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Lord Royal Highness
General Information
Address: Atlantis
Occupation(s): King of Atlantis
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue (left eye) Green (right eye) Probably because David Bowie is the voice (same with his eyes)
Friends: Atlantians
SpongeBob (Formerly)
Sandy (Formerly)
Mr. Krabs (Formerly)
Squidward (Formerly)
Patrick (Formerly)
Enemies: SpongeBob
Mr. Krabs
Possibly Plankton
Series Information
First appearance: Atlantis SquarePantis
Portrayer: David Bowie
List of characters

Lord Royal Highness (also known as L.R.H.) is the emperor of the lost city of Atlantis. He appears in the episode Atlantis SquarePantis, as Atlantis' ruler that greeted SpongeBob and the crew upon their arrival. He is usually polite towards others and has a positive attitude, until SpongeBob and Patrick pop the world's oldest bubble. This infuriates him and he orders the Atlanteans to seize them. He also appears clumsy, because he fell down the stairs to the royal palace. He has had visitors before because he says that people don't usually stay with the tour that long (as long as SpongeBob and Patrick did). When he finds Plankton, "A Talking Speck", as a replacement for the Bubble, he is no longer angry. He is voiced by famous British rock vocalist and musician David Bowie. His skin is blue and his brain is clearly visible. As for his lips they are large and red, his nose is similar to SpongeBob's. His hair is orange (like Bowie's was in real life in the mid '70s and again in the mid-to-late '90s) and his left eye is colored green while the other one is blue. Antagonistic Side When SpongeBob and Patrick (mostly Patrick) pop the world's oldest living bubble, he sends the Atlantean Royal Guard to eliminate them.


  • Welcome to Atlantis. I've been expecting you.
  • Allow me to introduce my self. I am Lord Royal Highness but as my friends call me -LRH
  • Are you alright?
  • Help yourself to as much your pockets can carry.
  • Your friend Sandra sure is an excitable one.
  • But always remember to have fun!
  • Seize these hositle bubble poppers!
  • Look, a talking speck!
  • I thought sponges were suppose to make life easier...


  • His eye colors are the same as David Bowie, who voices him.
  • He is commonly called "L.R.H." by his friends.
  • It is likely we won't see Lord Royal Highness again because he has the Amulet of Atlantis disposed of, which grants passage to the lost city.
  • His abbreviation, L.R.H, is a homage to science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard
  • He thinks SpongeBob makes life harder.
  • Though his voice actor is a rock star, Lord Royal Highness doesn't sing a single note.
  • He and the other Atlantean Citizens resemble the Blue Meanies from the Beatles' animated music video Yellow Submarine.
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