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Mattresses & Then Some
Mattresses and Then Some
Industry: Furniture store
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Mattresses & Then Some Employee
Products: Mattresses
Appearance: "The Lost Mattress"
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Mattresses & Then Some is a store that SpongeBob and Patrick visit in the episode "The Lost Mattress."




The building is metal with a straw roof and supports made of bamboo. It has a sign on the front that says, "Mattresses & Then Some" in blue. SpongeBob and Patrick went here to get a matress for Mr. Krabs.


The inside of Mattresses & Then Some has many different mattresses inside. They include:

  • Bouncy Mattress
  • Soft Mattress
  • Hard Mattress
  • Race Car Mattress (also a drivable car)
  • Spiky Mattress
  • Remote-Control Mattress

Associated characters


  • This is one of two mattress stores in Bikini Bottom. The other is Mattress Discount. Surprisingly, both stores only appear in Season 4. However, this mattress store appears to be a lot larger than Mattress Discount.
  • Only one employee was seen working there, but rather or not if he is the founder has not been officially confirmed yet.

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