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SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series. Created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, it is broadcasted on Nickelodeon, an American cable network. Since its debut on May 1, 1999, the series has aired over 200 episodes and is currently in its tenth season, which premiered on October 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

A feature film, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie complements the series, and received its premiere in theaters in the United States on November 19, 2004. In season five, the series' first television film, "Atlantis SquarePantis," was broadcast for the first time on November 12, 2007 after a television marathon. In season six, the series' second television film, "Truth or Square," was broadcast for the first time on November 6, 2009. A second feature film, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water also complements the series, and received its premiere in theaters in the United States on February 6, 2015. The first eight seasons are available on DVD for Regions 1, 2, 3, and 4 as of October 2013.

Hillenburg initially began to work on creating the show shortly after the cancellation of Rocko's Modern Life in 1996. To voice the character of SpongeBob, Hillenburg approached Tom Kenny, who had worked with him on Rocko's Modern Life as a voice actor. SpongeBob was originally to be named SpongeBoy, but the name was already in use for a mop product. Upon finding it out, Hillenburg decided to use the name "SpongeBob." He chose "SquarePants" as a family name, as it referred to the character's square shape and it had a "nice ring to it."

# Original title Premiere
16b The Paper March 28, 2000
66 Dunces and Dragons February 16, 2006
73a New Leaf July 26, 2006
81 Friend or Foe November 19, 2006
105b Slide Whistle Stooges January 31, 2009
108a Patty Caper March 30, 2009
138b Rodeo Daze April 28, 2010

# Original title Premiere
1 Help Wanted March 4, 2000
Reef Blower
Tea at the Treedome 2000
2 Bubblestand
Ripped Pants 2000
3 Jellyfishing 2000
Plankton! 2000
4 Naughty Nautical Neighbors 2000
Boating School 2000
5 Pizza Delivery 2000
Home Sweet Pineapple
6 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 2000
7 Hall Monitor 2000
Jellyfish Jam
8 Sandy's Rocket 2000
Squeaky Boots
9 Nature Pants 2000
Opposite Day
10 Culture Shock 2000
18b Walking Small 2003
41 The Algae's Always Greener February 23, 2004
SpongeGuard on Duty August 11, 2004
48b Squilliam Returns September 8, 2004
50b Krusty Krab Training Video November 30, 2005
61 Fear of a Krabby Patty May 23, 2005
Shell of a Man
63 Have You Seen This Snail? November 14, 2005
66 Dunces And Dragons February 28, 2006
68a Patrick SmartPants May 22, 2006
70 Chimps Ahoy October 23, 2006
Ghost Host
75 Squidtastic Voyage April 11, 2007
That's No Lady
76 The Thing April 18, 2007
Hocus Pocus
77 Driven to Tears April 25, 2007
Rule of Dumb
78 Born to Be Wild 2007
Best Frenemies
79 The Pink Purloiner May 2, 2007
Squid Wood
80b The Gift of Gum December 23, 2007
91a Goo Goo Gas November 14, 2008
92 Atlantis SquarePantis November 13, 2007
101 House Fancy September 4, 2009
Krabby Road
107 Giant Squidward 2009
No Nose Knows
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One April 10, 2009
115 Grandpappy the Pirate September 16, 2009
Cephalopod Lodge
117b Professor Squidward 2009
122 Chum Bucket Supreme November 8, 2010
Single Cell Anniversary January 1, 2011
123-124 Truth or Square November 20, 2009
127 I ♥ Dancing January 8, 2011
129 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy January 15, 2011
The Inside Job
130a Greasy Buffoons January 1, 2011
131 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful January 14, 2010
A Pal for Gary
132 Yours, Mine and Mine January 11, 2010
Kracked Krabs
133 The Curse of Bikini Bottom January 12, 2010
Squidward in Clarinetland
134 SpongeBob's Last Stand January 13, 2010
138b Rodeo Daze September 10, 2010
139 Gramma's Secret Recipe November 5, 2010
The Cent of Money
144 That Sinking Feeling November 12, 2010
Karate Star
145 Buried in Time November 19, 2010
Enchanted Tiki Dreams
147 Hide and Then What Happens? November 26, 2010
Shellback Shenanigans
153 Accidents Will Happen December 14, 2011
The Other Patty
154 Drive Thru
The Hot Shot
155 A Friendly Game October 17, 2011
Sentimental Sponge
156 Frozen Face-Off July 24, 2011
157 Squidward's School for Grown-Ups March 22, 2012
Oral Report
162 Ghoul Fools October 26, 2012
163 Mermaid Man Begins January 26, 2012
Plankton's Good Eye
165 House Sittin' for Sandy August 22, 2012
Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom
167 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom May 21, 2012
Bubble Buddy Returns
168 Restraining SpongeBob June 1, 2012
169 Are You Happy Now? June 8, 2012
Planet of the Jellyfish
170 Free Samples June 15, 2012
Home Sweet Rubble
171 Karen 2.0 June 22, 2012
172 Face Freeze! June 30, 2012
Glove World R.I.P.
173 Squiditis November 5, 2012
Demolition Doofus
174 Treats! January 1, 2013
For Here or to Go
175 It's a SpongeBob Christmas! November 23, 2012
176 Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! November 19, 2012
Chum Fricassee
177 The Good Krabby Name March 11, 2013
Move It or Lose It
178 Hello Bikini Bottom! November 26, 2012
179 Extreme Spots November 12, 2012
Squirrel Record
180 Patrick-Man! March 11, 2013
Gary's New Toy
181 License to Milkshake March 18, 2013
Squid Baby
182 Little Yellow Book
Bumper to Bumper
183 Eek, an Urchin! March 22, 2013
Squid Defense
184 Jailbreak! November 5, 2015
Evil Spatula
185 It Came from Goo Lagoon November 12, 2015
186 Safe Deposit Krabs March 12, 2016
Plankton's Pet
187 Don't Look Now October 25, 2013
Séance Shméance
188 Kenny the Cat January 14, 2016
Yeti Krabs
189 SpongeBob You're Fired March 10, 2014
190 Lost in Bikini Bottom January 21, 2016
Tutor Sauce
191 Squid Plus One January 28, 2016
The Executive Treatment
192 Company Picnic March 14, 2016
Pull Up a Barrel
193 Sanctuary! March 18, 2016
What's Eating Patrick?
194 Patrick! The Game June 17, 2016
The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
195 SpongeBob LongPants June 24, 2016
Larry's Gym
196 The Fish Bowl July 8, 2016
Married to Money
197 Mall Girl Pearl July 1, 2016
Two Thumbs Down
198 Sharks vs. Pods July 15, 2016
CopyBob DittoPants
199 Sold! August 5, 2016
Lame and Fortune
200 Goodbye Krusty Krab February 25, 2017
201 Sandy's Nutmare August 12, 2016
Bulletin Board
202 Food Con Castaways October 7, 2016
Snail Mail
203 Pineapple Invasion October 14, 2016
Salsa Imbecilicus September 5, 2016
205 Whirly Brains October 29, 2016
Mermaid Pants

# Original title Local A Premiere Local B Premiere Nickelodeon Premiere
1a Help Wanted N/A N/A April 2003
1b Reef Blower
1c Tea at the Treedome
5a Pizza Delivery N/A 2007 N/A
17b Rock Bottom N/A 2007 N/A
25b Patty Hype N/A 2008 N/A
112b Choir Boys 2011 2009 N/A
177a The Good Krabby Name December 21, 2013 N/A N/A
162 Ghoul Fools January 11, 2014 N/A October 29, 2012
163b Plankton's Good Eye January 18, 2014 N/A N/A
172a Face Freeze! January 25, 2014 N/A October 25, 2013
169b SpongeBob's Last Stand March 8, 2014 N/A April 22, 2010
139b The Cent of Money April 12, 2014 N/A N/A
114b Karate Star May 24, 2014 N/A July 11, 2011
146a The Abrasive Side May 31, 2014 N/A N/A
28 Christmas Who? November 20, 2014 N/A N/A
31b Squirrel Jokes December 3, 2014 N/A N/A
81 Friend or Foe January 14, 2015 N/A N/A
114a Dear Vikings March 3, 2015 N/A October 2010
93a Picture Day March 9, 2015 N/A N/A
120a No Hat for Pat March 13, 2015 N/A N/A
135a Back to the Past March 20, 2015 N/A February 20, 2010
  • Local A - ABS-CBN, ABS-CBN Sports+Action, and Yey!
  • Local B - TV5/ABC5, RPN, and Q Channel

# Original title Premiere
1 Help Wanted April 2000
Reef Blower
Tea at the Treedome
96 Pest of the West February 2009
97 20,000 Patties Under the Sea July 17, 2009
The Battle of Bikini Bottom
98 WhoBob WhatPants? - What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?
101 House Fancy
Krabby Road
108 Patty Caper June 2010
Plankton's Regular
109 Boating Buddies February 19, 2010
The Krabby Kronicle
114 Dear Vikings October 2010
115 Grandpappy the Pirate
Cephalopod Lodge
117 Shuffleboarding
Professor Squidward
118 Pet or Pests
Komputer Overload
123 Truth or Square November 6, 2009
126 The Clash of Triton December 25, 2010
127 Tentacle-Vision January 2011
I ♥ Dancing
134 SpongeBob's Last Stand April 22, 2010
135 Back to the Past February 20, 2010
The Bad Guy Club for Villains
137 One Coarse Meal February 19, 2010
Gary in Love
142 Trenchbillies May 2011
143 The Great Patty Caper July 18, 2011
144 That Sinking Feeling July 11, 2011
Karate Star
145 Buried in Time July 12, 2011
Enchanted Tiki Dreams
146 The Abrasive Side July 13, 2011
147 Hide and Then What Happens? July 14, 2011
Shellback Shenanigans
148 The Masterpiece July 15, 2011
Whelk Attack
149 You Don't Know Sponge July 19, 2011
Tunnel of Glove
150 Krusty Dogs July 20, 2011
The Wreck of the Mauna Loa
151 New Fish in Town October 14, 2011
Love That Squid
152 Big Sister Sam July 21, 2011
Perfect Chemistry
153 Accidents Will Happen October 14, 2011
The Other Patty
154 Drive Thru
The Hot Shot
155 A Friendly Game April 9, 2012
Sentimental Sponge
156 Frozen Face Off January 13, 2012
157 Squidward's School for Grown Ups April 10, 2012
Oral Report
158 Sweet and Sour Squid April 11, 2012
The Googly Artiste
159 A SquarePants Family Vacation July 14, 2012
160 Patrick's Staycation
Walking the Plankton
161 Mooncation
Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation
162 Ghoul Fools October 29, 2012
163 Mermaid Man Begins April 12, 2012
Plankton's Good Eye
164 Barnacle Face April 13, 2012
Pet Sitter Pat
165 House Sittin' for Sandy November 16, 2012
Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
166 The Way of the Sponge
Bubble Troubles
167 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom
Bubble Buddy Returns
169 Are You Happy Now? July 12, 2013
Planet of the Jellyfish
170 Free Samples
Home Sweet Rubble
171 Karen 2.0
172 Face Freeze! October 25, 2013
Glove World, R.I.P.
173 Squiditis
Demolition Doofus
174 Treats!
For Here or to Go
175 It's a SpongeBob Christmas! December 21, 2012
178 Hello Bikini Bottom April 6, 2013
179 Extreme Spots August 18, 2014
Squirrel Record
182 Little Yellow Book October 25, 2013
Bumper to Bumper
184 Jailbreak! April 17, 2015
Evil Spatula
185 It Came from Goo Lagoon November 28, 2014
188a Kenny the Cat April 18, 2015
189 SpongeBob You're Fired April 2, 2014
190b Tutor Sauce September 7, 2015
191 Squid Plus One January 29, 2016
The Executive Treatment
195 SpongeBob LongPants January 9, 2017
Larry's Gym
196 The Fish Bowl January 10, 2017
Married to Money
197 Mall Girl Pearl January 11, 2017
Two Thumbs Down
198 Sharks vs. Pods January 12, 2017
CopyBob DittoPants
199 Sold! January 13, 2017
Lame and Fortune

Note: Only season 8 has been dubbed and broadcast on Çufo.
Both movies have been also dubbed (both having different dubs) and were broadcast on Çufo, Bang Bang (TV channel), and (unconfirmed) Top Channel.
Original title Dubbed title Meaning Airdates Title card
Season 8: 2016–present
153 Accidents Will Happen Aksidentet ndodhin Accidents Happen Çufo:
Aug. 21-22, 2016
S8E1a title card (Albanian)
The Other Patty Qoftja tjetër Another Hamburger Çufo:
Aug. 21-22, 2016
S8E1b title card (Albanian)
154 Drive Thru Si të fitojmë në shumë Winning in Many Çufo:
Aug. 21-22, 2016
S8E2a title card (Albanian)
The Hot Shot Vipi VIP Çufo:
Aug. 21-22, 2016
S8E2b title card (Albanian)
155 A Friendly Game Një lojë miqësore A Friendly Game Çufo:
Aug. 28-29, 2016
S8E3a title card (Albanian)
Sentimental Sponge Sfungjeri i përmalluar Homesick Sponge Çufo:
Aug. 28-29, 2016
S8E3b title card (Albanian)
156 Frozen Face-Off Të ngrirë në borë Frozen in Snow Çufo:
Aug. 28-29, 2016
S8E4 title card (Albanian)
157 Squidward's School for Grown-Ups Shkolla për të rritur e Skuiduordit Squidward's School for Adults Çufo:
Sept. 2-3, 2016
S8E5a title card (Albanian)
Oral Report Provim me gojë Oral Examination Çufo:
Sept. 2-3, 2016
S8E5b title card (Albanian)
158 Sweet and Sour Squid Skuiduordi i ëmbël dhe i thartë Sweet and Sour Squidward Çufo:
Sept. 2-3, 2016
S8E6a title card (Albanian)
The Googly Artiste Artisti i syve Artist's Eye Çufo:
Sept. 2-3, 2016
S8E6b title card (Albanian)
159 A SquarePants Family Vacation Pushimet familjare të familjes katrore Family Vacation of the Square Family Çufo:
S8E7 title card (Albanian)
160 Patrick's Staycation Pushimet shtëpiake të Patrikut Household Vacation of Patrick Çufo:
S8E8a title card (Albanian)
Walking the Plankton Planktoni nuk heq dorë Plankton Doesn't Give Up Çufo:
S8E8b title card (Albanian)
161 Mooncation Pushime në hënë Vacation on the Moon Çufo:
Sept. 9, 2016
S8E9a title card (Albanian)
Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation Zoti Krabs shkon me pushime Mr. Krabs Goes on Vacation Çufo:
Sept. 9, 2016
S8E9b title card (Albanian)
162 Ghoul Fools Marrëzi fantazmash Foolish Ghost Çufo:
Sept. 9, 2016
S8E10 title card (Albanian)
163 Mermaid Man Begins Origjina e Tritonit Origin of Newt Çufo:
Sept. 10, 2016
Plankton's Good Eye Syri i Mirë i Planktonit Plankton's Good Eye Çufo:
Sept. 10, 2016
S8E11b title card (Albanian)
164 Barnacle Face Perla mbushet me puçrra Pearl Is Filled with Acne Çufo:
Sept. 10, 2016
S8E12a title card (Albanian)
Pet Sitter Pat Kush do të kujdeset për Gerin Who will care for Gary Çufo:
Sept. 10, 2016
165 House Sittin' for Sandy Pushimi i sendit Holiday item Çufo:
Sept. 10-11, 2016
Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom Mbrëmje e qetë me muzikë xhaz Quiet evening with jazz Çufo:
Sept. 10-11, 2016
166 Bubble Troubles Probleme me flluskat Problems with bubbles Çufo:
Sept. 10-11, 2016
The Way of the Sponge Rripi i zi për BobSfungjerin Black belt for SpongeBob Çufo:
Sept. 10-11, 2016
167 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom Qoftja grindavece ha Luginën e rroba banjove Krabby Patty Eats Bikini Bottom Çufo:
Sept. 17, 2016
S8E15a title card (Albanian)
Bubble Buddy Returns Vizitë nga miku i flluskave Visit from a Bubble Friend Çufo:
Sept. 17, 2016
S8E15b title card (Albanian)
168a Restraining SpongeBob Kufizimi i BobSfungjerit Restricting SpongeBob Çufo:
Sept. 17, 2016
S8E16a title card (Albanian)
169 Are You Happy Now? A ukënaqe tani Are You Happy Now Çufo:
Sept. 18, 2016
S8E17a title card (Albanian)
Planet of the Jellyfish Planeti i Kandilit të Detit Planet of the Jellyfish Çufo:
Sept. 18, 2016
170 Free Samples Kampione falas Free Samples Çufo:
Sept. 18, 2016
S8E18a title card (Albanian)
Home Sweet Rubble Shtëpi e ëmbla rrënojë Home Sweet Ruin Çufo:
Sept. 18, 2016
173 Squiditis Sëmundja skuid Squid Disease Çufo:
S8E21a title card (Albanian)
Demolition Doofus Unknown Unknown Çufo:
174a Treats! Biskotat Biscuits Çufo:
S8E22a title card (Albanian)
175 It's a SpongeBob Christmas! Krishtlindja e Bobsfungjerit Xmas Bobsfungjerit Çufo:
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Dubbed title Meaning Original title Title card
Season 1
1 مطلوب موظفين Same Help Wanted
النظافة Stay Clean Reef Blower
فقاعة الهواء the breathing bubble Tea at the Treedome
2 صنع الفقاعات Same Bubblestand
السروال الممزق Same Ripped Pants
3 صيد القناديل Jellyfish Hunting Jellyfishing
 !شمشون Plankton! (Arabic Name) Plankton!
4 شقاوة الجيران Naughty Neighbors Naughty Nautical Neighbors
مدرسة تعليم القياة The driving School or (same) Boating School
5 خدمة التوصيل the deliver service Pizza Delivery
المنزل الأناناس The Pineapple Home Home Sweet Pineapple
6 عريس البحر والحلزون الصغير Same name Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
الخيار Same Pickles
7 مراقب الدور the road monitor Hall Monitor
مربى القناديل Same Jellyfish Jam
8 صاروخ اندي Same Sandy's Rocket
صرير الحذاء Same Squeaky Boots
9 طبيعي بانتس Same Nature Pants
يوم الضد Same Opposite Day
10 صدمة ثقافية Same Culture Shock
المرح Same F.U.N.
11 عضلات بوب أصفر بانتس MuscleBob YellowPants MuscleBob BuffPants
شفيق الشبح العنيف Same Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
12 المرافق Same The Chaperone
موظف الشهر Same Employee of the Month
13 جبان بانتس Same Scaredy Pants
رعاية سريع Take Care for Gary I Was a Teenage Gary
14 ألة الزمن the time machine SB-129
ممنوع الكاراتيه No more karate Karate Choppers
15 الأحلام Spongebob Dreams Sleepy Time
الرغوه Same Suds
16 عيد الحب Same Valentine's Day
الورقة Same The Paper
17 القراصنة The Pirates! Arrgh!
قاع المحيط Bottom Of the Ocean Rock Bottom
18 تكساس Same Texas
خطة شمشون Plankton's Plan Walking Small
19 كذبة أبريل Same Fools in April
الملعقة الذهبية The Golden Spatula Neptune's Spatula
20 الخطاف The Kidnappers Hooky
عريس البحر والحلزون الصغير الجزء الثاني Same "Part 2" Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Season 6
104 ما هو الوضع الطبيعي؟ What is normal? Not Normal
وقد ذهب الجميع Everyone has gone Gone
116 النسخة المتماثلة لشفيق Shafiq replica Squid's Visit
الخروج من الشكل Out of shape To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants
Season 7
141 غضب الساحره Same (Nick Arabia Redub) The Curse of the Hex
المصفاة الرئيسية Same (Nick Arabia Redub) The Main Drain
142 سكان الجبل Same (Nick Arabia Redub) Trenchbillies
الإمتنان The Grateful (Nick Arabia Redub) Sponge-Cano!
144 شعور عميق Same (Nick Arabia Redub) That Sinking Feeling
نجم الكاراتيه Same (Nick Arabia Redub) Karate Star
146 الجانب الخشن Same The Abrasive Side
موسيقى أعماقي My lovely music Earworm
147 الغميضة Hide and seek Hide and Then What Happens?
تنظيف الصَدفة Cleaning Gary's Shell Shellback Shenanigans
Season 8
154 خدمة السيارات Same Drive Thru (MBC3 Version)S8E2a title card (Arabic)
الشخصية الهمة The Most Popular Shot The Hot Shot S8E2b title card (Arabic)
156 المواجهة الثلجية

