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A complete list of deleted or edited scenes from SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. A deleted scene is any scene that has been cut out of either an episode from the storyboard version or has been cut out from the episode in airing after the original airing.

Season 1

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Original Theme Clip 199700:25

    SpongeBob SquarePants Original Theme Clip 1997

    The original opening. Produced in 1997.

    SpongeBob (Italian) - Help Wanted Deleted Scene-000:17

    SpongeBob (Italian) - Help Wanted Deleted Scene-0

    "Help Wanted" - The scene where SpongeBob serves up Krabby Patties to the angry anchovies while Tiny Tim sings "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight" was cut in Italy for unknown reasons.
    • There was another opening on the first airing, but it was replaced with the famous theme song since July 24th, 1999.

  • "Reef Blower" - This episode was originally intended to have dialogue, but due to the sound equipment being damaged, it was rewritten to be completely silent.
    Tea At The TreeDome

    Original title card.

  • "Tea at the Treedome" - According to the book, when SpongeBob tells Patrick that Sandy has a hat full of air, Patrick asks "A hat full of hair?" Then later, SpongeBob and Patrick went to Squidward's front yard and SpongeBob takes some flowers for Sandy from it, then Squidward opens the window and yells at SpongeBob.
    • There was an original title card with different background and font color. It has been made but never shown on TV.
      SpongeBob (Italian) - Ripped Pants00:20

      SpongeBob (Italian) - Ripped Pants

  • "Ripped Pants" - In some overseas airings of this episode, including Italy, the episode would end when the concert was just beginning. [citation needed]
  • "Jellyfishing" - In early Polish airings, the scene where Patrick jams the net through Squidward's bandaged hand was cut, because it was deemed too violent.
    Jellyfishing Early Polish Airing Deleted Scene00:13

    Jellyfishing Early Polish Airing Deleted Scene

  • "Plankton!" - According to the Season 1 DVD commentary, a scene involving Squidward being naked was cut because of nudity. Despite this, Squidward has been seen naked in "The Paper" and few later episodes. The title was also originally going to be called "Deep Cover." Also, the scene where Plankton says "Come back here, you swine!" is sometimes cut because the word swine is offensive in some countries.
  • "Naughty Nautical Neighbors"- In early Polish airings, the scene where Squidward chokes on the fork was cut due to violent content. Also, in the chapter book, there was a part where SpongeBob went to his closet finding what to wear before going to Squidward's house. This was never aired on television for unknown reasons. [citation needed]
  • "Boating School" - Originally, SpongeBob would not say anything about cheating and reach the finish line. Mrs. Puff greets SpongeBob, he gets his driver's license and the episode ends happily. This was changed to him breaking down and failing, this was probably cut, more likely to add comedy. [citation needed]
SpongeBob Pizza Delivery Cut Ending00:08

SpongeBob Pizza Delivery Cut Ending

Nick Greece SpongeBob Pizza Delivery Deleted Phrase "Oh, my aching tentacles!"00:11

Nick Greece SpongeBob Pizza Delivery Deleted Phrase "Oh, my aching tentacles!"

  • "Pizza Delivery" - At the end of the episode, Squidward's line "Oh, my aching tentacles!" was cut in some countries, including Canada, and eventually the US because some viewers thought Squidward was referring to his genitalia. It is also cut on the Nicktoons Collection Volume One Game Boy Advance cartridge. It is still intact on the DVD releases. Somewhere in 2013, it was also deleted from Polish and Greek airings. In the US, the line eventually returned to the episode. It seems that as of very recent airings (2016), this line has been cut in UK airings. It is also cut in the Kurdish and Zaza versions.

  • "Hall Monitor" - In the chapter book, there was a deleted scene where a bus driver yells "Barnacle Brain!" This never aired on television. 
  • "Jellyfish Jam"  - In early Polish airings, the scene where SpongeBob does the jellyfish dance was cut, most likely to prevent seizures due to the quick flashing lights. The title card is cut in airings starting from mid 2012. Everything still remains intact on Nicktoons.
  • "Sandy's Rocket" - According to the book, there was a scene at the end of the episode with Sandy capturing SpongeBob as a punishment before she flies the rocket back to Bikini Bottom. Also, there were two other scenes involving SpongeBob and Patrick capturing Plankton stealing a Krabby Patty and Pearl at the mall. These scenes were made, but never aired on TV for unknown reasons.
  • "Nature Pants" - A scene showing SpongeBob being nearly naked was cut, though his bottom was covered, but was deleted due to nudity references. [citation needed]
  • "Opposite Day" - In the Indonesian version, SpongeBob and Patrick ask the riddle "Why did the chicken cross the road?" normally, as opposed to saying it backwards in the original episode. [citation needed]
  • "Scaredy Pants" - The part where Patrick shaves off parts of SpongeBob's head was cut from the UK broadcast due to being possibly scary to younger children. However, this can still be seen on downloaded versions.
  • "Karate Choppers" - According to the Season 1 DVD commentary, a scene with Sandy karate chopping a male fish in the groin was cut for being inappropriate.
    • It may have also been deleted because fish don't have outer groins.
  • "Sleepy Time" - The scene where SpongeBob licks his plate in his dream has been cut in some countries for unknown reasons. [citation needed]
  • "Suds" - In Bahasa Indonesia, all the live-action parts are cut. Also, the scene where Patrick is with SpongeBob on a torture bed was cut from reruns in some countries since it looked like Patrick was torturing SpongeBob, though it is kept in US and UK airings. In Italy, the entire ending part (starting from the live action "sponge treatment" scene) is removed and replaced with a still of the hospital from outside, followed by the scene where Spongebob says "I feel as good as new! I love the doctor!" and then fading to black before cutting to the ending credits. [citation needed]
  • "Valentine's Day" - In the Dutch broadcast, the man who asks Patrick the time gets an answer "3:15" instead of Patrick yelling, "Patrick needs love too!" Reportedly, there's also a deleted scene of SpongeBob and Sandy kissing. [citation needed]
  • "The Paper" - The scene where SpongeBob uses the paper as a flip book with the sound of Squidward saying what he said about the paper earlier on in the episode. Afterwards, SpongeBob says "Wanna see it again?" and Squidward replies "No, I don't wanna see it again!" This was later cut from reruns in certain countries for unknown reasons, although it was probably due to time. [citation needed]
  • "Arrgh!" - Right after SpongeBob says, "Hey! Mr. Krabs is getting all sweaty again!," there is a deleted scene that shows a vision of Mr. Krabs sitting atop and sniffing a pile of treasure.[1]
  • "Texas" - In some countries, the scene where SpongeBob tells Patrick his "genius is showing" was removed, because of it sounding like SpongeBob was referring to genitalia and Patrick promptly covering his crotch. [citation needed] The episode is completely intact in US and UK airings, as well as on DVD releases.
  • "Fools in April" - There was a scene when Squidward spoke to Sandy first before he spoke to Patrick. This scene was removed, possibly due to it taking too much time. [citation needed]
  • "Hooky" - The original airing apparently had a dead fish whose shoes are seen being strung up. This was removed either due to time or death, and replaced with a scene where only the dead fish's shoes are seen. Also, in the early Polish and Norwegian airings, the scene where Patrick eats the cheese off the hook, and has all hooks in his mouth was cut. [citation needed]

