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Log Cabin
Bucket Sweet Bucket 12
Picture of a Log Cabin
Industry: House
Appearance: "Bucket Sweet Bucket"
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Log Cabins are houses that are made of logs and bricks that people lived in the Old Western times. In the episode "Bucket Sweet Bucket," Plankton decides to let SpongeBob and Patrick paint the Chum Bucket for him, and Squidward thinks they are doing it wrong so he decides to help. Squidward attempts to paint Fancy Squid pictures on the Chum Bucket but Plankton comes by and says It's "All Wrong!". Plankton then repaints the Bucket into a picture of a Log Cabin much to Squidward's disappointment. The Log Cabin picture doesn't appear after this.


They are simple cottage-type log cabins with a shingled roof, with the walls being made of logs. The bottom of the house is made of stones cemented together.


  • The Log Cabin picture doesn't make anymore appearances on the Chum Bucket after the episode "Bucket Sweet Bucket."
  • When Plankton paints the Log Cabin, it is in different colors of paint. However, at first, the color is only blue.
  • It is unknown how Plankton goes down because we only see him doing up.

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