The loincloth jellyfish net is a type of jellyfish net that Squidward creates in the episode "SB-129." They are used by the Primitive Sponge and the Primitive Star.


The loincloth jellyfish nets resemble their modern counterpart, except that loincloths are used as the net. The colors they come in are yellow and brown.

Role in episode

Squidward accidentally sends himself back in time to the prehistoric days, where he encounters the Primitive Sponge and Primitive Star. Squidward tries to use the silence to play his clarinet, but is distracted by the Primitive Sponge and Primitive Star, who are stinging themselves with a jellyfish. Squidward then creates the first two jellyfish nets out of the duo's loincloths.

Although the Primitive Sponge and Primitive Star enjoy playing with the jellyfish nets, they do not like the sound of Squidward's clarinet and they chase him back to the time machine.


  • This was the first version of jellyfish nets.