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Many characters of SpongeBob SquarePants have held antagonistic roles in various episodes, even though they are normally portrayed as heroes, or at the very least, not villainous. This is a list of antagonistic traits shown by otherwise good characters. This list doesn't include Plankton, The Flying Dutchman, Man Ray, Dirty Bubble, or any other characters who are already evil most of the time.

Antagonism is behavior that purposefully hinders the other character or characters from getting what they want.

Any episodes in bold are where a character serves as the main antagonist of that episode.

Any episodes in underlining are where an antagonism may or may not be an antagonism, such as if it was simply an accident.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Keep in mind, SpongeBob is usually funny, kind, and optimistic, but these traits do not mean that he is safe from antagonism, including being annoying. He can cause very bad things to happen and can sometimes make the situation even worse.

  • In "Ripped Pants," he annoys everyone by repeatedly ripping his pants, continuing to do this after the joke stopped being funny. Later, he even fools everyone into thinking he drowned.
Pizza Delivery Gallery (22)

SpongeBob holding on to the pizza, even when being sucked into a tornado.

  • In "Pizza Delivery," After getting lost in the desert due to his bad driving, he and Squidward are on the verge of starvation, but he repeatedly refuses to let Squidward eat the pizza they were delivering. He even refuses to let go of it at the risk of them both being sucked into a tornado. Although he was not doing this maliciously, as he was simply looking out for the customer, it was still very selfish of him to do so.
  • In "Opposite Day," he and Patrick break into Squidward's house and later annoy Squidward's realty agent to the point where she refuses to let Squidward sell his house. They also didn't care about Squidward's misery since they only told Squidward they "hate" him (which means they love him in opposite day). As punishment, Squidward chases them out of town with his bulldozer.
  • In "Sandy's Rocket," SpongeBob, convinced by Patrick about the existence of aliens, highjacks Sandy's rocket, and ends up joining him in shooting every Bikini Bottomite (who they misinterpret as aliens). When Sandy finds out about this, the two shoot her. Afterwards, SpongeBob suspects Patrick of being an alien, getting him to shoot himself. At the end of the episode, SpongeBob ends up landing the rocket on the Moon, and seeing Earth, he realizes his mistake, which results in the captives complain to him that they would like a word with him.
  • In "Employee of the Month," he destroys Squidward's clocks hoping to get him to wake up late. He then sets up a bunch of traps for Squidward while running back to the Krusty Krab. He also ends up destroying the Krusty Krab while trying to prove himself a better employee than Squidward.
  • In "Walking Small," he ruthlessly takes what he wants and, egged on by Plankton, drives everyone from the beach, but later he realizes he was tricked and manipulated by Plankton.
  • In "Squirrel Jokes," he performs insult comedy about squirrels and, though Sandy asks him to stop, SpongeBob disregards her request and continues to do so for his career. Sandy then acts dumb to teach him a lesson.
  • In "Pressure," he, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs make fun of Sandy to show that sea creatures are better than land creatures. SpongeBob also causes Sandy to take off her helmet as they still were making fun of her, which almost causes her to suffocate to death.
  • In "Gary Takes a Bath," because Gary resists taking a bath, SpongeBob goes to the extreme measures of making the bath come to him, which involves him soaking up the water in the bath and spitting it at Gary, though it fails and SpongeBob ends up having to take a bath in the end.
  • In "The Secret Box," SpongeBob steals Patrick's secret box even though Patrick tells SpongeBob that he is not allowed to see Patrick's box.
  • In "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm," he is willing to trip Sandy if she does not admit that he was right while running away from the Alaskan Bull Worm.
  • In "Just One Bite," he forces Squidward to eat a Krabby Patty, even though Squidward does not want to. SpongeBob annoys Squidward until he gives in.
  • In "Nasty Patty," he helps Mr. Krabs create a tainted patty to poison the health inspector. Though it's possible he only helps Mr. Krabs taint the patty because he threatens to fire him if he does not join him.
  • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV," after Mermaid Man leaves his belt at the Krusty Krab, after only one attempt to return the belt, SpongeBob decides, even though he thinks otherwise, to keep the belt until after work. He then proceeds to play with the shrinking device, eventually shrinking everybody in Bikini Bottom. He also selfishly ignores Squidward's demands into giving it back to Mermaid Man, fearful that Mermaid Man will kick him out of the fan club.
  • In "Krab Borg," when he thinks that Mr. Krabs was a robot (the side effect of watching a scary movie), he tries to evidence that he was a robot by calling him (from the steps of being a robot) to Squidward. When Squidward believes Mr. Krabs is a robot too (by a minor incident involving Mr. Krabs getting boiled egg in his eye and batteries in his pocket), they make a truce to torture him, especially by destroying his objects aside from Cashy. But after being asked by Squidward how the movie ended, SpongeBob felt guilty and abandons Squidward, getting him in trouble with Mr. Krabs.
  • In "Party Pooper Pants," he cut off Squidward's house cables in order to get him to the party and scolded anyone who would mess the schedule. When SpongeBob got locked out and interprets his party ruined, he tried to ruin it (oblivious that they were having fun.)
  • In "The Great Snail Race," he ruthlessly overworks Gary in hopes of him winning the race. He doesn't let him have breaks and even overworks Gary when asleep. This is probably SpongeBob's biggest antagonistic role yet. While SpongeBob didn't do so with malice intent, it was still very excessive of him to do so, and it would be considered animal cruelty.
  • In "Pranks a Lot," he and Patrick trespassed and scared everyone, and attempted to burn Mr. Krabs' money. However, when Krabs doused the fire, SpongeBob and Patrick were busted nude. Though Krabs claimed he was okay with it, SpongeBob and Patrick got punished by being seen nude in public shown by Mr. Krabs, which viewers are the people the two pranked.
  • In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, he ruthlessly scolds Mr. Krabs because Mr. Krabs didn't make him manager of The Krusty Krab 2, while intoxicated on ice cream.
  • In "Have You Seen This Snail?," he constantly neglected and yelled at Gary even though he was trying to tell SpongeBob to feed him. This causes Gary to leave him.
Gary & Spongebob (The Great Snail Race)

SpongeBob overworking Gary even during bedtime.

