Me for You was composed by George Callert. It is lounge music that plays in several episodes before the first movie and plays in three episodes after it. The main instruments being used in the piece include a bass clarinet, vibraphone, accordion, drum kit, and bass.


  • 5b. "Home Sweet Pineapple" - The nematodes eat whatever they see and drink SpongeBob's house; The nematodes finish drinking the house.
  • 12b. "Employee of the Month" - "Hey, Squidward. Hey, Squidward. Hey, Squidward. Hey, Squidward. Hey, Squidward."
  • 13b. "I Was a Teenage Gary" - SpongeBob tells Squidward how to care for Gary but Squidward doesn't pay attention.
  • 15b. "Suds" - Dr. Patrick begins his treatment.
  • 19a. "Fools in April" - SpongeBob makes lemonade.
  • 22a. "Something Smells" - Patrick makes SpongeBob admit that he's "ugly and proud."
  • 29b. "Dumped" - SpongeBob shows Rex to Patrick and Gary.
  • 30b. "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" - SpongeBob asks Kevin if he could be a member.
  • 37b. "I'm with Stupid" - "Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad."
  • 42a. "Club SpongeBob" - Squidward rides his bike for work while SpongeBob and Patrick make fun of him.
  • 51. "Party Pooper Pants" - SpongeBob gets ready for his party with the help of his party kit.
  • 52a. "Chocolate with Nuts" - "I can't understand what we're doing wrong."
  • 85a. "New Digs" - Squidward begins to relax until he sees the moving truck coming.
  • 160a. "Patrick's Staycation" - SpongeBob sets the table.
  • 180b. "Gary's New Toy" - SpongeBob tries to feed Gary.

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