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Hackney Carriage

Hackney Carriage was composed by Cedric King-Palmer.

Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief is a traditional march usually used and associated with the President of the United States of America. There are two arrangements, one by Will Schaefer, and the other by George Wilson.

Hail to the Chief (a)

(George Wilson version)

Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah

Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah was composed by George Frideric Handel.

Halloween Antics A

Halloween Antics A was composed by Kevin Riepl.

  • 162. "Ghoul Fools" - The Flying Dutchman follows the captain.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Hall of Fame [#1]

  • 154a. "Drive Thru" - Mayor enters at the Krusty Krab.
  • 206b. "Code Yellow" - SpongeBob replaces the fish's skeleton.

Hall of Fame [#4]

  • 70a. "Chimps Ahoy" - "It's the banana peeler we've been searching 117 years for!"

Hall of Fame [#9]

  • 70a. "Chimps Ahoy" - "It's the banana peeler we've been searching 117 years for!"

Hall of Fame 29

Hand to Hand Combat 2

Hand to Hand Combat 2 was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Hangin' Ten

Hangin' Ten was composed by Rod Abernethy.

Hangman (b)

Hangman (b) was composed by Dave Hewson.

  • 25a. "Wormy" - "Now what?"

Happiness Castle

Happiness Castle was composed by Maurice De Courpalay.

Happy and Gay [#67.02]

Happy and Gay [#67.02] was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Happy Bells

Happy Bells was composed by Jan Rap and Peter Smid.

Happy Boy

Happy Boy was composed by Jack Shaindlin.

Happy Bridges

The Happy Bridges were composed by Harry Bluestone.

Happy Bridge 1

  • 118a. "Pet or Pests" - SpongeBob rings Mrs. Puff's doorbell.

Happy Bridge 3

Happy Choo Choo (a)

Happy Choo Choo (a) was composed by Otto Sieben.

Happy Christmas Medley

Happy Christmas Medley is a medley of traditional Christmas carols including "The Holly and the Ivy," "The First Noël," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" arranged by David Snell.

  • 28. "Christmas Who?" - "And now, direct from Encino, America's favorite pirate and president of the SpongeBob SquarePants fan club, Patchy the Pirate!"; Final scene with Patchy.

Happy End

Happy End was composed by Gerhard Trede.



Happy-Go-Lively was composed by Laurie Johnson. It was also known to play in other shows and movies.

  • 26b. "Squidville" - Title card; Montage of Squidward enjoying and then slowly getting bored of life in Tentacle Acres.
  • 88a. "Money Talks" - Exterior shot of the mall.
  • 91a. "Goo Goo Gas" - Plankton goes to the store to find baby powder.

Happy Haunting Hosts

SpongeBob Music - Happy Haunting Hosts01:41

SpongeBob Music - Happy Haunting Hosts

Happy Haunting Hosts was composed by Eban Schletter.

Happy Holiday Cheer

Happy Holiday Cheer was composed by Nicolas Carr and Hiram Titus.

Happy Home

Happy Home was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Happy Jose

Happy Jose was composed by Ulrich Wenzel. Listen here.

Happy Links 1-5

Happy Links 1-5 was composed by Paul Fenoulhet.

  • 215a. "Feral Friends" - Family playing with a ball; "Green cheese! Green cheese! Green cheese!"
  • 217a. "Spot Returns" - Spot reproduces.

Happy March

Happy March was composed by Sam Spence.

  • 212b. "Sportz?" - Sandy makes a basket.

Happy Sponge Chase Vibes

Happy Sponge Chase Vibes was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Happy Tune

Happy Tune was composed by Dieter Reith.

  • 93c. "BlackJack" - SpongeBob's parents watching TV.

Happy Woodcutter

Happy Woodcutter was composed by Pierre Jean Gidon.

Harem Harry

Harem Harry was composed by Bernard Ebbinghouse.

Harmonica Shorts

Harmonica Shorts were composed by Robb Appleton and Rick Fenn.

Harmonica Shorts [#30]

Harmonica Shorts [#31]

Harmonica Shorts [#32]

Harp Arpegg

The Harp Arpegg cues were composed by Marcin Pospieszalski.

Harp Arpegg 59.3 Harp

Harp Arpegg 59.4 Harp

Harp Ding

Harp Ding was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Harry the Hippo

Harry the Hippo was composed by Phillip Green.

Harry the Hippo [#54]

Harry the Hippo [#55]

Harry the Hippo [#56]

Harry's Back

Harry's Back was composed by Hans Ehrlinger.

A Hat, a Cane

A Hat, a Cane was composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

  • 10a. "Culture Shock" - SpongeBob's tap dancing routine with a hippopotamus bubble.

The Haunted Carnival

The Haunted Carnival was composed by Eban Schletter.

