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Season 2

"Christmas Who?"

When Patchy says now he can finish his story, was deleted on The Complete Second Season and The First 100 Episodes DVDs due to no commercials. It is still available on the Nickelodeon airings on TV and the Christmas DVD and VHS tape.


  • Patchy: (Not deleted) Is Squidward right? Can there be a Christmas under the sea? Stay tuned.

[End of part 1, part 2 starts]

  • Patchy: (TV Version only + on Christmas DVD and VHS) It's about time you got back. [Holds up SpongeBob cookie] Now I can finish me story.
  • Patchy: [Telling story] So, SpongeBob was sending the last of the letters to Santa.

Season 3

"Party Pooper Pants"

The narrator would say that we'll be right back. Next, it shows Patchy doing the same dance at the beginning of the story and then someone in a diving suit comes to the camera and the Narrator says welcome back.
This is deleted due to no commercials. It is available on the Nickelodeon Airings on TV.


  • Narrator: That includes you folks. SpongeBob's House Party will be right back after these messages.

[End of part 1, part 2 starts]

  • Narrator: Ahoy there, welcome back to SpongeBob's House Party.

"Ugh" - Script

  • Narrator: Will Patchy ever get control of the special and what will SpongeBob do with fire? Stay tuned to SpongeBob B.C. and find out.

[End of part 1, part 2 starts]

  • Narrator: Welcome back to SpongeBob B.C. It sounds like things have gone from bad to worse for Patchy. Let's watch.
  • Robot: Attack! Attack!
  • Potty: This is great.
  • Patchy: Ahoy, glad you're back [Dodges laser] Let's watch the rest of SpongeBob B.C. while I get things straightened out around here. [A rock hits him.] Or maybe not.
  • Narrator: [Returns to Squog, SpongeGar, and Patar] When we last saw our hungry troglodytes, they just discovered fire. How long will it take for them to mess it up? Let's see.

"The Sponge Who Could Fly" - Script

  • Narrator: Will SpongeBob learn to fly? Stay tuned.

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