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Not to be confused with Howlin Marlin.
The Rusty Anchor
Merlin Home
Industry: Housing
Location: Rock Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: Employee of the Month (video game)
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Marlin's Cave or the Magic Hat is a place featured in the video game Employee of the Month. It is owned by Marlin the Weather Wizard.


It looks like a giant hat with crescents and stars on it with a small card house for the entrance. Inside, it has an enterance room with a slot machine, where, under certain conditions, opens the way to a path to a maze of sorts with all 4-way parts, that can be easy to get lost in. Progressing through that leads to a tower of sorts, where Marlin is upstairs near a library of sorts, and Patrick downstairs, sleeping on a hammock.


Help Wanted 49
"Barg'N-Mart, meeting all of your spatula needs!"
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