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Majestic Sizzlemaster
Producer: Sheldon J. Plankton
Type: Spatula
Appearance: "Evil Spatula"
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The Majestic Sizzlemaster is a spatula created by Plankton and used by SpongeBob in the episode "Evil Spatula." Plankton attempted to use this spatula to get the Krabby Patty Secret Formula out of SpongeBob.


The Majestic Sizzlemaster looks similar to SpongeBob's regular spatula, except for quite a few things. It has a red and gold handle with little green gems on it as well. It also has three lines on the top, six small dots where the lights are, and a speaker in the middle.


The Majestic Sizzlemaster has many unique features that include:

  • Talking: The Majestic Sizzlemaster has a speaker on the front that allows Plankton to talk to SpongeBob but through a different voice tone.
  • Multi-flip: The Majestic Sizzlemaster has a mode where it extends it's head allowing it to flip multiple Krabby Patties at one time. 
  • Flying: The Majestic Sizzlemaster can actually "fly" in midair. This allows it to perform different tasks while the user does something else.
  • Smell Sensors: The Majestic Sizzlemaster has a feature that actually allows the controller to smell objects around it. This mode was accidentally installed or made by Karen Plankton.

Role in episode

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  • This is the second spatula that is shown to talk (though it was just Plankton). The first was Le Spatula that appeared in the episode "All That Glitters."

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