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  • Her first appearance is in Pickles.
  • In Once Bitten, she is bitten by Gary seen as a zombie wearing a nurse's hat, but also appears to be one of the survivors in Once Bitten, though she also appears bitten outside of the Krusty Krab.
  • In To Love a Patty Her first name is revealed.
  • Her last name is revealed after she gave birth to a son in SquidBob TentaclePants.
  • In The Krabby Kronicle and Wishing You Well, She appears to dislike Mr. Krabs.
  • She stared in a movie with her husband, Tom, in the episode Wigstruck.
  • She appears to have gone to Glove World, in Stuck in the Wringer, where she can be seen as a fish in the crowd around SpongeBob.
  • She has high-pitched voice in two episodes, while it is lower in Wishing you Well.
  • She once appears in the brief cameo background from Krusty Dogs involved on the left side when it was apparently revealed that SpongeBob was extremely shocked about krabby patties encountering to his unconsciousness.
  • She appears in Fungus Among Us eating with Nat Peterson. This episode may be hinting that she had a relationship with Nat.
  • She owns a pickle store in Mall Girl Pearl.

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