  • In "Bummer Vacation," SpongeBob becomes psychopathic towards Patrick when he meets Krusty Krab employee Patrick in his rock.
  • In "The Thing," he and Patrick enter Squidward's house uninvited and annoy him by asking many questions. They also inadvertently injure Squidward repeatedly while they think he is Smelly.
  • In "Driven to Tears," SpongeBob tries to turn Patrick in to the police simply for going half a mile above the speed limit and later tears up Patrick's license out of jealousy.
  • In "The Pink Purloiner," SpongeBob accuses Patrick of stealing Ol' Reliable, and uses multiple methods of interrogation, such as using Confess-A-Bear, stalking him, and disguising as a billionaire. In reality, Patrick was making him a new net and SpongeBob leaves the net on the bus every week.
  • In "Squid Wood," he constantly annoys Squidward by asking him to play with him (oblivious that Squidward didn't want to). Eventually he makes a ventriloquist dummy of Squidward which starts to steal Squidward's life.
  • In "To Love a Patty," he kept Patty, a formerly perfect Krabby Patty, from harm's way, oblivious and disregardful to her stench and his friends' warnings. However, after Squidward's warning, SpongeBob finally realized how rancid and repulsive Patty is.
  • In "Breath of Fresh Squidward," as SpongeBob was surprised that Squidward would be pogo-dancing with Patrick, he angrily scolds Squidward for taking his Employee of the Month award and for being friendly to Patrick. He then orders Squidward to leave the party, even though the party is for Squidward.
  • In "The Krusty Plate," in an attempt to remove the spot from a plate, he ends up causing a vortex around the Krusty Krab, and eventually causes an explosion which destroys the restaurant.
  • In "Blackened Sponge," after receiving a black eye, he lied to anyone he came into contact with that he got the black eye from Jack M. Crazyfish as well as acting mean. This lasted until Jack M. Crazyfish entered the Krusty Krab.
  • In "House Fancy," he hurts Squidward's toenail and causes it to bleed and seems completely oblivious to this. He also destroys Squidward's house, although this actually causes Squidward to win the House Fancy competition.
  • In "A Life in a Day," after being addicted to "Living like Larry" in a motorcycle chase, SpongeBob did a dangerous stunt that involves being harpooned to Ripper's Reef. This left to him and Patrick (along with Larry) injured, and after all this, SpongeBob never learned his lesson, making Larry chase him out the hospital.
  • In "Boating Buddies," he chases Squidward and causes him to speed and get sentenced to a day in boating school. He also makes a very creepy face when he is staring and breathing heavily in Squidward's face. Throughout the episode, he also repeatedly harasses and annoys Squidward.
  • In "Grooming Gary," SpongeBob made Gary wear scratchy fancy outfits in order to win the pet show, but instead causes Gary and every other snail and worm to start a rampage at the pet show.
  • In "Porous Pockets," upon receiving money, SpongeBob began to care for his money over anything, including his friendship with Patrick. Before SpongeBob lost all his money, Patrick warned him about him overspending his money and that everyone in his pineapple were strangers (friends in SpongeBob's case), yet SpongeBob disregarded this.
  • In "Choir Boys," SpongeBob digs up a pothole to get Squidward's attention, has him pinned down by jellyfish, writes him a ticket for frowning and not wanting him to listen to his song, and ultimately upstages him in the end. Unlike most of SpongeBob's other actions, this was purposeful on his part.
  • In "Cephalopod Lodge," SpongeBob and Patrick got Squidward banned from the Cephalopod Lodge, the one thing that makes his life bearable, by spying on him and then revealing themselves to the club. They also had their own club with a painful initiation (by using a jellyfish to sting someone's tongue), which injures Squidward (who the two had to kidnap so he could join). After Squidward gets rejoined, SpongeBob and Patrick get him re-banned and did the painful initiation to him again.
  • In "Squid's Visit," SpongeBob begs Squidward to visit his house but Squidward refuses. SpongeBob then makes his house look exactly like Squidward's then steals Squidward's vacuum cleaner for him to come and get it. Squidward demands his vacuum, but SpongeBob very bluntly ignores the demands, instead trying everything he can to make sure Squidward stays. SpongeBob forces Squidward to stay so long that Squidward's house ends up burned down because Squidward had left a casserole in the oven (despite Squidward telling him he needed to get home pronto for that reason).
  • In "Shell Shocked," SpongeBob broke Gary's shell and he tried to get a replacement shell for him at Angry Jack's Shell Emporium. Unfortunately, he broke all the shells there (though Angry Jack wasn't mad at first until that point.) Luckily, SpongeBob was able to get Gary a shell: Mr. Krabs' shell. As punishment for starting the problem, Gary locks SpongeBob out.
  • In "Pineapple Fever," when Squidward was hungry, SpongeBob assaulted him as he prevented him from crossing the line he created. But as Squidward continued for his hunger, SpongeBob went after him. They (along with Patrick) began to start acting like animals fighting over food.
  • In "Tentacle-Vision," Squidward starts filming his own TV show at home, however, SpongeBob along with all the other Bikini Bottomites barge into Squidward's house uninvited and continually interrupt the show and eventually ruin it.
  • In "A Pal for Gary," he scolded Gary for "being mean" to Puffy Fluffy, when it is plain to see it is Puffy Fluffy who is being mean to Gary, and continues to do so when Puffy Fluffy is about to eat him, and generally stopped him from enjoying his western programs. This is generally considered to SpongeBob's second most antagonistic role yet.
  • In "Squidward in Clarinetland," he repeatedly touches Squidward's clarinet despite being told not to do so many times. Squidward must go through torture that SpongeBob created to find his clarinet, though.
  • In "Rodeo Daze," he captured people to help him save Sandy from a rodeo even though they don't want to help him save Sandy.
  • In "The Abrasive Side," he got an abrasive side thinking it would help him stop being helpful to everyone, but it caused him to become very rude and mean, in addition to being able to say "no." Though this might not count as antagonism as SpongeBob wasn't being mean on his own free will.
  • In "The Other Patty," he created the Flabby Patty restaurant just to get Mr. Krabs and Plankton to cooperate and only supported his own philosophies. The two end up chasing him afterwards for what the two had to go through.
  • In "The Hot Shot," he drove in a high speed chase.
  • In "Home Sweet Rubble," SpongeBob doesn't feed Gary because he is too busy trying to sort out his decaying house.

