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Marcie O'Malley
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Classification: Fish
Siblings: Nancy O'Malley (sister)
Deceased Brother
Friends: Eugene H. Krabs (Usually)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Enemies: Eugene H. Krabs
SpongeBob SquarePants (formerly)
First appearance: "Patty Caper"
Latest appearance: "Patty Caper"
List of characters

Marcie O'Malley is Nancy's sister. She only appeared in the episode "Patty Caper," along with Officer Rob. She is green, with red hair. She was also mentioned in the episode "Whale of a Birthday." She arrested Mr. Krabs for stealing the Krabby Patty Secret Ingredient and blaming SpongeBob for it. She is last seen pinching Krabs' eyes open with Officer John while the two officers watch SpongeBob giving people free Krabby Patties and the two officers laugh at Mr. Krabs.

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