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Long Tan and Handsome

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Long Tan and Handsome
Long Tan and Handsome
Type: Magazine
Appearance: "The Chaperone"
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Long Tan and Handsome is a magazine that appeared briefly in the episode, "The Chaperone." 


It is a light blue magazine with a light green fish with black hair, a big smile, fancy hair style, and a black tuxedo on the cover. To the top left of the cover it says "Long" in large red writing, "Tan" in orange writing, "and" in small black cursive writing, and "Handsome" in small turquoise writing.

Role in the episode

SpongeBob finds it in Gary's shell after he has been set the task of taking Pearl to the prom by Mr. Krabs. He aims to be just like the fish on the cover by getting a wig, a tuxedo and long legs made of metal and wood.

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