(نسخة إم بي سي 3)


تجمد الوجه "نسخة نيكلودين"

Snowy interface

(MBC3 Censored version)


Same (Nick Arabia Redub) uncut

Frozen Face-Off S8E4 title card (Arabic)
176 فريق الأشرار The Villain Team Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!
الطباخ الجديد The new Fry cook Chum Fricassee
Season 9
179 رياضة التحدي Sporting challenge (Censored MBC3 version) Extreme Spots
الأرقام القياسية The records (Censored MBC3 version) Squirrel Record
180 بسيط البطل Patrick - Man (Hero) Patrick-Man!
لعبة سريع Gary's Toy Gary's New Toy
181 رخصة الحليب المخفوق Same License to Milkshake
شفيق الطفل Same Squid Baby
182 الكتاب الأصفر The Yellow Book Little Yellow Book
إختبار القيادة Driving test Bumper to Bumper
183 إيك , قنفذ Same Eek, an Urchin!
دفاع الحبار Same Squid Defense
184 الهروب Same Jailbreak!
الملعقة الشريرة Same Evil Spatula
185 مرحبا بكم في بحيرة الوحل Welcome to the Goo lagoon (MBC3 Censored Version) It Came from Goo Lagoon
186 إنقاذ لوديعات سلطع Same Safe Deposit Krabs
حيوان شمشون الأليف Same Plankton's Pet
187 أفلام الرعب Terror Movies

(MBC3 Censored Version)

Don't Look Now
طلب رقم 9 Order 9

(MBC3 Censored Version)

Séance Shméance
188 القط كيني Same Kenny the Cat
يتي سلطع Same Yeti Krabs
189 سبونج بوب , أنت مرفود Same SpongeBob You're Fired
190 ضائع في قاع الهامور Same Lost in Bikini Bottom
جرأة معلم Dare on Tutor Tutor Sauce
191 شفيق , وواحد إضافي Same Squid Plus One
المعالج التنفيذي Same The Executive Treatment
192 نزهة الشركة Same Company Picnic
إسحب برميلا Same Pull Up a Barrel
193 الملاذ Same Sanctuary!
ماذا يأكل بسيط؟ Same What's Eating Patrick?
194 بسيط اللعبة Same Patrick! The Game
مجاري قاع الهامور Same The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
195 سبونج بوب ذو السروال الطويل Same SpongeBob LongPants
قاعة لاري الرياضية Larry Gym Hall (Similar) Larry's Gym
196 وعاء السمك Same The Fish Bowl
متزوج من النقود Same Married to Money
197 لؤلؤة , الفتاة العاملة Pearl , The Agent Girl (Similar) Mall Girl Pearl
إبهامان متعبان Two Tired Thumbs (Similar) Two Thumbs Down
198 القروش ضد الأقدام Same Sharks vs. Pods
نسخ سبونج بوب Copies of Spongbob CopyBob DittoPants
199 تم البيع Same Sold!
الحظ وسوء الحظ Lame (Good luck) Fortune (Bad luck) -- similar same Lame and Fortune
201 كابوس ساندي Same Sandy's Nutmare
لوحة الإعلانات Same Bulletin Board
203 غزو الأناناس Same Pineapple Invasion
صلصة الغباء The Idiot Salsa Salsa Imbecilicus
204 تمرد في مقرمشات سلطع Same Mutiny on the Krusty
حقيقة السّنة Same The Whole Tooth
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# Dubbed title Original title
Season 1
1 Търси се помощник Help Wanted
Произшествие сейф Reef Blower
Чай с нов приятел Tea at the Treedome
2 Щанд за балони Bubblestand
Скъсани панталони Ripped Pants
3 Лов на медузи Jellyfishing
Планктон Plankton!
4 Лоши морски съседи Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Шофьорски изпит Boating School
5 Доставка на пица Pizza Delivery
Добрия стар ананас Home Sweet Pineapple
6 Сиренамен и Рапанчито Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Краставички Pickles
7 Надзорник Hall Monitor
Партито на медузите Jellyfish Jam
8 Ракетата на Санди Sandy's Rocket
Скърцащи ботуши Squeaky Boots
9 Живот сред природата Nature Pants
Обратен ден Opposite Day
10 Културен шок Culture Shock
Веселба F.U.N.
11 Мускул Боб Кожени Гащи MuscleBob BuffPants
Сепия и недружелюбния дух Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
12 Кавалер The Chaperone
Служител на месеца Employee of the Month
13 Страхливи панталони Scaredy Pants
Бях тийнейджър Гари I Was a Teenage Gary
14 СБ-129 SB-129
Карате секира Karate Choppers
15 Време за сън Sleepy Time
Грип Suds
16 Свети Валентин Valentine's Day
Хартия The Paper
17 Пирати Arrgh!
Скалистото дъно Rock Bottom
18 Тексас Texas
Самоувереност Walking Small
19 Първоаприлска шега Fools in April
Шпатулата на Нептун Neptune's Spatula
20 Куки Hooky
Сиренамен и Рапанчо 2 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Season 2
1 Your Shoe's Untied
Почивния ден на Сепия Squid's Day Off
2 Нещо мирише Something Smells
Нови идеи Bossy Boots
3 Голям розов неодачник Big Pink Loser
Балончо Bubble Buddy
4 Умирен за пай Dying for Pie
Самозванец Imitation Krabs
5 Червичи Wormy
Цветни сандвичи Patty Hype
6 Целувките на баба Grandma's Kisses
7 Prehibernation Week
Life of Crime
8 Коледна какво? Christmas Who?
9 Survival of the Idiots
10 No Free Rides
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
11 Сиренамен и Рапанчито 3 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III
Squirrel Jokes
12 Налягане Pressure
Гореща снек The Smoking Peanut
13 Отвличане Shanghaied
Gary Takes a Bath
14 Welcome to the Chum Bucket
15 The Secret Box
Band Geeks
16 Graveyard Shift
Krusty Love
17 Procrastination
I'm with Stupid
18 Sailor Mouth
Artist Unknown
19 Jellyfish Hunter
The Fry Cook Games
20 Сепия стачкува Squid on Strike
Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
Season 3
1 Чуждото е винаги по зелено The Algae's Always Greener
Спондж Боб спасител SpongeGuard on Duty
2 Club SpongeBob
My Pretty Seahorse
3 Само една хапка Just One Bite
Хулиган The Bully
4 Грузбургер Nasty Patty
Идиотската кутия Idiot Box
5 Сиренамен и Рапанчито 4 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
Doing Time
6 Ефектът на снежната топка Snowball Effect
Боклуците на рак One Krab's Trash
7 Както по телевизията As Seen on TV
Изгубената морета Can You Spare a Dime?
8 No Weenies Allowed
Squilliam Returns
9 Krab Borg
Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
10 Бояджии Wet Painters
Видео уроци хрупкавия рак Krusty Krab Training Video
11 Партито на Спондж Боб Party Pooper Pants
12 Шоколад с ядки Chocolate with Nuts
Сиренамен и Рапанчито 5 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
13 Нов ученик New Student Starfish
Миди Clams
14 Уф Ugh
15 The Great Snail Race
Mid-Life Crustacean
16 Born Again Krabs
I Had an Accident
17 Krabby Land
The Camping Episode
18 Missing Identity
Plankton's Army
19 The Sponge Who Could Fly
20 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler
Pranks a Lot
Season 4
1 Страх от ракбургери Fear of a Krabby Patty
Бронирания рак Shell of a Man
2 Изгубеният дюшек The Lost Mattress
Рак срещу Планктон Krabs vs. Plankton
3 Виждали ли сте този охлюв? Have You Seen This Snail?
4 Сръчния кран Skill Crane
Добри съседи Good Neighbors
5 Selling Out
Funny Pants
6 Средновековна история Dunces and Dragons
7 Enemy In-Law
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture
8 Patrick SmartPants
SquidBob TentaclePants
9 Krusty Towers
Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
10 Chimps Ahoy
Ghost Host
11 Whale of a Birthday
Karate Island
12 All That Glitters
Wishing You Well
13 Нов живот New Leaf
Once Bitten
14 Bummer Vacation
15 Squidtastic Voyage
That's No Lady
16 The Thing
Hocus Pocus
17 Driven to Tears
Rule of Dumb
18 Born to Be Wild
Best Frenemies
19 The Pink Purloiner
Squid Wood
20 Най хубвият ден на света Best Day Ever
Подарък от дъвка The Gift of Gum
Season 5
1 Приятел или враг Friend or Foe
2 The Original Fry Cook
Night Light
3 Rise and Shine
Fungus Among Us
4 Шпиони Spy Buddies
Boat Smarts
Good Ol' Whatshisname
5 Квартира New Digs
Рачешки методи Krabs à La Mode
6 Roller Cowards
Bucket Sweet Bucket
7 To Love a Patty
Breath of Fresh Squidward
8 Парите говорят Money Talks
SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget
Slimy Dancing
9 The Krusty Sponge
Sing a Song of Patrick
10 A Flea in Her Dome
The Donut of Shame
The Krusty Plate
11 Goo Goo Gas
Le Big Switch
12 Atlantis SquarePantis
13 Picture Day
Pat No Pay
14 Насиненият Спондж Боб Blackened Sponge
Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob
15 The Inmates of Summer
To Save a Squirrel
16 Pest of the West
17 20 000 хиляди бургера от морското равнище 20,000 Patties Under the Sea
Битката за Бикини Ботам The Battle of Bikini Bottom
18 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?
19 Двете лица на Сепия The Two Faces of Squidward
Спонджхенч SpongeHenge
20 Затварянето на Хрубкавия Рак Banned in Bikini Bottom
Стенли срещу Квадратни Гащи Stanley S. SquarePants
Season 6
1 Модерен дом House Fancy
Хрупкав рок Krabby Road
2 За едно пени повече Penny Foolish
Морска история Nautical Novice
3 Spongicus
Suction Cup Symphony
4 Not Normal
5 Треската The Splinter
Изпарзаляните свирачи Slide Whistle Stooges
6 Незабравим живот A Life in a Day
Избелели от слънцето Sun Bleached
7 Гиганта сепия Giant Squidward
Един нос знае No Nose Knows
8 Кражбате Patty Caper
Клиентът на Планктон Plankton's Regular
9 Съученици Boating Buddies
Рачешки хроники The Krabby Kronicle
10 The Slumber Party
Grooming Gary
11 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One
12 Празни джобове Porous Pockets
Солист в хора Choir Boys
13 Хрупкавите разбивачи Krusty Krushers
Картата The Card
14 Скъпи викинги Dear Vikings
Избягал от час Ditchin'
15 Дядо пират Grandpappy the Pirate
Ложата на цепелофодите Cephalopod Lodge
16 Сепия на гости Squid's Visit
To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants
17 Шъфъл борд Shuffleboarding
Проферсор Сепия Professor Squidward
18 Любимец или вредител Pet or Pests
Компютърно претоварване Komputer Overload
19 Лековерни Гащи Gullible Pants
Разтроен Overbooked
20 Патрик без шапка No Hat for Pat
Прокълнатият магазин за играчки Toy Store of Doom
21 Sand Castles in the Sand
Shell Shocked
22 Chum Bucket Supreme
Single Cell Anniversary
23-24 Truth or Square
25 Pineapple Fever
Chum Caverns
26 The Clash of Triton
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# First(/second) episode Second (or third) episode
Season 2
21 Je veter zit los (Your lacing's loose) Octo's vrije dag (Squidward's free day)
22 Er zit een luchtje aan (Something fishy is going on) Dochter de baas (Daughter of the boss)
23 Grote roze verliezer (Big pink loser) Opblaasmaatje (Inflatable-buddy)
24 De moord voor een cake (The murder of a cake) Nep Krabs (Fake Krabs)
25 Rupsie (Caterpillarie) De kleurenburger (The color citizen)
26 Kusjes van oma (Kisses from grandma) Octostad
27 Winterslaap Gezochte criminelen
28 Kerstmis wie?
29 Hoe idioten overleven Gedumpt
30 Geen gratis ritjes Ik ben je grootste fanaticus
31 Meerminman en Mosseljongen 3 Stand-up SpongeBob
32 Druk Oesterleed
33 Geringeloor Gerrit neemt een bad
34 Welkom in de Maatemmer Frankenkrabbel
35 De geheime doos Bandsukkels
36 Kerkhofwerktijden Krokante liefde
37 Uitstel Ik sta naast een oen
38 Zeemanstaal Maker onbekend
39 Kwallenjager De Frituurspelen
40 Staking De stierworm
Season 3
41 Hoe het is om meneer Krabs te zijn De strandwacht
42 De magische schelp Mysterie
43 Octo is om Een pak slaag
44 De verschrikkelburger De idiotendoos
45 Meerminman en Mosseljongen 4 Zitten
46 Sneeuwbaleffect Troep van Krabs
47 Gezien op TV Heb je wat geld voor me?
48 Niet voor doetjes Het vijfsterrenrestaurant
49 Krab Borg Slaap schelpje slaap
50 Natte schilders De Krokante Krab trainingsvideo
51 SpongeBob's House Party
52 Chocola met noten Meerminman en Mosseljongen 5
53 Een nieuwe leerling De blauwe mossel
54 SpongeBob V.C. (voor comedy)
55 De grote slakkenrace Midlife schaaldier
56 De wedergeboorte van meneer Krabs Plein vrees
57 Krabby Land Het kampeerverhaal
58 Verloren identiteit Planktons leger
59 De spons die wil vliegen (de verloren episode)
60 SpongeBob en de wurger Top of the fops
Season 4
61 Krabburgerfobie Kruip in de huid van...
62 Het verdwenen matras Krabs versus Plankton
63 Heb je deze slak gezien?
64 De grijpbak Goede buren
65 De overname De lachklier
66 Ridder SpongeBob en de draak
67 Aangetrouwde vijand Meerminman en Mosseljongen 6
68 Patrick betweter OctBob TentakelPants
69 Krokante Toren Juf Puff, u bent ontslagen
70 Broodje aap Spook te gast
71 Een kanon van een verjaardag Karate Eiland
72 Het is niet enkel goud dat blinkt Doe een wens
73 Een nieuwe weg De gekke slakkenziekte
74 Mislukte vakantie Als door een pruik getroffen
75 De operatie Patricia
76 Stinkie Hocus pocus
77 Tranen met tuitenwissers Koning domheid
78 De Bikinibroek uitlaatgasten Vriend en vijand
79 De roze kruiper Mini Octo
Season 5
81 Vriend of vijand
82 De kok van vroeger Nacht licht
83 Uit de veren/Wachten De jeuk
84 SpiongeBob/Theorieles Meneer Gaatjenietsaan
85 Nieuwe woonruimte De thermostaat
86 Achtbaanhelden De renovatie van de Maatemmer
87 Allerliefste Krabby De nieuwe Octo
88 Geld regeert/SpongeBob en de Krabburgermachine Kramp!
89 De Krokante Spons Een liedje van Patrick
90 De vlo/De donut Het vuile bord
91 Atlantis SquarePantis
92 De grote wisseltruc Het goe goe-gas
93 Kijk eens naar het vogeltje/Patrick betaalt niet BlackJack
94 Blauwogige spons Meerminman tegenover SpongeBob
95 Zon-zoneiland Eten of gegeten worden
96 Sheriff SpongeBuck
97 Twintigduizend Krabburgers onder de zee De slag om Bikinibroek
98 Wat Gebeurde er met SpongeBob?
99 De 2 gezichten van Octo SpongeHenge
100 Verbannen in Bikinibroek Stanley S. SquarePants
Season 6
101 Huis en Haard Rock'n roll Bende
102 Gelddorst Beginneling op zee
103 Spongicus De symfonie in au majeur
104 Niet normaal meer Foetsie
105 De splinter Glijfluiten
106 Leven als Leendert Zon bleek
107 Octo de reus Neusloos
108 De diefstal De vaste klant

