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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter w.

associated production music (APM) contents
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Waddle Cop

Waddle Cop was composed by David Farnon.

Wah Wahs

The Wah Wahs were composed by Richard Myhill.

Wah Wah (a)

Wahini Wobble

Wahini Wobble was composed by Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton & Jeremy Wakefield.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
077 Driven to Tears
079 The Pink Purloiner
Season 5
082 The Original Fry Cook
083 Rise and Shine
089 Sing a Song of Patrick
090 A Flea in Her Dome
092 Atlantis SquarePantis
094 Blackened Sponge
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?
100 Banned in Bikini Bottom
Season 6
105 Slide Whistle Stooges
110 Grooming Gary
113 The Card
116 Squid's Visit
117 Shuffleboarding
118 Pet or Pests
121 Sand Castles in the Sand
122 Single Cell Anniversary
123-124 Truth or Square
Season 7
128 Growth Spout
Stuck in the Wringer
132 Yours, Mine and Mine
134 SpongeBob's Last Stand
148 Whelk Attack
Season 8
159 A SquarePants Family Vacation

Waikiki Queen

Waikiki Queen was composed by George Kulokahai and his Island Serenaders.

Wailing Strings

Wailing Strings was composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • Model Sponge - "Now that I have no need of purchasing food for myself, I do not need a refrigerator.

Walking Bass

Walking Bass was composed by Richard Myhill.

Waltz Elegante

Waltz Elegante was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • Enemy In-Law - Plankton asks for Mrs. Krabs' hand in marriage.
  • That's No Lady - The whole Krusty Krab acknowledges Patrick (Patricia).

Waltzing Flutes

Waltzing Flutes was composed by Gerhard Narholz.

Waltzing in Dreamland

Waltzing in Dreamland was composed by Alan Moorhouse.

Waltz of the Flowers

Waltz of the Flowers was composed by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky.

War Agitato

War Agitato was composed by Jack Shaindlin.

War Lords

War Lords was composed by Robert Cornford.

War Statements

War Statements were composed by Laurie Johnson.

War Statement 3

# Episode Scene
Season 6
109 The Krabby Kronicle The customers angry at Mr. Krabs.
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One Patrick sees the straw hut.
Season 7
150 Krusty Dogs "We've got to get rid of these weiners and bring back the Krabby Patty."

War Statement 10

# Episode Scene
150 Krusty Dogs

"We've got to get rid of these weiners and bring back the Krabby Patty."


Wargames was composed by Keith Mansfield.

  • Truth or Square - "It's a perfect opportunity for Plankton to try and steal the formula."

Wargames Links

Wargames Links were composed by Keith Mansfield.

Wargames Link (d)

  • Neptune's Spatula - Neptune explains to SpongeBob that the loser has to give up fry cooking "for good".

Wargames Linking Sections

The Wargames Linking Sections were composed by Keith Mansfield.

Wargames Linking Section (b)

Wargames Linking Section (f)

Wargames Linking Section (g)

Wargames Linking Section (h)

War Lords

War Lords was composed by Robert Cornford.

War of Nerves

War of Nerves was composed by John Scott.

  • Imitation Krabs - SpongeBob reveals the disastrous consequence, TARTAR SAUCE!!!

Watch Out!

Watch Out! was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

# Episode Scene
# Episode Scene
Season 1
002 Bubblestand "Don't give me any of that! How can you two make all this noise just blowing bubbles?"
Season 7
132 Kracked Krabs SpongeBob nervously makes a speech about how generous Mr. Krabs is.
146 The Abrasive Side "Who he is just stinks!"
152 Perfect Chemistry "So it was you that befouled me office earlier, was it?"
Season 8
158 Sweet and Sour Squid "Plankton, what are you doing?"

The Way West

The Way West was composed by Jack Dorsey.

Wedding March

Wedding March was composed by Felix Mendelson-Bartholdy. There are several duets of this cue.

Geoff Bastow version

This version was arranged by Geoff Bastow for a small home organ.

  • Truth or Square - Mrs. Puff plays this at SpongeBob and Sandy's "wedding".

Ed Vernon version

This is a Dixieland jazz arrangement by Ed Vernon.

Wedding Procession

Wedding Procession is an organ arrangement of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's "Wedding March" by Leslie Pearson

Wien Bleibt Wien (Vienna Forever Vienna)

Wien Bleibt Wien (Vienna Forever Vienna) was composed by Andrew Pilmer.