Patrick Star

Although he is unintelligent and is usually carefree, magnanimous, and generally detached, Patrick has frequently acted cold, shrewd, selfish, and even psychotic at times. He will ignore rules and warnings to do whatever he wants resulting in trouble. Patrick can be very dangerous when angry.

  • In "Tea at the Treedome," Patrick's fancy advice gets SpongeBob dehydrated in Sandy's treedome. As Patrick was manually helping SpongeBob, he soon becomes dehydrated as well.
003a - Jellyfishing (405)

Patrick forcefully lodges a jellyfish net into injured Squidward's hand

  • In "Jellyfishing," oblivious to the fact that Squidward can't hold the net due to his bandages, he forcefully jams the net through his tentacle, hurting him. Also, he does not seem to notice that he accidentally hurt Squidward.
  • In "Nature Pants," when SpongeBob decides to live away from home, a hurt and crazed Patrick attempts to capture him and keep him in a jar on his mantle. When SpongeBob escapes by jumping into the jellyfish hive, Patrick gives up, snaps his net in half, and walks home crying.
  • In "Opposite Day," he and SpongeBob break into Squidward's house and later annoy Squidward's realty agent to the point where she refuses to let Squidward sell his house. They also didn't care about Squidward's misery since they only told Squidward they "hate" him (which means they love him in opposite day). As punishment, Squidward chases them out of town with his bulldozer.
  • In "Suds," though Patrick would help SpongeBob when he got the suds, he told him that the doctor's was a bad place and gives him bad treatments. Later, Sandy realized that Patrick was giving him bad treatments and decided to get SpongeBob to the doctors, as well as telling Patrick that he should be arrested for impersonating a doctor, which is a criminal offense. At the end of the episode, Patrick becomes jealous of SpongeBob getting a lollipop for his treatment and pretends to get sick. Purple Doctorfish gives Patrick the Starfish treatment (which is an aching treatment for sea stars), as punishment for giving SpongeBob bad treatments and impersonating a doctor.

Patrick becomes psycho after being fed up with not getting his Valentines

  • In "Valentine's Day," after SpongeBob fails to produce a gift for Patrick (which was in reality due to scallops attacking and stalling Sandy's chocolate balloon, which was his intended gift), he concludes that SpongeBob must hate him (especially after finding out that SpongeBob gave gifts to everyone else, including somebody he had just met that morning) and goes on a violent rampage throughout the carnival, and even noisily eats a terrified child's lollipop in front of him. He eventually corners everyone (including SpongeBob and all the innocent bystanders) at the end of boardwalk, seemingly with the intention of killing them. Once Sandy shows up and Patrick realizes that SpongeBob had indeed gotten him a gift and his anger is forgotten.
  • In "Hooky," he puts SpongeBob in danger by playing in the hooks, ignoring repeated warnings from Mr. Krabs not to do so. Karma got him when he was caught and placed in a tuna can.
  • In "Life of Crime," he accuses SpongeBob of eating his chocolate bar (even though he had just eaten his own a moment earlier). He then threatened to tell the police on SpongeBob.
    Dumped 11

    Patrick shows no remorse for taking Gary away from SpongeBob.

  • In "Dumped," he became selfish to SpongeBob after he got Gary (though Gary was only into him for his cookie in the pocket) and shows no remorse for doing so. This is the first time in the series to portray Patrick as a villain and probably his biggest antagonism role yet.
  • In "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," he touched stuff in the convention even though the police told him not too and also captured Jeffrey Jellyfish, even though he told SpongeBob that hero worship is unhealthy.
  • In "Pressure," he, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs made fun of Sandy to show that sea creatures are better than land creatures.
  • In "I'm with Stupid," SpongeBob volunteered to act stupid around Patrick's parents in an attempt to improve their opinion of Patrick. However, Patrick takes the act too far, to the point where he actually begins to believe that SpongeBob really is stupid. All the teasing and embarrassment from Patrick and his supposed "parents" eventually proves too much for SpongeBob, who runs away screaming and crashes through the wall of Patrick's house.
  • In "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve," he fails to do his fair share of work in taking care of the baby scallop, claiming that he's too tired from work. Each night, he promises to assume responsibility for the baby the following night, but repeatedly fails to do so, even when SpongeBob shows him the obscene amount of diapers he has to change. At midnight, SpongeBob finds out that "work" consists of Patrick watching TV under his rock, eating junk food, and neglecting Junior.
New Student Starfish 45

