Martha's Craft Zone is a supply store located in Bass Vegas that appears in the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?" and the online game Trail of the Snail.



It is a red metal building with glass windows on the front of the store. There is a sign that says "Martha's Craft Zone" above the double doors written in blue and pink font.


The interior has pink walls with green shelves that hold many types of decorative products.


"Have You Seen This Snail?"

Granny and Gary go here to shop for scented pinecones. Soon afterwards, SpongeBob and Patrick put up fliers on the store that apologize to Gary and ask him to come home. While doing so, Patrick notices that there is a sale on scented pine cones and goes inside to buy some. He sees Granny and Gary are there and asks where the pine cones are. Granny says that she has bought the last pine cones, and Patrick leaves, unaware that Gary was with her.

Trail of the Snail

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Associated Characters

  • Granny and Gary - Customers
  • Patrick - Almost a customer
  • SpongeBob - Visitor