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This is a list of the SpongeBob SquarePants characters' families.

SpongeBob's family

Main article: SquarePants family

Patrick and Gary's family

Squidward's family

Main article: Tentacles family

Mr. Krabs' family

Mr.Krabs in Wormy-2

Mr. Krabs

Main article: Krabs family

Plankton's family

Main article: Plankton family

Mrs. Puff's family

  • Mr. Puff - Mrs. Puff's deceased husband; he was turned into a lamp by a fisherman seen in the episode "Krusty Love." In that episode, "Mr. Krabs asked what happened to Mr. Puff and SpongeBob said that Mrs. Puff does not like to talk about her dead husband. In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, it hints that Mrs. Puff's husband was killed and made into a lamp.
  • Polene Puff - Mr. Puff's ancestor that appeared in the Dead Eye Gultch in the episode "Pest of the West."

Sandy's family

Main article: Cheeks family

King Neptune's family

Main article: King Neptune's family


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