Season 2

  • "Your Shoe's Untied" - In some countries, the scene involving SpongeBob watching Coral TV was removed for looking like he is watching something inappropriate. It is still left intact in the US, UK and Turkey airings.
  • "Squid's Day Off" - The scene where SpongeBob's trying to grab Mr. Krabs hand from the sink was cut in the Indonesian airings for unknown reasons, possibly due to sexual references.
  • "Something Smells" - Due to an error, some lines were messed up on The Complete 2nd Season DVD release. It had SpongeBob saying "I just don't get it" to the building instead of "Hi building" and Patrick says, "I don't either." This also happens on the VHS of Nautical Nonsense and the DVD of Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies. The line error happens in all Polish, Canadian, Australian & UK airings. Also, a DVD commentary said Squidward had a deleted line at the end of the episode. He said, "Ugly and smell, two for one."
    • Some viewers recall SpongeBob saying, "Hi, building" slightly faster.
  • "Big Pink Loser" - The title card music was abusively low-pitched in the original airing. But it was changed to a high pitch version presumably since the original may scare children. The original music pitch can be viewed here: [1]
  • "Bubble Buddy" - The original airing had a few seconds of "Big Pink Loser" before cutting to Patrick's rock. This was cut in reruns to avoid duplicating.
  • "Dying for Pie" - On the YTV airings of this episode, the title card isn't shown.
  • "Imitation Krabs" - In the Bahasa Indonesia version, the narrator says "2 ½ Hours Later." instead of "6 ½ Hours Later."
  • "Wormy" - This episode was banned in some countries due to the sudden live-action buzzing horsefly close-ups being frightening to the young audience. Also, there was a scene in the original airing when SpongeBob was eating pie. This was cut for unknown reasons, thought it was cut for time.
  • "Patty Hype" - The first customer's patty was originally blue, not purple.
  • "Squidville" - In the Persian dub, a number of scenes were deleted or shortened.
    • All scenes with the Interpretive Dance Academy were deleted.
    • The montage of Squidward getting more and more tired of living in Squidville was shortened.
    • The scene where Patrick puts the cake in his pants was deleted.
  • "Prehibernation Week" - According to the Season 2 DVD commentary, when Sandy was raking the leaves, she made a big symbol for "Girl Power," but it got changed to "Texas," possibly because it's her home. She also originally did a whole dance routine when stepping on the leaves, but that had to be cut for time. There was also an alternate ending. Instead of SpongeBob laughing when realizing Sandy began her hibernation, originally he was going to say "Why I oughta!"
  • "Life of Crime" - The original airing had SpongeBob saying "No more getting nailed," followed by Patrick hammering a nail into his head. SpongeBob's line was changed to "No more getting mail." The original line was changed due to sexual references. Also the following scene where Patrick hammered a nail to his head is replaced with a scene showing him sucking his thumb.
  • "Christmas Who?" - On the Season 2 DVD, Patchy's line at the beginning of the second half of the episode, "It's about time you got back! (Holds up a SpongeBob Christmas decoration) Now I can finish me story! (Scene cuts close to the decoration)," is cut due to there being no commercials on the DVD. The scene is still intact on the "Christmas" DVD. Three more scenes (or lines) in the storyboard were deleted as well.
    • Squidward (as Santa) gave the first girl a Squidward antique instead of a wrench.
    • While waiting in line for Santa (as Squidward), Mr. Krabs had a deleted line in this episode. He said "And don't forget about me pony!" This was cut for unknown reasons.
    • After Santa Squidward gives the first girl the gift, SpongeBob says "I told ya he was real!" enthusiastically.
  • "Survival of the Idiots" - According to the audio commentary, the original title was going to be called "Survival of the Morons." It was changed to "Survival of the Idiots" for unknown reasons. Also according to the storyboard, Sandy's bed was hanging from the ceiling, and there was much more saliva. If her bed was hanging from the ceiling, it would be impossible to climb onto it.
  • "Dumped" - In early airings, the bus had jellyfishers in it. 
  • "Shanghaied" - According to the Season 2 DVD commentary, there are three different alternative endings. In the original, SpongeBob wishes that the Flying Dutchman was a vegetarian. In the second, Patrick wishes for gum. In the third, Squidward wishes that he never met SpongeBob and Patrick. All three are included on the Sea Stories DVD, but not the VHS version.
  • "Gary Takes a Bath" - This episode was banned in many countries because of the disturbing subliminal message girl and the sexual joke "Don't drop the soap."
    • Also, the title card music was originally going to be called "Hawaiian Train" but was changed to "Nostalgic Hawaii" for unknown reasons.
    • However, it is not banned in Israel, Turkey and a few more countries.
    • After many years of being banned in the UK, it eventually started airing again in 2009 or so.
  • "Welcome to the Chum Bucket" - According to the Season 2 DVD commentary, there was a scene where Plankton takes out SpongeBob's brain before putting it in the robot. The scene where Plankton reads to SpongeBob is edited in some countries, removing SpongeBob's drool.
  • "Frankendoodle" - Patrick originally said SpongeBob's drawing was "lower middle class" but it was changed to "lacks basic construction" for unknown reasons.
  • "The Secret Box" - Some people recall seeing a picture of SpongeBob with a lampshade over his head or in his underwear while Patrick is revealing the embarrassing photo of SpongeBob at the Christmas party during the original airing and initial repeats.
  • "Band Geeks" - In the Persian and Italian dubs, Sweet Victory is cut for an unknown reason, possibly time constraints.
  • "Graveyard Shift" - The Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies DVD features Tom Kenny and Rodger Bumpass recording a scene from this episode. It also includes storyboards of the episode and a deleted scene, in which SpongeBob does another activity "at night" as he delivers the mail to "Floorboard Harry." Floorboard Harry was also originally going to be the one responsible for flickering the lights, not Nosferatu.
  • "Procrastination" - The original airing had the following: SpongeBob saying "Gee, this is harder than I thought" then SpongeBob looks outside the window and sees a carnival with Squidward sunbathing, jellyfish playing tennis, Gary blowing a horn and riding on a beach ball, and Patrick rubbing sunscreen on Sandy and yelling, "C'mon, SpongeBob!" SpongeBob then slides down the window and says, "It should be against the law to have to write an essay on such a super sailorific, sunshiny day. Oh, but I must press onward! Because with this pencil, and the completion of this essay, I'll be one step closer to my driver's license!" (a live-action drag race is shown, a car hits a wall, tumbles and gets back up, cut back to SpongeBob.) "This'll be no problemo. I've got plenty of time. It's only six o'clock! Okay, okay here we go." (SpongeBob struggles to write) (moves his chair closer to the table, he does it a lot because of the fun noise it makes) "I know, I just gotta get a little blood pumpin' in the own noodle! How about some calisthenics?" (does calisthenics. While doing it, he recites "hup hoo" several times). This scene might have been deleted because Patrick was rubbing sunscreen on Sandy, who wasn't wearing her spacesuit, just her bikini and air helmet, and because it looked like Patrick was undoing Sandy's bikini top. Also, the part where a racing car is shown was cut so kids wouldn't imitate the stunt. Also, almost all of them were adult references. It was deleted only from the American airings. It's uncut in other countries, and on DVD version of the episode. The scene can be viewed here: [2]
  • "Sailor Mouth" - According to the Season 2 DVD commentary, it was planned to have a scene that had SpongeBob saying "Go (Dolphin noise) yourself" followed by Patrick saying "(Dolphin noise) you too!" during the Eels and Escalators Game. It was cut due to it being too inappropriate for the younger audience.
  • "The Fry Cook Games" - In the original airing, the episode ended with SpongeBob and Patrick exiting the stadium holding hands. This scene was re-animated to them holding shoulders to avoid controversy. This was only edited in certain countries. Also, in some airings, the title card does not appear.
  • "Jellyfish Hunter" - In UK airings, the scene where No Name cut the power to SpongeBob's house was replaced with a shot of the door outside of SpongeBob's house for unknown reasons. It is unknown why this was done, as this arguably makes the scene more creepy. Also, in the Fisher-Price InteracTV version of this episode, the scene where SpongeBob looks out the window, No Name calls SpongeBob's phone and doesn't speak. Cutting off the power to SpongeBob's house, and then sneaking into the kitchen like Gary was cut for possibly being a bit creepy to some kids, making the scene where SpongeBob runs into his house cut to where SpongeBob finds a Krabby Patty with blue jelly on the kitchen floor. In Turkey, there is no deleted scene, as all scenes were released.
  • "Squid on Strike" - In some counties, the "Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman" song has only the audio of the song.

