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This article contains information regarding the fictional media of the SpongeBob SquarePants universe, including television, magazines, newspapers, and radio stations.


  • Bikini Times - Bikini Bottom's newspaper. It features the regular news, as well as daily comics. One of the comics is called The Wisenheimers(Party Pooper Pants).
  • Bikini Bottom Inquirer- A parody of The National Inquirer. One article that has appeared was about a fish who married a Sea Bear(The Camping Episode).
  • Bikini Bottom Examiner - A newspaper that no one reads because it is full of boring facts and charts.
  • The Bottomfeeder - A popular newspaper that feature insane and unreal stories.


  • Frown Digest
  • Boring Science
  • CarpNews
  • Clams (a business magazine)
  • Dance Now
  • Everybody Aplomb Now
  • Fake Science Monthy is a magazine. The only known articles are "Sea Bears and Fairy Tales are Real" and "How to Stop a Sea-Bear."
  • Fancy Living Digest
  • Brown Digest
  • Gratitude Magazine
  • Interpretive Dance Quarterly
  • Jellyfish Weekly
  • Krusty Bottom Weekly
  • Lobster Home Journal
  • Long, Tan and Handsome
  • Mime Weekly - as seen in a SpongeBob comic
  • Octopolian
  • Snow Tires Weekly
  • Toxic Waste Monthly
  • Lazy Review
  • Gossip
  • House Fancy (magazine)
  • Simple-Ton
  • Bordem Monthly


  • WH2O (Hot Adult Contemporary, presumably) whose main DJ is Al Bacore (aka "The Tuneful Tuna")
  • KRUM (CHR/Dance music)
  • KOLD (Classic Hits/Standards in the morning), which goes by the slogan "Your All-Oldies Station".
  • KRUD (All Your "You Won't Get Away With Stealing My Car!" Hits.), which SpongeBob imitated in No Free Rides.
  • KBBR (Faction)
  • KLM (Metal)


  • "All Time Low" (A pop-punk band that Pearl enjoys)
  • "Stingray 5000" (presumably album rock), Patrick is a fan.
  • "Ned and the Needlefish," who appear in "Wigstruck"
  • "Boys Who Cry," a pop boy band who Squidward and Pearl are fans of. They appear in "Whale of a Birthday."






It is known that there is a separate channel featuring somebody playing the Goofy Goober guitar (as featured on SpongeBob's TV in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie computer game), a kids station (featuring cartoons), a sports station (football was only seen) a science channel an exercise program with a sea anemone and a boxing channel (both featuring boxes, seen in the episode Idiot Box) an adult program featuring real life organisms dancing. There also appears to be a comedy program featuring a live-action royal gramma in one episode. The most well-known TV-talking food-critic in Bikini Bottom is Gene Scallop, a reference to his own voice actor Gene Shalit. In the episode "Whatever Happened To SpongeBob?" it is indicated that Bikini Bottom is in the New Kelp City television viewing market due to the fact that near the end there was a slide with "KNKC" on it reporting New Kelp City news.

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