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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter o.

List of associated production music contents

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Ocean Man

Ocean Man was composed by Ween

Off To Play

Off to Play was composed by David Snell.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
068 SquidBob TentaclePants Everyone celebrates Timmy's birthday.
Season 5
084 Spy Buddies "...buying baby clothes?"
085 Krabs a la Mode Mr. Krabs notices that kids are playing in his lawn.
097 20,000 Patties Under the Sea Plankton tries to sell chum to a little kid.

Of Love and Destiny

Of Love and Destiny was composed by Lucas Leighton.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
047 As Seen on TV SpongeBob slips and suddenly flips the patties in the air.
059 The Sponge Who Could Fly Patchy disposes of all his SpongeBob belongings.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? SpongeBob searches all over his house for Gary.
067 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture "Stick to the, stick to the... Lou, my darling!"
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe Patchy cries.
083 Waiting "I've been mean to GARY, and I flipped SANDY! And now, you hate me 'cause...

[sniffs] I'M A BIG JERK!!"

The Ogre

The Ogre was composed by Keith Nichols.

  • Pest of the West - "Okay, let's see. Personal possessions, clothes off your backs... that should about do it."

O.K. Mr. Hillbilly (Instrumental)

O.K. Mr. Hillbilly (Instrumental) is based on the traditional folktune "Cropple Creek". It was arranged by Roy Henley.

Old Comrades

Old Comrades was composed by Andrew Pilmer.

Old Creepy Feeling

Old Creepy Feeling was composed by John Scott.

# Episode Scene
Season 5
083 Rise and Shine Patrick tries to find out where the ringing is coming from.
088 Money Talks Mr. Krabs' money begs him to spend them.
093 BlackJack "Uh... lock the door behind you, kid."
Season 6
116 Squid's Visit "He copied all 492 of my self-portraits..."

Old Hilo March

Old Hilo March is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by Kapono Beamer.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
002 Bubblestand Title card.
003 Jellyfishing SpongeBob and Patrick give Squidward the jellyfish he caught in a jar.
008 Sandy's Rocket SpongeBob tries to convince Sandy to let him go to the moon with her.
Season 4
073 Once Bitten The ending. (Some parts of other songs override this song.)
Season 5
082 Night Light Patrick runs to the sun.
Season 7
127 I Heart Dancing Title card.

O Makalapua

O Makalapua is the traditional Hawaiian song performed by Kapono Beamer.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
014 Karate Choppers "Oh, all right, Mr. Krabs, you caught me."
Season 2
040 Squid on Strike SpongeBob cries because he, and Squidward got fired.
Season 3
042 Club SpongeBob Squidward talks to SpongeBob and Patrick while they are eating.
Season 4
070 Chimps Ahoy "Oh, it's no use, SpongeBob."
077 Driven to Tears SpongeBob admits that he's the litterbug.
Season 5
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Sandy reads the note from SpongeBob.
Season 6
101 Krabby Road Plankton cries after his machine breaks.
123-124 Truth or Square At the Chum Bucket, Plankton is celebrating 50 years of failure.
Season 7
136 A Day Without Tears Gary is shown sleeping.

O Primavera

O Primavera was composed by Robert (Bob) and John Foster.

  • Doing Time - "A memoir of my life, written in red ink!"

Once Upon a Dream

Once Upon a Dream was composed by Clive Richardson.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