Season 3

  • "The Bully" - The original airing had SpongeBob and Patrick playing leap frog while Flatts is beating him up. It was replaced with a scene of SpongeBob cooking Krabby Patties for unknown reasons, thought it was probably to save time.
Just One Bite Cut Scene00:59

Just One Bite Cut Scene

  • "Just One Bite" - This is one of the most popular and infamous deleted scenes in the series, Jay Lender, one of the show's writers, confirmed it in an e-mail, which were posted in a different, older thread. When Squidward awakes from his dreaming about marrying a Krabby Patty, he wakes up and he says, "I have got to get my hands on a Krabby Patty and no one's gonna stop me!" and runs past SpongeBob's house on tiptoes, and when he's at the Krusty Krab, he says, "There it is, unguarded! All I have to do is...wait. It's too easy. There must be some kind of (liquid drips) This is our burglar alarm? A bucket of water? Ha-ha! (he kicks the door open, thus spilling the bucket over) That was too easy! (sniffs the liquid) Hey, this isn't water. This is...gas!" (A robot arm drops a lit match into the gas, resulting in a huge explosion. Squidward enters the kitchen setting off another burglar alarm. The kitchen bursts into flames for a few seconds. Then, he walks over to the Patty Vault). Later airings have Squidward say, "There it is!" (cuts to interior of Krusty Krab with camera zooming in through window to the Patty Vault. Squidward approaches it as he did in the original version. The rest of the episode goes normally). It was initially cut out of respect to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks less than a month prior, and its absence after the "too soon" period was due to concerns of public imitation. The uncut episode is still aired in full on YTV, Nickelodeon Canada, VideoNow versions, and can be viewed here: [2]
  • "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV" - An interview with Sam Henderson on SpongeBuddy Mania claimed there was a scene involving the Bikini Bottomites destroying furniture inside SpongeBob's head. It's likely cut either so that children would not be encouraged to do this or that was a little inappropriate.
  • "Doing Time" - The scene where SpongeBob gets arrested by the police was originally going to be the end scene. It was changed to the scene where the boat was repeating falling for an unknown reason.
  • "One Krabs Trash" - The original airing had SpongeBob saying, "You'll never guess what I found in my pants last night," but "pants" was changed to "sock," because it sounded like SpongeBob was referring to his genitalia.
  • "As Seen on TV" - There was a scene when SpongeBob thinks "That's just what I need!" It was cut. Also, there was a scene where SpongeBob was cooking Krabby Patties. A fish took a picture, only for fun, and SpongeBob thought he was turning famous. It was cut for unknown reasons.
  • "Can You Spare a Dime?" - When SpongeBob choked Mr. Krabs, it had originally went on until his eyes turned bloodshot red. This was cut due to gore references.
  • "Squilliam Returns" - An interview with Sam Henderson claimed there was a scene that had baby Squilliam walking while Squidward is only learning to crawl. Then, when they're in high school, Squidward only gives his date a single flower, but Squilliam appears with a bouquet of flowers and an enormous box of chocolates.
  • "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" - At the end of the episode, after Junior flies away and SpongeBob says "Despite all we've been through, it was worth it.," Patrick says "Yeah... let's have another." This was cut from some countries for sexual references, but left intact in the US and the UK. Also, in one part of the episode Patrick says "I believe in parenting with the heart... and with the shucking knife!" This scene was eventually cut for being horrifying.
  • "Wet Painters" - In the storyboard version, SpongeBob says, "I dedicate this crash to my best friend Squidward!" This was changed in the final cut, possibly because the line implied that Squidward had died. Also, in the Arabic dub, on MBC3, the scenes with Mr. Krabs relaxing with SpongeBob and Patrick's butts on the wall and Patrick washing the dollar in the washing machine were cut.
  • "Krusty Krab Training Video" - The original airing had a deleted scene where the narrator says "Sounds like a lot of hoopla to make a Krabby Patty, right? Wrong!" and then a fish gets hit in the head with a brick. In reruns and DVD releases, the fish gets hit first for unknown reasons. Possiblly to quiet him down with the Hooplas and let the narrator finish what he was saying. This deleted scene can viewed here.
  • "Party Pooper Pants" - On the television version of this episode, the French Narrator has two scenes in-between a commercial break:
    • Narrator: That includes you folks, SpongeBob's House Party will be right back after these messages. [fades out and back in] [Patchy is shown dancing and a guy in a submarine outfit walks towards the camera] Ahoy there! Welcome back to SpongeBob's House Party!
  • These scenes were cut from the DVD releases because there are no commercials on the DVD. These deleted scenes can viewed here. Also, in the storyboard featured on the Tales from the Deep DVD, the guests leave after SpongeBob unlocks the door when he gets back from the stony lonesome.
  • "Chocolate with Nuts" - The original airing had a scene with Patrick saying "I wish my nuts were chocolate" and pulling out a bag of peanuts (which looked like planter's peanuts). It is cut due to inappropriate reasons.
Spongebob Deleted Scene Flipnote00:16