# First(/second) episode Second (or third) episode
Season 1
1 Ravintola-apulainen/Puhtaanapito-Paavo Teetä puun katveessa
2 Kuplakioski Pöksyt pamahti
3 Meduusan verkko Plankton!
4 Nahistelevat naapurukset Laivuritutkinto
5 Pizzalähetys Oma ananas kullan kallis
6 Merenneitomies ja Merirokkopoika Suolakurkku
7 Järjestäjä Meduusajamboree
8 Kuuraketti Vinkuvat saappaat
9 Aatamin asussa Päinvastoin-päivä
10 Kulttuurishokki Ystävykset
11 Paavo kehonrakentajana Kalmari-Jalmari kummittelee
12 Tanssiaiskavaljeeri Kuukauden työntekijä
13 Paavo Jänishousu Etanaplasmaa
14 SB-129 Karatekat
15 Kauniita unia Paavo vaahtoaa
16 Ystävänpäivä Hauska paperi
17 Aarre Kivelä
18 Texas Suuret suunnitelmat
19 Aprillia! Neptunuksen paistinlasta
20 Koukussa Merenneitomies seikkailee jälleen
Season 2
21 Kengännauhat auki Jalmarin vapaapäivä
22 Haisunäätä Kesätyöntekijä
23 Palkinto Kuplakaveri
24 Piirakkapommi Kaksoisolento
25 Toukka Piiranen on pop
26 Mummon pikku kulta Unelmakaupunki
27 Siunattu talviuni Rikoksen poluilla
28 Mikä ihmeen joulu?
29 Kova talvi Kuin nalli kalliolle
30 Venekaappari Idoli
31 Merenneitomies ja Merirokkopoika (osa 3) Kurrekomiikkaa
32 Painetta Valheen jäljet
33 Lentävä hollantilainen Karin kylpyaika
34 Tervetuloa Syöttiämpäriin Frankensteinin piirustus
35 Laatikon salaisuus Jalmarin pumppu
36 Yövuoro Rapurakkautta
37 Laiska läksyjentekijä Ken on heistä kaikkein tyhmin
38 Ruma sana Tuntematon taiteilija
39 Meduusametsällä Pelin henki
40 Lakko laguunissa Sanna, Paavo ja mato
Season 3
41 Vaihtokaupat Sieni uimavalvojana
42 Paavon oma klubi Lemmikkiheppa
43 Kiusankappale Maista edes
44 Paha piiranen Mölytoosa
45 Merenneitomies ja Merirokkopoika (osa 4) Rikollisen jäljillä
46 Lumipalloefekti Pihakirppis
47 TV:stä tuttu Vaativa vieras
48 Nynnyiltä pääsy kielletty Hjalmarin paluu
49 Robottirapu Simpukkavauva
50 Maalarit Koulutusvideo
51 Ilonpilaaja
52 Pähkinäsuklaata Merenneitomies ja Merirokkopoika (osa 5)
53 Uusi oppilas Simpukoita
54 Ugh
55 Suuri etanakilpa Ikäkriisi
56 Uudestisyntynyt Rapu Onnettomuus
57 Rapupuisto Telttaretki
58 Henkilöllisyys hukassa Planktonin armeija
59 Pesusieni joka osasi lentää
60 Hyvä henkivartija Paavo pilailee
Season 4
61 Piirasen pelko Pelkkä miehen kuori
62 Kadonnut patja Rapu vastaan Plankton
63 Oletko nähnyt tätä etanaa?
64 Kourakone Hyvät naapurit
65 Loppuunmyynti Hassu Paavo
66 Keskiaikaista
67 Appivihollinen Merenneitomies ja Merirokkopoika (osa 6)
68 Näsäviisas Patrik JalmaPaavo KalmariSieni
69 Raputorni Rouva Pöhö, olet erotettu
70 Haamuisäntä Simpansseja näkyvissä
71 Valas-synttärit Karatesaari
72 Kaikki mikä kiiltää Toivomuskaivo
73 Uusi lehti Etanan purema
74 Hölmö loma Peruukkipläjäys
75 Jalmarikas matka Epänaisellista
76 Olento Hokkus pokkus
77 Patrik ei lopeta ajoissa Tyhmä kunkku
78 Prätkäjengi Parhaat viharrukset
79 Vaaleanpunainen varas Mini-Jalmari
80 Paras päivä Lahjapurkka
Season 5
81 Ystävä vai vihollinen?
82 Alkuperäinen kokki Yövalo
83 Ylös ja ulos/Odotus Sieni keskuudessamme
84 Vakoojat/Vastuuton veneilijä Vanha kunnon Kukasenyton
85 Uusi kämppä Ravunkuori uudistuu
86 Pelkurit Remonttihommia
87 Armas rapupiiranen Uusi uljas Jalmari
88 Raha puhuu/Paavo vastaan piiraskone Tanssivillitys
89 Sienenkuori Patrikin laulu
90 Kirppusirkus/Donitsinhimo Likainen lautanen
91 Vauvakaasu Vaihtokokki
92 Atlantiksen arvoitus
93 Koulukuvaus/Patrik ei maksa BlackJack
94 Musta silmä Merenneitomies vastaan Paavo
95 Kesävankileiri Syö tai tule syödyksi
96 Lännen kauhu
97 Pohjaton nälkä Tangalan taistelu
98 Mitä tapahtuikaan Paavolle?
99 Jalmarin kahdet kasvot PaavoHenge
100 Kielletty lailla Pasi S. Pesusieni
Season 6
101 Kodin onni Menestyksen resepti
102 Hulluna rahaan Mäntti merenkävijä
103 Paavocus Imukuppisinfonia
104 Epänormaali Poissa
105 Tikku Liukupilli-pöljät
106 Elinikä päivässä Auringon haalistama
107 Jättiläis-Jalmari Kuin nenä naamaan
108 Piiraskupru Planktonin vakkari
109 Veneilykaverit Rapuviesti
110 Pyjamabileet Karin kaunistus
111 Paavo Pesusieni ja iso aalto
112 Reikätasku Kuoropojat
113 Ravunsakset Kortti
114 Hyvät viikingit Lintsari
115 Piraattipappa Pääjalkaisten loosi
116 Jalmarin vierailu Paavoko vai eikö Paavo?
117 Liukukiekko Professori Jalmari
118 Lemmikkituholainen Tietokoneongelmia
119 Hyväuskoinen Kiirettä pitää
120 Patrikia hatuttaa Tuomion lelukauppa
121 Hiekkalinnat hiekassa Kotilokauhua
122 Megasyöttisanko Yksisoluinen hääpäivä
123-124 Totuus vai pestävä
125 Ananashöperyys Syöttiluolat
126 Neptunuksen juhlat
Season 7
127 Kalmarivisio Minä ♥ tanssimista
128 Kasvupyrähdys Jumissa mankelissa
129 Keittiössä Sannan kanssa Sisäpiirin keikka
130 Rasvaiset pölvästit Pesusienimalli
131 Pitää Bikini Bottom kaunis Pöhöttynyt pörröinen ja Gary
132 Jakaminen on huolehtiminen Halvin rapu elossa
133 Olemme aaveita Klarinetti maailmassa kauhua
134 -
135 Menneisyyttä Pahat pojat club menettänyt episodi
136 - -
137 - -
138 - -
139 - -
140 - -
141 - -
142 - -
143 -
144 - -
145 - -
146 - -
147 - -
148 - -
149 - -
150 - -
151 - -
152 - -
Season 8
153 - -
154 - -
155 - -
156 -
157 - -
158 - -
159 -
160 - -
161 - -
162 -
163 - -
164 - -
165 - -
166 - -
167 - -
168 - -
169 - -
170 - -
171 - -
172 - -
173 - -
174 - -
175 -
176 - -
177 - -
178 -
Season 9
179 - -
180 - -
181 - -
182 - -
183 - -
184 - -
185 -
186 - -
187 - -
188 - -
189 -
190 - -
191 - -
192 - -
193 - -

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# Dubbed title Original title Airdate Title card
Season 1
1 Bienvenue à bord

Welcome aboard

Help Wanted Unknown Bienvenue
Le grand nettoyage

The big cleanup

Reef Blower Nettoyage
Asphyxies en chaîne

Suffocated by string

Tea at the Treedome Asphyxies
2 Sculptures sur bulles

Sculptures on bubbles

Bubblestand Unknown Sculptures
Un nouveau comique

A new comic

Ripped Pants Comique
3 La Pêche à la méduse

The jellyfish fishery

Jellyfishing Unknown Méduse
La Faim du Plancton

The hunger of the plankton

Plankton! Plancton
4 La Zizanie


Naughty Nautical Neighbors Unknown Zizanie
Le Permis de conduire

The driver's license

Boating School Conduire
5 Les Livreurs de pizza

The pizza delivery

Pizza Delivery Unknown Livreurs
On a mangé ma maison

We ate my house

Home Sweet Pineapple Maison
6 Les Vieux Super Héros

Old Super Heroes

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Unknown Vieux
Le Cornichon manquant

The missing pickle

Pickles Manquant
7 La Jeune Recrue

The young recruit

Hall Monitor Unknown Recrue
Les Envahisseurs

The invaders

Jellyfish Jam Envahisseurs
8 La Fusée

The rocket

Sandy's Rocket Unknown Fusée
Un bruit insupportable

Unbearable noise

Squeaky Boots Insupportable
9 L'appel de la nature

The call of the wild

Nature Pants Unknown L'appel
Le Jour des contraires

The opposite day

Opposite Day Contraires
10 Le Gala

The Gala

Culture Shock Unknown Gala
Le Blues du Plancton

The Blues of the plankton

F.U.N. Blues
11 Les Bras gonflables

Inflatable arms

MuscleBob BuffPants Unknown Gonflables
Le Fantôme de Carlo

The ghost of Squidward

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost Fantôme
12 Le Chaperon

The chaperone

The Chaperone Unknown 12aFR
L'Employé du mois

Employee of the month

Employee of the Month 12bFR
13 Une peur incontrôlable

An uncontrollable fear

Scaredy Pants Unknown 13aFR
Un escargot affamé

A hungry snail

I Was a Teenage Gary 13bFR
14 Voyage dans le temps

Journey through time

SB-129 Unknown 14aFR
Fous de karaté

Crazy karate

Karate Choppers 14bFR
15 Rêver sans y être invité

Dream without being invited

Sleepy Time Unknown 15aFR
Docteur Patrick

Docteur Patrick

Suds 15bFR
16 La Saint-Valentin

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Unknown 16aFR
Le Papier

The paper

The Paper 16bFR
17 La Passion du jeu

The Passion for the game

Arrgh! Unknown 17aFR
Les Bus farceurs

Joke buses

Rock Bottom 17bFR
18 Le Mal du pays

The homesick

Texas Unknown 18aFR
Petit, mais costaud

Small, but sturdy

Walking Small 18bFR
19 Poisson d'avril

April fool

Fools in April Unknown 19aFR
La Spatule de Neptune

The spatula of Neptune

Neptune's Spatula 19bFR
20 La Pause

The break

Hooky Unknown 20aFR
Le Retour de l'Homme-Sirène

The return of the mermaid man

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II 20bFR
Season 2
21 Problèmes de lacets

Lace Problems

Your Shoe's Untied Unknown 21aFR
Les Joies du dimanche

The Joys of Sunday

Squid's Day Off 21bFR
22 Mauvaise haleine

Strong breath

Something Smells Unknown 22aFR
Pearl et ses idées

Pearl and his ideas

Bossy Boots 22bFR
23 La Course au titre

The title race

Big Pink Loser Unknown 23aFR
Marcel Bubulle

Bubble Buddy

Bubble Buddy 23bFR
24 Une tarte mortelle

A fatal tart

Dying for Pie Unknown 24aFR
La Valse des homards

The Lobster Waltz

Imitation Krabs 24bFR
25 Le Papillon

The butterfly

Wormy Unknown Papillon
Les Pâtés multicolores

The Multicolored Patties

Patty Hype Multicolores
26 L'Éponge à sa mamie

Sponge with her grandma

Grandma's Kisses Unknown L'éponge

The Exile

Squidville L'exil
27 Le Sport avant le sommeil

Sport before sleep

Prehibernation Week Unknown Sommeil
Voleurs malgré eux

Thieves in spite of themselves

Life of Crime Voleurs
28 Le Premier Noël

The First Christmas

Christmas Who? Unknown Premier
29 La Morte saison

The Dead Season

Survival of the Idiots Unknown Saison
L'Éponge abandonnée

The Abandoned Sponge

Dumped Abandonnée
30 Le Permis par KO

The License by KO

No Free Rides Unknown Permis
Le Plus grand Fan

The Biggest Fan

I'm Your Biggest Fanatic GrandFR
31 Les Vacances de l'Homme-Sirène

Mermaid's Holiday

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III Unknown Vacances
Dur, dur d'être un comique

Hard, hard to be a comic

Squirrel Jokes Comique2
32 Bob manque d'air

Bob lacks air

Pressure Unknown Manque
Le Canon à perles

The Beaded Cannon

The Smoking Peanut Perles
33 Le Hollandais volant

The Flying Dutchman

Shanghaied Unknown Hollandais
Gary prend un bain

Gary takes a bath

Gary Takes a Bath Prend
34 Plankton a gagné

Plankton won

Welcome to the Chum Bucket Unknown PlanktonFR
Le Crayon géant

The Giant Pencil

Frankendoodle Crayon
35 La Boîte aux secrets

The box of secrets

The Secret Box Unknown Secrets

The Orchestra

Band Geeks L'Orchestre
36 Service de nuit

Night Service

Graveyard Shift Unknown Service
Le Capitaine amoureux

In love with Captain

Krusty Love Amoureux
37 La Rédaction

The editorial

Procrastination Unknown Rédaction
Les Parents de Patrick

Patrick's Parents

I'm with Stupid Parents
38 La Liste des treize mots

The thirteen-word list

Sailor Mouth Unknown Treize
L'Artiste méconnu

The unsung artist

Artist Unknown L'artiste
39 La Confiture de méduses

Jelly jam

Jellyfish Hunter Unknown Confiture

The confrontation

The Fry Cook Games L'affrontement
40 La Grève

The strike

Squid on Strike Unknown Grève
Le Lombric géant

The giant earthworm

Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm Lombric
Season 3
41 Plankton patron

Plankton boss

The Algae's Always Greener Unknown Plankton2FR
Le Sauveteur qui a peur de l'eau

The rescuer who is afraid of water

SpongeGuard on Duty Sauveteur
42 La Coqui-magique

The Coqui-Magical

Club SpongeBob Unknown Magique

The Seahorse

My Pretty Seahorse L'Hippocampe
43 Le Bob, la Brute et la Maîtresse

The Bob, the Brute and the mistress

The Bully Unknown Maîtresse
Juste une bouchée

Just a Mouthful

Just One Bite Bouchée

Tueurs malgré eux

Killers in spite of themselves || Nasty Patty || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Malgré

La Boîte à tout faire

The Box || Idiot Box || rowspan="1" | Boîte


La Ceinture magique

The Magic Belt || Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Ceinture

Madame Puff en prison

Mrs. Puff in prison || Doing Time || rowspan="1" | Madame


L'Effet boule de neige

The Snowball Effect || Snowball Effect || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | L'effet

Le Capitaine Krabs fait des affaires

Captain Krabs does business || One Krabs Trash || rowspan="1" | Affaires


Vu à la télé

Seen on TV || As Seen on TV || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Vu à la télé

La pièce porte-bonheur

The lucky piece || Can You Spare a Dime? || rowspan="1" | La pièce porte-bonheur


Le club des mauviettes

The Wimp Club || No Weenies Allowed || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Le club des mauviettes

Guillaume Calamarchic Squilliam Returns Guillaume Calamarchic

Bob voit des robots partout

Bob sees robots everywhere || Krab Borg || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Bob voit des robots partout

Les parents adoptifs

Adoptive parents || Rock-a-Bye Bivalve || rowspan="1" | Les parents adoptifs


Les Peintres du dimanche

The Painters of the Sunday || Wet Painters || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Les peintres du dimanche

Tout ce qu'un employé doit savoir

Everything an employee needs to know || Krusty Krab Training Video || rowspan="1" | Tout ce qu'un employé doit savoir


Bob, le roi de la fête

Bob, the king of the party || Party Pooper Pants || rowspan="1" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Bob, le roi de la fête


Les Tablettes de chocolat

Chocolate Tablets || Chocolate with Nuts || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Les tablettes de chocolat

Bernard l'ermite le Grand

Bernard the Hermit the Great || Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V || rowspan="1" | Bernard l'ermite le grand


Le Nouvel Élève

The New Student || New Student Starfish || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Le nouvel élève

Courage, rien n'est jamais perdu

Courage, nothing is ever lost || Clams || rowspan="1" | Courage, rien n'est jamais perdu


Bob l'éponge DC/Ugh

Sponge Bob BC / Ugh || SpongeBob BC/Ugh || rowspan="1" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Ughtitlecard


Un escargot pur-sang

A Thoroughbred Snail || The Great Snail Race || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Un escargot

Une nuit mouvementée

An eventful night || Mid-Life Crustacean || rowspan="1" | Une nuit mouvementée


Incorrigible Capitaine Krabs

Incorrigible Captain Krabs || Born Again Krabs || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Incorrigible Capitaine Krabs

Faut assurer ses arrières

Must be back || I Had an Accident || rowspan="1" | Faut assurer ses arrières


La Magie de l'été

The Magic of Summer || Krabby Land || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | La Magie de l'été

L'Ours des mers

The Bear of the Seas || The Camping Episode || rowspan="1" | L'ours des mers


Mon nom est personne

My name is Nobody || Missing Identity || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Mon nom est personne

Plankton et son armée

Plankton and his army || Plankton's Army || rowspan="1" | Plankton et son armée


L'Éponge volante

The Flying Sponge || The Sponge Who Could Fly || rowspan="1" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | L'éponge volante


Un malin, malin et demi

A clever, smart and a half || SpongeBob Meets the Strangler || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Un malin, malin et demi

Les invisibles fantômes

The Invisible Ghosts || Pranks a Lot || rowspan="1" | Les Invisibles Fantômes

Season 4

Ouverture non-stop!

