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Maw Tucket

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Maw Tucket
Maw Tucket
Occupation(s): Inventor of Coffee
Aliases: Grandma Star
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Light Tan
Eye color: Black
Classification: Starfish
Spouse: Billy Bob Star (Husband)
Children: Herb Star and Sluggo (Sons)
Parents: Yorick (Father)
Princess Tulsa (Mother)
Grandparents: King Amoeba (Grandfather)
Queen Mildew (Grandmother)
Grandchildren: Patrick Star, Gary, Ed Star (grandsons)
Sam Star (Granddaughter)
Uncles: Prince Callous
Prince Dingus
Cousins: Carl
Descendants: Patron
Other relatives: Margie Star (Daughter-in-law)
Friends: Possibly Grandma SquarePants and/or Grandma Tentacles
Series information
First appearance: "Rule of Dumb"
Latest appearance: "InSPONGEiac"
List of characters

Maw Tucket is Patrick, Sam, Ed Star, and Gary's grandmother, the mother to Herb, Sluggo, and an unknown starfish who is the father of Ed Star, the mother-in-law to Margie Star, the wife of Billy Bob Star, the sister-in-law to Cletus Star, the cousin of Carl, the daughter of Yorick and Princess Tulsa, the granddaughter of King Amoeba and Queen Mildew, the grandneice of Patrick Revere, the neice of Prince Callous and Prince Dingus, a descendant of Primitive Star, Patar, and Pecos Patrick, and one of Patron's ancestors.


She is light tan and has yellow eyes with black pupils. She wears a green shirt with a light green collar. She also wears a dark green skirt. She also has a pipe. She once wore a green skirt with a blue stripe.


She was born to Yorick and Princess Tulsa, daughter of King Amoeba and Queen Mildew. She married Billy Bob Star, brother of Cletus Star. Billy Bob and Maw had three children, Herbert Star, Sluggo, and an unknown son who is the father of Ed Star. At some point, she had toe barnacles, so she invented coffee as a cure.


Her first appearance was "Rule of Dumb" where she appears on a family tree.

Her second appearance was "InSPONGEiac." In this appearance, an image of her appears on a projector screen as Patrick explains that she had toe barnacles and invented a cure that Patrick later revealed to be Coffee.

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