The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward first board the Dutchman's ship.
  • 56a. "Born Again Krabs" - SpongeBob stands up for Mr. Krabs.
  • 70b. "Ghost Host" - The Dutchman's ship appears.
  • 76b. "Hocus Pocus" - "Who dares to see Mr. Magic?!"


Haunted was composed by Rick Cassman and Vyv Hope-Scott.

Haunted House

Haunted House was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin. There are two versions.

Haunted House [#26]

Haunted House [#27]

Haunted Surf

Haunted Surf was composed by The Surfdusters.

  • 3b. "Plankton!" - "Psst... young man."; Plankton disguised as a flower.

Hawaii Jive Ho

Hawaii Jive Ho was composed by David Jones.

  • 54. "Ugh" - SpongeGar wakes up.

Hawaiian Adventures SpongeBob Theme

Hawaiian Adventures SpongeBob Theme was composed by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield. There are two versions.

(Version 1)

(Version 2)

Hawaiian Beach

Hawaiian Beach was composed by Peter Dennis.

Hawaiian Beauty

Hawaiian Beauty was composed by Lionel Wendling.

Hawaiian Breeze

Hawaiian Breeze was composed by Jon Jelmer. It has two parts. The first half of its second part sounds slightly different unlike that part's second half.

Hawaiian Calypso

Hawaiian Calypso was composed by Jo Van Wetter.

Hawaiian Cocktail

Hawaiian Cocktail was composed by Richard Myhill. It mostly plays as a sad theme for the show.