On Fire

On Fire was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Tea at the Treedome Sandy fights a clam.
005 Pizza Delivery SpongeBob and Squidward go into a tornado with the pizza.
009 Nature Pants The Krusty Krab kitchen is set on fire.
015 Suds SpongeBob rolls towards the Krusty Krab.
017 Rock Bottom The bus goes far down into Rock Bottom.
Season 2
021 Squid's Day Off Squidward fantasizes SpongeBob setting the Krusty Krab on fire.
022 Something Smells "What is wrong with you people?!"
Season 3
041 SpongeGuard on Duty SpongeBob yells as he fantasizes the cemetery in Goo Lagoon.
042 Club SpongeBob Squidward gets lost in the forest while trying to escape.
045 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy?! Must...get...autograph!"
050 Wet Painters Patrick whacks the paint can with an axe. (The end of this track heard only)
056 I Had an Accident SpongeBob falls down.
058 Missing Identity Whenever someone hyperventilates heavily over SpongeBob's nametag (SpongeBob thrice and Patrick once).
Season 4
075 Squidtastic Voyage "What's happening?"
078 Born to Be Wild SpongeBob and Patrick run together; SpongeBob and Patrick try to hide one another.
Season 5
092 Atlantis SquarePantis The bus breaks down; the bus crashes into Atlantis.
099 SpongeHenge The Krusty Krab gets blown away; "I need a place to hide from those jellyfish."
100 Banned in Bikini Bottom Ms. Gristlepuss runs for the Patty that Al is eating.

On the Beach

On the Beach is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by Kapono Beamer.

On The Beach
# Episode Scene
Season 1
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors "Thanks SpongeBob, you're a real friend."
006 Pickles SpongeBob tries to remember how to go to bed.
009 Opposite Day "Op-po-site..." as the night turns into day on the island.
010 F.U.N. "And after that, we frolicked through the flowers."
013 I Was a Teenage Gary "This is gonna be the best three days of my life."; "Yes, yes, it's just as I thought."
014 Karate Choppers SpongeBob and Sandy go on a picnic.
015 Sleepy Time SpongeBob returns to his dream bubble; Everyone tells SpongeBob to stay out of their dreams.
016 Valentine's Day SpongeBob approaches Patrick while he makes a rock valentine; Patrick pleads SpongeBob to show him his valentine while SpongeBob walks to the carnival.
017 Arrgh! Mr. Krabs has won the board game 17 times in a row.
Rock Bottom The clock at the bus service station moves quickly as time passes by and we hear "next" repeatedly.
020 Hooky The ending.
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied Transition shot of the island from night to dawn, when SpongeBob wakes up to see his shoes are still untied.
022 Something Smells "You know what they say, Gary. I'm easy like Sunday moooooooooorrrrrrniiiiing."
Bossy Boots Squidward wears the Kuddly Krab uniform for a long amount of time.
024 Dying for Pie "I knew you'd come around, boy. Make something nice."
025 Wormy SpongeBob and Patrick run to Sandy's house to greet Wormy, only to find his butterfly form in his jar.
Patty Hype Title card; Transition shot of the island from night to dawn, when Mr. Krabs is seen sitting at the stand.
027 Life of Crime SpongeBob and Patrick name the upsides of being fugitives.
029 Dumped Gary is attached to Patrick; Patrick brushes his teeth, then SpongeBob comes over to talk.
035 The Secret Box SpongeBob tells Patrick every single one of his many secrets.
Band Geeks Squidward says he has to drum up a marching band and everyone reads the flyers.
036 Graveyard Shift "Isn't this great, Squidward?"
037 Procrastination Back at home, SpongeBob tries to start his essay.
Season 3
042 My Pretty Seahorse The "Three Days Later" time card and we see SpongeBob is still staring at the flower.
047 As Seen on TV Transition shot of the island as night turns into morning and SpongeBob walks to work; SpongeBob frequently says he was the guy on TV.
Can You Spare a Dime? The succession of time cards (Pitch -1 each time; beginning with +2); Mr. Krabs accuses Squidward of putting the dime in his pants.
049 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve Patrick promises SpongeBob to be home at 6:00.
052 Chocolate with Nuts SpongeBob keeps taking bags out of other bags.
058 Missing Identity SpongeBob does his morning routine; SpongeBob gets dressed and walks to work; SpongeBob tries to retrace his steps.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? Gary gets ready for his dinner; Gary slithers over to SpongeBob.
065 Selling Out Mr. Krabs goes to the hook museum.
069 Krusty Towers Squidward unclogs Patrick's toilet.
072 All That Glitters SpongeBob walks to work naked.
074 Bummer Vacation SpongeBob is on Krusty Krab property, but has to back up far.
075 That's No Lady The salesman gives out flyers; SpongeBob explains to Patrick that the assassin wasn't going to ban him from town, he was going to send him a vacation flier; The ending.
079 The Pink Purloiner SpongeBob and Patrick head to the bus to go home.
Season 5
083 Waiting "Let's go to the Krusty Krab for a Krabby Patty!"
085 New Digs SpongeBob prepares for bed.
093 Picture Day SpongeBob takes a shower.
Season 6
102 Nautical Novice SpongeBob recites all of his boating knowledge to Mrs. Puff.
108 Plankton's Regular Plankton comes out with another "Chum-On-a-Stick".
113 The Card The sun sets.
114 Ditchin' SpongeBob and Patrick hand their comic books to Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy.
121 Sand Castles in the Sand SpongeBob and Patrick begin building sand castles.
122 Chum Bucket Supreme Patrick resigns and Plankton throws a fit, eventually calling the hockey players "doo-doo dunderheads".
Season 7
131 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful Squidward comes home in a good mood.
146 Earworm SpongeBob goes to bed.
Season 8
170 Home Sweet Rubble SpongeBob gets ready, but has to fix the shelf; "Well, it isn't exactly Home Sweet Pineapple, but I suppose it could be much worse."