Spongebob Deleted Scene Flipnote

Spongebob deleted scene 200:28

Spongebob deleted scene 2

  • "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" - The original airing had a plane shown exploding. It was possibly deleted due to the events of 9/11 or due to an intense level of violence. All the following scenes can be seen on the "Fear of a Krabby Patty" DVD special features: Mermaid Man using his "scope-vision," a press conference with E.V.I.L, the ice cream truck becoming a "Miss Thang" robot, a fish defeating Miss Thang with a disguise, SpongeBob rejoicing over the Mermalair's secret entrance, what really happened to the real I.J.L.S.A, Patrick armpit-farting, SpongeBob's original name: The Whizzer, Captain Magma skywriting, the Whizzer causing a tornado, Miss Appear being run over by a car, the Elastic Waistband being caught in the tornado and being defeated, and Mermaid Man's scope-vision malfunctioning.
  • "New Student Starfish" - In the original storyboard featured on the Sponge for Hire and the third season DVD, after Patrick leaves in the end of the episode, SpongeBob says "Can I have his star?" It also shows Patrick looking at the calendar in the classroom and seeing the number 24 on it before he introduces himself. Also, on the April 12, 2013 (3:00 PM EST) airing, it cut off Rodger saying at the end "Hey! What'd I miss?" Instead, he said "What'd I mi-."
  • "Clams" - The original airing had SpongeBob saying "Actually, it's Coral Blue Lipstick number 4" before getting hit by Squidward. The later airings changed to him saying it is Coral Blue Number 3 before Squidward cut him off, for unknown reasons. Also, when the music started, the band was shown before Mr. Krabs began dancing. Another scene that was cut was when Mr. Krabs called his deceased parents (who are strangely still able to communicate with him) to tell about his millionth dollar. All these scenes were cut in reruns, but still appears in the storyboard. Also in the storyboard, Squidward says "And quit your crying" before Mr. Krabs sucks the hand's thumb while he was crying about his millionth dollar.
  • "Ugh" - The Narrator saying "Stay tuned to SpongeBob B.C," Patchy getting hit with a big rock, and the Narrator saying "They discovered fire. How long are they gonna take to mess it up? Let's see." They are all cut from the Season 3 DVD due to there being no commercials. The scene is still intact on the "SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric" DVD and VHS.
  • "The Great Snail Race" - There is a deleted scene in which Sandy is arrested for kicking SpongeBob's butt. This was cut for unknown reasons, but it was probably to save time. Also, this episode along side its sister episode, "Mid-Life Crustacean" are banned in Canada. The reason for banning this episode is because of the abuse towards Gary.
  • "Mid-Life Crustacean" - This episode along side its sister episode, "The Great Snail Race" are banned in Canada. The reason for banning this episode is because of the panty raid scene, and how they make fun of old people.
  • "The Sponge Who Could Fly" - There is a deleted scene in the storyboard that had Patchy ripping off a SpongeBob band-aid when destroying his SpongeBob stuff, although he isn't seen ripping it off in reverse. There's another one where Patchy visits a store while following the map to the lost episode. For unknown reasons, it might of changed to The Seven Trials of Monkey Lagoon, if correct. On the television version of this episode, right after SpongeBob lands in a Feather Delivery truck and says "I guess I spoke too soon." there is a scene with the French Narrator saying "Will SpongeBob learn to fly? Stay tuned." This scene was cut from the DVD releases because there are no commercials on the DVD. This deleted scene can viewed here. Also, SpongeBob smiled nervously when the townspeople joked about him to look for a statue to poop on. SpongeBob being covered in black paint was cut after at least one airing due to implied racism. In the book, there was a scene when SpongeBob was walking back to his house, being laughed at. At one point, a pressman snaps a picture of SpongeBob in feathers. This scene was never broadcasted on TV. The scene can be seen in the book version of the episode.
  • "Pranks a Lot" - In the Brazilian broadcast, Frank said "Shapeless things?" and "Real snot?" instead of "Fake vomit?" and "Real vomit?," possibly because the subject of vomit was slighty too inappropriate. Also, the word "toast" was changed to other words in other versions.
    • In Spain, Sandals says "ghost" instead of "toast."
    • In Latin America, he says "ghosts."
    • In the Filipino dub, he says "want some?"
    • In the Hebrew version, he says "sandwich."
    • In Korea, he says "What's that?"
    • In Turkey, he says "ghost" or "ghosts."
    • In Serbia, he says "bread."
    • And in Bahasa Indonesia, he says "ghost" like in the Spanish version.

