# Original title Dubbed title Meaning Airdates
Season 1
1a "Help Wanted" Prima zi de muncă First Day of Work 2002?
1b "Reef Blower" Aspiratorul de scoici Vacuum Shells Unknown
1c "Tea at the Treedome" Invitatie la ceai Invitation to Tea Unknown
2a "Bubblestand" Standul cu balonașe Stand with Bubbles Unknown
2b "Ripped Pants" Pantalonii rupți Broken Pants Unknown
3a "Jellyfishing" La prins de meduze He Caught Jellyfish Unknown
3b "Plankton!" Plancton Plankton Unknown
Season 6
116a "Squid's Visit" Vizita lui Squid Squid's Visit Unknown
116b "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" Pantaloni Pătrați sau nu Square Pants or Not Unknown
118a "Pet or Pests" Animale sau daunatori Animals or Pests Unknown
118b "Komputer Overload" Komputer suprasolicitat Computer Overloaded Unknown
119a "Gullible Pants" SpongeBob cel credul SpongeBob the Gullible Unknown
119b "Overbooked" Suprasolicitat Overbusy Unknown
120a "No Hat for Pat" Patrick nu are sapca Patrick Has No Cap Unknown
120b "Toy Store of Doom" Jucariile groazei Toys of Horror Unknown
125a "Pineapple Fever" Ananas pe veci Pineapple Forever Unknown
125b "Chum Caverns" Caverna amicilor Cavern Buddies Unknown
126 "The Clash of Triton" Inclestarea cu Triton The Clash of Triton Unknown
Season 7
127a "Tentacle-Vision" Tentacul vision Tentacle Vision Unknown
127b "I ♥ Dancing" Nu-mi place dansul I Do Not Like Dancing Unknown
128a "Growth Spout" Puseu de crestere Growing Up Unknown
128b "Stuck in the Wringer" Blocat in storcator Locked in the Wringer Unknown
129a "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy" Cineva e in bucatarie cu Sandy Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy Unknown
129b "The Inside Job" O treaba de interior An Interior Job Unknown
130a "Greasy Buffoons" Bufonii slinosi Greasy Buffoons Unknown
130b "Model Sponge" Sponge-model Sponge-Model Unknown
131a "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" Pastrati frumos fundul marii Keep the Bottom of the Sea Well Unknown
131b "A Pal for Gary" Un prieten pentru Gary A Friend for Gary Unknown
132a "Yours, Mine and Mine" Ce-I al tau e si al meu What's Yours is Mine Unknown
132b "Kracked Krabs" Zgârie carapace Scratch the Shell Unknown
136a "A Day Without Tears" O zi fara lacrimi A Day Without Tears Unknown
136b "Summer Job" O slujba de vara A Summer Job Unknown
137a "One Coarse Meal" Un singur fel de mancare One Dish Unknown
137b "Gary in Love" Gary indragostit Gary in Love Unknown
138a "The Play's the Thing" Piesa de baza The Basic Part Unknown
138b "Rodeo Daze" Ameteala la rodeo Dizziness at the Rodeo Unknown
139a "Gramma's Secret Recipe" Reteta secreta a bunicii Grandma's Secret Recipe Unknown
139b "The Cent of Money" Esenta banilor The essence of Money Unknown
140a "The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom" Monstrul care a venit pe fundul marii The Monster that Came to the Bottom of the Sea Unknown
140b "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle" Triunghiul de pe fundul marii The Triangle on the Bottom of the Sea Unknown
141a "The Curse of the Hex" Blestemul lui hex The Curse of the Hex Unknown
141b "The Main Drain" Marea scurgere Great Drain Unknown
146b "Earworm" Viermele de ureche Ear Worm Unknown
Season 9
182b "Bumper to Bumper" Test de conducere Driving Test Unknown
191a "Squid Plus One" Invitație dublă Double Invitation Unknown
201b "Bulletin Board" Avizierul Noticeboard Unknown
Season 10
207a "Mimic Madness" Nebunia imitării The Madness of Imitation Unknown
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