SpongeBob and Patrick fighting

  • In "New Student Starfish," he drew a cruel picture of Mrs. Puff and passed it on SpongeBob's desk, making her think SpongeBob was responsible for the picture, which made him cost one of SpongeBob's "Good Noodle Stars," and made SpongeBob sit in the back of the classroom. While SpongeBob was sitting in the back, he throws things at him and fires spitballs at him to get his attention, just to say "hi," making SpongeBob angrier, but this only gets him into more trouble with Mrs. Puff. Later in the corridor, he tells SpongeBob that he finds it funny, making SpongeBob snap. He does not seem to care that he got SpongeBob in trouble, as he angrily responds, "Who cares about a stupid star?" Despite this, during detention, he finally shows remorse for what he did, when the light bulb warming Roger dies out. This is probably Patrick's second most antagonistic role.
  • In "Mid-Life Crustacean," he and SpongeBob got Mr. Krabs in trouble with his mother for the panty raid they did in her house.
  • In "Pranks a Lot," he and SpongeBob trespassed and scared everyone, and attempted to burn Mr. Krabs' money. However, when Krabs doused the fire, they were busted nude. Though Krabs claimed he was okay with it, SpongeBob and Patrick got punished by being seen nude in public shown by Mr. Krabs, which viewers are the people the two pranked.
  • In "Wigstruck," he attacks SpongeBob because he thought that SpongeBob's wig was a monster. A similar case also happened in "The Good Krabby Name."
  • In "Hocus Pocus," he tries to eat the ice cream cone that SpongeBob believes is Squidward. Even after SpongeBob reveals this Patrick's only response is to eat it faster citing that the octopus turned ice cream tasted good.
  • In "Driven to Tears," he eats SpongeBob's flash cards, making him fail. Then he attends Mrs. Puff's boating school, suspecting that Mrs. Puff was setting up SpongeBob's tests so he would constantly flunk, and passes almost effortlessly. Afterward, he rubs his license in SpongeBob's face every chance he gets, ridiculing SongeBob and calling himself a "driving genius" (despite having ran red lights and made dangerous U-turns); SpongeBob finally gets sick of it and destroys his license, Patrick is arrested for littering and sentenced to prison time (which would never happen in real life). However, SpongeBob confesses to the "crime" and takes Patrick's place in jail. The two friends reconcile when SpongeBob is released from prison.
King Patrick

King Patrick alter-ego of Patrick is literally a tyrant

  • In "Rule of Dumb," he is crowned King of Bikini Bottom and becomes a ruthless tyrant, thinking he has the right to take and use whatever he wants, regardless of what harm it brings to others, to the point of outright stealing. After weeks of ruining everyone's lives for his own personal gain, Patrick goes too far by hiring a construction crew to move Squidward's house in order to set up a Ferris wheel. Squidward starts a revolt against Patrick among the townspeople, and Patrick begins planning to kill (or so it seems) Squidward in order to show his power, even scaring SpongeBob away at this point. When Patrick looks into the mirror and sees a monstrous version of him, he becomes horrified by what he has become, decides that friendship is more important than power, and happily abdicates the throne when it is discovered that he is not the true king. This is Patrick's third most antagonistic role.
  • In "Sing a Song of Patrick," he uses a hundred dollar bill that he found in SpongeBob's wallet to enter a contest. Fully acknowledging that the money belonged to his friend but taking it anyway. Patrick's song also caused a ton of damage on Bikini Bottom, and causes the death of the band that performed it, which Patrick does not seem at all bothered by.
  • In "Pat No Pay," he claims that he doesn't have the money to pay for his bill despite saying that he could pay for it. When he is forced to work to make up for it he ends up destroying the restaurant in the end.
  • In "The Battle of Bikini Bottom," after SpongeBob realized Patrick never washed his hands, they made a war with SpongeBob being clean and Patrick being dirty.
  • In "The Splinter," he once again impersonates a doctor, and he also worsened SpongeBob's splinter problem.
  • In "No Nose Knows," he got a nose job to be able to smell, but soon afterwards, Patrick became a rude, inconsiderate jerk who did anything to get rid of a bad smell. This soon led to his friends nearly running him out of town, but instead they just got rid of his nose.
  • In "The Card," he promises a valuable trading card to SpongeBob and is completely careless when handling it and eventually destroys it right in front of SpongeBob knowing that he promised it to him. The same episode also heavily implies that Patrick acts stupid on purpose to get away with his sociopathic behavior.
  • In "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants," he didn't recognize SpongeBob when he was wearing Round Pants and even kicked him out of his pineapple. He even told SpongeBob that he is not SpongeBob SquarePants with his Round Pants on him. It was technically his fault why SpongeBob was wearing Round Pants in the first place as he lets SpongeBob wait too long on the phone with his spluttering, which eventually made the washing machine shrink his pants.
  • In "Shuffleboarding," Patrick placed two kids in jail for "loitering." SpongeBob finds that illegal until a security guard throws away a Krabby Patty. The two then put nearly everyone else in jail. At the end of the episode, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy gets chased by the jailed Bikini Bottomites (though Patrick was responsible for this.)
  • In "Sand Castles in the Sand," SpongeBob and Patrick declared a war with SpongeBob with their sand creations, making this one of the rare moments when SpongeBob considers Patrick his enemy, similar to "The Battle of Bikini Bottom."
  • In "Tentacle-Vision," Patrick and, later, the Bikini Bottomites barge into Squidward's house uninvited and eventually ruin his show.
  • In "Stuck in the Wringer," he gets SpongeBob stuck in his wringer by super gluing him in. This gets SpongeBob to get kicked out of his job, sustain multiple injuries, unable to eat anything, and later to develop mental illness. He also selfishly eats SpongeBob's ice cream (as the wringer made it so he couldn't), gloats his winnings at the carnival in SpongeBob's face. Despite this, near the end of the episode, he was horrified by this, and he blames himself for making SpongeBob stuck in his wringer.
SpongeBob Asking Patrick to Give Him Patty Pal

