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The Mechanical Clam Digger was a multi-form machine designed by Plankton that only appears in the episode "It Came from Goo Lagoon."

Role in episode

Plankton invents the machine in "It Came from Goo Lagoon." It is used to open the crack at the bottom of Goo Lagoon to release a Giant Super Goo Bubble. It is then used again to control the bubble.

According to Plankton, its actual purpose is to open things as easy as a clam.

Plankton's plan is to use the bubble to threaten Mr. Krabs into giving Plankton the Krabby Patty secret formula because according to Sandy, the Super Goo is toxic and can destroy things. Plankton brings the giant bubble to the Krusty Krab and demands the formula, otherwise he'll pop the bubble. Mr. Krabs gives up the formula, but he goes against his deal with Mr. Krabs and pops the bubble. However, the super goo does not destroy everything, but merely just covers the town and its inhabitants in the goo. The formula is just a stick of dynamite rolled in a piece of paper as a trick, and Plankton loses yet again.

The Mechanical Clam Digger was destroyed when it hit the roof of the Chum Bucket after the dynamite goes off.



It was the first form seen in the episode. Unlike the other forms, it was red.


It was the second form seen in the episode. Like its other forms, except the bucket form, it was pink and purple.

Clam Digger

It was the third form seen in the episode. It was the form that was used to open the crack at the bottom of Goo Lagoon. To do so, it expanded the two sides of the clam form.


It was the fourth form seen in the episode. It detaches from the Clam Digger to be created.

It was the first form that was controlling the Super Goo Bubble by using arms that it has. However, Plankton has to change forms because Sandy, Patrick, and SpongeBob in Sandy's submarine find him and start to chase him. The second time it was shown, it had an electrical plug that when it connected to the super goo bubble, it shocked anyone who was on the bubble. It looks similar to the next two forms on the list.


It was the fifth form seen in the episode. It was created when Plankton has to change from the flying mode by replacing the propeller to track wheels.

Sandy, Patrick, and SpongeBob in Sandy's submarine chase Plankton in the tank form of the vehicle until he speeds up. Then, Sandy takes her lasso and lassos up the tank and wraps the end that she is holding to a hook in front of her. Afterward, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy run to the vehicle. Plankton changes forms back to the flying form.

Bubble Controller

This is not technically the name of the form, but rather what it did, which it controlled the Super Goo Bubble. It was the sixth and final different form seen in the episode. It was created when the flying mode landed in the goo. It had a giant needle that Plankton used to pop the super goo bubble. It also had a parachute.

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