Magic Shop
Magic Shop
Industry: Store
Founder: Unknown
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Frank
Products: Magic wands, cards, carpets, coffin, bunny, magician hats
First appearance: "F.U.N."
Latest appearance: "You Don't Know Sponge"
List of places

The Magic Shop is a store that specializes in magic. This shop makes its first appearance in the episode "F.U.N." and in the episode "You Don't Know Sponge," Frank is seen working here.



The exterior of the store is a red building that has chains on it and on the top has the sign with a deck of cards.


The interior of the shop is revealed in the episode "You Don't Know Sponge." It basically has a bunch of magic items inside of the shop.


Title Role(s) in episode
"F.U.N." (tr) Debut
"You Don't Know Sponge" (tr) The interior of the shop is revealed.


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