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Mary's Ex-Boyfriend

Mary's Ex boyfriend in Gary in Love

Mary's Ex-Boyfriend in Gary's Crush

Occupation(s): Gang Boss
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light purple, Light blue, and dark teal (Shell Color)
Light tan (Body Color)
Eye color: Yellow, dark green, and black
Classification: Snail
Friends: Gary (at the end of "Gary in Love")
Mary (one sided on his side)
Spike the Bully Snail
Dan the Orange Snail
Employees: Bully Snail
Dan the Orange Snail
Enemies: Gary (until the end of "Gary in Love")
Mary (one sided on her side)
Series information
First appearance: "Gary in Love"
Latest appearance: Gary's Crush
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Mary's Ex-Boyfriend, also called Boss, is a sea snail who only appeared in the episode "Gary in Love," as the main antagonist and in the online game Gary's Crush.


As his name indicates, he used to be Mary the Snail's boyfriend. He appears very dangerous because of his numerous threats to Gary. He also has his own gang with other dangerous snails. At the end of "Gary in Love," he apologizes to Gary about being mean to him (possibly due to sympathy) and invites him to dinner.

Boss has a purple shell with a dark teal swirl and light blue dots he also has a scar on his shell. He has olive colored skin and wears a brown hat. He and his gang's meows are translated into English for the audience's sake except for when he's talking to a pet store owner.


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