Opening non-stop! || Fear of a Krabby Patty || rowspan="2" | Unknown || rowspan="1" | Ouverture

Les Gars de la marine Shell of a Man Marine
62 Le Matelas perdu The Lost Mattress Unknown Matelas
Le procès Krabs vs. Plankton Procès
63 La Fugue de Gary Have You Seen This Snail? Unknown Fugue
64 La Pince aux peluches Skill Crane Unknown Peluches
Vive le dimanche Good Neighbors Dimanche
65 Le Rachat Selling Out Unknown Rachat
La Boîte à rire Funny Pants Boîte2
66 Bouffons et dragons Dunces and Dragons Unknown Bouffons
67 Un Plankton chez les Krabs Enemy In-Law Unknown Planktonchez
L'Homme-Sirène et le Bernard l'ermite VI, le film Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture L'homme
68 Patrick devient intelligent Patrick SmartPants Unknown Intelligent
Carlo l'éponge et Bob Tentacule SquidBob TentaclePants Tentacule
69 L'Hôtel du Capitaine Krusty Towers Unknown Capitaine
Madame Puff est renvoyée Mrs. Puff, You're Fired Renvoyée
70 Une invention, vite! Chimps Ahoy Unknown Invention
Un fantôme déprimé Ghost Host Déprimé
71 L'Anniversaire de Pearl Whale of a Birthday Unknown L'Anniversaire de Pearl
L'Île Karaté Karate Island L'Île Karaté
72 Spat... All That Glitters Unknown Spat...
Le Puit à souhaits Wishing You Well Puit
73 Une nouvelle vie New Leaf Unknown Une nouvelle vie
Gare à Gary Once Bitten Gare à Gary
74 Allez, dehors! Vacances... New Leaf Unknown Allez, dehors ! Vacances...
La Perruque Wigstruck La Perruque
75 Voyage au centre d'une pieuvre Squidtastic Voyage Unknown Voyage au centre d'une pieuvre
Le Déguisement That's No Lady Le Déguisement
76 L'Animal sauvage The Thing Unknown L'Animal sauvage
Bob le Magicien Hocus Pocus Bob le Magicien
77 Le Permis de bateau Driven to Tears Unknown Le Permis de bateau
Le Roi Patrick Rule of Dumb Le Roi Patrick
78 La Mous... la... la... Born to Be Wild Unknown La Mous... la... la...
La Recette du Lait aux Algues Best Frenemies La Recette du Lait aux Algues
79 Super-fiable The Pink Purloiner Unknown Super-fiable
Mini Carlo Squid Wood Mini Carlo
80 La Plus belle des journées Best Day Ever Unknown La Plus belle des journées
Bouboule The Gift of Gum Bouboule
Season 8
153 Accident de travail! Accidents Will Happen Unknown Travail
Le pâté ramollo The Other Patty Ramollo
Season 9
190 Le Raccourci Lost in Bikini Bottom Unknown Lr
Mauvaise Conduite Tutor Sauce Mc
191 La Personne de Son Choix Squid Plus One Unknown Lpdsc
Le Cadre The Executive Treatment Lc
192 Pique nique de l'entreprise Company Picnic Unknown Pic
Une histoire de tonneaux Pull Up a Barrel Pull
193 Le Sanctuaire Des Escargots Sanctuary! Unknown Lsde
Patrick, Le Champion Des Mangeurs What's Eating Patrick? P,lcdm
194 Patrick, le Jeu Patrick! The Game Unknown P.lj.

Voyage au cœur des égouts

Journey to the heart of the sewers || The Sewers of Bikini Bottom || rowspan="1" |

199 Vendue! Sold! December 10, 2016
Les Biscuits De La Colure Lame and Fortune
203 L'ananas Pris D'assaut Pineapple Invasion December 17, 2016
Sauce Salsa Imbecilicus Salsa Imbecilicus