  • 1c. "Tea at the Treedome" - Sandy gives SpongeBob a grand tour of her treedome.
  • 2a. "Bubblestand" - "You should be ashamed of yourselves."; The ending.
  • 2b. "Ripped Pants" - SpongeBob walks away feeling embarrassed.
  • 4b. "Boating School" - "I’ve got too much to worry about."; "Only, now I don't even have my bike."
  • 8b. "Squeaky Boots" - SpongeBob apologizes to Mr. Krabs.
  • 12a. "The Chaperone" - "Oh, Gary, I'm a prom failure."
  • 12b. "Employee of the Month" - The Krusty Krab explodes and it starts raining Krabby Patties.
  • 16b. "The Paper" - Squidward giving SpongeBob all his stuff.
  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - "A game. That's right. Of course it is, my mistake. I guess I got a little carried away, eh?"
  • 17b. "Rock Bottom" - "Okay, 329."
  • 18b. "Walking Small" - "Gee, Plankton, I'm sorry about the Chum Bucket."
  • 19a. "Fools in April" - Squidward attempts to apologize to SpongeBob.
  • 19b. "Neptune's Spatula" - Patrick and Mr. Krabs cry; SpongeBob cries.
  • 20b. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" - "I'm sorry, Barnacle boy. I didn't mean it. I just wanted to spend time with you. You're my heroes!" (starts to cry)
  • 21a. "Your Shoe's Untied" - "SpongeBob's fault, SpongeBob's fault!"
  • 21b. "Squid's Day Off" - Mr. Krabs puts Squidward in charge while he's in the hospital.
  • 22a. "Something Smells" - Spiraling.
  • 24a. "Dying for Pie" - Squidward cries when he thinks SpongeBob has exploded.
  • 25b. "Patty Hype" - Mr. Krabs and Squidward make fun of the Pretty Patties.
  • 26b. "Squidville" - "SpongeBob, this is the final straw..."; "Yep, this is great..."
  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick are eaten. (Squidward's ending)
  • 35b. "Band Geeks" - "Well, you did it. You took my one chance at happiness and crushed it. Crushed it into little tiny, bite-size pieces. I really had expected better of you people. I guess I'm a loser for that, too. Don't bother showing up tomorrow. I'll just tell them you all died in a marching accident. So, thanks, thanks for nothing!"
  • 38b. "Artist Unknown" - SpongeBob feels ashamed of himself because of all of the work he worked on, and runs away to a city dump.
  • 40b. "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" - "No, not tough enough. Not tough enough!"
  • 41a. "The Algae's Always Greener" - "Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh..."
  • 44a. "Nasty Patty" - "What a brave man, going in the line of duty like that! Why? Why? Why?"
  • 45b. "Doing Time" - "But I don't belong here! It's all a big mistake!"
  • 46b. "One Krabs Trash" - SpongeBob leaves with the soda-drinking hat; "There he is with me $1,000,000 hat!"
  • 48a. "No Weenies Allowed" - SpongeBob cries after breaking his fingers.
  • 48b. "Squilliam Returns" - "O.K, I admit it! I'm a fraud! This was all a futile, pathetic attempt to impress you! This isn't really my restaurant... I'm just a cashier!"
  • 53a. "New Student Starfish" - "In one day I've gone from good noodle to bad egg."
  • 53b. "Clams" - Mr. Krabs bawls after his 1,000,000th dollar got eaten.
  • 55a. "The Great Snail Race" - SpongeBob apologizes to Gary for what he's done to him.
  • 56a. "Born Again Krabs" - "What have I done?"
  • 57a. "Krabby Land" - Krabs cries.
  • 60a. "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" - "Another day, another migraine."
  • F1. "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" - SpongeBob and Patrick cried after "everybody they know is a goner," Mindy tries to get their attention.
  • 64b. "Good Neighbors" - I have only half an hour of me time left, and the idiots took my house."
  • 65a. "Selling Out" - "Have fun, Mr. Krabs."
  • 65b. "Funny Pants" - SpongeBob sadly enters Mr. Krabs' office.
  • 66. "Dunces and Dragons" - SpongeBob and Patrick cry.
  • 67a. "Enemy In-Law" - "Why did I ever buy that computer wife? I need a real woman—not a girl in a cold-hard shell."
  • 67b. "Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture" - Pearl crying.
  • 68a. "Patrick SmartPants" - "Goodbye, Mr... best friend!"
  • 68b. "SquidBob TentaclePants" - "It's no use, Sandy."
  • 69b. "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired" - "I failed?"; "Why don't you ask the shattered remains of this pedestrian... HOW YOU DID?!?!"
  • 70a. "Chimps Ahoy" - "I've worked day and night for a week, but none of my inventions were any good."
  • 70b. "Ghost Host" - "Lonnie, there's this grand new product named toothpaste."
  • 71a. "Whale of a Birthday" - Pearl cries while running to the Krusty Krab.
  • 72a. "All That Glitters" - The spatula is being taken to the hospital.
  • 73a. "New Leaf" - Plays while seeing the inside of the Chum Bucket; Plankton gets upset after Mr. Krabs destroys his knickknacks.
  • 75b. "That's No Lady" - "Please unset it."
  • 76a. "The Thing" - "Day 5, I think. I've been waddling in those fields. I'm hungry, tired, lost..."
  • 77b. "Rule of Dumb" - The comic book collector cries.
  • 79b. "Squid Wood" - "Talk about no talent!"; Squidward cries.
  • . "Me Money" - SpongeBob cries.
  • 80a. "Best Day Ever" - SpongeBob finishes his speech.
  • 80b. "The Gift of Gum" - "What am I gonna do, Gary? It's hideous!"
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - "Why Mr. Krabs? Why does he hate us so?!"
  • 82b. "Night Light" - "All alone. No light. No shelter."
  • 83b. "Waiting" - "My birthday party? I missed my birthday party?"
  • 85a. "New Digs" - SpongeBob apologizes to Mr. Krabs that he was a minute late for work.
  • 85b. "Krabs à la Mode" - After the clamboni gets ruined.
  • 86b. "Bucket Sweet Bucket" - "Just forget it."
  • 87a. "To Love a Patty" - "I've been replaced by a sandwich!"
  • 88a. "Money Talks" - "I would give anything to talk to money!" (This one sounds more lower pitched.
  • 90b. "The Donut of Shame" - "A donut this nice could really make a guy happy."; Patrick cries in front of SpongeBob confessing he took the donut.
  • 91b. "Le Big Switch" - The customer sobs after being insulted.
  • 93a. "Picture Day" - SpongeBob cries after Patrick puts him on his taco.
  • 94a. "Blackened Sponge" - SpongeBob looks in the mirror at his black eye.
  • 98. "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" - SpongeBob escapes Bikini Bottom.
  • 100a. "Banned in Bikini Bottom" - Krabs cries.
  • 102b. "Nautical Novice" - Mrs. Puff sees SpongeBob all groggy when he arrives on the bus.
  • 104b. "Gone" - SpongeBob cries after realizing that he can't imitate Mrs. Puff or anybody.
  • 105a. "The Splinter" - "No, anything but that. Please Squidward, you can't let this happen! (cries) You can't let them force me away!"
  • 106a. "A Life in a Day" - SpongeBob, Larry, and Patrick end up in the hospital.
  • 108b. "Plankton's Regular" - "It's the second foulest thing I've ever tasted!"
  • 109a. "Boating Buddies" - "Officer, please! I have impeccable boat smarts! I pried my self in obtaining an unsoiled driving record! It's all that I have!"
  • 109b. "The Krabby Kronicle" - "You're reaching new levels of imagination, boy!"
  • 110a. "The Slumber Party" - Pearl gets angry at Mr. Krabs because of her slumber party that got ruined.
  • 110b. "Grooming Gary" - "I'm all alone behind this rope!"
  • 116a. "Squid's Visit" - Montage of SpongeBob crying and begging Squidward to visit his house.
  • 116b. "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" - "I wish I could see him one last time."
  • 118b. "Komputer Overload" - "Oh curse you cruel fate. Once again, you've left me covered in the sticky goo of my own folley. Only this time, I'm all alone."
  • 120b. "Toy Store of Doom" - Patrick explains to the construction worker that he and SpongeBob want to go to the toy store, but it's not open yet.
  • 122b. "Single Cell Anniversary" - "And now the smell of defeat's so deeply penetrates my soul that my very skin is permeated with its foul stench!"; Plankton tells SpongeBob about his wedding anniversary.
  • 123-124. "Truth or Square" - Plankton "launches himself."
  • 128b. "Stuck in the Wringer" - "I can't do anything without this stupid wringer getting in the way."; "Don't you go crying on me!"
  • 130a. "Greasy Buffoons" - The ultra chummy patties are shown.
  • 130b. "Model Sponge" - SpongeBob barges into Mr. Krabs' office, upset.
  • 133b. "Squidward in Clarinetland" - Squidward melts; "Squidward, are you okay?" (both sound higher pitched)
  • 136a. "A Day Without Tears" - SpongeBob stubs his toe. (higher pitched)
  • 140b. "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle" - (higher pitched) SpongeBob passes out; "SpongeBob, can you hear me?"
  • 146a. "The Abrasive Side" - SpongeBob is upset because he can't say no to anyone.
  • 150a. "Krusty Dogs" - Squidward is shown outside during his break.
  • 150b. "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa" - Mr. Krabs gets arrested after the ride has been destroyed.
  • 152a. "Big Sister Sam" - "No I don't. Not even a teensie, eensie, teensie bit. I see now that you've turned against my sister, you've turned on your best friend as well!"
  • 152b. "Perfect Chemistry" - "Well, I guess you won't be needing me anymore."
  • 161b. "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation" - Mr. Krabs cries over the shredded money.; Pearl cries.
  • 166b. "The Way of the Sponge" - "Oh yes I can! For wasting my time bringing me this sorry excuse for a student! Stick to something you're good at son."
  • 202b. "Snail Mail" - "You will notice that the sponge is bored, because his best friend Patrick is away."
  • 209b. "Plankton Gets the Boot" - "Aw, Plankton. I am so sorry that Karen threw you out."
  • 210b. "Burst Your Bubble" - SpongeBob gets sad.