Season 4

  • "Fear of a Krabby Patty" - On the storyboard featured on the Fear of a Krabby Patty DVD, they show Plankton waiting for SpongeBob instead of him having to get him up immediately after sitting down. There was another one when a bunch of Krabby Patties from a cave bring SpongeBob to his bed after he gets eaten by a Kabby Patty in his dream. Yet again, SpongeBob says another "K-R-A-B-B-Y-P-A-T-T-Y says I" during the day/night montage. Also, SpongeBob talks to Krabby Patties more in the storyboard animation. Squidward having bags in his eyes was originally going to be the end theme, it was changed for unknown reasons.
  • "Have You Seen This Snail?" - The original plot for this episode was Granny fattening Gary up to eat him, but that was changed due to it being deemed too scary for a children's series.[2] Also, she had an axe that was later replaced with a tray of cookies because she acted like she was going to kill Gary.[3] According to the storyboard, SpongeBob was originally going to visit Squidward's house and ask him if he could help give him a hand with carrying snail food. This was either cut to save time or it was replaced with Patrick.
  • "SquidBob TentaclePants" - The original airing had Squidward talking to a therapist after Sandy's machine exploded, and was horribly deformed and mishapen into a liquid ball of the fused characters that was in the scene where Sandy's machine exploded. This was cut from reruns in certain parts of Europe due to being too gruesome, though it still remains intact in the US, UK, Turkey, Canadian, Spain and Poland airings.
  • "Dunces and Dragons" - On the Season 4 Volume 1 DVD, the storyboard shows SpongeBob and Patrick making sure they are OK after falling out of the sky. This was cut to either save time or unknown reasons. This deleted scene can viewed here.
  • "Ghost Host" - As shown on the storyboard (Link here, there are several deleted scenes and note that some deleted scenes may be hard to view due to the "OUT" label obscuring the view):
    • The Flying Dutchman was shown doing the finger trick on SpongeBob after turning into various monsters to scare him (to no avail). It was cut for unknown reasons.
    • After the customer at the mattress store wakes up, he says to the manager "Oh?! It's you. You gave me quite a start."
    • Before the party scene, the storyboard shows the Flying Dutchman laying in a pile of junk, sleeping. SpongeBob clears his throat to get the Dutchman's attention, causing the Dutchman to wake up and say "Breakfast? I'd like four fried eggs & three double Krabby Patties." SpongeBob then brings out a plate of steamed coral, saying "How about a healthy serving of steamed coral instead." The Dutchman asks "Why, do ya think I'm getting a little paunchy?" SpongeBob then says "I'm on the outside lookin' in, man." The Flying Dutchman proceeds to take the steamed coral ("Alright, alright, gimme that thing!") and sniff it, then pushes it away in disgust. SpongeBob then says he has to go to work, but that he knows that the Dutchman will scare the pants off of someone. The Flying Dutchman mumbles "Yeah, sure." but when SpongeBob asks what he says, he says in a louder voice "I'll get right on that." SpongeBob then leaves the work, and the two say goodbye to each other. Immediately after, the Dutchman grabs the phone, and calls his friend Ralph to have a party, which then leads up to the party scene. This scene was most likely cut to save time.
    • When everyone at the party leaves, Susie asks the Dutchman "Will I see you again?" The Dutchman then says "When you least expect it, baby!," proceeded by SpongeBob slamming the door. This scene was cut for sexual references.
    • Immediately after the aforementioned deleted scene with Susie, SpongeBob goes over his agreements with the Dutchman's residence inside his house, followed by the Dutchman licking SpongeBob's finger. This scene was cut for unknown reasons, possibly to avoid gross-out humor.
    • After the Flying Dutchman cries after watching the video, SpongeBob comes up to comfort him and says "I know, buddy, I know...," followed by the Dutchman rocking back and forth. This scene was cut for unknown reasons.
    • After the old lady walks away, SpongeBob comes up and asks the Dutchman what happened. The Dutchman sadly says he probably doesn't have it in him anymore, which causes SpongeBob to grab his beard and yell "NONSENSE!," and pep talks the Dutchman that he still has it in him. This scene was cut for unknown reasons, probably to save time.
    • Originally, before they head up to the gym, SpongeBob says to the Dutchman "Dutchie! I think we found your next victim!" This was cut for unknown reasons.
    • Before Squidward goes to pamper his face, he says "Thank goodness for days off I can get back to what's really!" Then, when he comes to his make-up brush, he says "Ah, the beauty of man foundation. Does wonders for a squid like me. Not that I need it!" Both of these were cut for unknown reasons, possibly to save time.
    • Squidward was originally going to say "Get a hold of yourself, Squidward." before saying "There's n-n-no such things as ghosts." This was cut for unknown reasons.
    • After Squidward says "No! That's impossible!," it shows the Flying Dutchman still doing the finger trick while Squidward says "NOOOO!," before running off. This was cut for unknown reasons.
  • "Whale of a Birthday" - In recent airings, Mr. Krabs' line, "Don't push your luck, boy," was cut, to save time. The episode is still aired intact on Nicktoons.
  • "Karate Island" - The original airing had a small amount of blood on Master Udon's face after being beat up by Sandy. This was removed due to being deemed too violent. The dedication card at the end of the episode was also removed after the Best Day Ever marathon.
  • "All That Glitters" - According to the storyboard, after Mr. Krabs said "Go before I lose all me customers," he would cry a tear drop saying "Me money," then Squidward would ask "What happened?" and then Mr. Krabs says "I don't know." This was mostly cut to save time.
  • "Wishing You Well" - The original airing had a few minutes of "All That Glitters" at the beginning and it ended with SpongeBob at the therapist's office before it led to him saying "You can't rush perfection." This was removed from reruns to prevent duplication from "All That Glitters."
  • "The Thing" - There was a scene when Squidward thinks "What's so great about jellyfish?" It was cut.
  • "The Gift of Gum" - Originally, the writers planned to color the gum blue, they changed it to pink for unknown reasons. Possibly because of Patrick's color.

