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Magic Conch Shell
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The Magic Conch Shell is a light purple toy used by SpongeBob and Patrick to answer their questions. SpongeBob and Patrick would ask it a question and would do whatever it said. Squidward asked it numerous times to eat some food that Spongebob and Patrick had, but the Conch continually said no, infuriating Squidward.

It is only seen in the episode Club SpongeBob. It works for both SpongeBob and Patrick, but not for Squidward.


The Magic Conch Shell looks like a lavender-colored seashell, but has a speaker inside it to help the toy and user communicate more effectively. It is operated by a pull-string.


  • The Magic Conch Shell is a parody of the Magic 8-Ball, and Lord of the Flies. A conch was used in that novel, in order to precede everything the boys did. It did not speak.
  • The Magic Conch Shell is voiced by Sirena Irwin.
  • Some people think that this toy is like an early Siri. Siri is a robot that is programmed into various Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone 5 to help the user navigate things.

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