Weird Bridge

Weird Bridge was composed by Roger Roger.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
074 Wigstruck The wig floats through the air.
075 Squidtastic Voyage "Where are we, Patrick?"
Season 5
092 Atlantis SquarePantis The tour of Atlantis continues with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward.
097 20,000 Patties Under the Sea Patrick and SpongeBob climb aboard the unearthed submarine.
099 SpongeHenge The food flies towards SpongeBob's house.

We're Saved

We're Savedis composed by Nicolas Carr. It was played twice in Pizza Delivery. It's the episode's title card and is sung by SpongeBob after Squidward says "Will you cut that out!"

We Shall Return!

We Shall Return! was composed by Udi Harpaz.

The Western Front

The Western Front was composed by Richard Myhill.

Western Panorama

Western Panorama was composed by Len Beadle.

West Point

This music composed by 2 composers.

West Point (Larry Hochman Version)

West Point (David Farnon Version)

West Side Rumble

West Side Rumble was composed by Sam Spence. Also This Is Another NFL Theme And This Also Plays In The Amazing World Of Gumball(A Show To Air On Cartoon Network That also uses the APM Library).

# Episode Scene
Season 2
024 Imitation Krabs "Code 12!"
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? Gary scrambles away.
076 The Thing SpongeBob and Patrick run from the SWAT team with Smellie.
Season 5
090 A Flea in Her Dome Sandy saves SpongeBob and Patrick from the fleas.
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? "Bikini Bottom is in a state of total chaos tonight."
100 Banned in Bikini Bottom The cops bust down SpongeBob's door.
Season 6
107 Giant Squidward SpongeBob grows Mr Krabs' penny.
108 Patty Caper Mr Krabs closes down the windows.

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor was a traditional folk song composed by Okko Bekker. This track seems to be semi-associated with Mr. Krabs.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
008 Squeaky Boots Title card; Mr. Krabs offers SpongeBob the boots.
017 Arrgh! "PLASTIC!"
020 Hooky "All right, SpongeBob LazyPants! I'll find you. This nose can smell laziness for up to 10,000 leagues! Aha! I'll give you a break you'll not soon forget!"
Season 2
022 Bossy Boots Mr Krabs shows SpongeBob the assecories in his office and how much they cost.
Season 3
048 No Weenies Allowed A fight breaks out in line for the Salty Spittoon.
053 Clams Mr. Krabs admires his millionth dollar and tells SpongeBob and Squidward that they are going on a fishing trip.
Season 4
061 Shell of a Man The trophy gets awarded to Mr. Krabs
Season 5
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? "The Krusty Krab is closed until further notice."
099 The Two Faces of Squidward All of Squidward's fans leave the Krusty Krab.
Season 6
107 No Nose Knows "What?! Why I gotta good mind to--!"

The Wheels of Industry

The Wheels of Industry was composed by Robert Sharples.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
050 Krusty Krab Training Video "As we can see by this graph..."
Season 4
069 Krusty Towers Squidward and SpongeBob see the Krusty Towers for the first time.
Season 5
084 Boat Smarts The "buckling up" segment.

Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels Within Wheels was composed by Ronald Hanmer

When Daylight Shines/Captain Lenoe's

When Daylight Shines/Captain Lenoe's is a medley of two English jigs performed by The Folk Players. The last note of the song usually plays when The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka is done playing.

Where Danger Lurks

Where Danger Lurks was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

Where Dreams Come True (a)

Where Dreams Come True (a) was composed by Jim Rattigan. The cover version was composed by Ron Goodwin.

Ron Goodwin version

Whimsical Walk

Whimsical Walk was composed by Phillip Green.

# Episode Scene
Season 7
129 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy People laugh at Sandy.
132 Kracked Krabs Exterior shot of the hotel.

Whisper from the Past

Whisper from the Past was composed by Gregor F. Narholz. On the show, it often follows another Narholz composition, "Fates".

# Episode Scene
Season 1
010 Culture Shock "So this is what it feels like. *sniff* The big time. With this mop, I shape my destiny!"
F.U.N. Plankton confesses.
014 Suds "You gotta help me get better, Patrick."
016 The Paper "Squidward's shirt. I've always loved that shirt!"
019 Neptune's Spatula Patrick encourages SpongeBob to go forward with the challenge.
Season 2
030 No Free Rides SpongeBob says to Mrs Puff that he must try hard next time.
031 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III SpongeBob and Patrick see the weapon wall.
035 Band Geeks "Evelyn, when your little Jimmy was trapped in a fire, who rescued him?"
Season 3
043 The Bully SpongeBob makes a speech.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? "Dear Neptune, what have I done?"; Gary reads SpongeBob's fliers.
072 All That Glitters "I had a spatula once. A real spatula."
079 The Pink Purloiner SpongeBob gives Patrick his Ol' Reliable.
080 The Gift of Gum SpongeBob cries.
Season 5
095 The Inmates of Summer SpongeBob and Patrick hug each other for a long time.
Season 6
106 A Life in a Day SpongeBob takes off his skateboard.
115 Cephalopod Lodge SpongeBob promises that he'll get Squidward back in the lodge.

