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Mable monica
General Information
Occupation(s): Bikini Bottom Elementary School Teacher
Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Species: Anchovy
Spouse: Lenny (Husband)
Truck Driver (Ex-husband)
Fred (Ex-husband)
Children: Billy, Monroe, and Tommy (Sons)
Debbie Rechid (Daughter)
Friends: Tom
Pet(s): Mary the Snail
Enemies: SpongeBob (Occasionally) Plankton
List of characters

Mable-Monica' is a green anchovy with yellow hair and red lipstick. She wears a blue dress and a blue ribbon in her hair. She is currently married to Lenny, and they are the parents of Billy. She is also the mother of Debbie Rechid, Monroe, and Tommy who she had with her ex-husband, Fred. She appears to be very rich, and is a Bikini Bottom Elementary School teacher.

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"We paid ten dollars for this?"

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