Hawaiian Farewell

Hawaiian Farewell is an arrangement of Queen Liliuokalani's "Aloha Oe" by George Elliot.

  • 5b. "Home Sweet Pineapple" - "The only thing left of my house is this little pebble."
  • 6b. "Pickles" - SpongeBob keeps writing down and crossing off different ways to make the Krabby Patty.
  • 27b. "Life of Crime" - "Take a last look, Patrick. We can never go back." (High pitched)

Hawaiian Flower

Hawaiian Flower was composed by Jon Jelmer.

Hawaiian Happiness

Hawaiian Happiness was composed by Jon Jelmer.

Hawaiian Holiday

Hawaiian Holiday was composed by Kapono Beamer.

  • 9a. "Nature Pants" - SpongeBob quits his job.
  • 9b. "Opposite Day" - SpongeBob goes back to bed.
  • 13b. "I Was a Teenage Gary" - "He just needed water?" (Played at a higher pitch.)
  • 15b. "Suds" - SpongeBob opens the refrigerator.
  • 16a. "Valentine's Day" - Patrick sees the chocolate balloon.
  • 38a. "Sailor Mouth" - SpongeBob and Patrick vow to never use the bad word again.
  • 114b. "Ditchin'" - Sandy asks SpongeBob to stay and play badminton with her.

Hawaiian Hula

Hawaiian Hula was composed by Terry Day.

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Islands was composed by Harold Geller and Desmond Champ.

Hawaiian Links

The Hawaiian Links were composed by Richard Myhill. They are very brief slides on a lap steel guitar.

Hawaiian Link (a)

This one is a basic glissando.

Hawaiian Link (b)

This one is more melodic, sadder.

Hawaiian March

Hawaiian March was composed by Setsuo Ohashi and Yasuteru Miura.

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian Party was composed by three different composers. There are two versions.

(Version 1)

This version was composed by Peter Dennis.

(Version 2)

This version was composed by Jan Rap and Peter Smid.

Hawaiian Ragtime Blues

Hawaiian Ragtime Blues was composed by Barry Anthony.

  • 199a. "Sold!" - SpongeBob wakes up the next morning.

Hawaiian Slide

Hawaiian Slide was composed by Nicolas Carr and Jeremy Wakefield.

Hawaiian Theremin

Hawaiian Theremin was composed by Henry Gorman and Kat Green.

  • 151b. "Love That Squid" - "Even the illiterate are finding love."; "You just saw that, didn't you?"

Hawaiian Train

Hawaiian Train was composed by Victor Cavini. This is the first production music to play in the series, and is often used on title cards. Originally released from the Selected Sound music library album, ST 175 - Hawaii & South Pacific in 1985.

Head Over Heels (a)

Head Over Heels (a) was composed by Andrew Jackman.

  • 10a. "Culture Shock" - The first part of Squidward's interpretive dance.


Heat is a song written by The Blue Hawaiians. This song is mistakenly known by some as "Leaf Blower." This music played in SpongeBob Moves In!

