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NOTE: Not all Season 4, 5 and 6 episodes are dubbed into Welsh. There are also no double-length episodes, except for "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"

Season 4

Dubbed title Original title Title Card Airdate Welsh Season

Gyrru'n Wallgo

Driven Mad

Driven to Tears Gyrru N/A

Bytheirio Brenhinol

Royal Burial Ground

Rule of Dumb Bytherio

Y Lleidr Llechwraidd

The Thief Stealth

The Pink Purloiner Lechehhehcehcehheechecechceh

Sulwyn Bach

Squidward Bach

Squid Wood

Y Dydd Gorau 'Rioed

The Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

Gwm i Gyfaill

Gum to Friend

The Gift of Gum

Season 5

Dubbed title Original title Title Card Airdate Welsh Season

Cogydd Cynta'r Crancdy

First Krusty Krab Cook

The Original Fry Cook Crancdeh N/A

Golau'r Nos


Night Light

Haint yn y Pant

Infection at Pants

Fungus Among Us



Spy Buddies

Does Unman Fel Cartref

No Place Like Home

New Digs Newdigs

Crancdy'n Gorn

Krusty Krab a Horn

Krabs à la Mode Krabsalamode

Dwrn o Boen

Fist of Pain

Roller Cowards Roller Cowards Title Card Welsh

Abwydal-gi - Hip neu Sgip?

Chum Bucket - Hip or Skip?

Bucket Sweet Bucket Homesweetbucket

Cariad y Moroedd

Love of the Seas

To Love a Patty Toloveapatty

Sulwyn Llai Surbwch

Squidward Less Killjoy

Breath of Fresh Squidward Breathoffreshsquidward

Dawnsio Dan y Don

Dancing Under the Don

Slimy Dancing Slimy Dancing Title Card Welsh

Y Sbynjdy

The Spongey Krab

The Krusty Sponge The Krusty Sponge Title Card Welsh

Cenwch Gân Fel Padrig

Sing Song As Patrick

Sing a Song of Patrick Sing A Song Of Patrick Welsh

Chwannen yn ei Chromen

Flea in his Dome

A Flea in Her Dome A Flea In Her Dome title card Welsh

Cynllun Cyfnewid Cogydd

Chef Exchange Scheme

Le Big Switch Screenshot 2017-05-04 at 21.24.16

Llygad Ddu

Black Eye

Blackened Sponge Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 07.11.52

Ynys Haf

Summer Island

The Inmates of Summer Screenshot 2017-05-27-19-56-48

Gwiwer Gudd

Hidden Squirrel

To Save a Squirrel Screenshot 2017-05-27-20-24-54

Crancdy'n Crwydro

Spraying Crab

20,000 Patties Under the Sea

Brwydr Pant y Bicini

Bikini Bottom Battle

The Battle of Bikini Bottom

PwyBob Pabants, Rhan 1/2

WhoBob WhatPants, Part 1/2

What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Part 1/2

PwyBob Pabants, Rhan 2/2

WhoBob WhatPants, Part 2/2

What Ever Happened to Spongebob? Part 2/2


Sponge Giants


Byrgyr Sur Pant y Bicini

Burger Sur Bikini Bottom

Banned in Bikini Bottom

Smonach Stanley

Stanley Mess

Stanley S. SquarePants

Season 6

Dubbed title Original title Title Card Airdate Welsh Season

Gwych Gartref

Great Home

House Fancy Gwych Gartref September 7, 2011 1

Stryd Granclyd

Street Shellfish

Krabby Road Sttttttt September 10, 2011

Ceiniog Loyw

Pence Loyw

Penny Foolish CeiniogLoyw September 14, 2011

Myfyriwr Morwrol

Maritime Student

Nautical Novice Myfyfyfyfy September 17, 2011




Simffoni'r Sugnwr

Symphony Sucker

Suction Cup Symphony

Bod yn Normal

Being Normal

Not Normal

Y Diflaniad Mawr

The Big Displacement


Y Ddraenen

The Hawthorn

The Splinter

Pibau Llithro

Slip Pipes

Slide Whistle Stooges

Byw fel Cenwen

Living like Larry

A Life in a Day

Haul Wun

Sun Wun

Sun Bleached

Sulwyn Gawr

Big Squidward

Giant Squidward

Cwyn Dwyn Trwyn

Nose Bear Complaint

No Nose Knows
108 Dwli'r Byrgyrs Cranci Patty Caper
Cwsmer Al-gi Plankton's Regular
109 Mets Morio Boating Buddies
Cronicl Cranci The Krabby Kronicle
110 Y Parti Sach Gysgu The Slumber Party
Maldodi Gary Grooming Gary
112 Pelen Hud Porous Pockets
Diwedd y Gan Choir Boys
113 Y Concwerwyr Cranci Krusty Krushers Ycwcwcwcrnci November 23, 2011 1
Y Cerdyn The Card Ycerdyn November 26, 2011
114 Annwyl Lychlynwyr Dear Vikings Lychlynwyr November 30, 2011
Ditchin Mitsho Ditchin' Ditchinmitsho December 3, 2011
115 Tadcu Barflwyd Grandpappy the Pirate
Cyfrinfa Sephalopod Cephalopod Lodge
116 Does Nunman yn Debyg Squid's Visit
Allan o Siap To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants
117 Gwrthfyrddio Shuffleboarding
Yr Athro Sulwyn Professor Squidward
118 Pleser neu Boen Pet or Pests
Cythrwfwl Cyfrifiadurol Komputer Overload Screenshot 2017-04-29 at 11.11.27
119 Bob yn Ail Gullible Pants Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 07.15.40
Dros Bob Man Overbooked Screenshot 2017-05-14-07-59-25
120 Y Siop Deganau Dieflig No Hat for Pat Screenshot 2017-05-27-20-10-20
Y Siop Deganau Dieflig Toy Store of Doom Screenshot 2017-05-27-20-25-26
121 Cestyll Tywod Sand Castles in the Sand Cestyl
Cregyn yn Cracio Shell Shocked Cregyn
122 O'r G-Al-on Single Cell Anniversary
125 Dwymyn Pinafal Pineapple Fever
Ogofeydd yr Abwyd Chum Caverns

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