# Dubbed title Original title Premiere Title card
Season 1: 2002
1 Aushilfe gesucht Help Wanted August 23, 2002 Aushilfe
Meeresbodenpflege Reef Blower Meeresbodenpflege
Experten Tea at the Treedome Experten
2 Seifenblasen Bubblestand August 27, 2002 2a DE
Der Riss in der Hose Ripped Pants 2b DE
3 Quallenfischer Jellyfishing August 23, 2002 3a DE
Plankton! Plankton! SB 2515-114 PLANKTON!
4 Freunde und Nachbarn Naughty Nautical Neighbors 4a DE
Prüfungsangst Boating School 4b DE
5 Pizza-Heimservice Pizza Delivery 5a DE
Heimat, süße Ananas Home Sweet Pineapple 5b DE
6 Superhelden im Ruhestand Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy September 2, 2002 6a DE
Gedächtnisverlust Pickles 6b DE
7 Die Aufsichtsperson Hall Monitor September 3, 2002 7a DE
Disco-Quallen Jellyfish Jam 7b DE
8 Sandys Rakete Sandy's Rocket September 4, 2002 8a DE
Quietschende Schuhe Squeaky Boots 8b DE
9 Zurück zur Natur Nature Pants September 5, 2002 9a DE
Im Gegenteil Opposite Day 9b DE
10 Kulturschock Culture Shock September 6, 2002 10a DE
F.U.N. F.U.N. SB2515-121 F.U.N.
11 Aufgeblasen MuscleBob BuffPants September 9, 2002 11a DE
Die Wachsfigur Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost 11b DE
12 Tanz’ den Schwamm The Chaperone September 10, 2002 12a DE
Mitarbeiter des Monats Employee of the Month 12b DE
13 Das große Gruseln Scaredy Pants September 11, 2002 13a DE
Zur Schnecke gemacht I Was a Teenage Gary 13b DE
14 Die Zeitmaschine SB-129 September 12, 2002 14a DE
Karatefieber Karate Choppers 14b DE
15 Nur geträumt Sleepy Time September 13, 2002 15a DE
Der Blubber Suds 15b DE
16 Das Valentinsgeschenk Valentine's Day September 16, 2002 16a DE
Ein kleines Stück Papier The Paper 16b DE
17 Die Schatzsuche Arrgh! September 17, 2002 17a DE
Bus verpasst Rock Bottom 17b DE
18 Texas Texas September 18, 2002 Texas
Energisch Walking Small 18b DE
19 Aprilscherze Fools in April September 19, 2002 19a DE
Ein göttlicher Burger Neptune's Spatula 19b DE
20 Am Haken Hooky September 20, 2002 20a DE
Rückkehr der Superhelden Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II 20b DE
Season 2: 2002
21 Hey, dein Schuh ist offen Your Shoe's Untied September 24, 2002 21a DE
Der Stellvertreter Squid's Day Off 21b DE
22 Mundgeruch Something Smells 22a DE
Die Kuschel-Krabbe Bossy Boots 22b DE
23 Dick, rosa und dumm Big Pink Loser November 6, 2002 23a DE
Bernhard Blase Bubble Buddy 23b DE
24 Die Kuchen-Bombe Dying for Pie November 7, 2002 24a DE
Der Doppelgänger Imitation Krabs 24b DE
25 Wurmi Wormy September 21, 2002 25a DE
Eine gute Idee Patty Hype 25b DE
26 Omas Liebling Grandma's Kisses September 25, 2002 26a DE
Das Tentakel-Paradies Squidville 26b DE
27 Bis zur Erschöpfung Prehibernation Week September 26, 2002 27a DE
Ganoven Life of Crime 27b DE
28 Weihnachten unter Wasser Christmas Who? December 6, 2002 28 DE
29 Ein harter Winter Survival of the Idiots September 27, 2002 29a DE
Allein gelassen Dumped 29b DE
30 Der Schrecken der Straße No Free Rides September 28, 2002 30a DE
Der Fan I'm Your Biggest Fanatic 30b DE
31 Heldenhafte Urlaubsvertreter Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III September 30, 2002 31a DE
Eichhörnchen-Witze Squirrel Jokes 31b DE
32 Zu Wasser und zu Land Pressure October 1, 2002 32a DE
Rauchende Erdnüsse The Smoking Peanut 32b DE
33 Geisterfahrer Shanghaied October 2, 2002 33a DE
Die Wanne ist voll Gary Takes a Bath 33b DE
34 Willkommen im Abfalleimer Welcome to the Chum Bucket October 3, 2002 34a DE
Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich... Frankendoodle 34b DE
35 Die Geheimschachtel The Secret Box October 4, 2002 35a DE
Hör' mal, wer da spielt Band Geeks 35b DE
36 Nachtschicht Graveyard Shift October 5, 2002 36a DE
Krosse Liebe Krusty Love 36b DE
37 Der Aufsatz Procrastination October 7, 2002 37a DE
Einer ist immer der Dumme I'm with Stupid 37b DE
38 Unaussprechlich Sailor Mouth October 8, 2002 38a DE
Das Meisterwerk Artist Unknown 38b DE
39 Jäger und Gejagte Jellyfish Hunter October 9, 2002 39a DE
Der große Tag The Fry Cook Games 39b DE
40 Thaddäus streikt Squid on Strike October 10, 2002 40a DE
Sandy, SpongeBob und der Wurm Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm 40b DE
Season 3: 2003
41 Chef werden ist nicht schwer… The Algae's Always Greener September 1, 2003 41a DE
Bademeister SpongeBob SpongeGuard on Duty 41b DE
42 Club SpongeBob Club SpongeBob September 2, 2003 Club SpongeBob
Der Seepferdeflüsterer My Pretty Seahorse 42b DE
43 Nur einen Bissen Just One Bite September 3, 2003 43a DE
Der Schlägertyp The Bully 43b DE
44 Besuch vom Gesundheitsamt Nasty Patty September 4, 2003 44a DE
Der Film im Kopf Idiot Box 44b DE
45 Der Schrumpf-Tag Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV September 5, 2003 45a DE
Gefängnisstrafe Doing Time 45b DE
46 Die Schneeballschlacht Snowball Effect September 8, 2003 46a DE
Trödel One Krabs Trash 46b DE
47 Der Fernsehstar As Seen on TV September 9, 2003 47a DE
Schonungslos ausgenutzt Can You Spare a Dime? 47b DE
48 Harte Jungs No Weenies Allowed September 10, 2003 48a DE
Der stinkreiche Schnösel Squilliam Returns 48b DE
49 Roboter Krabs Krab Borg September 11, 2003 49a DE
Eltern werden ist nicht schwer… Rock-a-Bye Bivalve 49b DE
50 Anstreicher Wet Painters September 12, 2003 50a DE
Das Ausbildungsvideo Krusty Krab Training Video 50b DE
51 SpongeBobs Hausparty Party Pooper Pants September 15, 2003 51 DE
52 Verkaufsgenies Chocolate With Nuts 52a DE
Blaubarschbube rebelliert Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V September 16, 2003 52b DE
53 Der neue Mitschüler New Student Starfish 53a DE
Moby Muschel Clams September 17, 2003 53b DE
54 SpongeBob in der Steinzeit Ugh September 18, 2003 54 DE
55 Das große Schneckenrennen The Great Snail Race September 19, 2003 55a DE
Einmal wieder jung sein Mid-Life Crustacean 55b DE
56 Geizig bleibt geizig Born Again Krabs September 22, 2003 56a DE
Unfallschäden I Had an Accident 56b DE
57 Sommeranfang Krabby Land September 23, 2003 57a DE
Helden beim Zelten The Camping Episode 57b DE
58 Namenlos Missing Identity September 24, 2003 58a DE
Planktons Verwandtschaft Plankton's Army 58b DE
59 Der fliegende Schwamm The Sponge Who Could Fly September 25, 2003 59 DE
60 Der Quatschtüten-Würger SpongeBob Meets the Strangler September 26, 2003 60a DE
Die Geister von Bikini Bottom Pranks a Lot 60b DE
Season 4: 2006
61 Die Angst vor dem Krabbenburger Fear of a Krabby Patty January 22, 2006 61a DE
Harte Schale, weicher Kern Shell of a Man 61b DE
62 Die verlorene Matratze The Lost Mattress 62a DE
Krabs gegen Plankton Krabs vs. Plankton 62b DE
63 Haben Sie diese Schnecke gesehen? Have You Seen This Snail? 63 DE
64 Der Geschicklichkeitskran Skill Crane 64a DE
Gute Nachbarn Good Neighbors 64b DE
65 Ausverkauf Selling Out 65a DE
Kaputt gelacht Funny Pants 65b DE
66 Der edle Ritter Dunces and Dragons May 7, 2006 66 DE
67 Wo die Liebe hinfällt Enemy In-Law March 5, 2006 67a DE
Meerjungfraumann und Blaubarschbube: Der Film Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture 67b DE
68 Patrick SchlauKopf Patrick SmartPants 68a DE
Thaddäus TentakelKopf SquidBob TentaclePants 68b DE
69 Dem Hotelier ist nichts zu schwer Krusty Towers April 7, 2006 69a DE
Mrs. Puff, Sie sind gefeuert Mrs. Puff, You're Fired 69b DE
70 Schimpansen ahoi Chimps Ahoy August 20, 2006 70a DE
Geisterstunde Ghost Host 70b DE
71 Der sechzehnte Geburtstag Whale of a Birthday August 28, 2006 71a DE
Der König des Karate Karate Island 71b DE
72 Alles, was glitzert All That Glitters September 3, 2006 72a DE
Wünsch dir was! Wishing You Well 72b DE
73 Ein neues Leben New Leaf September 10, 2006 Ein neues leben titlecard
Schneckenwahnsinn Once Bitten 73b DE
74 Zwangsurlaub Bummer Vacation September 30, 2006 74a DE
Perücken-Panik Wigstruck 74b DE
75 Die fanthaddäustische Reise Squidtastic Voyage October 14, 2006 75a DE
Patricia That's No Lady 75b DE
76 Das Ding The Thing June 21, 2006 76a DE
Hokus-pokus Hocus Pocus 76b DE
77 Eine Träne im Schlagloch Driven to Tears October 4, 2006 77a DE
Königlicher Quatsch Rule of Dumb November 4, 2006 77b DE
78 Wilde Jungs Born to Be Wild November 18, 2006 78a DE
Beste Fr-einde Best Frenemies 78b DE
79 Der Quallenfischernetzdieb The Pink Purloiner December 9, 2006 79a DE
Mini-Thaddäus Squid Wood 79b DE
80 Der allerschönste Tag Best Day Ever December 23, 2006 80a DE
Gummilein The Gift of Gum 80b DE
Season 5: 2007-2009
81 Freund oder Verräter? Friend or Foe May 22, 2008 81 DE
82 Der allererste Burgerbrater The Original Fry Cook November 11, 2007 82a DE
Das Nachtlicht Night Light Das Nachtlicht
83 Aufstehen! Rise and Shine May 17, 2007 83a DE
Warten Waiting 83b DE
Juckreiz Fungus Among Us 83c DE
84 Spionagekumpel Spy Buddies May 21, 2007 84a DE
Boots-Weisheiten Boat Smarts 84b DE
Was geht Sie das an! Good Ol' Whatshisname 84c DE
85 Krosses neues Heim New Digs May 31, 2007 85a DE
Krabs auf Eis Krabs à la Mode 85b DE
86 Bist du bereit? Roller Cowards November 11, 2007 86a DE
Schöner neuer Abfalleimer Bucket Sweet Bucket 86b DE
87 Burgina To Love a Patty June 7, 2007 87a DE
Ein ganz neuer Tintenfisch Breath of Fresh Squidward 87b DE
88 Geld quatscht mit der Welt Money Talks June 14, 2007 No Title Card Available
SpongeBob gegen den Burger-Aparillo SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget No Title Card Available
So ein Krampf Slimy Dancing No Title Card Available
89 Der Krosse Schwamm The Krusty Sponge June 28, 2007 No Title Card Available
Ein Song für Patrick Sing a Song of Patrick No Title Card Available
90 Ein Floh im Fell A Flea in Her Dome November 12, 2007 No Title Card Available
Donut der Schande The Donut of Shame No Title Card Available
Der Schmutzfleck The Krusty Plate November 26, 2007 No Title Card Available
91 Das Gaga-Gas Goo Goo Gas November 14, 2007 No Title Card Available
Le große Tausch Le Big Switch November 15, 2007 No Title Card Available
92 SpongeBobs atlantisches Abenteuer Atlantis SquarePantis September 7, 2008 No Title Card Available
93 Foto-Tag Picture Day November 16, 2007 No Title Card Available
Patrick zahlt nicht Pat No Pay November 17, 2007 No Title Card Available
Cousin des Grauens BlackJack December 1, 2007 No Title Card Available
94 Lügen haben blaue Augen Blackened Sponge November 18, 2007 No Title Card Available
SpongeBob gegen Meerjungfraumann Mermaid Man vs SpongeBob November 19, 2007 No Title Card Available
95 Auf in den Sommerknast The Inmates of Summer April 22, 2008 No Title Card Available
Fressen oder gefressen werden To Save a Squirrel No Title Card Available
96 Die Pest von Wildwest Pest of the West February 15, 2008 No Title Card Available
97 20000 Burger unter dem Meer 20,000 Patties Under the Sea April 25, 2008 No Title Card Available
Die Schlacht von Bikini Bottom The Battle of Bikini Bottom
98 WasBob WoKopf? - SpongeBob verzweifelt gesucht WhoBob WhatPants? - What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? July 19, 2009 No Title Card Available
99 Fluch der Schönheit The Two Faces of Squidward April 24, 2008 No Title Card Available
Die SteinBobs SpongeHenge No Title Card Available
100 Burger braten verboten Banned in Bikini Bottom April 25, 2008 No Title Card Available
Stanley S. Schwammkopf Stanley S. SquarePants No Title Card Available
Season 6: 2008-2010
101 Schicker wohnen House Fancy April 30, 2008 No Title Card Available
Krabbenburger Blues Krabby Road May 1, 2008 No Title Card Available
102 Ohne einen Penny Penny Foolish May 2, 2008 No Title Card Available
Das Bootskundemuseum Nautical Novice May 3, 2008 No Title Card Available
103 Spongikus Spongicus October 20, 2008 No Title Card Available
Sinfonie in Arzt-Dur Suction Cup Symphony No Title Card Available
104 Normal ist das nicht Not Normal October 21, 2008 No Title Card Available
Verschwunden Gone October 22, 2008 No Title Card Available
105 Der Splitter The Splinter October 23, 2008 No Title Card Available
Flötentöne Slide Whistle Stooges No Title Card Available
106 Leben wie Larry A Life in a Day October 24, 2008 No Title Card Available
Sonnengebleicht Sun Bleached No Title Card Available
107 Thaddäus, der Riese Giant Squidward October 25, 2008 No Title Card Available
Eine Nase für Patrick No Nose Knows No Title Card Available
108 SpongeBob ermittelt Patty Caper October 26, 2008 No Title Card Available
Planktons Stammkunde Plankton’s Regular No Title Card Available
109 Bootsbrüder Boating Buddies October 27, 2008 No Title Card Available
Schlagzeilenschinder The Krabby Kronicle No Title Card Available
110 Die Pyjama-Party The Slumber Party January 3, 2009 No Title Card Available
Der glänzende Gary Grooming Gary No Title Card Available
111 Die Welle zurück SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One April 10, 2009 No Title Card Available
112 Neureich Porous Pockets December 20, 2008 No Title Card Available
Chorknaben Choir Boys Nick Premium: December 20, 2008
Nickelodeon: March 14, 2009
No Title Card Available
113 Die Krossen Knochenbrecher Krusty Krushers January 24, 2009 No Title Card Available
Die Karte The Card January 31, 2009 No Title Card Available
114 Liebe Wikinger Dear Vikings January 10, 2009 No Title Card Available
Schulschwänzer Ditchin' January 17, 2009 No Title Card Available
115 Piratenopa Grandpappy the Pirate July 27, 2009 No Title Card Available
Die Kopffüßer-Loge Cephalopod Lodge No Title Card Available
116 Besuch von Thaddäus Squid’s Visit July 28, 2009 No Title Card Available
Quadrathose oder nicht sein To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants No Title Card Available
117 Imitatoren Shuffleboarding July 29, 2009 No Title Card Available
Professor Thaddäus Professor Squidward No Title Card Available
118 Wurmwelpen Pet or Pests July 30, 2009 No Title Card Available
Schrott-Roboter Komputer Overload No Title Card Available
119 Chef vom Dienst Gullible Pants July 31, 2009 No Title Card Available
Überbucht Overbooked No Title Card Available
120 Der hutlose Patrick No Hat for Pat October 4, 2009 No Title Card Available
Spielzeuggeschäft des Grauens Toy Store of Doom No Title Card Available
121 Sandburgen im Sand Sand Castles in the Sand No Title Card Available
Gary allein ohne Haus Shell Shocked No Title Card Available
122 Abfalleimer Deluxe Maxi Chum Bucket Supreme December 25, 2009 No Title Card Available
Einzeller Jubiläum Single Cell Anniversary No Title Card Available
123 Eiskalt entwischt Truth or Square December 5, 2009 No Title Card Available
124 No Title Card Available
125 Ananas-Koller Pineapple Fever April 1, 2010 No Title Card Available
Die Abfallgrotte Chum Caverns No Title Card Available
126 Der 5000. Geburtstag The Clash of Triton November 13, 2010 No Title Card Available
Season 7: 2010-2011
127 Tentakel TV Tentacle-Vision July 3, 2010
Ich liebe tanzen I ♥ Dancing July 4, 2010
128 Der Wachstumsschub Growth Spout July 14, 2010
In die Mangel genommen Stuck in the Wringer
129 Der Einzeller im Eichhörnchenpelz Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sandy July 31, 2010
Angezapft The Inside Job August 1, 2010
130 Schmierige Schlacht Greasy Buffoons July 31, 2010
Ein Schwamm will nach oben Model Sponge
131 Denkmalsch(m)utz Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful November 10, 2010
Spielkamerad des Grauens A Pal for Gary November 11, 2010
132 Deins, meins und meins Yours, Mine and Mine November 12, 2010
Knickerige Knauserkrabben Kracked Krabs November 14, 2010
133 Geistifiziert The Curse of Bikini Bottom November 15, 2010
Der spinnt, der Spind Squidward in Clarinetland November 16, 2010
134 Rettet die Quallenfelder SpongeBob’s Last Stand April 22, 2010
135 Früher war Früher früher Back to the Past March 13, 2010
Der Böse-Jungs-Club für Superschurken The Bad Guy Club for Villains
136 Ein Tag ohne Tränen A Day Without Tears November 17, 2010
Der Sommerjob Summer Job November 18, 2010
137 Plankton in Panik One Coarse Meal October 18, 2010
Schneckenliebe Gary in Love
138 Mit dem Essen spielt man nicht The Play’s the Thing November 23, 2010
Rodeo in Texas Rodeo Daze November 24, 2010
139 Die Uromama Gramma’s Secret Recipe October 19, 2010
Für eine Handvoll Kleingeld The Cent of Money
140 Monsterbesuch in Bikini Bottom The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom February 3, 2011
Willkommen im Bikini-Bottom-Dreieck Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle
141 Der Fluch des Banns The Curse of the Hex February 4, 2011
Kein Meer mehr The Main Drain
142 Hinterdeichler Trenchbilles February 5, 2011
Sponge-Kan Sponge-Cano!
143 Das große Zugabenteuer The Great Patty Caper December 24, 2010
144 Untergraben That Sinking Feeling August 6, 2011
Das Karate-Genie Karate Star August 20, 2011
145 Nach uns die Nachwelt Buried in Time December 19, 2010
Thaddäus im Tiki-Land Enchanted Tiki Dreams
146 Die kratzbürstige Seite The Abrasive Side February 8, 2011
Der Ohrwurm Earworm
147 Versteck und Irrtum Hide and Then What Happens? February 9, 2011
Schneckenhaus-Schummeleien Shellback Shenanigans
148 Kunst und Krabbe The Masterpiece February 2, 2011
Verschleimt und verschlungen Whelk Attack February 10, 2011
149 Von Tuten und Schwamm keine Ahnung You Don’t Know Sponge June 30, 2011
Im Fingerling der Liebe Tunnel of Glove
150 Krosse Dogs Krusty Dogs July 1, 2011
Das Wrack der Mauna Loa The Wreck of the Mauna Loa
151 Quallenfischendes Seifenblasenbläserpack New Fish in Town July 2, 2011
Ein Tintenfisch zum Verlieben Love That Squid
152 Geschwister des Grauens Big Sister Sam July 3, 2011
Die Chemie stimmt Perfect Chemistry
Season 8: 2011-2014
153 Verunfallt Accidents Will Happen November 15, 2011
Schwabbelburger The Other Patty
154 Autoschalter Drive Thru November 17, 2011
Heiße Reifen The Hot Shot
155 Sportsfeinde A Friendly Game January 2, 2012
Andenken Sentimental Sponge
156 Unter Null unter Wasser Frozen Face Off January 21, 2012
157 Gereifte Persönlichkeiten Squidward’s School for Grown Ups April 10, 2012
Das Referat Oral Report
158 Tintenfisch süß-sauer Sweet and Sour Squid April 11, 2012
Der Kullerkünstler The Googly Artiste
159 Einmal Chaos und zurück A SquarePants Family Vacation July 14, 2012
160 Hotel mit einem Seestern Patrick’s Staycation
Zweite Flitterwochen Walking the Plankton
161 Der Schwamm im Mond Mooncation May 5, 2012
Mr. Krabs macht Ferien Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation
162 Geisterdeppen Ghoul Fools October 27, 2012
163 Meerjungfraumann: Wie alles anfing Mermaid Man Begins April 12, 2012
Abgrundguter Plankton Plankton’s Good Eye
164 Miespickelbacke Barnacle Face April 13, 2012
Schneckensitter Patrick Pet Sitter Pat
165 Der Hüter der Baumkuppel House Sittin’ for Sandy November 19, 2012
Ein Abend mit Kiemi G' Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
166 Der Weg des Schwamms The Way of the Sponge November 20, 2012
Verschärfte Bläschen Bubble Troubles
167 Die Kraboulette, die Bikini Bottom fraß The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom November 21, 2012
Seifig und durchtrieben Bubble Buddy Returns
168 Auf Abstand Restraining SpongeBob November 22, 2012
Fiaskos Fiasko Fiasco!
169 Allerhöchstes Glück Are You Happy Now? May 19, 2013
Der Planet der Quallen Planet of the Jellyfish
170 Gratis-Übel Free Samples
Schlimmer wohnen Home Sweet Rubble
171 Karen 2.0 Karen 2.0
Schlaflos InSPONGEiac
172 Ausdruckslos Face Freeze! October 6, 2013
Handschuhwelt ade Glove World, R.I.P.
173 Die Thaddäitis Squiditis October 13, 2013
Verpufft Demolition Doofus
174 Schneckerlis Treats! October 20, 2013
Verzehrpflicht vor Ort For Here or to Go
175 SpongeBobs Weihnachten It’s a SpongeBob Christmas! December 8, 2012
176 Zwei knallharte Halunken Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! October 4, 2014
Abfall-Frikassee Chum Fricassee
177 Krosse Werbung The Good Krabby Name
Revierkampf Move It or Lose It
178 Hallo Bikini Bottom Hello Bikini Bottom March 9, 2013
Season 9: 2013–present
179 Extrem angespuckt Extreme Spots August 16, 2014
Eichhörnchen-Rekorde Squirrel Record
180 Patrick-Man! Patrick-Man! February 23, 2015
Ball oder Bob? Gary's New Toy February 24, 2015
181 Lizenz zum Mixen License to Milkshake February 25, 2015
Thaddi-Baby Squid Baby February 26, 2015
182 Kleines geheimes Buch Little Yellow Book October 27, 2013
Denk nur an die Straße Bumper to Bumper
183 Schmutz, wo ist dein Stachel? Eek, an Urchin! February 27, 2015
Sei nicht der Rache Diener Squid Defense March 2, 2015
184 Knastbrüder (Fraß macht frei) Jailbreak! March 29, 2015
Der Grillgutflüsterer Evil Spatula
185 Es kam aus der Goo-Lagune It Came from Goo Lagoon April 18, 2015
186 Eine Nacht im Safe Safe Deposit Krabs March 3, 2015
Planktons Haustier Plankton's Pet March 4, 2015
187 Angler der Angst Don't Look Now October 31, 2014
Seance mit Soße Séance Shméance
188 Kenny der Kater Kenny the Cat March 6, 2015
Angst essen Schwamm auf Yeti Krabs March 5, 2015
189 Vom Grill verjagt SpongeBob You're Fired March 15, 2014
190 Die Abkürzung Lost in Bikini Bottom November 16, 2015
Fahrschule Krabs Tutor Sauce September 5, 2015
191 Thaddäus plus eins Squid Plus One November 17, 2015
Manager Patrick The Executive Treatment November 18, 2015
192 Das Firmenpicknick Company Picnic November 19, 2015
Seemannsgarn Pull Up a Barrel November 20, 2015
193 SpongeBobs Schneckenheim Sanctuary! March 13, 2016
Burgermeister Patrick What's Eating Patrick? April 25, 2016
194 Patrick! Das Spiel Patrick! The Game April 30, 2016
Durchs Klo gespült The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

May 12, 2016 (unofficial)

August 8, 2016 (official)

195 SpongeBob Langhose SpongeBob LongPants April 26, 2016
Fitness-Freaks Larry's Gym April 27, 2016
196 Das Experiment The Fish Bowl April 28, 2016
Die Geld-Heirat Married to Money April 29, 2016
197 Mall-Mädchen Perla Mall Girl Pearl December 9, 2016
Zwei Daumen nach unten Two Thumbs Down March 12, 2017
198 Verbrecher aus Mitgliedschaft Sharks vs. Pods December 1, 2016
SpongeBob Kopiekopf CopyBob DittoPants December 2, 2016
199 Verkauft! Sold! November 28, 2016
Schmu und Geschick Lame and Fortune
200 Adieu, Krabbenburger? Goodbye Krusty Krab March 4, 2017
201 Sandys Eicheldrama Sandy's Nutmare November 29, 2016
Das Anschlagbrett Bulletin Board
202 Schiffbruch mit Burger Food Con Castaways November 30, 2016
Schneckenpost Snail Mail December 5, 2016
203 Hausdurchsuchung Pineapple Invasion December 6, 2016
Salsa Schwachmaticus Salsa Imbecilicus December 7, 2016
204 Meuterei auf der Krusty Mutiny on the Krusty December 8, 2016
Auf den Zahn gefühlt The Whole Tooth February 7, 2017
Season 10
205 Wirbelhirn Whirly Brains TBA
Meerjungfraukopf Mermaid Pants

