This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter Q.

List of associated production music contents

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Quango Tango

Quango Tango was composed by Jim Blake.

Queen's Aloha Oe

Main article: Queen's Aloha Oe

Queen's Aloha Oe is an arrangement of the tune "Aloha Oe" composed by Queen Lili'uokalani and performed by Kapono Beamer.

The Quest (a)

There are two different versions of The Quest (a). One was composed by Will Schaefer and the other one was composed by Robert Foster.

(Will Schaefer)

(Robert Foster)

  • 114a. "Dear Vikings" - Squidward teaching SpongeBob about the Vikings.

Quest for the Best 1

Quest for the Best 1 was composed by David Reilly. It is considered to be a parody of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III.

Quick Lunch

Quick Lunch was composed by Heinz Ebert.

  • 31b. "Squirrel Jokes" - Plays when Sandy talks to SpongeBob backstage.

Quirky Tension B

Quirky Tension B was composed by John Epping.

Quiz Logo 1

Quiz Logo 1 was composed by Dave Hewson.

Quiz Organ (b)

Quiz Organ (b) was composed by Curtis Schwartz.

  • 4b. "Boating School" - "You’ve passed the oral test, what a surprise."

Quizzical Bridge 6

Quizzical Bridge 6 was composed by Harry Bluestone.