Heavenly Voices (b)

Heavenly Voices (b) was composed by David Farnon.

Heavy Fight

Heavy Fight was composed by Gerhard Trede.

Heavy Footsteps (a)

Heavy Footsteps (a) was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Hello Blues

Hello Blues was composed by Sage Guyton & Jeremy Wakefield.

Hello Sailor (b)

Hello Sailor (b) was composed by Richard Myhill.

  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - "You mean, if we stayed open later, you'll give us your money?"
  • 43b. "The Bully" - The opening, where SpongeBob is confused about where to put his pencils.
  • 53b. "Clams" - "Uhhh, what do you like better the coral bits, or the nacho oyster skins?"
  • 57a. "Krabby Land" - Mr. Krabs comes out of his office.
  • 72b. "Wishing You Well" - "It's beautiful. (sniff sniff) You smell that, boys? That's the smell of money!"
  • 75b. "That's No Lady" - Mr. Krabs appears.
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - "Now that's a handsome-looking burger!"
  • 88a. "Money Talks" - At home, Mr. Krabs talks to his money.
  • 128a. "Growth Spout" - "You're the owner of the best restaurant."

Hen Pecker

Hen Pecker was composed by The Surfdusters.

Heraldic Call 4

Heraldic Call 4 was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Heraldic Overture

Heraldic Overture was composed by Sam Fonteyn.

Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot was composed by Gerhard Trede.

Here and There

Here and There was composed by Gary Hughes.

  • 104a. "Not Normal" - SpongeBob watches a video tape called: "Journey into Normality."

Here Comes the Band! (a)

Here Comes the Band! (a) was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush is a traditional song arranged by Nicolas Carr.

Here it Comes (a)

Here it Comes (a) was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

  • 57a. "Krabby Land" - "Happy first day of summer, Squidward!"

Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (b)

Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (b) is an old Australian folk tune arranged by Tim Laycock and Robert Alexander White. This usually plays as a sad theme for Mr. Krabs or the Krusty Krab.

Heroes Salute

Heroes Salute was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Heroes to the Rescue

Heroes to the Rescue was composed by Nicolas Carr and Barry Anthony.

  • 153a. "Accidents Will Happen" - "I wasn't about to stand idly by..."
  • 156. "Frozen Face-Off" - Everyone cheers; "Full speed ahead!"
  • 163a. "Mermaid Man Begins" - "And now, without further fanfare..."
  • 180a. "Patrick-Man!" - "I am Patrick-Man, defender of Bikini Bottom!" (Low pitched); "Fear not! Patrick-Man is here!"; "I am... Patrick-Man!"/"Shush SpongeBob! My identity must be kept secret!"; "Just remember this: Violence solves nothing!"; "No time for silly talk, citizen; "Hait! Patrick-Man is onto you!"; Everyone cheers.

Hero v. the Villain

Hero v. the Villain was composed by Johnny Pearson.

Heroes Win

Heroes Win was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Heroes Win 10

  • 23a. "Big Pink Loser" - "I want to defeat the giant monkey man and save the ninth dimension!"

Heroes Win 60

Hero of the Beach

Hero of the Beach was composed by The Surfdusters.

A Hero's Story (a)

A Hero's Story (a) was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Hey Buddy

Hey Buddy was composed by Nino Nardini.

Hey, Hot Lips! (d)

Hey, Hot Lips! (d) was composed by Dick Walter

  • 76b. "Hocus Pocus" - SpongeBob juggles with his holes.

Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman

Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman was composed and performed by Jeremy Wakefield and Sage Guyton.

  • 40a. "Squid on Strike" - Title card; SpongeBob lies on his bed, listening to a Record Player.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek was composed by Arthur Wilkinson.

Hide and Seek [#17]

Hide and Seek [#17] was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Hiding Place

Hiding Place was composed by Marc Andre Dall'Anese.

High Black Shoes

High Black Shoes was composed by Tom Hedden.

High Hazard

High Hazard was composed by Philippe Pares.

High Noon

High Noon was composed by John Anthony.

  • 89a. "The Krusty Sponge" - Gene Scallop enters at the Krusty Krab; Gene walks up to the register.
  • 96. "Pest of the West" - SpongeBuck arrives in Dead Eye Gulch; High noon.

High Speed Action

High Speed Action was composed by Laurie Johnson.

High Steppin'

High Steppin was composed by Larry Hochman.

Highly Strung

Highly Strung was composed by George French.

Hillbilly Dual

Hillbilly Dual is composed by Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield.

Hillbilly Haydown

Hillbilly Haydown was composed by Chris Marshall and Roderick Matthews.

  • 31b. "Squirrel Jokes" - Sandy, dressed like a hillbilly, greets SpongeBob.

Hillbilly Party

Hillbilly Party was composed by Nicolas Carr.