# Dubbed title(/meaning) Original title Premiere
Season 1: 2001
1 Ζητείται Βοηθός Help Wanted Unknown
Σκούπισμα Υφάλου Reef Blower
Τσάι στο θόλο του Δέντρου Tea at the Treedome
2 Φουσκομαχίες Bubblestand
Σκισμένα Παντελόνια Ripped Pants
3 Ψάρεμα Τσούχτρας Jellyfishing
Πλανκτόν! Plankton!
4 Ζωηροί Γείτονες Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Σχολή Πλοήγησης Boating School
5 Παράδοση Πίτσας Pizza Delivery
Σπίτι μου, ανανάκι μου! Home Sweet Pineapple
6 Γοργόνος και Πεταλίδας Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Πίκλες Pickles
7 Επιτηρητής Κτιρίου Hall Monitor
Τσουχτρομπλεξίματα Jellyfish Jam
8 Ο Πύραυλος της Σάντι Sandy's Rocket
Τριζάτες Μπότες Squeaky Boots
9 Φυσιοπαντελονής Nature Pants
Ανάποδη Μέρα Opposite Day
10 Πολιτισμικό Σοκ Culture Shock
Πλ.ά.κα. F.U.N.
11 Μπομπ Μπρατσάκης Φουσκοπαντελονής MuscleBob BuffPants
Καλαμάρης το Εχθρικό Φάντασμα Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
12 Ο Συνοδός The Chaperone
Ο Υπάλληλος του Μήνα Employee of the Month
13 Ο Φοβοπαντελονής Scaredy Pants
Ήμουν ένας μικρός Γκάρι I Was a Teenage Gary
14 Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκης 129 SB-129
Κόψιμο Καράτε Karate Choppers
15 Ώρα για Ύπνο Sleepy Time
Σαπουνάδα Suds
16 Η ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου Valentine's Day
Το Χαρτί The Paper
17 Αααρκ Arrgh!
Ο Βυθός Rock Bottom
18 Τέξας Texas
Μικρά Βήματα Walking Small
19 Πρωταπριλιά Fools in April
Η σπάτουλα του Ποσειδώνα Neptune's Spatula
20 Οι Γάτζοι Hooky
Γοργόνος και Στρείδης 2 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Season 2: 2002
21 Τα Παπούτσια σου είναι Λυμένα Your Shoe's Untied Unknown
Το Ρεπό του Καλαμάρη Squid's Day Off
22 Κάτι Μυρίζει Something Smells
Αυταρχικές Μπότες Bossy Boots
23 Μεγάλη Ροζ Αποτυχία Big Pink Loser
Φίλος Φούσκα Bubble Buddy
24 Πεθαίνοντας για Πίτα Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Ο Ψεύτικος Κύριος Καβούρης Imitation Krabs
25 Σκουληκάκης Wormy
Χαμός για Πάττυ Patty Hype
26 Τα Φιλιά της Γιαγιάς Grandma's Kisses
Καλαμαρόπολη Squidville
27 Η Εβδομάδα πριν τη Χειμερία Νάρκη Prehibernation Week
Μια Ζωή στο Έγκλημα Life of Crime
28 Τι, Χριστούγεννα; Christmas Who?
29 Η Επιβίωση των Ανόητων Survival of the Idiots
Ο Παρατημένος Dumped
30 Όχι Δωρεάν Βόλτες No Free Rides
Είμαι ο πιο Μεγάλος σου Θαυμαστής I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
31 Γοργόνος και Πεταλίδας 3 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III
Σκιουροαστεία Squirrel Jokes
32 Πίεση Pressure
Το Φιστίκι The Smoking Peanut
33 Το Πλήρωμα Shanghaied
Ο Gary κάνει Μπάνιο Gary Takes a Bath
34 Καλωσήρθατε στο Κουβά της Παρέας Welcome to the Chum Bucket
Ο Φρανκεμπόμπ Frankendoodle
35 Το Μυστικό Κουτί The Secret Box
Οι Χαζοί της Μπάντας Band Geeks
36 Βάρδια Νεκροταφείου Valentine's Day
Τραγανός Έρωτας Krusty Love
37 Αναβολή Procrastination
Είμαι με το Χαζό I'm with Stupid
38 Το Στόμα του Ναύτη Sailor Mouth
Ο Άγνωστος Καλλιτέχνης Artist Unknown
39 Τσουχτροκυνηγός Jellyfish Hunter
Οι Αγώνες του Ψήστη The Fry Cook Games
40 Καλαμάρι σε Απεργία Squid on Strike
Το σκουλήκι Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
Season 3: 2004-2006
41 Τα φύκια είναι Πάντα πιο Πράσινα The Algae's Always Greener Unknown
Σφουγγαροσώστης σε Υπηρεσία SpongeGuard on Duty
42 Club Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκης Club SpongeBob
Όμορφος Ιππόκαμπος My Pretty Seahorse
43 Μόνο μία Δαγκωνιά Just One Bite
Ο Νταής The Bully
44 Το Βρωμοσάντουιτς Nasty Patty
Το Κουτί του Ηλιθίου Idiot Box
45 Γοργόνος και Πεταλίδας 4 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
Της Φυλακής τα Σίδερα Doing Time
46 Το Εφέ της Χιονόμπαλας Snowball Effect
Τα Σκουπίδια του Ενός One Krabs Trash
47 Όπως στην Τηλεόραση As Seen on TV
Μια Βοήθεια Παρακαλώ Can You Spare a Dime?
48 Απαγορεύεται η Είσοδος στα Μικρούλικα No Weenies Allowed
Ο Καλαμαρίλιαμ Επιστρέφει Squilliam Returns
49 Ρομποτοκάβουρας Krab Borg
Νάνι νάνι το μωρό να κάνει Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
50 Βρεγμένοι Ζωγράφοι Wet Painters
Βίντεο Εκπαίδευσης Krusty Krab Training Video
51 To Party στο Σπίτι του Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκη /
Party Pooper Pants
Party Pooper Pants
52 Σοκολάτα με Τρέλα Chocolate with Nuts
Γοργόνος και Πεταλίδας 5 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
53 Ο Νέος Μαθητής Αστερίας New Student Starfish
Μύδια Clams
54 Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκης Προ Χριστού (Πριν το Χαβαλέ)
55 Ο Μεγάλος Αγώνας των Σαλιγκαριών The Great Snail Race
Οστρακόδερμο Μεσήλικας Mid-Life Crustacean
56 Ο Ξαναγεννημένος Καβούρης Born Again Krabs
Είχα ένα Ατύχημα I Had an Accident
57 Η Καβουροχώρα Krabby Land
Το Επεισόδιο του Camping The Camping Episode
58 Η Χαμένη Ταυτότητα Missing Identity
Ο Στρατός του Πλανκτόν Plankton's Army
59 Το Σφουγγάρι που Μπορούσε να Πετάξει The Sponge Who Could Fly
60 Ο Μπομπ συναντά τον Στραγγαλιστή SpongeBob Meets the Strangler
Όλα για τις Φάρσες Pranks a Lot
Season 4: 2005-2006
61 Καβουροπατοφοβία Fear of a Krabby Patty Unknown
Το Καβούκι ενός Άνδρα Shell of a Man
62 Το Χαμένο Στρώμα The Lost Mattress
Καβούρης εναντίον Πλανκτόν Krabs vs. Plankton
63 Είδες το Σαλιγκάρι; Have You Seen This Snail?
64 Ο Έξυπνος Γερανός Skill Crane
Οι Καλοί Γείτονες Good Neighbors
65 Ξεπούλιμα Selling Out
Το Γέλιο του Μπομπ Funny Pants
66 Ιππότες και Δράκοι Dunces and Dragons
67 Όλα για τη Συνταγή του Καβουροπάττυ Enemy In-Law
Γοργόνος και Πεταλίδας 6 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture
68 Πάτρικ ο Εξυπνάκιας Patrick SmartPants
Καλαμάρης ο Πλοκάμιας SquidBob TentaclePants
69 Τραγανός Πύργος Krusty Towers
Κυρία Παφ, Απολύεστε Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
70 Έρχονται οι Πίθηκοι Chimps Ahoy
Ο Επισκέπτης Φάντασμα Ghost Host
71 Τα Γενέθλια μιάς Φάλαινας Whale of a Birthday
Το νησί του Καράτε Karate Island
72 Ότι Λάμπει All That Glitters
Το πηγάδι των ευχών Wishing You Well
73 Καινούργια Σελίδα New Leaf
Μία Δαγκωματιά Once Bitten
74 Ατυχείς Διακοπές Bummer Vacation
Η Περούκα Wigstruck
75 Ένα Καλαμαρένιο Ταξίδι Squidtastic Voyage
Ε όχι και Κυρία That's No Lady
76 Το Πλάσμα The Thing
Χόκους Πόκους Hocus Pocus
77 Το Δίπλωμα Driven to Tears
Βασιλιάς Ηλιθίων Rule of Dumb
78 Οι Άγριοι Born to Be Wild
Το Φυκοσέικ Best Frenemies
79 Η Απόχη The Pink Purloiner
Μίνι-Καλαμάρης Squid Wood
80 Η Καλύτερη Μέρα Best Day Ever
Το Δώρο της Τσίχλας The Gift of Gum
Season 5: 2009-2010
81 Φίλος ή Εχθρός Friend or Foe Nickelodeon Greece:
January 27, 2012
82 Ο Σούπερ Μάγειρας The Original Fry Cook Nickelodeon Greece:
January 30, 2012
Φωτάκι Νυκτός Night Light
83 Πρωινό Ξύπνημα Rise and Shine Nickelodeon Greece:
January 31, 2012
Αναμονή Waiting
Μύκητες Ανάμεσα Μας Fungus Among Us
84 Οι Κατάσκοποι Spy Buddies Nickelodeon Greece:
February 1, 2012
Έξυπνα Συστήματα Πλοήγησης Boat Smarts
Ο Πως-τον-λένε Good Ol' Whatshisname
85 Καινούργιο Διαμέρισμα New Digs Nickelodeon Greece:
February 2, 2012
Παγωμένα Καβουροπάττυ Krabs à la Mode
86 Οι Δειλοί της Κούρσας Roller Cowards Nickelodeon Greece:
February 3, 2012
Γλυκός Κουβάς Bucket Sweet Bucket
87 Καβουροπάττυ Αγάπη μου To Love a Patty Nickelodeon Greece:
February 6, 2012
Ο Νέος Καλαμάρης Breath of Fresh Squidward
88 Τα Λεφτά Μιλάνε Money Talks Nickelodeon Greece:
February 7, 2012
Συσκευή για Καβουροπάττυ SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget
Ο Χορός Slimy Dancing
89 Τραγανό Σφουγγάρι The Krusty Sponge Nickelodeon Greece:
February 8, 2012
Το Τραγούδι του Πάτρικ Sing a Song of Patrick
90 Ούτε ψύλλος στον Κόρφο της A Flea in Her Dome Nickelodeon Greece:
February 9, 2012
Το Ντόνατ της Ντροπής The Donut of Shame
Τραγανό Πιάτο The Krusty Plate
91 Θάλαμος Αερίων Goo Goo Gas Nickelodeon Greece:
February 10, 2012
Η Ανταλλαγή των Σέφ Le Big Switch
92 Ο Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκης και η Αντλαντίδα Atlantis SquarePantis January 2009
Nickelodeon Greece:
February 13/14, 2012
93 Η Ημέρα της Φωτογραφίας Picture Day Nickelodeon Greece:
February 15, 2012
Πάτρικ ο Τζαμπατζής Pat No Pay
Ο Ξάδελφος του Μπομπ BlackJack
94 Το Μαυρισμένο Μάτι του Μπομπ Blackened Sponge Nickelodeon Greece:
February 16, 2012
Γοργόνος Εναντίον Σφουγγαράκη Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob
95 Ηλιόλουστο Νησί The Inmates of Summer Nickelodeon Greece:
February 17, 2012
Σκληρή Επιβίωση To Save a Squirrel
96 Ο Μπελάς της Δύσης Pest of the West Nickelodeon Greece:
February 20, 2012
97 20,000 Καβουροπάτυ κάτω από τη Θάλασσα 20,000 Patties Under the Sea Nickelodeon Greece:
February 21, 2012
Μάχη στο Βυθό του Μπικίνι The Battle of Bikini Bottom
98 Τι Απέγινε ο Μπομπ; What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Nickelodeon Greece:
February 22, 2012
99 Τα Δύο Πρόσωπα του Καλαμάρη The Two Faces of Squidward Nickelodeon Greece:
February 23, 2012
Ο Μπομπ και οι Τσούχτρες SpongeHenge
100 Παράνομος στο Βυθό του Μπικίνι Banned in Bikini Bottom Nickelodeon Greece:
February 24, 2012
Στάνλεϊ Τετραγωνοπαντελονής Stanley S. SquarePants
Season 6: 2010-2011
101 Φανταχτερό Σπίτι House Fancy Nickelodeon Greece:
October 22, 2012
Το Συγκρότημα του Πλανκτόν Krabby Road
102 Η Δεκάρα Penny Foolish Nickelodeon Greece:
October 23, 2012
Ο Αρχάριος Ναυτόπαις Nautical Novice
103 Το Κολοσσαίο του Πλανκτόν Spongicus Nickelodeon Greece:
October 24, 2012
Το Αριστούργημα του Καλαμάρη Suction Cup Symphony
104 Ο Κανονικός Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκης Not NormalNickelodeon Greece:
October 25, 2012
Η Μέρα του Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκη Gone
105 Η Ακίδα The Splinter Nickelodeon Greece:
October 26, 2012
Η Σφυρίχτρα Slide Whistle Stooges
106 Ζήσε την Κάθε Στιγμή A Life in a Day Nickelodeon Greece:
October 29, 2012
Το Ξάσπρισμα Sun Bleached
107 Ο Γιγάντιος Καλαμάρης Giant SquidwardNickelodeon Greece:
October 30, 2012
Η Καινούργια Μύτη No Nose Knows
108 Ο Κλέφτης του Μυστικού Συστατικού Patty Caper Nickelodeon Greece:
October 31, 2012
Ο Πελάτης του Πλανκτόν Plankton's Regular
109 Φίλοι και Συμμαθητές Boating BuddiesNickelodeon Greece:
November 1, 2012
Τα Χρονικά του Καβούρη The Krabby Kronicle
110 Το Πυτζάμα Πάρτυ The Slumber PartyNickelodeon Greece:
November 2, 2012
Το Καλύτερο Κατοικίδιο Grooming Gary
111 Το Μεγάλο Κύμα SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One Nickelodeon Greece:
November 5, 2012
112 Τα Πλούτη του Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκη Porous Pockets Nickelodeon Greece:
November 6, 2012
Το Σόλο του Καλαμάρη Choir Boys
113 Η Ψεύτικη Πάλη Krusty Krushers Nickelodeon Greece:
November 7, 2012
Η Κάρτα The Card
114 Οι Βίκινγκ Dear VikingsNickelodeon Greece:
November 8, 2012
Κοπάνα Ditchin'
115 Ο Παππούς Κοκκινογένης Grandpappy the PirateNickelodeon Greece:
November 9, 2012
Ο Όμιλος με τα Κεφαλόποδα Cephalopod Lodge
116 Η Επίσκεψη Squid's VisitNickelodeon Greece:
November 12, 2012
Τετραγωνοπαντελονής ή όχι To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants
117 Πίνακας Σουρσίματος ShuffleboardingNickelodeon Greece:
November 13, 2012
Ο Καθηγητής Καλαμάρης Professor Squidward
118 Ο Κύριος Σκούληκας Pet or PestsNickelodeon Greece:
November 14, 2012
Η Επίθεση των Μηχανών Komputer Overload
119 Υπεύθυνος Gullible PantsNickelodeon Greece:
November 15, 2012
Οι Τρείς Υποσχέσεις Overbooked
120 Το Καπέλο No Hat for PatNickelodeon Greece:
November 16, 2012
Το Μαγαζί των Παιχνιδιών Toy Store of Doom
121 Κάστρα στην Άμμο Sand Castles in the SandNickelodeon Greece:
November 19, 2012
Το Σπασμένο Κέλυφος Shell Shocked
122 Ο Ανώτατος Κουβάς του Δολώματος Chum Bucket SupremeNickelodeon Greece:
November 20, 2012
Η Επέτειος του Πλανκτόν Single Cell Anniversary
123 Αλήθεια ή Τρίγωνο Truth or Square Nickelodeon Greece:
November 21/22, 2012
125 Ο Πυρετός του Ανανά Pineapple Fever Nickelodeon Greece:
November 23, 2012
Η Σπηλιά του Δολώματος Chum Caverns
126 Το Πάρτυ του Ποσειδώνα The Clash of Triton Nickelodeon Greece:
November 26, 2012
Season 7: 2011-2012
127 Πλοκαμο-όραση Tentacle-Vision Unknown
Αγαπώ το Χορό I ♥ Dancing
128 Αναπτυξιακή Έκρηξη Growth Spout
Κολλημένος στο Στραγγιστήρι Stuck in the Wringer
129 Κάτι Τρέχει με τη Σάντυ Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy
Κάποιος από Μέσα The Inside Job
130 Λιγιδιασμένοι Βλάκες Greasy Buffoons
Μοντέλο Σφουγγαριού Model Sponge
131 Κράτα το Βυθό του Μπικίνι Καθαρό Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
Ένας Φίλος για τον Γκάρυ A Pal for Gary
132 Δικό σου, Δικό μου και Δικό μου Yours, Mine and Mine
Ραγισμένος Κάβουρας Kracked Krabs
133 Η Κατάρα του Βυθού του Μπικίνι The Curse of Bikini Bottom
Ο Καλαμάρης στην Κλαρινοχώρα Squidward in Clarinetland
134 Τα Λιβάδια των Μεδουσών SpongeBob's Last Stand
135 Επιστροφή στο Παρελθόν Back to the Past
Η Λέσχη των Κακών The Bad Guy Club for Villains
136 Μια μέρα χωρίς Δάκρυα A Day Without Tears
Δουλειά για το Καλοκαίρι Summer Job
137 Κυρίως Γεύμα One Coarse Meal
Ο Ερωτευμένος Γκάρυ Gary in Love
138 Το Έργο του Καλαμάρη The Play's the Thing
Το Ροντέo Rodeo Daze
139 Η Μυστική Συνταγή της Γιαγιάς Gramma's Secret Recipe
Το Κύμα του Χρήματος The Cent of Money
140 Το Τέρας που ήρθε στο Βυθό του Μπικίνι The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom
Καλωσήρθατε στο Τρίγωνο του Βυθού του Μπικίνι Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle
141 Η Κατάρα της Μάγισσας The Curse of the Hex
Το Κεντρικό Φρεάτιο The Main Drain
142 Συμμοριούληδες Trenchbillies
Σφουγγαρο-ηφαίστειο! Sponge-Cano!
143 Η Μεγάλη Καταδίωξη The Great Patty Caper
144 Όταν όλα Βουλιάζουν That Sinking Feeling
Ο Σταρ του Καράτε Karate Star
145 Θαμμένοι στο Χρόνο Buried in Time
Μαγεμένα όνειρα στη Tiki Χώρα Enchanted Tiki Dreams
146 Μπομπ Συρματάκης The Abrasive Side
Ωτοσκώληκας Earworm
147 Εντάξει Κρύψου και μετά τι γίνεται; Hide and Then What Happens?
Η Μεγάλη Οστρακοαπάτη Shellback Shenanigans
148 Το Αριστούργημα The Masterpiece
Τα κοχύλια επιτίθενται Whelk Attack
149 Μυαλό Σφουγγάρι You Don't Know Sponge
Το Τούνελ του Γαντιού Tunnel of Glove
150 Καβουροhotdog Krusty Dogs
Το Ναυάγιο του Μόνα Λόα The Wreck of the Mauna Loa
151 Νέο Ψάρι στη Πόλη New Fish in Town
Αγαπώ ένα Καλαμάρι Love That Squid
152 Μεγάλη Αδελφή Σάμ Big Sister Sam
Τέλεια Χημεία Perfect Chemistry
Season 8: 2012-2013
153 Θα συμβούν ατυχήματα Accidents Will Happen March 22, 2013 (Nickelodeon)
Το Φυκοπάττυ The Other Patty
154 Drive Thru Drive Thru March 25, 2013 (Nickelodeon)
Οδηγός της Πυρκαγιάς The Hot Shot
155 Φιλικό Παιχνίδι A Friendly Game March 26, 2013 (Nickelodeon)
Συναισθηματικός Μπομπ Sentimental Sponge
156 Παγωμένη Αναμέτρηση Frozen Face-Off March 27, 2013
157 Το Σχολείο του Καλαμάρη για Ενήλικες Squidward's School for Grown-Ups March 28, 2013
Προφορικό Άρθρο Oral Report
158 Γλυκό και Ξινό Καλαμάρι Sweet and Sour Squid March 29, 2013
Ο Ανόητος Καλλιτέχνης The Googly Artiste
159 Οι Οικογενειακές Διακοπές των Τετραγωνοπαντελόνηδων A SquarePants Family Vacation April 1, 2013
160 Η Λύση του Πάτρικ Patrick's Staycation April 2, 2013
Περπατώντας τον Πλανκτόν Walking the Plankton
161 Διακοπές στο Φεγγάρι Mooncation April 3, 2013
Ο Κύριος Καβούρης πάει Διακοπές Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation
162 Τρέλες με Ψυχές Ghoul Fools May 19, 2014
163 Ο Γοργόνος ξεκινάει Mermaid Man Begins April 4, 2013
Το Καλό Μάτι του Πλανκτόν Plankton's Good Eye
164 Μπιμπίκι στο Πρόσωπο Barnacle Face April 5, 2013
Babysitter Patrick Pet Sitter Pat
165 Φύλαξη Σπιτιού για την Sandy House Sittin' for Sandy April 8, 2013
Τζαζ με Γρανίτες στο Βυθό του Μπικίνι Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
166 Ο Μπελάς με τις Φούσκες Bubble Troubles April 9, 2013
Ο Τρόπος του Σφουγγαριού The Way of the Sponge
167 Το Καβουροπάτι που Έφαγε το Βυθό του Μπικίνι The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom April 10, 2013
Ο Φούσκας επιστρέφει Bubble Buddy Returns
168 Περιοριστικός Σφουγγαράκης Restraining SpongeBob June 3, 2013
Fiasco! Fiasco!
169 Είσαι Χαρούμενος Τώρα; Are You Happy Now? June 4, 2013
Ο Πλανήτης της Τσούχτρας Planet of the Jellyfish
170 Δωρεάν Δείγματα Free Samples June 5, 2013
Σπίτι μου, Γιαπάκι μου Home Sweet Rubble
171 Karen 2 Karen 2.0 June 6, 2013
Σπογγοαϋπνίες InSPONGEiac
172 Πάγωμα Προσώπου Face Freeze! June 7, 2013
Αντίο Κόσμε του Γαντιού Glove World R.I.P.
173 Καλαμαρίτιδα Squiditis June 10, 2013
Ντέρμπυ Κατεδάφισης Demolition Doofus
174 Κεράσματα Treats! June 11, 2013
Από εδώ για να πάτε For Here or to Go
175 Τα Χριστούγεννα του Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκη It's a SpongeBob Christmas! December 25, 2014
176 Σούπερ Κακιά Υποβρύχια Ομάδα Κακών Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! June 12, 2013
Κουβάς Φρικασέ Chum Fricassee
177 Το Καλό Καβουρένιο Όνομα The Good Krabby Name June 13, 2013
Κουνήσου ή Χάσε Move It or Lose It
178 Γεια σου, Βυθέ του Μπικίνι! Hello Bikini Bottom! June 14, 2013
Season 9: 2013–present
179 Extreme Σημάδια Extreme Spots June 19, 2013
Το Ρεκόρ του Σκίουρου Squirrel Record
180 Patrickman Patrick-Man! June 20, 2013
Το Νέο Παιχνίδι του Γκάρυ Gary's New Toy
181 Δίπλωμα στο Milkshake License to Milkshake June 21, 2013
Μωρό Καλαμάρης Squid Baby
182 Μικρό Κίτρινο Βιβλίο Little Yellow Book June 24, 2013
Από Χτύπημα σε Χτύπημα Bumper to Bumper
183 Έι, ένας Αχινός! Eek, an Urchin! June 25, 2013
Άμυνα Καλαμαριού Squid Defense
184 Απόδραση από τη Φυλακή Jailbreak! June 26, 2013
Η Κακιά Σπάτουλα Evil Spatula
185 Ήρθε από τη λιμνοθάλασσα Goo It Came from Goo Lagoon June 27, 2013
186 Ασφαλής Κατάθεση Καβούρη Safe Deposit Krabs June 28, 2013
Το Κατοικίδιο του Πλανκτόν Plankton's Pet
187 Μην κοιτάξεις τώρα Don't Look Now July 1, 2013
Σεάνσε Σεμάνσε Séance Shméance
188 Κέννυ ο Γάτος Kenny the Cat July 2, 2013
Ο Γιετοκάβουρας Yeti Krabs
189 Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκη Απολύεσαι SpongeBob You're Fired July 3, 2013
190 Χαμένος στον Βυθό του Μπικίνι Lost in Bikini Bottom June 5, 2016
Μαθήματα Πλοήγησης Tutor Sauce
191 Καλαμάρης συν Ένας Squid Plus One June 12, 2016
Το Sandwich του Businessman The Executive Treatment
192 Εταιρικό Picnic Company Picnic June 19, 2016
Πιάσε ένα Βαρέλι Pull Up a Barrel
193 Το Καταφύγιο! Sanctuary! June 26, 2016
Τι τρώει ο Patrick? What's Eating Patrick?
194 To παιχνίδι του Patrick Patrick! The Game July 3, 2016
Οι Υπόνομοι του Βυθού του Μπικίνι The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
195 Το Μακρύ Παντελόνι SpongeBob LongPants July 10, 2016
Το Γυμναστήριο του Larry Larry's Gym
196 Η Γυάλα The Fish Bowl July 17, 2016
Παντρεμένος με το Χρήμα Married to Money
197 Εργαζόμενο Κορίτσι Mall Girl Pearl December 23, 2016
Ο Πόλεμος των Αντίχειρων Two Thumbs Down
198 Καρχαρίες εναντίον Καλαμαριών Sharks vs. Pods December 26, 2016
Η Κλωνοποίηση του Μπομπ CopyBob DittoPants
199 TBA Sold! ΤΒΑ
TBA Lame and Fortune
200 TBA Goodbye Krusty Krab February 22, 2017
201 Περισσότερα Βελανίδια Sandy's Nutmare December 28, 2016
Ο Πίνακας Ανακοινώσεων Bulletin Board
202 TBA Food Con Castaways TBA
TBA Snail Mail
203 Ψάξε ψάξε δεν θα την βρεις Pineapple Invasion December 30, 2016
Σάλτσα Χαζομάρας Salsa Imbecilicus
204 Ανταρσία στο Τραγανό Κάβουρα Mutiny on the Krusty January 2, 2017
Η Νεράιδα των Δοντιών The Whole Tooth
Season 10: Unknown
205 TBA Whirly Brains TBA
Mermaid Pants