Patrick selfishly keeping the Patty Pal for himself

  • In "Yours, Mine and Mine," he shows a much more selfish nature than normal. He refuses to share a toy SpongeBob technically bought. He had been hungry, but had no money, so SpongeBob bought him a meal to share and Patrick ate all of it. He then complained he didn't get a toy so Mr. Krabs quickly made one. SpongeBob loves it but Patrick, despite seconds before hoarding the meal all to himself actually tells off SpongeBob and says that they had been sharing the meal so he wants a turn with the toy, his idea of sharing apparently being that SpongeBob pays and he gets. He keeps it all night and the next day refuses to share even for a split second. SpongeBob and Patrick continue to fight over the toy and Patrick ends up eating it saying, "If I can't have it, no one can." Mr. Krabs tells them he made a lot of the toys because they were so successful, and Patrick buys a couple toys... with SpongeBob's money. When SpongeBob complains about this Patrick replies, "Have you learned nothing about sharing?", showing Patrick's hypocritical side.
  • In "Back to the Past," he caused many problems whenever he eats the tartar sauce.
  • In "Karate Star," he becomes obsessed with his karate chop move that he began chopping various buildings and objects. This may not count as an antagonistic role due to Patrick not meaning to go mad with his power, but he did cause a huge amount of destruction in Bikini Bottom.
  • In "Big Sister Sam," he was oblivious to his sister's aggressiveness when she hurts SpongeBob and Squidward and even destroys their houses and he scolds them for being mad about it.
  • In "Sentimental Sponge," Patrick's advice to SpongeBob about savoring his "sentimental stuff" (which was his garbage) gave him a negative effect on him, Squidward, and their neighbor as SpongeBob began to savor more junk.
  • In "Frozen Face Off," he betrayed the gang by helping Plankton to open the secret formula. Though this was out of stupidity and not maliciousness.
  • In "Oral Report," he caused SpongeBob's oral report anxiety by asking to be moved to the back of the class, falling asleep, yelling "Boring!" and then "Next!" He then starts assaulting him with many obstacles, such as pillows, a treadmill, dressing as Mrs. Puff to give him a detention slip, and saying "Speech" in a chargeful voice. He also broke SpongeBob's underwear goggles, increasing his oral report anxiety.
  • In "Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom," he eats Squidward's concert ticket for no reason, and later gets into the concert for unknown reasons (possibly by selfishly using Squidward's stolen ticket). He later eats Squidward's backstage pass and goes backstage (presumably with the stolen pass). He also jumps up onstage and blatantly interrupts the concert.

Patrick showing no discipline in taking care of Gary

  • In "Pet Sitter Pat," he eats Gary's food right in front of him and later bathes him too hard which causes the house to flood. He also chases Gary down with a flame thrower.
  • In "Restraining SpongeBob," he constantly annoys Squidward and then attacks him when he thinks he was a monster.
  • In "The Good Krabby Name," he attacks SpongeBob when he thinks he was eaten by a giant Krabby Patty costume SpongeBob was wearing. He and Patrick then destroy a lot of stuff, injuring people in the process.
  • In "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!," Patrick lays Santa traps around his rock to capture Santa but ends up getting caught in the traps and at the end of the episode, he snags Santa in a Jellyfish Net.
  • In "Patrick-Man!," he ran around town falsely accusing people of crimes (even having Mrs. Puff charged for a felony). He then throws SpongeBob at the Dirty Bubble and destroys the Krusty Krab.
  • In "Little Yellow Book" he mocks SpongeBob for calling his spatula "Fifi", saying 'yeah, cook me up a Krabby Patty...with good old Fifi' in a demeaning tone.
  • In "The Fish Bowl," Patrick was told by Sandy that he was in charge while she is doing her experiment of behavioral psychology. During the experiment, Patrick starts to get carried away with being in charge and selfishly took advantage of his own privileges and took advantage of SpongeBob by making him do whatever he tells him to do. He then torments SpongeBob by spilling the black sand all over the white sand after he has finished counting them. He even eats SpongeBob's ice cream cone and his bowl of ice cream in order to torment him further. When SpongeBob tries to leave, Patrick traps SpongeBob by locking the door and says that he isn't leaving until he says so and Patrick and SpongeBob fight. After Sandy explained everything that's been happening, Patrick realized he was being incredibly selfish to his friend and felt remorseful about his actions.
  • In "Krusty Katering," he selfishly keeps and seeks to keep all of the Krabby Pâté for himself.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward has a considerable but not really evil antagonistic side (due to having been nice to SpongeBob before), frequently taking advantage of the situation to stop SpongeBob from tormenting him. He is often treated as unfair and arrogant by cizitens of Bikini Bottom and can scare them away with his terrible clarinet playing.