Why Am I So Poor? B

Why Am I So Poor? B was composed by Laszlo Borteri.

The Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch was composed by John Fox and Otto Sieben.

  • Dunces and Dragons - The prisoners are released from jail; The travelers prepare for their plan.

Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

# Episode Scene
Season 5
083 Fungus Among Us Squidward finds out he has the ick.
092 Atlantis SquarePantis Patrick pushes the glass ball back.
Season 6
101 House Fancy Squidward realised the faded spot on the wall.
103 Suction Cup Symphony A storm clears from Squidward's brain.
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One "Mayday!"

Wild Panic

Wild Panic was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Tea at the Treedome "Your shell is mine!"
Season 3
059 The Sponge Who Could Fly SpongeBob is seen dressed in a bat costume.
Season 4
075 Squidtastic Voyage "Whirlpool spin!"
Season 6
107 No Nose Knows Scented candles.
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One JKL rescues Mr. Krabs.

The Wild West (a)

The Wild West (a) was composed by Ron Goodwin.

Will He, Won't He?

Will He, Won't He? was composed by David Lindup.

William Tell Overture

The William Tell Overture was composed by Gioachino Rossini. The finale is best known as the theme song for "The Lone Ranger".

Willy Nilly

Willy Nilly was composed by Cyril Watters.

  • Friend or Foe? - The backstory of Mr. Krabs & Plankton in grade school.

Winds of War

Winds of War was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking was composed by Richard Myhill.

With Tongue in Cheek

With Tongue in Cheek was composed by Trevor Duncan.

Witty Fellow

Witty Fellow was composed by Gerhard Trede.

Woe is Me!

Woe is Me! was composed by Richard Myhill. It was first used in a 1998 Nickelodeon bumper where a vampire wants a date.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
013 I Was a Teenage Gary "Squidward, something is wrong with Gary! Squidward!"
020 Hooky "Boys! I wasn't quick enough."
Season 3
048 Squilliam Returns (x1.8 speed) Whenever Mr. Krabs plays "the world's smallest violin"
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail SpongeBob reads Gary's letter.
069 Krusty Towers Mr. Krabs mocks Squidward.
080 Best Day Ever Squidward cries about his reed.
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe? Plankton & Mr. Krabs reconcile.
086 Bucket Sweet Bucket Plankton tells SpongeBob and Patrick his sob story.
Season 6
114 Ditchin'

"That's a shame what happened to Dale. We were classmates back in boating school. He used to be a good student, until he started cutting class."

123-124 Truth or Square "Poor little guy's starvin'."
Season 7
128 Stuck in the Wringer "A sad, sad, sad, sad, sad little bike rack."
140 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle "Oh, me sweet little girl, all alone..."

Wonderland of Snow

Wonderland of Snow was composed by Terry Day.

Wondrous Pastures

Wondrous Pastures was composed by John Fox.

Season Episode Scene
1 Nature Pants SpongeBob finds out that he is home at Jellyfish Fields.
2 Imitation Krabs The beginning.

Wooden Bear

Wooden Bear was composed by Gil Flat, Tony Tape and Florian Voelxen. This cue seems to be semi-associated with Plankton and Patrick.

Wooden Bear

Workaday World

Workaday World was composed by Jack Beaver.

Worker's Symphony

Worker's Symphony was composed by Hans May.

Workers Playtime

Workers Playtime was composed by Harry Bluestone.

# Episode Scene
Season 6
109 The Krabby Kronicle Patrick watches a pole.
118 Komputer Overload "Have you ever witnessed such marvolous machinery?"

Working Machines

Working Machines was composed by Gerhard Trede

Work like a Private Eye

Work like a Private Eye is a much-used piece of incidental music from the 1968-1973 Southern TV children's adventure programme, Freewheelers. It was composed by Laurie Johnson.

World of Fantasy

World of Fantasy was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

World of Sport

World of Sport was composed by Don Harper.

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