SB splinter
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# Original title Dubbed title Airdates Title card
Season 1
9a Nature Pants No official title Nickelodeon India:
Nature Pants
9b Opposite Day No official title Nickelodeon India:
Opposite Day
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Dubbed title

Original title

Season 1


Бараме помошник

Help Wanted

Дувач на гребени

Reef Blower

Чај на воздух

Tea at the Treedome


Тезга за балончиња


Скинати панталони

Ripped Pants


Лов на медузи





Скарани соседи

Naughty Nautical Neighbors

Школо за бродови

Boating School


Pizza Delivery

Доме сладок ананасе

Home Sweet Pineapple


Човекот Риба и Момчето Школка

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy



Чувар во ходникот

Hall Monitor

Забава со медузи

Jellyfish Jam


Sandy's Rocket

Squeaky Boots


Nature Pants

Opposite Day


Culture Shock



Мускулести раце

MuscleBob BuffPants

Непријателскиот дух Лигња

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost


Партнер за матурска

The Chaperone

Работник на месецот

Employee of the Month


Страшни панталони

Scaredy Pants

Тинејџерот Гери

I Was a Teenage Gary



Karate Choppers


Време за спиење

Sleepy Time




Valentine's Day

The Paper




Камено дно

Rock Bottom



Walking Small



Fools in April

Шпакулата на Нептун

Neptune's Spatula



Човекот Риба и Момчето Школка II

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

Season 2


Од врзани чевли

Your Shoe's Untied

Слободниот ден на Лигња

Squid's Day Off


Нешто смрди

Something Smells

Шефицата Бисера

Bossy Boots


Big Pink Loser

Bubble Buddy


Dying for Pie

Imitation Krabs



Patty Hype


Бакнежите на баба

Grandma's Kisses




Pre-Hibernation Week

Life of Crime


Christmas Who?


Опстанокот на идиотите

Survival of the Idiots




Нема бесплатно возење

No Free Rides

Јас сум твој фанатик

I'm Your Biggest Fanatic


Човекот Риба и Момчето Школка III

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III

Squirrel Jokes




Жешката Кикиритка

The Smoking Peanut




Гери треба да се бања

Gary Takes a Bath


Добредојдовте во "КОФА МАМЦИ"

Welcome to the Chum Bucket




The Secret Box

Band Geeks


Ноќна смена

Graveyard Shift

Крастава љубов

Krusty Love


Домашна задача


Со глупавиот

I'm with Stupid


Морнарски јазик

Sailor Mouth

Уметникот непознат

Artist Unknown


Jellyfish Hunter

Готвачки игри

The Fry Cook Games


Squid on Strike

Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

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# Dubbed title Original title Premiere
Season 1: 2000-2001
1 Hjelp ønskes Help Wanted March 6, 2000
Reef Blower Reef Blower
Teselskap under kuppelen Tea at the Treedome
2 Såpebobler Bubblestand March 13, 2000
Dag på stranden Ripped Pants
3 Maneter Jellyfishing March 20, 2000
Plankton! Plankton!
4 Uutholdelig naboer Naughty Nautical Neighbors March 27, 2000
Kjøreskolen Boating School
5 Levering Pizza Delivery April 3, 2000
Hjem, kære ananas Home Sweet Pineapple
6 Havfrue mann og Barnacle gutt Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy April 10, 2000
Å miste tillit Pickles
7 Plikt rundt i byen Hall Monitor April 17, 2000
Svamp med maneter Jellyfish Jam
8 Sandy’s rakett Sandy's Rocket April 24, 2000
Knirkende støvler Squeaky Boots
9 Naturalist Nature Pants
Motsetninger Opposite Day
10 Kulturelle sjokk Culture Shock October 9, 2000
Moro F.U.N.
11 MuskelBob Firkant MuscleBob BuffPants November 6, 2000
Blæksprutt, det uvenlige spøgelse Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
12 Den Anstandsdame The Chaperone November 13, 2000
Ansattes av måneden Employee of the Month
13 Halloween Scaredy Pants November 20, 2000
Snegle’s Weekend I Was a Teenage Gary
14 SB-129 SB-129 November 27, 2000
Gal for Karate Karate Choppers
15 Besøk av drømmer Sleepy Time December 4, 2000
Stygg sykdom Suds
16 Valentinsdag presentere Valentine's Day February 14, 2001
Papir The Paper
17 Arrr! Arrgh! January 17, 2001
Bunnen Rock Bottom
18 Texas Texas January 24, 2001
Lav motivasjon Walking Small
19 April Fools Fools in April January 31, 2001
Neptuns slikkepott Neptune's Spatula
20 Kroker Hooky February 7, 2001
Havfrue mann og Barnacle gutt II Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Season 2: 2001-2003
21 Dit Snørebånd Er Gået Op Your Shoe's Untied February 21, 2001
Fridag av Squid's Day Off
22 Noe her stinker Something Smells February 28, 2001
Den nye sjefen Bossy Boots
23 Store rosa taperen Big Pink Loser June 25, 2001
Boble kompis Bubble Buddy
24 Bombe Nåtid Dying for Pie July 2, 2001
Imitasjon krabbe Imitation Krabs
25 Sommerfugl Wormy October 8, 2001
Ganske karbonader Patty Hype
26 Bestemor kyss Grandma's Kisses October 15, 2001
Blekksprutville Squidville
27 Ugen før vinterdvale Pre-Hibernation Week January 11, 2002
Gratis ballong dag Life of Crime
28 En SvampeBob julespesial – jul hva da? Christmas Who? December 6, 2001
29 Idioternes overlevelse Survival of the Idiots January 18, 2002
Vraket Dumped
30 Ingen gratis lisens No Free Rides January 25, 2002
Jeg er din største fan I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
31 Havfrue mann og Barnacle gutt III Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III July 19, 2002
Ekorn-vitser Squirrel Jokes
32 Utfordringen Pressure July 26, 2002
Bakken nøtter The Smoking Peanut
33 Ønsker Shanghaied August 2, 2002
Gary skal i bad Gary Takes a Bath
34 Velkommen til Blikspanden Welcome to the Chum Bucket August 9, 2002
SkitseBob Frankendoodle
35 Den hemmelige aeske The Secret Box November 8, 2002
Tosseorkestret Band Geeks
36 Spøgelsestime Graveyard Shift November 15, 2002
Krabbekærlighed Krusty Love
37 Stilen Procrastination August 16, 2002
Sammen med en dummernik I'm with Stupid
38 Sømandssnak Sailor Mouth August 23, 2002
Ukendt Kunstner Artist Unknown
39 Vandmans-jægeren Jellyfish Hunter January 13, 2003
Grillkokke-legene The Fry Cook Games
40 Blekksprut til streik Squid on Strike January 20, 2003
Ormen Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
Season 3: 2002-2006
41 Alger er alltid grønnere The Algae's Always Greener March 4, 2003
Svamp jobb SpongeGuard on Duty
42 Velkommen til vår klubb Club SpongeBob November 22, 2002
Mysterium My Pretty Seahorse
43 Bare én bit Just One Bite March 11, 2003
Flatts ut flyndre The Bully
44 Kriminelle Nasty Patty March 18, 2003
Idiot-boksen Idiot Box
45 Havfrue mann og Barnacle gutt IV Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV March 25, 2003
Gjør tid Doing Time
46 Snøball effekt Snowball Effect November 29, 2002
Uvurderlig useriøs krabbe One Krabs Trash
47 Kommersielt As Seen on TV April 1, 2003
Krone Can You Spare a Dime?
48 Ikke tillatt for barn No Weenies Allowed April 8, 2003
Squilliam returnerer Squilliam Returns
49 Krab-Borg Krab Borg April 15, 2003
Ansvar er alt Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
50 Nymalt Wet Painters April 22, 2003
Trening video Krusty Krab Training Video
51 Partiet Party Pooper Pants January 16, 2006
52 Sjokolade med nøtter Chocolate with Nuts May 28, 2004
Havfrue mann og Barnacle gutt V Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
53 Ny student sjøstjerner New Student Starfish June 4, 2004
Musling fiske Clams
54 SvampeBob BC-Det når komedien begynner Ugh July 18, 2005
55 Sneglen rase The Great Snail Race September 27, 2004
Midten av livet Krabbe Mid-Life Crustacean
56 Født på nytt Krabbe Born Again Krabs October 28, 2004
Jeg hadde en ulykke I Had an Accident
57 Billige underholdning Krabby Land April 3, 2006
Camping i naturen The Camping Episode
58 Manglende identitet Missing Identity February 15, 2005
Planktons familie Plankton's Army
59 Svamp, som fløy The Sponge Who Could Fly July 25, 2005
60 Den Tattletale Strangler SpongeBob Meets the Strangler December 12, 2005
Knep for en godbit Pranks a Lot