Season 5

  • "Friend or Foe" - In the original airing, after SpongeBob squirts Plankton with ketchup and mustard, he said "Curses!" This was edited out in reruns. There is a second deleted scene of the formula flying through the air before the glass shatters. Can be found on the "Friend or Foe?" DVD in the "Original Uncut Animatic" special feature.
  • "Night Light" - The original airing had Patrick saying "SpongeBob, can I sleep with you again tonight?" This was changed to "Sleepover!" in later airings due to sexual references.
  • "Spy Buddies" - In the audio commentary, Tom King stated that in the original sketches, while SpongeBob and Patrick were sneaking in, Plankton was having a talk with Karen's Mother-in-Law, a car alarm, it was probably deleted because it doesn't make sense because her mother-in-law would be his mother and his real mother was seen in a different episode.
  • "New Digs" - In the scene where SpongeBob tries to go to sleep, there was a scene where Gary had an udder underneath him to make SpongeBob the glass of snail milk. This scene was deleted, and was never aired.
    • This episode was banned in Israel for unknown reasons. It is possible that it is because the signal loop about the disposal of SpongeBob walrus similar to their behavior in Palestine (even though they are the heaviest) .
  • "Roller Cowards" - In the Bahasa Indonesia version, SpongeBob says "heart attack" instead of "spine loss" and "frightened" instead of "projectile vomiting." There was also a scene where it showed SpongeBob and Patrick printing their Glove World tickets on the Internet. This scene was cut for unknown reasons, possibly due to time constraints or because electronics and water don't mix really well.
  • "Breath of Fresh Squidward" - A scene involving Sadie talking to Susie was cut. It was probably deleted because of the mother talking to her daughter about her life and her baby (birds and bees talk), it being irrelevant to the plot and due to the fact that Sadie is not Susie's mother. This part was retained on the animatic on Bikini Bottom Adventures DVD release. Four more scenes (or lines) where cut as well.
    • After SpongeBob says he and Patrick sneak into Squidward's house every morning, he said "...with our best friend, Squidward." This is cut for unknown reasons, maybe due to the fact that Squidward couldn't sneak into his house if he was sleeping.
    • After Mr. Krabs heard that Squidward is selling free hats, he said "Did somebody say free... in my restaurant?!" enraged and runs off from his office. In reruns, he only says "Did somebody say free?" suspiciously.
    • A scene involving SpongeBob screaming after finding out that Squidward made some Krabby Patties was cut.
    • The scene showing SpongeBob saying to Squidward before he gets electrocuted "What're you gonna do, cry Mr. Squidward Tentacles, or should I say Squidjerk Losercles" was cut. Presumably because of the name calling.
  • "Atlantis SquarePantis" - There is apparently a scene involving Patrick eating the world's oldest bubble (instead of taking a picture of it).
    • Three viewers recall hearing Squidward say "You idiots! Museums never use the real items!" in the original broadcast. This was removed in reruns, if correct.
  • "The Inmates of Summer" - When the episode was run 6:00 PM on May 16, 2013, they forgot to show the title card. They still forget to show the title card usually.
  • "To Save a Squirrel" - In recent airings of this episode, the title card isn't shown.
  • "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" - The scene where SpongeBob and Patrick fall into the abyss after finding the submarine was cut from reruns in some countries for unknown reasons.
  • "The Two Faces of Squidward" - The original way how Squidward got his face back to normal was he got hit by a car, but it got changed to a support beam in the Krusty Krab, likely because the original scene would have been too frightening for young viewers. Also, The episode has been banned in some countries, because both of the new "handsome" Squidwards, (especially the second "even more handsome" Squidward) really terrified younger viewers. Another reason it was banned in some countries is because of the constant hitting Squidward in the face with the door, which a lot of countries don't tolerate that kind of violence. 
  • "Banned in Bikini Bottom" - Pearl was originally going to sing at the Secret Krusty Krab, this was cut for unknown reasons, possibly to save time.  
  • "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" - Many deleted scenes can be found in the storyboard for this. Here is a list of the deleted scenes in this episode as shown:
    • Before Patrick called SpongeBob an idiot boy, he said he had to make a second cake for his mother. This was cut from reruns.
    • After SpongeBob destroyed Sandy's robot, Sandy showed SpongeBob the robot's broken head and told him to get out of her house. This is cut in the newer airing (though the line "Get out!" wasn't cut).
    • When SpongeBob is moving away, oysters can be heard yelling. This is cut in the newer airing of this episode.
    • After he got a lump on his head, SpongeBob said, "I better not hit my head again. That might cause a concussion." This was removed for unknown reasons or time consuming.
    • After the people of New Kelp City ran away, SpongeBob asked "What's wrong with blowing bubbles?" and blew one. This is cut for unknown reasons.
    • All of these scenes are shown in the "SpongeBob's WhoBob WhatPants?" DVD on the storyboard making.

Season 6

  • "House Fancy" - The original ending of this episode was Nicholas Whithers hating Squidward's house and Squidward punching Squilliam out of anger. This may have been cut due to violence or there would have also been no point in the episode if Nicholas hated Squidward's house. Also, the toenail scene was also cut from Indonesian airings due to a warning made by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission about the violent content in cartoons.
  • "Krabby Road" - In The Bahasa Indonesia version, the scene where Patrick plays "William Tell Overture" on his belly was cut for unknown reasons.
  • "Penny Foolish" - According to the Boating School marathon, the whole episode was replaced with "New Student Starfish."
  • "Suction Cup Symphony" - In Poland, the explosion sound at the end is cut from Nickelodeon airings, but left intact on PULS 2 airings.
  • "Sun Bleached" - In Bahasa Indonesia, the scene with the old man in the soda commercial was cut for unknown reasons.
  • "No Nose Knows" - In Bahasa Indonesia, the scene where Mr. Krabs walks while sniffing around to search for a penny was cut for unknown reasons.
  • "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One" - The original airing had some hard-to-get music used for Jack's surfboard while coming out of the hut. This was cut for unknown reasons.
    • There were two alternative title cards. One very similar to the current title card and the other being completely different with a different background and font color. They have been made, with the first being shown in most foreign countries and the second one being notable in German airings.
      SpongeBob and the Beig Wave

      1st alternative "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One" title card.


