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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series and the episodes in which are featured.

Cartoon Stings

Cartoon Sting 1

Cartoon Sting 2

Cartoon Sting 3

Cartoon Sting 4

Cartoon Sting 5

Cartoon Sting 6

Cartoon Sting 7

Cartoon Sting 8

  • Goo Goo Gas - Baby Krabs cries.; After Plankton slips.; "Give it here, you big stupid baby."; "Hey! What are you doing?"
  • Cephalopod Lodge - Plays during SpongeBob and Patrick's initiation for Squidward.

Cartoon Sting 9

Cartoon Sting 10

Creepy Stings

Creepy Sting 1

Creepy Sting 2

Creepy Sting 3

Dramatic Climax

Drama Stings

Drama Sting 1

Drama Sting 2

Drama Sting 3

Fanfare Stings

Fanfare Stings 1

Fanfare Stings 2

Fanfare Stings 3

Funeral Strings

Funeral Sting 1

Funeral Sting 2

Rock 'n' Roll

Sailor's Stings

Sailor's Sting 1

Sailor's Sting 2

Sailor's Sting 3

Sailor's Sting 4

Sailor's Sting 5

Sailor's Sting 6

Sailor's Sting 7

Sailor's Sting 8

Unknown Clarinet Musics

Unknown Clarinet Music 1

To the tune of "Row Row Row Your Boat"

Unknown Clarinet Music 2

Unknown Clarinet Music 3

Unknown Clarinet Music 4

  • SB-129 - Squidward playing clarinet.

Unknown Clarinet Music 5

Unknown Clarinet Music 6

This one is played by Gary.

Unknown Clarinet Music 7

This one is an A tone.

Unknown Clarinet Music 8

Unknown Foghorns

Unknown Foghorn A

Unknown Hawaiian Links

Unknown Hawaiian Links A

Unknown Hawaiian Links B

Unknown Hawaiian Links C

Unknown Hawaiian Sting 1

Unknown Hawaiian Sting 2

Unknown Hawaiian Sting 3

Unknown Hawaiian Sting 4

Unknown Hawaiian Stings 1

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (a)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (b)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (c)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (d)

  • Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm - "Back in Texas, I wrangled bulls and I wrangled worms."
  • Ghost Host - SpongeBob and The Flying Dutchman laugh.
  • Squidtastic Voyage- "Always wanting to do it the hard way."
  • Stanley S. SquarePants - "Your job is to take people's money, and put it in here!"
  • Suctioncup Symphony
  • Shell Shocked - SpongeBob finds wind-up novelty teeth.
  • Boating Buddies - "I will never understand these city folk."
  • Rodeo Daze - "Is your championship title for jellyfishing?"
  • Gramma's Secret Recipe -
  • Buried in Time - SpongeBob refills the tartar sauce.
  • Earworm - "I'll be darned if anyone can resist a Western song while wearing a Western hat."
  • New Fish in Town - "Farewell. I should've known this was too good to be true."
  • Plankton's Good Eye - Plankton comes out of Bubble Bass' buttocks.
  • Pet Sitter Pat - The ending
  • Free Samples - Squidward leaves.

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (e)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (f)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (g)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (h)

Unknown Hawaiian Sting (i)

Unknown Hawaiian Stings 2

Unknown Hawaiian Sting 2 A

Unknown Hawaiian Sting 2 B

Unknown Hawaiian Stings 3

Unknown Tracks

Unknown Tracks 1

Unknown Tracks 2

Unknown Tracks 3

Unknown Tracks 4

Unknown Tracks 5

Unknown Tracks 6

Unknown Tracks 7

Unknown Tracks 8

Unknown Tracks 10

Unknown Tracks 11

Unknown Action Track

Composed by Brad Carrow.

Unknown Beach Party

Unknown Rock n' Crash Music

None of the episodes used it yet.

Unknown Vibes

Unknown Vibes A

Unknown Vibes B

Unknown Vibes C

Unknown Vibes D

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