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  • Vandalism
    • Inserting false information
    • Addition of fanon-related content
    • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages
    • Inserting redundant statements
    • Copyright violations
    • Creating pages that have nothing to do with SpongeBob
    • Creating spam articles
    • Edit warring
    • Formatting-related vandalism
    • General vandalism
    • Inappropriate language
    • Inserting GIF files in photo galleries
    • Inserting captions in photo galleries
    • Inserting fake ages/birthdays
    • Inserting opinion in articles
    • Intimidating behavior/harassment
    • Inserting unapproved images that have nothing to do with SpongeBob
    • Multiple reasons
    • Other cartoon-related vandalism
    • Posting spam messages
    • Removing content from pages
    • Spamming links to external sites
    • Template-related vandalism
  • User Account
    • Abusing multiple accounts
    • Moving to another account
    • Creating fake categories
    • Creating pages that have few or no sources
    • Unacceptable username
  • Image Vandalism
    • Overwriting an image with an unacceptable replacement
    • Uploading duplicate files
    • Uploading inappropriate images
    • Uploading unapproved images that have nothing to do with SpongeBob

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