2nd alternative "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One" title card.

  • "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" - According to the storyboard, while SpongeBob was filling out an application and was confused on what the word "felony" meant, there is a deleted line of SpongeBob saying "Oh, I'm convicted of that all the time!"
  • "Gullible Pants" - The original airing had SpongeBob dancing longer. This was cut to save time in the episode.[citation needed]
  • "No Hat for Pat" - Patrick was originally going to say "Oh, you know what? You're just mean, and most importantly, I hate you! So get lost!" This was cut due to Patrick's unusual level of idiocy and rudeness.
  • "Truth or Square" - The episode originally had a deleted line in the marriage scene after the priest says he didn't know the wedding was a play. SpongeBob says, "It doesn't have to be," which causes Sandy to slap him. Also, there was a deleted Sandy theme song when Patchy is inside the belly of a whale. These scenes were probably cut to save time.
  • "Pineapple Fever" - According to the script found in the August 2009 Nickelodeon Magazine, the episode was supposed to end with the tornado stopping and the house falling on Squidward. This was cut due to a reference of death or a high level of violence.

Season 7

  • "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy" - Because the makers had to make the story with less confusion, several scenes and lines in this episode were removed from the final version of this episode before it aired. Only one of these were aired, but the rest of the storyboard can be found here.
    • At the beginning of this episode, when Plankton emerges from the sesame seed, he uses an inhaler to breathe. He also does this when he gets trapped in Sandy's suit. This was presumably cut because of uses of medicine or teaching toddlers to use an inhaler even if they don't have asthma.
    • After SpongeBob smells the buns, he says "Nothin' like the smell of that!," then is shown making Krabby Patties. Then, he says "Hmm... which one? This is a special patty for a special someone, so I need a special bun. I better use the scientific method!," plays "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," and chooses the bun Plankton is in, and exclaims "Bun, you are quite a looker!" before placing on the Krabby Patty. This was probably removed due to time constraints.
    • There was also a scene in which Sandy took off her bra before taking a shower, and wasn't wearing a bra throughout the rest of the episode. This was cut due to full frontal nudity.
    • A scene where Plankton is shown testing out his microphone to Karen before going to the Krusty Krab is cut.
    • SpongeBob originally takes his Labor Agreement Contract out of his mouth.
    • There was also a scene where, after Sandy's seaweed skirt (and bra in the deleted version), she takes a cone from a construction site, causing an incoming boat to crash into a huge hole being dug by a construction worker. Then, he calls her a thief, and yells "That shaved monkey is makin' off with city property!" Then, she runs to the clothes store, but gets run out by Old Man Jenkins, due to the store having a "no clothes, no service" policy. Then we cut to her running through Bikini Bottom as the episode goes normally.
    • There was also a scene in which there is a news report on Sandy, and is mistaken for a Sasquatch, before we cut to the park scene.
    • Finally, when Sandy got the formula out of her suit, it popped out of the eye sockets rather than the mouth in the original version.
      • This episode was also going to have an original title card.
  • "Greasy Buffoons" - The episode's original plot was where SpongeBob tries to help get Patrick a job at a fast food restaurant that sells greasy items. However, this was eventually scrapped for an unknown reason.
  • "Kracked Krabs" - In some countries, the scene where the judge pulls the trophy out of Mr. Krabs' hands was cut.
  • "A Day Without Tears" - The original airing had SpongeBob being "yelled at" by Squidward; Squidward tells SpongeBob "You know there's an old saying, SpongeBob." SpongeBob asks, "What is it?" Squidward answers, "Don't cry over a soiled Krabby Patty. And now may I give you a little word of advice... shut up!" SpongeBob starts crying more. Then, it cuts to the chalkboard scene. This was cut for Squidward's Rudeness.
  • "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle" - The production name for this episode was "Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle," as seen on some of the original character storyboards on Facebook. To take a look, click here
  • "Enchanted Tiki Dreams" - Sandy was originally going to be in this episode, but she was removed out of the final version of the episode to save time.
  • "New Fish in Town" - The original airing had SpongeBob clapping his hands after Patrick hits the sign and breaks it. This was cut for unknown reasons.

Season 8

  • "Drive Thru" - There is a deleted scene when after Larry in the car crashes into the fish in the other car, SpongeBob throws a Krabby Patty out the drive thru hole, then a fire occurs in Larry's car. Then SpongeBob uses a fire extinguisher to put the fire out, which makes Larry mad. This was deleted for reasons of anger and rudeness.
  • "The Hot Shot" - This episode was originally going to be about SpongeBob and his class going on a field trip to a race track and SpongeBob accidentally enters himself into the race. This idea was later recycled into "Demolition Doofus" for unknown reasons.
  • "A SquarePants Family Vacation" - There was a scene when Patrick crashes into the bumper cars wall and then explodes. This was cut off due to a violence theme. 
  • "Walking the Plankton" - According to a YouTube video which has now been removed, the scene where the fat fish scoops up Plankton was cut in the UK airings for possibly being a little frightening for young viewers. Despite this, it is left intact on the UK version of The Complete Eighth Season DVD.
  • "Ghoul Fools" - The original intro of this episode is when the Flying Dutchman goes shopping and then scares people in the supermarket. This was cut for unknown reasons but possibly being time consuming.
  • "House Sittin' for Sandy" - While this episode was being produced, the animators realized that they forgot the water helmets. But rather than re-creating the scene, they added a scene with Patrick wearing a water helmet and reminding SpongeBob they can't breathe at Sandy's Treedome.
  • "The Way of the Sponge" - Fuzzy Acorns' belt color was originally gold, not black. This was changed for unknown reasons.
  • "Planet of the Jellyfish" - According to the storyboard, there was a scene where Sandy examines SpongeBob's eyes before she tickles him. This never made it to the final episode. Possibly due to time consuming.
  • "Free Samples" - The original plot was that Plankton buys patties and gives it away for free and SpongeBob and Patrick try to find a way that they could get The Krusty Krab's customers back. But this was recycled eventually probably due to someone bound to know that Plankton was plotting something.
  • "InSPONGEiac" - When this episode was announced in August 2011, the plot was originally going to be about Mr. Krabs having a nightmare and turning into a mustard dispenser. In January 2012, the plot was recycled and changed to SpongeBob trying to go to sleep, however, Mr. Krabs did mention the mustard dispenser during the episode, and Mr. Krabs appeared chasing SpongeBob during his nightmare as a mustard dispenser.
  • "Demolition Doofus" - According to the storyboard, after SpongeBob went down the rail, the other skaters were original going to say "Dude!" This was cut for unknown reasons.
  • "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" - The Patchy the Pirate segments were cut in the CBS airing for unknown reasons.
  • "The Good Krabby Name" - The plot was originally going to be about SpongeBob wanting a good nickname at the Krusty Krab. Around January 2012, This was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Season 9

