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Lockjaw Jones
Shell of a Man 064
Iron Eye (far left), Lockjaw Jones (second), Torpedo Belly (third), Mutton Chop (far right), and SpongeBob in Mr. Krabs' shell.
Occupation(s): Navy Veteran
Education: The Navy
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Lavender
Eye color: Dark purple
Classification: Fish
Friends: Mutton Chop
Torpedo Belly
Iron Eye
Eugene H. Krabs
Employer: Navy Captain (former)
Series information
Appearance: "Shell of a Man"
List of characters

Lockjaw Jones is one of Armor Abs Krabs' Navy Buddies in the episode "Shell of a Man." Jones is present at the Navy Festival, where he reveals he has different chompers than in the Navy.


He is a lavender fish with light purple and a light blue fin. He wears a yellow shirt, black belt, and a hat. It was revealed at the end of "Shell of a Man" that he has different chompers than in the Navy. 


I can turn into a skyscraper!
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