  • In "Reef Blower," Squidward, wanting his lawn to look better than SpongeBob's lawn, intentionally kicks the shell on to SpongeBob's lawn. This causes SpongeBob to use a reef blower to remove the shell, inadvertently ruining Squidward's relaxation due to the blower's loud noise and the sand falling on him when he is eating. When the reef blower explodes after sucking all of the seawater, SpongeBob's lawn is clean whereas Squidward's lawn and Squidward himself are filled with piles of sand. To add insult to injury, the shell lands on his nose.
  • In "Jellyfishing," Squidward opened the jar that had the jellyfish that SpongeBob and Patrick captured, which caused the jellyfish to injure SpongeBob and Patrick once again.
  • In "Naughty Nautical Neighbors," he turned SpongeBob and Patrick against each other. This backfired when SpongeBob and Patrick began fighting for his friendship. Karma goes back to him when his house is accidentally destroyed by SpongeBob and Patrick and he gets crushed by his door, hurting his back once more.
  • In "Culture Shock," he hosts a talent show just so he can become the star. Not wanting SpongeBob to ruin his chances in becoming the star, Squidward coldly rejects his talents. When Squidward eventually performs, the audience hates it so they pelt tomatoes at him. Furious, he yells at them that they don't know talent only for them to insult him back by saying that he is the one who is not talented, making him storm off. When SpongeBob cleans the stage, the audience likes it and Squidward copies SpongeBob to make the audience like his performance, but to no avail. Left with no other choice, Squidward sadly accepts that SpongeBob is the star, not him.
  • In "Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost," when SpongeBob and Patrick believe they have killed Squidward

    Squidward forcing SpongeBob to play a song on a tissue (knowing it's impossible).