On With the Race

On With the Race was composed by Dennis Farnon.

One Over The Eight

One Over The Eight was composed by Len Stevens

Only Lovers Know A

Only Lovers Know A was composed by Mladen Franko.

Open and End Fanfare

Open and End Fanfare was composed by Nino Nardini. It accompanies the special episodes, specifically the ones that begin with "Patchy the Pirate Presents" / "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants Special!" including:

Open Prairie

Open Prairie was composed by Larry Hochman.

Opening Trailer 2

Opening Trailer 2 was composed by Syd Dale.

  • Tentacle-Vision - Plays as the theme music to "Squidward Chat" and "Squidward's House Party."

The Oracle

The Oracle was composed by David Farnon. This song is an ancient church music.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
019 Neptune's Spatula Neptune tries SpongeBob's Krabby Patty.
Season 3
042 Club SpongeBob "The conch is the one who brought us this banquet. This copyrighted conch is the quarterstone of our organization."
053 New Student Starfish "You see Patrick, Roger’s shell represents the fragile line between life and death when behind the wheel of a boat."
058 Plankton's Army The safe containing the secret formula is unlocked.
Season 7
126 The Clash of Triton "Son, hear my words."
145 Buried in Time SpongeBob bows in front of the tartar sauce bucket.

Orchestral Effects

Orchestral Effects were composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

Orchestral Effect (f)

Orchestral Ending (d)

Orchestral Ending (d) was also composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

Orchestral Flourishes

Orchestral Flourishes are composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Orchestral Flourish 4

Orchestral Flourish 6

Orchestral Links

Orchestral Links were composed by Mike Sunderland.

Orchestral Link (50)

Orchestrated Devices (c)

Orchestrated Devices (c) was composed by Raymond C. Jones.

Organ A Go Go

Organ A Go Go was composed by Syd Dale. Friend or Foe - Stinky strips into his new costume and takes a seat in a fancy limosine.

The Orkney Rope Waltz

The Orkney Rope Waltz is a traditional Scottish waltz performed by Brian Peters.


Outrage was composed by Peter Yorke.

Out of the Crypt

Out of the Crypt was composed by Harry Lubin.

Over The Waves

Over The Waves is a traditional song composed by Andrew Pilmer and Juventino Rosas.


Overture was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Oyster Girls

Oyster Girls is a traditional English country dance performed by Robert Alexander White.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Help Wanted SpongeBob enters the Krusty Krab.
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors Patrick does CPR on Squidward.
010 F.U.N. The ending
012 Employee of the Month Title card
Season 2
033 Shanghaied "And now it's time for Patchy's Pick hosted by SpongeBob's number one fan, Patchy the Pirate!"
034 Welcome to the Chum Bucket Title card
038 Sailor Mouth The ending

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