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This article is a list of time characters have gone to jail.

Episode Character


Life of Crime SpongeBob Turning himself in for stealing a balloon on free balloon day. (not necessarily arrested, as he was only in the cell for two seconds)
Party Pooper Pants For not inviting the police to his party, which leads them to think it's illegal.
Driven to Tears For littering (90 Days).
SpongeBob Meets the Strangler


For turning himself in for thinking he's the strangler.

Life of Crime Patrick Arrested alongside with SpongeBob.

Good Ol' Whatshisname

Patrick Unknown reason; he was seen in jail when Squidward went there.
The Smoking Peanut

Mr. Krabs

For stealing Clamu's pearl. (not seen)

Good Ol' Whatshisname

Professor Squidward


Squid Defense

Patrick! The Game


Stealing What Zit Tooya's wallet and crossing a red light.

For impersonating Squilliam.

For "stealing" a painting.

For injuring someone who he thought was attacking him but really just returning his groceries

For destroying Patrick's game.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

The Great Snail Race


For public nudity.

For kicking SpongeBob in the butt (deleted scene).



For stealing a painting.

Summer Job Mrs. Puff For littering.
Doing Time Because of SpongeBob.
Hall Monitor After accidentally claiming that she should be responsible after SpongeBob destroyed half of Bikini Bottom.
No Free Rides She crashed SpongeBob's car to a Police car.
Ditchin' She was ditching jury duty and was arrested for one week.
Oral Report Because SpongeBob took her boat and crashed through a bunch of buildings and the police said the driving instructor (Mrs. Puff) was responsible for SpongeBob's actions.
Patrick-Man! She was a boat thief, according to Patrick Man.
Bumper to Bumper She violated her parole.