# Dubbed title Original title Premiere
Season 1: 2008
1 Potrzebna pomoc Help Wanted July 10, 2008
Odmuszlacz Reef Blower
Herbatka pod Kopułą Tea at the Treedome
2 Bańki mydlane Bubblestand
Rozdarte spodnie Ripped Pants
3 Na meduzy Jellyfishing
Plankton! Plankton!
4 Nieznośni sąsiedzi Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Szkoła jazdy Boating School
5 Dostawcy pizzy Pizza Delivery July 11, 2008
Nie ma jak w domu Home Sweet Pineapple
6 Syrenaman i Skorupin Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Pikle Pickles
7 Dyżurny Hall Monitor July 14, 2008
Imprezka z meduzami Jellyfish Jam
8 Rakieta Sandy Sandy's Rocket
Skrzypiące buty Squeaky Boots
9 Naturalista Nature Pants July 15, 2008
Dzień na opak Opposite Day
10 Szok kulturalny Culture Shock
Zabawa F.U.N.
11 PakerBob Mięśniakoporty MuscleBob BuffPants July 16, 2008
Skalmar, nieprzyjazny duch Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
12 Balowicz The Chaperone
Pracownik miesiąca Employee of the Month
13 Bojącoporty Scaredy Pants July 17, 2008
Ślimaczy weekend I Was a Teenage Gary
14 SB-129 SB-129
Karate Siekacze Karate Choppers
15 Sennik Sleepy Time July 18, 2008
Mydliny Suds
16 Walentynki Valentine's Day
Papier The Paper
17 Arrr! Arrgh! July 21, 2008
Skalisko Dolne Rock Bottom
18 Teksas Texas
Niskie pobudki Walking Small
19 Prima Aprilis Fools in April July 22, 2008
Szpachelka Neptuna Neptune's Spatula
20 Haczyki Hooky
Syrenaman i Skorupin II Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
Season 2: 2008-2009
21 Rozwiązany but Your Shoe's Untied July 23, 2008
Wolny dzień Skalmara Squid's Day Off
22 Coś tu cuchnie Something Smells
Nowa szefowa Bossy Boots
23 Różowa oferma Big Pink Loser July 24, 2008
Kumpel Bańka Bubble Buddy
24 Bombowe ciasto Dying for Pie
Fałszywy pan Krab Imitation Krabs
25 Glizduś Wormy December 1, 2008
Burgerowa jazda Patty Hype
26 Buzi babuni Grandma's Kisses July 28, 2008
Skalmarowice Squidville
27 Przed hibernacją Prehibernation Week November 16, 2008
Zbrodnicze życie Life of Crime
28 Jakie święta? Christmas Who? December 22, 2008
29 Nie dla głupoli Survival of the Idiots October 20, 2008
Odrzucony Dumped
30 Nielekka jazda No Free Rides July 30, 2008
Twój największy fanatyk I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
31 Syrenaman i Skorupin III Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III October 21, 2008
Żarty o wiewiórkach Squirrel Jokes
32 Kto jest lepszy Pressure January 4, 2009
Orzeszek The Smoking Peanut
33 Odpalony (Zwerbowani)[1] Shanghaied October 16, 2008
Kąpiel Gacusia Gary Takes a Bath
34 Witajcie w Kuble Pomyj Welcome to the Chum Bucket November 15, 2008
Frankenbazgroł Frankendoodle
35 Supertajne pudełko The Secret Box December 27, 2008
Kapela Skalmara Band Geeks
36 Nocna zmiana Graveyard Shift October 28, 2008
Tłusta miłość Krusty Love
37 Zwłoka Procrastination January 8, 2009
Jestem z głupolem I'm with Stupid
38 Kląć jak marynarz Sailor Mouth December 22, 2008
Autor nieznany Artist Unknown
39 Łowca meduz Jellyfish Hunter December 25, 2008
Konkurs mistrza patelni The Fry Cook Games
40 Strajk Skalmara Squid on Strike December 29, 2008
Sandy, SpongeBob i robal Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
Season 3: 2009-2014
41 Dobre algi, gdzie nas nie ma The Algae's Always Greener January 2, 2011
SpongeBob ratownik SpongeGuard on Duty
42 Klub SpongeBoba Club SpongeBob January 1, 2009
Kobyłka morska My Pretty Seahorse
43 Jeden kęs Just One Bite January 16, 2011
Łobuz The Bully
44 Śmiecioburger Nasty Patty January 10, 2009
Głupie pudło Idiot Box
45 Syrenaman i Skorupin IV Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV January 15, 2009
Odsiadka Doing Time
46 Efekt kuli śnieżnej Snowball Effect January 24, 2009
Bezcenny śmieć Kraba One Krabs Trash
47 Piękny SpongeBob z telewizji As Seen on TV January 21, 2009
Grosz niezgody Can You Spare a Dime?
48 Nie dla milusińskich No Weenies Allowed January 27, 2009
Powrót Skalmira Squilliam Returns
49 Krab-Borg Krab Borg February 5, 2009
Luli luli, małżyku Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
50 Świeżo malowane Wet Painters January 18, 2009
Film szkoleniowy Krusty Krab Training Video
51 Improporty (Domówka u SpongeBoba) Party Pooper Pants (SpongeBob's House Party) May 10, 2014
52 Czekolada z orzechami Chocolate with Nuts May 13, 2014
Syrenaman i Skorupin V Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
53 Nowy uczeń rozgwiazda New Student Starfish May 14, 2014
Małże Clams
54 Fuj (SpongeBob przed naszą erą – nim nastała komedia) Ugh (SpongeBob B.C. – Before Comedy) May 15, 2014
55 Wyścig ślimaków The Great Snail Race May 16, 2014
Kryzys wieku skorupiakowego[2] Mid-Life Crustacean
56 Drugie życie Kraba Born Again Krabs May 19, 2014
Miałem wypadek I Had an Accident
57 Krabi Ląd Krabby Land July 6, 2013
Biwak w dziczy The Camping Episode September 6, 2013
58 Zapodziana tożsamość Missing Identity May 20, 2014
Armia Planktona Plankton's Army
59 Gąbka, która latała The Sponge Who Could Fly May 21, 2014
60 SpongeBob kontra Dusiciel SpongeBob Meets the Strangler January 31, 2009[3]
Psikus za psikus Pranks a Lot
Season 4: 2013–2017
61 Kraboburgerofobia Fear of a Krabby Patty May 23, 2014
Zmiana skorupy Shell of a Man
62 Afera materacowa The Lost Mattress May 26, 2014
Krab kontra Plankton Krabs vs. Plankton
63 Kto widział ślimaka? Have You Seen This Snail? June 16, 2014
64 Łapa Skill Crane June 17, 2014
Dobrzy sąsiedzi Good Neighbors
65 Sprzedaż Selling Out June 18, 2014
Śmiechoporty Funny Pants
66 Matołki i smoki Dunces and Dragons June 19, 2014
67 Teść wróg Enemy In-Law June 20, 2014
Syrenaman i Skorupin VI: Pełny Metraż[4] Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture
68 Patryk Bystroporty Patrick SmartPants June 23, 2014
SkalBob Obłyporty SquidBob TentaclePants
69 Krabowa Wieża Krusty Towers June 24, 2014
Pani Puff wylatuje z pracy Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
70 Ahoj, szympansy Chimps Ahoy June 25, 2014
Duch druh Ghost Host
71 Wielorybie urodziny Whale of a Birthday June 26, 2014
Wyspa karateków Karate Island
72 Nie wszystko złoto... All That Glitters June 27, 2014
Studnia życzeń Wishing You Well
73 Nowy rozdział New Leaf Nickelodeon Play app: February 2016
TV: September 20, 2016
Nadgryzieni Once Bitten July 9, 2015
74 Koszmar na wakacje Bummer Vacation July 6, 2013
Peruko-szok Wigstruck July 27, 2013
75 Skalmarstyczny rejs Squidtastic Voyage August 3, 2013
To nie babka That's No Lady July 6, 2013
76 Coś The Thing September 11, 2014
Hokus-pokus Hocus Pocus August 4, 2015
77 Łzy kierowcy Driven to Tears September 5, 2015
Durne rządy Rule of Dumb September 22, 2014
78 Dzikość w sercu Born to Be Wild Nickelodeon Play app: February 2016
TV: February 10, 2017
Najlepsi nie-przyjaciele Best Frenemies September 30, 2014
79 Różowy rabuś The Pink Purloiner Nickelodeon Play app: February 2016
TV: September 21, 2016
Miniskalmar Squid Wood October 3, 2014
80 Dzień najlepszy w świecie Best Day Ever Nickelodeon Play app: February 2016
TV: September 22, 2016
Gumowy upominek The Gift of Gum December 28, 2015
Season 5: 2009-2014
81 Przyjaciel czy wróg? Friend or Foe? May 28, 2009
82 Pierwszy kucharz The Original Fry Cook June 11, 2009
Nocna lampka Night Light
83 Pobudka, wstać Rise and Shine June 25, 2009
To czekaj Waiting
Nasz przyjaciel grzyb Fungus Among Us
84 Sponge Bond Spy Buddies July 9, 2009
Prowadź z rozwagą Boat Smarts
Dobry, stary jakmutam Good Ol' Whatshisname
85 Zmiana lokum New Digs July 23, 2009
Z duchem czasu Krabs à la Mode
86 Kolejkotchórze Roller Cowards August 6, 2009
Wszędzie dobrze, ale w Kuble najlepiej Bucket Sweet Bucket
87 Serce nie sługa To Love a Patty TV Puls: March 11, 2014
Nickelodeon: July 5, 2016
Świeży oddech Skalmara Breath of Fresh Squidward TV Puls: March 11, 2014
Nickelodeon: March 29, 2016
88 Język pieniędzy Money Talks August 27, 2009
SpongeBob kontra Maszyna do burgerów SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget
Skalmarotaniec Slimy Dancing
89 Pod Tłustą Gąbką The Krusty Sponge September 10, 2009
Piosenka Patryka Sing a Song of Patrick
90 Pchła pod kopułą A Flea in Her Dome TV Puls: March 14, 2014
Nickelodeon: 2014
Pączek wstydu The Donut of Shame
Czysty talerz The Krusty Plate
91 Gaz a gu gu Goo Goo Gas October 1, 2009
Programy wymiany kucharzy Le Big Switch
92 Atlantyda Kanciastyda Atlantis SquarePantis November 5, 2009 (Part 1)
October 15, 2009 (Part 2)
93 Dzień zdjęć Picture Day July 19, 2014
Niewypłacalny Pat No Pay July 26, 2014
BlackJack BlackJack December 23, 2014
94 Limo Blackened Sponge October 29, 2009
Syrenaman kontra SpongeBob Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob
95 Obóz letni w pace The Inmates of Summer November 26, 2009
Przeżyć wiewiórkę To Save a Squirrel
96 Spojrzenia chłód i dziki zachód Pest of the West December 3, 2009
97 20,000 podmorskich burgerów 20,000 Patties Under the Sea December 10, 2009
Bitwa pod Bikini Dolnym The Battle of Bikini Bottom
98 Gdzie się podział SpongeBob? (Jaki Bob? Jakie Porty?) What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants?) July 10, 2009
99 Skalmar o dwóch twarzach The Two Faces of Squidward December 17, 2009
SpongeHenge SpongeHenge
100 Zakazane w całym mieście Banned in Bikini Bottom December 31, 2009
Stanley Kanciastoporty Stanley S. SquarePants
Season 6: 2009-2012
101 W ładnym domku House Fancy January 14, 2010
W trasie Krabby Road
102 Groszowa sprawa Penny Foolish January 28, 2010
Nowicjusz za sterami Nautical Novice
103 Kanciastoportus Spongicus October 3, 2012
Symfonia terapeutyczna Suction Cup Symphony
104 Nienormalny Not Normal October 4, 2012
Sam Gone
105 Drzazga The Splinter
Żart z gwizdkiem Slide Whistle Stooges
106 Życie dniem A Life in a Day October 5, 2012
Wybielony słońcem Sun Bleached
107 Skalmar olbrzym Giant Squidward
Prosto w nos No Nose Knows
108 Krabi przekręt Patty Caper October 8, 2012
Stały klient Plankton's Regular
109 Kumple z kursu Boating Buddies
Kronika Kraba The Krabby Kronicle
110 Piżamowa impreza The Slumber Party October 9, 2012
Pielęgnacja Grooming Gary
111 SpongeBob Kanciastoporty i ta Duża Fala SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One April 19, 2009
112 Dziurawe kieszenie Porous Pockets October 10, 2012
Chłopaki z chóru Choir Boys
113 Burgerożercy Krusty Krushers
Karta The Card
114 Kochani wikingowie Dear Vikings December 11, 2012
Wagary Ditchin'
115 Dziadzio pirat Grandpappy the Pirate December 12, 2012
Loża głowonogów Cephalopod Lodge
116 Skalmar w gościach Squid's Visit November 27, 2010
Kanciastoportym być albo nie być To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants
117 Shuffleboard Shuffleboarding December 13, 2012
Profesor Skalmar Professor Squidward
118 Słodki ciężar Pet or Pests May 13, 2010
Przeciążony system Komputer Overload
119 Naiwnoporty Gullible Pants May 27, 2010
Zobowiązania Overbooked
120 Nie dla Patryka czapka No Hat for Pat June 10, 2010
Zabawkowy strach Toy Store of Doom
121 Wojna na zamki z piasku Sand Castles in the Sand January 6, 2011
Skorupkowy szok Shell Shocked
122 Kubeł Pomyj Ekstra Chum Bucket Supreme November 27, 2010
Jubileusz jednokomórkowca Single Cell Anniversary
123 Schłodzony jubileusz Truth or Square November 14, 2009[5]
125 Ananasowy zew Pineapple Fever November 27, 2010
Jaskinia Pomyj Chum Caverns
126 Starcie z Trytonem The Clash of Triton January 9, 2011
Season 7: 2010-2012
127 Audycja Obłynosa Tentacle-Vision February 10, 2011
Kocham tańczyć I ♥ Dancing
128 Trudy dorastania Growth Spout January 13, 2011
Wyżymaczkowy kłopot Stuck in the Wringer
129 Sandy od kuchni Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy
Szpieg wewnętrzny The Inside Job
130 Tłuste żarty Greasy Buffoons April 2, 2011
Top Gąbka Model Sponge
131 Sprzątanie w Bikini Dolnym Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful July 22, 2011
Kumpel Gacusia A Pal for Gary
132 Twoje, moje i moje Yours, Mine and Mine July 25, 2011
Oszczędny Krab Kracked Krabs
133 Klątwa The Curse of Bikini Bottom July 26, 2011
Skalmar w Klarnetolandzie Squidward in Clarinetland
134 Ostatnia bitwa SpongeBoba SpongeBob's Last Stand April 22, 2010
135 Podróż w czasie Back to the Past June 19, 2011
Liga łotrów The Bad Guy Club for Villains
136 Dzień bez łez A Day Without Tears February 11, 2011
Praca sezonowa Summer Job
137 Posiłek drobnodaniowy One Coarse Meal February 17, 2011
Zakochany Gacuś Gary in Love
138 Teatr to jest to The Play's the Thing February 24, 2011
Rodeo oszołom Rodeo Daze
139 Tajny przepis na babcię Gramma's Secret Recipe March 3, 2011
Ślimaczy grosz The Cent of Money
140 Potwór w Bikini Dolnym The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom March 19, 2011
Witamy w Trójkącie Dolnym Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle
141 Przekleństwo klątwy The Curse of the Hex January 8, 2012
Wielki kanał The Main Drain
142 Pieczarnicy Trenchbillies January 12, 2012
Przebudzenie Sponge-Cano!
143 Wielka burgerowa heca The Great Patty Caper March 10, 2011
144 Bezdenne zatapianie That Sinking Feeling June 18, 2011
Rozgwiazda karate Karate Star
145 W pułapce czasu Buried in Time November 19, 2011
Sen o marzeniach Enchanted Tiki Dreams
146 Szorstka strona The Abrasive Side
Uchorobal Earworm
147 Mistrz w jakiego chowanego? Hide and Then What Happens? December 24, 2011
W klubie Muszlomyja Shellback Shenanigans
148 Arcydzieło The Masterpiece November 19, 2011
Atak trąbików Whelk Attack
149 Nie znasz go You Don't Know Sponge November 25, 2011
Tunel rękości Tunnel of Glove
150 Krabo-dogi Krusty Dogs November 26, 2011
Wrak Mauna Loa The Wreck of the Mauna Loa
151 Nowy w mieście New Fish in Town November 27, 2011
Skalmar w amorach Love That Squid
152 Siostra Sam Big Sister Sam November 20, 2011
Chemia doskonała Perfect Chemistry
Season 8: 2012-2014
153 Wypadki chodzą po rybach Accidents Will Happen April 16, 2012
Ość niezgody The Other Patty
154 Drive Thru Drive Thru April 17, 2012
Pewniaczek The Hot Shot
155 Przyjacielska partyjka A Friendly Game April 16, 2012
Sentymenty Sentimental Sponge
156 Mrożonki Frozen Face-Off January 14, 2012
157 Szkoła dorosłości Squidward's School for Grown Ups April 17, 2012
Egzamin ustny Oral Report
158 Skalmar słodko-kwaśny Sweet and Sour Squid April 18, 2012
Zezowata sztuka The Googly Artiste
159 Wielka eskapada A SquarePants Family Vacation July 14, 2012
160 Zostacje Patryka Patrick's Staycation
Pasażer na gapę Walking the Plankton
161 Lot na Księżyc Mooncation February 26, 2013[6]
Wakacje z Krabem Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation
162 Trefne upiory Ghoul Fools October 27, 2012
163 Syrenaman: Początek Mermaid Man Begins April 19, 2012
Łaskawym okiem Plankton's Good Eye
164 Kłopoty z cerą Barnacle Face April 20, 2012
Opiekun do ślimaka Pet Sitter Pat
165 Pilnowanie domu House Sittin' for Sandy November 19, 2012
Smoothe Jazz w Skalisku Dolnym Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
166 Ostre bańki Bubble Troubles November 20, 2012
Droga SpongeBoba The Way of the Sponge
167 Jak Kraboburger pożarł Bikini Dolne The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom