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Marzipan Caution

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Marzipan Caution

Marzipan Caution Logo

Marzipan Caution Truck

Industry: Food Delivery
Founder: Possibly the Marzipan Vendor
Location: Tentacle Acres, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Marzipan Vendor
Products: Marzipan
Appearance: "Squidville"
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Marzipan Caution is a company that sells marzipan.



Its logo is a scoop of marzipan surrounded by the capitalized words "Marzipan" in black and "Caution" in light red.

Role in the series

When Squidward arrives a Tentacle Acres, he sees Octopus Children getting marzipan from one of the companies trucks.


The company either started in Tentacle Acres or Tentacle Acres was built in the area where the company was started.

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