  • 142a. "Trenchbillies" - Title card; Wrestling match; Trenchbillies destroying the Krusty Krab; Ending.

Hilo Rag

Hilo Rag was composed by Guy Fletcher. This song was also used in adverts for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.


Hippomania was composed by John Fox and Mac Prindy.

  • 216b. "The Clam Whisperer" - "There you are!"; Squidward says the clams don't belong in a civilized town.

Hippo's in my Bath

Hippo's in my Bath was composed by Richard Myhill. Outside of SpongeBob, it most likely plays in the popular and first Nintendo Video Original Series to extensively use the APM Music Library, Threediots.

Historical Fanfares

Historical Fanfares were composed by Gerhard Narholz.

Historical Fanfare [#31.04]

Historical Fanfare [#32.05]

  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - "One for all... and all for one."

Historical Fanfare [#32.07]

Historical Fanfare [#68.02]

Historical Fanfare [#68.02] was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run was composed by two composers.

(Version 1)

This version was composed by Sam Spence.

(Version 2)

This version was composed by Ralph Dollimore.

Hog Fever (a)

Hog Fever (a) was composed by Graham Preskett.

Holiday Dream

Holiday Dream was composed by Max Mahlmann.

SpongeBob Music Holiday Dream02:31

SpongeBob Music Holiday Dream

Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic was composed by Malcom Lockyer and Bert Weedom. Its original title was 'Jolly Gigolo' when first released in 1957.

Holiday Playtime

Holiday Playtime was composed by Cedric King-Palmer.

Holiday Seasonings

Holiday Seasonings was composed by Eban Schletter.

  • 175. "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" - Patchy driving a mail truck; Patchy's mail truck crashes/Patchy and Potty huddled around a fire; "Ah, Christmas Eve!"; Patchy finds Santa's workshop/Polar bear chases Patchy.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail was composed by Larry Hochman.

The Holy Land

The Holy Land was composed by David Farnon.

Hollywood Christmas [#70.02]

Hollywood Christmas [#70.02] was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Hollywood Ending 3

Hollywood Ending 3 was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Hollywood Fanfare

Hollywood Fanfare was composed by Larry Hochman.

Hollywood Heyday

Hollywood Heyday was composed by Gareth Hughes.

Hollywood Glitz

Hollywood Glitz was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Hollywood Glitz [#10]

Hollywood Glitz [#12]

The Homeward Trail (b) [#38]

The Homeward Trail (b) [#38] was composed by John Fox.

Honolulu Lula

Honolulu Lula was composed by Terry Day.

Honolulu March

Honolulu March is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by Hans Haider. Originally released from the Selected Sound music library album, ST 175 - Hawaii & South Pacific in 1985.

  • 1a. "Help Wanted" - "Today's the big day, Gary."; "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready..."; SpongeBob runs to the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob flys in the kitchen.
  • 2a. "Bubblestand" - SpongeBob shows Squidward the "technique"; Squidward attempts to blow a bubble, while SpongeBob and Patrick try to remind Squidward about the "technique."
  • 3a. "Jellyfishing" - SpongeBob eagerly waits for the return of Squidward.
  • 5b. "Home Sweet Pineapple" - Squidward wakes up knowing that it is the day that SpongeBob finally moves.
  • 7a. "Hall Monitor" - SpongeBob continues his hall monitor duties downtown.
  • 13b. "I Was a Teenage Gary" - Gary plays in his exercise wheel.
  • 16b. "The Paper" - Squidward tries to think of things to do that are more fun than SpongeBob's paper.
  • 17b. "Rock Bottom" - SpongeBob floats back home on his balloon.
  • 20a. "Hooky" - "Okay, Gary, today is a new day. I'm ready to prove myself loyal to Mr. Krabs."
  • 51. "Party Pooper Pants" - Title card.
  • 56b. "I Had an Accident" - Title card.
  • 132a. "Yours, Mine and Mine" - The next morning, SpongeBob wakes up, excited to play with the toy.
  • 133b. "Squidward in Clarinetland" - The opening.
  • 169b. "Planet of the Jellyfish" - The opening.
  • 193b. "What's Eating Patrick?" - The ending.
  • 207a. "Mimic Madness" - SpongeBob is back to normal; "I remember! I know who I am!"

Hop and Skip

Hop and Skip was composed by Phil Green.

Hopeless Situation 2

Hopeless Situation 2 was composed by Phil Green.

Hope & Glory

Hope & Glory was composed by Thomas Blug and Mark Scholz.


Horlepiep is a traditional Dutch polka performed by bandoneon player Jan Rap. The cue is mainly associated with Mrs. Puff and/or her Boating School.


Horror-Scope was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

  • 215a. "Feral Friends" - Pearl and Larry become real-looking creatures; Sandy protects Squidward from Neptune's Moon.
  • 216a. "Cave Dwelling Sponge" - Cave sponge puts ketchup on his face as war paint; Customers complaining about the food; Cave sponge at city hall.
  • 217a. "Spot Returns" - Karen still rebooting.