    and that he is now a ghost, he takes advantage of this by making them his slaves. Eventually, SpongeBob and Patrick, after reading a magazine about the Flying Dutchman's death, get the idea that Squidward is being mean and angry because he was never put to rest. SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to bury Squidward, which ultimately brings him to confess that he is actually alive. However, SpongeBob and Patrick still think that Squidward is a ghost in denial and send him to the "great beyond" by trapping him in a bubble, which floats up into the sky where the pelicans are.
  • In "Employee of the Month," SpongeBob and Squidward viciously compete with each other for the employee of the month award, both of them trapping each other in hopes of getting to work first.
  • In "I Was a Teenage Gary," he forgets to take care of Gary in which the snail nearly dies. Karma comes back to Squidward as he gets injected with snail plasma, then gets transformed into a snail and gets hit with a boot by Patrick.
  • In "Fools in April," he gets annoyed with SpongeBob pulling playful and harmless pranks on people at the Krusty Krab, and pulls a very cruel and harmful prank on SpongeBob in retaliation. Things blow up in Squidward's face when SpongeBob runs out of the restaurant crying hysterically, and the Bikini Bottomites turn on him. Squidward tries to apologize, but he is physically unable to apologize until the very end of the episode, where SpongeBob has the last laugh: all his friends were standing behind him in his house and witnessed Squidward's apology. As a result, Squidward suffers a mental breakdown and runs off back to his house laughing maniacally after shouting that he had just fooled them as well.
  • In "Squid's Day Off" he has SpongeBob stay at the Krusty Krab by himself while he takes a day off which actually leaves him paranoid.
  • In "Dying for Pie," he gave SpongeBob an explosive pie not knowing it was a bomb. However, the driving force of the plot was Squidward trying to make SpongeBob's last few hours meaningful.
  • In "Grandma's Kisses," he and the customers at the Krusty Krab ruthlessly tease SpongeBob for having a kiss on his forehead given by his grandma. At the end of the episode, it is shown that they have been spying on SpongeBob with his grandma through her house's window.
  • In "Pressure," he, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs made fun of Sandy to show that sea creatures are better than land creatures.
  • In "Artist Unknown," He shames SpongeBob artistic talent because he is jealous of his art. He also takes credit for SpongeBob's work. Later, Squidward wants SpongeBob to make another statue so he can get the credit. But SpongeBob now follows Squidward's "style," so he's unable to make a new statue. And Squidward goes on a rampage when SpongeBob does not make a new statue.
  • In "Club SpongeBob," he described the club and the Magic Conch Shell stupid and idiotic. Eventually, Squidward realized that SpongeBob and Patrick are praised, so he tries to ask the Conch what food will he eat, but the shell declines his offers.
  • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV," he slowly approaches the phone to scare SpongeBob and to tell Mermaid Man that SpongeBob stole his belt, ignoring SpongeBob's pleas to not tell him, causing SpongeBob to shrink him out of panic. But since SpongeBob playing with the belt made the muscular fish punch him earlier, it's also possible Squidward wanted to tell Mermaid Man to exact revenge on SpongeBob.
  • In "Can You Spare a Dime?," after quitting his job he accepts SpongeBob's offer to live in his house until he finds a new job. However, he takes advantage of SpongeBob's hospitality by lying in bed all day, essentially making SpongeBob his domestic slave, staying so long that the Narrator quits, and not even attempting to find a job. This eventually proves too much for SpongeBob, who for one of the few times in the series becomes angry with Squidward, soon begins aggressively giving Squidward obvious hints to get a job, which Squidward either doesn't notice or chooses to ignore. Eventually, SpongeBob confronts Mr. Krabs in an attempt to force him to give Squidward his job back, and in the process accidentally reveals that Mr. Krab's first "dime" (a stone-age wheel) was in his pants the whole time, and that Squidward did not steal it.
  • In "The Camping Episode," he nearly endangered SpongeBob and Patrick by doing the opposite of their advice. Instead, he was endangered by the sea bear.
  • In "The Lost Mattress," he endangered Mr. Krabs by putting his mattress in the dump. Squidward would then threaten to murder SpongeBob if he didn't return Mr. Krabs mattress back. He then puts SpongeBob and Patrick in danger of being eaten by the guard worm. Instead, in every attempt, he gets mauled by the worm.
  • In "Once Bitten," he made a fence to guard him from Gary, though the snail ends up having one stalk in his tail, causing him to bite Squidward and everyone else ravenously. And at the end of the episode, he pretends to be a zombie even though he knows that the disease does not exist.
  • In "That's No Lady," he and Mr. Krabs antagonized Patrick (as Patricia) by romantic offers (including dates). The two didn't recognize that Patricia was Patrick until SpongeBob mentioned.
  • In "Good Ol' Whatshisname," he steals What Zit Tooya's wallet, runs across a red light in front of a police, giving him 10 years in prison.
  • In "A Flea in Her Dome," he ignored SpongeBob and Patrick's pleas to help them when the fleas in Sandy's treedome were attacking them.
  • In "Slimy Dancing," he cheats in the dance show by controlling SpongeBob.
  • In "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?," he destroys Sandy's invention (to look for SpongeBob) with a mallet so that they couldn't find SpongeBob; he then ruthlessly laughs that SpongeBob is gone in Bikini Bottom. But when SpongeBob goes back into his old life, he throws his brain in the trash.
  • In "Suction Cup Symphony," when he dropped SpongeBob and Patrick off the window, he broke Patrick's butt.
  • In "The Splinter," he tells SpongeBob that Mr. Krabs will have to kick him out for getting a splinter at work.
  • In "Slide Whistle Stooges," after being told by SpongeBob that he has musical talent with the slide whistle, Squidward began to antagonize other Bikini Bottomites, thus concerning SpongeBob and Patrick. However, Squidward while driving the truck, ends up injured when driving off a cliff. Fortunately, the slide whistle saved Squidward's life as it was lodged in his throat.
  • In "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants," SpongeBob pretends to get a job at the Krusty Krab after Patrick doesn't recognize him with round pants and Squidward becomes a bad influence on SpongeBob by teaching him the wrong things.
  • In "Professor Squidward" he pretends he is Squilliam Fancyson, but a fan finds the real Squilliam Fancyson and then Squidward is arrested and sent to prison.
  • In "Gullible Pants," he lies to SpongeBob about Mr. Krabs' secrets, causing the Krusty Krab to go out of control.
  • In "I ♥ Dancing," he gets jealous that SpongeBob has an audition in a musical, and "teaches" him how to dance in order to steal the spot for himself, training SpongeBob to the point of exhaustion. While he wins, he is going to star in Squilliam's musical, and is forced to train to perform a dance that SpongeBob had performed earlier, with Squilliam clearly planning to run him ragged just as Squidward had done to SpongeBob.
  • In "The Curse of Bikini Bottom," he lent his lawn mower to SpongeBob and Patrick, hoping that they would kill themselves with it.
  • In "A Day Without Tears," after making a bet to SpongeBob that he would not cry for 24 hours, Squidward cheats in the bet by doing things that made him cry. This could be Squidward's most villainous role in the season.
  • In "Sponge-Cano!," he complained about everyone else's habits including calling the town "dumb." This led to everyone to sacrifice Squidward to Mount Bikini.
  • In "That Sinking Feeling," he separated SpongeBob and Patrick's yards from his by drawing two lines and would threaten to destroy them if they kept his house sunk.
  • In "Buried in Time," Squidward was fighting with Patrick so he can not put his favorite rock in the time capsule, and treated SpongeBob and Patrick in an enraged and mega abusive tone and movement, he also re digs himself even after the escape from the capsule to find out what Bikini Bottom would look like after or during the 50-year trial. He was also unaware about the future after he dreamed on what it would be in the episode while SpongeBob and Patrick knew it was still 1 day of the present time.
