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# Original title Dubbed title Meaning Airdates
Season 6
116a "Squid's Visit" Vizita Calamarului Squidward's Visit Unknown
116b "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" Pantaloni Pătrați sau nu Square Pants or Not Unknown
118a "Pet or Pests" Animăluțe de coșmar Animal Nightmare Unknown
118b "Komputer Overload" Komputer supraîncărcat Komputer Overload Unknown
119a "Gullible Pants" SpongeBob cel credul SpongeBob the Gullible Unknown
119b "Overbooked" Suprasolicitat Overbusy Unknown
Season 7
132b "Kracked Krabs" Zgârie carapace Scratch the Shell Unknown
146b "Earworm" Viermele de ureche Ear Worm Unknown
Season 9
182b "Bumper to Bumper" Test de conducere Driving Test Unknown

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