Horror Build (g)

Horror Build (g) was composed by Dave Hewson.

  • 10a. "Culture Shock" - "Or maybe double-patty midnight madness."

Horror Chords

Horror Chords were composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Horror Chords (b)

Horror Crash

Horror Crash was composed by Harry Lubin.

Horror House of Wax Retro 2

Horror House of Wax Retro 2 was composed by Nicolas Carr and Ron Wasserman.

Horror Link (a)

Horror Link (a) was composed by Len Rawle.

  • 13a. "Scaredy Pants" - "Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I am the Flying Dutchman! Booga, booga, booga, booga! Give me your souls!"

The Horror Never Ends 60

The Horror Never Ends 60 was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Horror Strike [#45]

Horror Strike [#45] was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Horses for Courses

Horses for Courses was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Hostile Space

Hostile Space was composed by Harry Lubin.

Hot Like Chili (a)

Hot Like Chili (a) was composed by Ty Ardis and Jimi Palermo.

Hot Steel and Slide Licks

Hot Steel and Slide Licks were composed by Jeremy Wakefield. They replaced the original Steel Sting's and Steel Licks during season 8. There are multiple versions.

House of Horror

Main article: House of Horror

House of Horror is actually two different tracks, with one consisting of five parts composed by William Merrick Farran, and the second one composed by Larry Hochman.

House of Horror [#10]

House of Horror [#10.02]

  • 3b. "Plankton!" - Plankton ventures inside SpongeBob's head.
  • 23b. "Bubble Buddy" - Everyone begins to surround SpongeBob with needles in an attempt to pop Bubble Buddy.
  • 25a. "Wormy" - SpongeBob realizes the "Best Friend" tag has fallen off of Wormy when he was changing into a butterfly overnight.
  • 27b. "Life of Crime" - "I'm warning you!"
  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - Squidward's story of the "Hash-Slinging Slasher" begins to come true.
  • 39a. "Jellyfish Hunter" - No Name breathes heavily on the phone and cuts the power to SpongeBob's house.
  • 50a. "Wet Painters" - SpongeBob tries to warn himself of being careful with the permanent paint; The slideshow of time cards is shown until Patrick is seen carrying a "3 HOURS LATER" card.
  • 57b. "The Camping Episode" - SpongeBob and Patrick tell Squidward what attracts sea bears.
  • 157b. "Oral Report" - SpongeBob begins to feel nervous.
  • 188b. "Yeti Krabs" - "Yes, but that won't make any difference, because of your proximity to Squidward's laziness."
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - "Oh, another little stray friend."

House of Horror [#10.03]

  • 3b. "Plankton!" - Plankton finally gets the control on.
  • 20b. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" - "Still getting burned off that tail pipe, huh, Barnacle Boy?"
  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - The Flying Dutchman begins to scare a kid fish.
  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - "The walls will ooze green slime?!"
  • 50a. "Wet Painters" - SpongeBob and Patrick scream as the drop of paint goes out of the pot.
  • 63. "Have You Seen This Snail?" - Gary finds out Grandma's true plan of eating him.
  • 78b. "Best Frenemies" - "What's happening to me?!"
  • 89a. "The Krusty Sponge" - SpongeBob gets Mr. Krabs to save him from the Spongy Zombies in the Krusty Krab.
  • 94b. "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob" - The zombifed heroes push through the crowd; Mermaid Man stomps on the Krabby Patty.
  • 104a. "Not Normal" - "It's me, Squidward. I'm looking for SpongeBob."
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - "Oh no, Patrick, no outside-ies for you."
  • 202a. "Food Con Castaways" - SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, & Mr. Krabs sit around a campfire terrified.

House of Horror [#10.04]

  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - A bus arrives.
  • 60b. "Pranks a Lot" - SpongeBob and Patrick (the ghosts) begin to haunt Mr. Krabs.
  • 61a. "Fear of a Krabby Patty" - SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that he sees "Killer Krabby Patties" everywhere.
  • 188b. "Yeti Krabs" - "Oh no, your lack of work is taking on an odor!"
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - An official arrives at SpongeBob's house.

