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Mall Girl Pearl 016
Interests: Shopping
Occupation(s): Hotdog on a String associate
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Light tan
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Friends: Pearl Krabs
Employer: Mr. Pepalino
Series information
Appearance: "Mall Girl Pearl"
Portrayer: Jill Talley
List of characters

Marina is a character that first appears in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl." She is one of Pearl's friends and she works at Hotdog on a String.


Marina is a light tan fish that has light brown hair with pink lips. She is also seen wearing her Hotdog on a String uniform which includes a green, light purple, and white striped shirt and a bucket that says "Hot Dog" on it.


Marina is first seen after Pearl called her asking if she wants to hang out. Marina declines the offer saying she is at work at Hotdog on a String. Marina then serves a customer a hotdog on a string with extra string much to her disgust. A little later, Pearl visits Marina at Hotdog on a String first in attempt to get a job. Marina calls out to her manager, Mr. Pepalino, and tries to help Pearl get through the door but is unsuccessful. Marina is not seen again until later after she, Nocturna, and Nixie were all having lunch and invite Pearl to join them. However, after Pearl tells everyone that she is working at Grandma's Apron, Marina, Nocturna, and Nixie all make fun of her for working at an "old person's" store. They then confront Pearl later at her job to make fun of her more but Beatrice manages to beat them up. Marina, Nocturna, and Nixie all apologize to Pearl, saying it is just awkward for Pearl to be a "grandma."

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