and they are eating a meal together. In "The Great Snail Race," he is the referee for the race and shows up when the race begins and ends. It is possible he moved Rocky to win the race, although it is unknown how Rocky won. Medley's character is mostly quiet but not completely silent.


  • "Ahhhh!" (along with Vera after getting chased by SpongeBob)
  • "You guys ready?"
  • "You'll be ready to start it, folks."