House of Horror [#10.05]

  • 7a. "Hall Monitor" - SpongeBob is screaming and babbling while he runs in the mailbox.
  • 13b. "I Was a Teenage Gary" - Title card; Squidward sees SpongeSnail.
  • 14a. "SB-129" - Squidward is frozen as the latch comes off.
  • 14b. "Karate Choppers" - Volcano sauce bottle is shown.
  • 16a. "Valentine's Day" - Patrick goes on a rampage.
  • 18b. "Walking Small" - "MEGA BUCKET?!"
  • 20a. "Hooky" - SpongeBob pictures himself in a tuna can.
  • 22b. "Bossy Boots" - SpongeBob screams after he sees Mr. Krabs laying on the ground.
  • 23b. "Bubble Buddy" - SpongeBob screams after Pearl blows her bubblegum.
  • 25a. "Wormy" - SpongeBob and Patrick notice the butterfly probably ate Wormy.
  • 29a. "Survival of the Idiots" - Sandy screams.
  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - The Flying Dutchman continues scaring the kid fish.
  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - SpongeBob starts screaming repetitively (Double pitched); The "Hash-Slinging Slasher" is real.
  • 39a. "Jellyfish Hunter" - "Blue jelly!"
  • 49a. "Krab Borg" - Mr. Krabs comes out of the door with painful red eyes, a pair of small tonks in his hand, and batteries in his pocket; "Squidward, the robots are running the navy!"
  • 50a. "Wet Painters" - The paint starts going down the wall; The dollar is shown to have a tiny drop of paint (High pitched)
  • 60b. "Pranks a Lot" - Mr. Krabs screams.
  • 61a. "Fear of a Krabby Patty" - SpongeBob begins to be afraid of Krabby Patties (High pitched).
  • 63. "Have You Seen This Snail?" - Grandma goes after Gary.
  • 64a. "Skill Crane" - "I gotta win that crane!"
  • 64b. "Good Neighbors" - Squidward's house grows arms and legs; Squidward's house destroys everything in Bikini Bottom.
  • 67a. "Enemy In-Law" - Betsy Krabs screams in fright from being taken by the Chum-Bot.
  • 68b. "SquidBob TentaclePants" - The ending.
  • 70b. "Ghost Host" - The Flying Dutchman scares Squidward by using various things; the ending (High pitched).
  • 72a. "All That Glitters" - SpongeBob starts crying uncontrollably when his spatula is broken (High pitched).
  • 73b. "Once Bitten" - "That mad snail is coming! If he bites you, you'll turn into a zombie!" (Faster than usual)
  • 76a. "The Thing" - Squidward, covered in hard cement, gets stung by jellyfish (Double pitched).
  • 79a. "The Pink Purloiner" - SpongeBob runs around in the background wiping saliva off his tongue and screaming after using "Confess-A-Bear."
  • 83c. "Fungus Among Us" - The camera shows the ick on Squidward's head.
  • 87a. "To Love a Patty" - "What's happened to you?!"
  • 90c. "The Krusty Plate" - Mr. Krabs sees the spot; SpongeBob sees the spot (High pitched).
  • 98. "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" - The decorative egg hits SpongeBob.
  • 100b. "Stanley S. SquarePants" - The camera zooms in at a broken spatula (High pitched).
  • 104a. "Not Normal" - Normal Squidward revealed.
  • 105a. "The Splinter" - Squidward grabs 2 pillows and places them over his ears while SpongeBob screams.
  • 107b. "No Nose Knows" - "Bad smells are all around me!"
  • 110b. "Grooming Gary" - Pets start a riot.
  • 120b. "Toy Store of Doom" - "Nothing can stop it!"
  • 150a. "Krusty Dogs" - "No more Krabby Patties?"
  • 152b. "Perfect Chemistry" - Squidward screams as he sees SpongeBob's eyes blinking; Squidward screams after SpongeBob's mouth says "Hi, Squidward!" (High pitched).
  • 157b. "Oral Report" - The students angrily stare at SpongeBob.
  • 184b. "Evil Spatula" - Title card; Plankton looks at the label too late ("Oh, no.") and the Chum Bucket explodes.
  • 187a. "Don't Look Now" - SpongeBob and Patrick scream before "Two hours later..." time card; "He's gonna turn us into fish sticks!"
  • 192a. "Company Picnic" - Squidward screams after one of his eyes starts burning; SpongeBob stops Mr. Krabs from signing the contract.
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - SpongeBob's house full of snails.
  • 194b. "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom" - The ending.
  • 196a. "The Fish Bowl" - Closeup of Patrick's foot.
  • 197a. "Mall Girl Pearl" - " dad!"
  • 200. "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" - Everyone throws up sand.
  • 206b. "Code Yellow" - Closeup of Squidward's nose.
  • 207b. "House Worming" - Squidward screams as he hoses down SpongeBob.
  • 208b. "Krusty Katering" - Kids and Patrick scream.
  • 214b. "Out of the Picture" - Mother and son scream.

House of Horror

This was the other version composed by Larry Hochman.

Housewives Choice

Housewives Choice was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Hula Festival

Hula Festival (aka "Hula Dancers") was composed by George Elliot.

Hula Guitars

Hula Guitars was composed by Eric Spencer.

The Humpback Hop

The Humpback Hop is composed by Theo Mondle.

The Hurry Up

The Hurry Up was composed by Kenny Graham.

Hustle and Bustle

Hustle and Bustle was composed by Jack Beaver.

Hymn of Achievement

Hymn of Achievement was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Hymn of Achievement

Hymn of Achievement [#7.03]

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