  • "Squirrel Record" - There was originally a scene where Sandy finds a record saying World's Fattest Body. This was cut because it was rather similar to the inflation Sandy had in "Bubble Troubles."
  • "License to Milkshake" - According to the storyboard, while Captain Frostymug was falling, he was going to make a beard out of whipped cream. This was mostly likely cut to save time. Also, he was originally going to have a red beard instead of a gray beard. The gray beard might relate to the color of ice cream or whipping, if this is incorrect, then his beard is gray for unknown reasons.
  • "Bumper to Bumper" - The episode originally had a "Meanwhile..." time card before it was cut.
  • "The Executive Treatment" - This episode is banned in India because some younger viewers tend to find this episode scary for some unknown reason.
  • "What's Eating Patrick?" - In the storyboard version, in the scene where Patrick is starting training, when the scene enters Patrick's mouth to show his taste buds, it shows his mouth and then the taste buds. In the final version, it shows Patrick's tongue instead of his mouth.
  • "Larry's Gym" - From the storyboard, Larry the Lobster was supposed to originally say that the only thing worse than donuts is ground glass and then smash a glass cup in a fish's mouth but Nickelodeon refused to let them do this gag and it was cut, because of a high level of violence.
  • "Married to Money" - When this episode was announced in September 2015, it was going to be about Mr. Krabs marrying a bag of Money. However, this idea was later changed to a stack of cash known as Cashina for unknown reasons.

    Image of what the episode would be like if it actually had Gary delivering mail. This image is not from the actual episode.

  • "Snail Mail" - According to some artwork, this episode was originally going to be about Gary delivering mail. However, this was later scrapped for unknown reasons.

Season 10

  • "Mimic Madness" - In the storyboard version, when Sandy and Plankton are playing chess and SpongeBob mimics them, Karen laughs so hard that her head falls off. This was removed in the final episode, so Karen did not appear in the episode.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

There is a deleted scene included on the DVD and Blu-ray that can be found in the Animatics feature. The deleted scene shows SpongeBob and Patrick meeting Sandy on land. It had probably been cut because of Patrick vomiting many times. In the same deleted scene, Shell City is actually a city and is
Tumblr mqzbcfMlJa1r4hlfso1 1280

Deleted scene with Mr. Krabs appearing in SpongeBob's room.

where Sandy constantly gets pursued all over the place by squirrel exterminators in black suits. She also mentions that there are buses that arrive here and Bikini Bottom. Also, during SpongeBob's awakening in The Goofy Goober Party Boat, he asks for a "double fudge spinny." This line was rejected from the film, but was still used in the Ice Cream Dreams book which is loosely based on the movie. There is also a deleted scene where Mr. Krabs appears in SpongeBob's room. This was cut due to save time.
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Deleted Scenes01:45

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Deleted Scenes

However, the deleted scene of meeting Sandy on the surface was later recycled into the 2nd movie when SpongeBob and friends are surprised by Sandy's superhero ability of being a giant real life squirrel named "The Rodent." It was cut to either avoid confusion or surprise everyone in the 2nd movie.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Some scenes that were shown in the trailers and TV spots that did not end up in the final film include:

  • A cameo appearance by Saul Hudson as a street musician.
  • SpongeBob flying in the sky.
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.02.54 PM

Deleted scene of SpongeBob flying in the sky

  • A shot of Mr. Superawesomeness's (Patrick's) pants ripping off revealing his underdrawers with him saying, "Nothin' to see here."
  • A shot of SpongeBob saying, "Maybe you should get that checked out" cutting to reveal Patrick has a hole in his head saying, "Why?" this was removed for unknown reasons, possibly it would be a bit scary to younger audiences.
  • Sour Note plays his clarinet and makes farting noses.
  • Burger-Beard throws a 6-pack can holder at Sour Note and he gets tangled by it.
  • Beach girl holding a 3 scoops ice cream cone.
  • SpongeBob and friends singing "Thank Gosh It's Monday."
  • A line of SpongeBob on the surface saying "Clean it up just clean it up."
  • Burger-Beard explains that the Magic Book's powers can only be activated by having the Krabby Patty formula. However, that idea was scrapped. Now things can come true by re-writing the story even without the formula.
  • In one version of the scene where Patrick (not as Mr. Superawesomeness) eats the ice cream, it is on a beach, not in the kid's hand.
  • A scene of Burger-Beard the Pirate in his ship, telling his seagulls a story about him when he was younger. This was probably cut to save time.
  • SpongeBob and Plankton time-traveling to the Mesozoic era, where they encounter Patrickosaurus and Squidasaurus Rex. This scene was taken out of the movie, but in the video game, our heroes encounter both dinosaurs.
    • Another time traveling scene had SpongeBob and Plankton visit Bikini Bottom, but the citizens are robots. But it was cut for unknown reasons possibly to save time or it would not make sense.
  • One part shows Mr. Krabs serving Nasty Patties to the customers. This was cut because it would not look pretty if a customer actually ate one after all these years.
  • A car chase scene with SpongeBob and Plankton and ends with SpongeBob receiving an F- from Mrs. Puff after crashing. This was cut for unknown reasons.
  • A Montage of Mr. Krabs thoroughly cleaning SpongeBob's brain, similar to "Brainwashing," this was cut to save time.
  • Plankton telling SpongeBob to make Krabby Patties by using his muscles at the Taco Haüs. This was scrapped and instead replaced with SpongeBob, Plankton, and Karen building a Time Machine with using stuff inside Taco Haüs.


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