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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter Q.

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Queen's Aloha Oe

Queen's Aloha Oe is an arrangement of the tune "Aloha Oe" composed by Queen Lili'uokalani and performed by Kapono Beamer.

Queen's Aloha Oe (b)

This is the slower version of the cue.

Queen's Aloha Oe (c)

This version is just a little faster.

  • 9a. "Nature Pants" - SpongeBob gives away all his stuff says goodbye to all his friends.
  • 10b. "F.U.N." - SpongeBob invites Plankton to play with him.
  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - "I'm so loyal, I don't even mind sleeping on the cold hard ground..."
  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - "Ah, the Krusty Krab. Bikini Bottom's premiere daytime eatery, where it appears to be closing time right... about..." / "Now! 8:00!"
  • 95a. "The Inmates of Summer" - SpongeBob is seen waiting to go to camp.
  • 138b. "Rodeo Daze" - SpongeBob blows bubbles at night.
  • 145b. "Enchanted Tiki Dreams" - Squidward relaxes in his home.

The Quest (a)

The Quest (a) was composed by Will Schaefer.

Quest for the Best 1

Quest for the Best 1 was composed by David Reilly. It is considered to be a parody of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III.

Quest for the Best 2

Quest for the Best 2 is an alternate version of Quest for the best 1. It is the underscore from Quest for the Best 1 and features a heavier, more aggressive bass section.

Quick Lunch

Quick Lunch was composed by Heinz Ebert.

  • 31b. "Squirrel Jokes" - Plays when Sandy talks to SpongeBob backstage.

Quiz Logo 1

Quiz Logo 1 was composed by Dave Hewson.

Quiz Organs

Quiz Organs are composed by Curtis Schwartz.

Quiz Organ (b)

  • 4b. "Boating School" - "You’ve passed the oral test, what a surprise."

Quizzical Bridge 6

Quizzical Bridge 6 was composed by Harry Bluestone.

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