Massage is a massage parlor in Bikini Bottom that appears in the episode "The Check-Up."


The parlor depicts two hands which are possibly yellowish-orange oven mitts, rubbing a purple fish's back. Below this is a silver blue roof, four bamboo stick borders, a pink exterior, and a light green enter/exit curtain.

Role in episode

A worn out Mr. Krabs is in need of a massage. He then encounters this parlor and is eager to go in, but is at the same time worried about how pricey it will be. However, the employee, SpongeBob (in disguise), tells him that it's free, so he goes in to get a massage.

When Mr. Krabs is relaxing on his massage bed, SpongeBob pulls a rope that flings Krabs off and into a freezer so he and Squidward can do his checkup to prevent the Krusty Krab from being condemned by the B.B.B.B.B. if he doesn't get one. However, they fail at doing this.