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Man Ray


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General information
Interests: Being evil
Occupation(s): Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy's arch villain
Education: High School
SpongeBob and Patrick's goodness school
Physical appearance
Color: Blue, red, yellow
Eye color: Red
Series information
List of characters

Man Ray is the second major archenemy of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy with the first being the Dirty Bubble. He is a parody of Aquaman's arch villain, Black Manta. He was originally voiced by John Rhys-Davies, but later replaced by Bob Joles.

Man Ray is an anthropomorphized Manta Ray with a blue helmet shaped like the head of a manta ray and red skin. His gloves, boots, and speedo are a deep blue color. He has no head under his helmet.

Abilities and Traits

Man Ray possesses typical superhero combat skills, and seems to have the power to shoot destructive lasers from his hands. It is unknown if he possesses other powers.

In his first appearance, he steals some of Mermaid Man's weapons, so it's possible the lasers he shoots are built into his gloves and aren't actually a natural superpower.


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