  • In "New Fish in Town," he dragged SpongeBob, Patrick, and Howard's homes down a cliff. At the end of the episode, in retaliation, Squidward ends up down the trench.
  • In "Big Sister Sam," he nastily tantalized Sam and threatened to dispose her. However, the disputes lead him or his stuff demolished, especially to the fact when Squidward tried to bulldoze her and Patrick, yet Sam was strong enough to demolish SpongeBob's house instead.
  • In "Accidents Will Happen," he made it seem like he got injured while working, when really he was only injured when sleeping on the job. Before that was found out he made Mr. Krabs do a lot of ridiculous things to pamper him. He even lied to the OWS Inspector about what happened in the accident. As punishment, he had to pamper Mr. Krabs in retaliation.
  • In "Squidward's School for Grown Ups," he gets so possessive about Patrick when he becomes friends with him; in fact, he tries to break off their friendship. When SpongeBob and Patrick are friends again, he gets jealous and angry. He told the audience indirectly that the two were horrible performers, but they turn on him and end up throwing food on Squidward.
  • In "Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom," Squidward tried to take SpongeBob's tickets for his own luxury of enjoying the concert. At the end of the episode, he tries to ruin Kelpy G and SpongeBob's performance by joining in, but was removed by security.
  • In "Squiditis," he lied to Mr. Krabs of being sick in order to escape the the Krusty Krab. On the way, he also told SpongeBob the same thing, making him worried and then later, sick.
  • In "Chum Fricassee," after quitting his job at the Krusty Krab, Squidward improves the Chum Bucket using his grandmother's recipe: Chum Fricassee. Later, when Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob sneaked into the Chum Bucket to end Plankton's scheme, Squidward obstructs it and gives them a spot (in the bathroom), thus putting them in bankruptcy. He also acted harsh to Plankton on cooking the fricassee when a line of customers wanted the chum. Near the end of the episode, Grandma Tentacles appeared at Squidward, trying to save her recipe from Squidward and telling him that he undercooked the recipe, thus poisoning the customers. The customers then destroy the Chum Bucket, as well as Squidward's fan base. Mr. Krabs hires Squidward back due to destroying the Chum Bucket and "promotes" him as the restaurant's doormat (which was actually a punishment for nearly putting them into bankruptcy.) This is one of Squidward's most villainous roles in the series.
  • In "Little Yellow Book," though at first he was as he is in every shift in the Krusty Krab, he became suspicious of SpongeBob's diary as he added more memories in it. He then distracts SpongeBob as he tries to learn more of his diary. Nearly everyone laughed along with Squidward as he told them about SpongeBob's secrets. But as SpongeBob found out about this, he cries in depression, making everyone mad at Squidward. Squidward doesn't care about this until he got hit by a taxi driver, had his house repossessed, electrocuted by lightning when it was raining with no roof, and got arrested by two officers. Upon prisonment, he gets booed by Patrick, shaming him for what he did to SpongeBob. As SpongeBob visits Squidward, he begs him for forgiveness as SpongeBob told him that he only read his work diary, which became a best-seller and told him that he never read his embarrassingly personal diary. Everyone was about boo at the imprisoned Squidward, but SpongeBob told the mob that he forgave Squidward. Harold tells SpongeBob that Squidward is reading his personal diary, leaving him crying in depression again. Everyone boos at Squidward and throws tomatoes at him, though he doesn't care as he finds the secrets hilarious. This is Squidward's biggest antagonism in the entire series.
  • In "Squid Defense," he injured a man who was trying to give his groceries back (which Squidward misinterprets as a thug that was trying to murder him.) As a result, Squidward gets arrested at the end of the episode.
  • In "Don't Look Now," SpongeBob and Patrick saw a scary horror movie. Squidward pretends to be the Fisherman in order to play a cruel joke on them. As a result, SpongeBob and Patrick misinterpret the Fisherman eating Squidward, they in reality end up injuring Squidward.
  • In "Yeti Krabs," Squidward arrogantly attacks the Yeti Krab when he thought it was Mr. Krabs wearing a costume and nearly puts Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and himself in danger.
  • In "Patrick! The Game," Squidward taunted Patrick's ideas for his game. Eventually, after Patrick made his game, Squidward considers going to his place pointless, to where Sandy threatens him a few times. In every turn he gets, Squidward receives no benefit (such as having cardboard jail box on his head) to where he gets angry and tries to leave the game. As Patrick began make the rules random, Squidward gets angered at this and yells at how he is supposed to win. When Squidward decided to declare himself automatic winner, Patrick states that no player can declare themselves the winner. Squidward then destroys the game where the police then arrests Squidward for real. With Patrick also writing this as a repeat offender, Squidward thanks the officers for arresting him until he encounters the same inmate from before, with him begging someone to say his name.
  • In "Sold!," after knowing that SpongeBob and Patrick think Nick Fishkins has bought their homes. Squidward lies that a 14-member family has moved into SpongeBob's Pineapple and an 8-member rock band with several instruments has moved into Patrick's rock. When SpongeBob and Patrick come to their old houses, he puts on outfits to match the characters that he made up. This exhausts him and SpongeBob and Patrick flip Squidward's house. Nick Fishkins later comes by and Squidward's house is "Not Sold." SpongeBob and Patrick then return to their homes.
  • In "The Whole Tooth," Squidward antagonized SpongeBob and Patrick's belief in the tooth fairy. At night when SpongeBob tries to take Patrick's baby tooth to the tooth fairy, Squidward attempts to trick Patrick into thinking that SpongeBob betrayed him. But his plan failed when SpongeBob showed them what the tooth fairy really is. As punishment for trying to ruin their friendship, Squidward was forced to eat chum meat which made him lose all of his teeth.
  • In "Mermaid Pants," After SpongeBob and Patrick ruined Squidward's garden, Squidward tries to attack them with a rake, but was halted when the Krusty Krab horn went off. Later, SpongeBob and Patrick made a super villain lair for Squidward and Mr. Krabs as part of their game of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. However, Squidward took advantage of his super villain role and tries to kill SpongeBob and Patrick by dipping them into the fryer in a desperate attempt to get them out of his life forever. But luckily, SpongeBob and Patrick foiled his plan at the last moment and made Squidward fall into the fryer instead.
  • In "Unreal Estate," Squidward secretly puts in black powder inside SpongeBob's house so that SpongeBob will think he's allergic to his house, which he aims that SpongeBob will leave to another house. However, this changed when he himself found the perfect house for him, which made him stay in that house and make SpongeBob stay in his old neighborhood, away from his new house.
  • In "Mimic Madness", Squidward, along with Plankton, intended on hurting SpongeBob in order to make him stop mimicking others. However, Patrick demanded them to leave him alone.

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs has an extremely prevalent antagonistic side and plays a villainous role due to his extreme greed mostly because he's the villain side in conning and criminality as well as committing illegal misdemeanors and felonies at occasions. He is even called a second antagonist by Stephen Hillenburg. In the original series, he was a lot kinder and more friendly but still somewhat greedy, but in the Paul Tibbitt series his personality became exaggerated and now, he has become significantly more greedy and abusive.

  • In "Help Wanted," he tells SpongeBob to find a spatula with port attachments so he can get rid of him.
  • In "Squeaky Boots," Out of his cheap nature, he gives Pearl a pair of boots for her birthday instead of fancy slippers. After selling them to SpongeBob, he stole his boots away from him, because of the squeaky noise. The squeaky noise hallucination forced him to tell the truth, eating them, and at the end of the episode, he got hiccups sounding exactly like the squeaky noise of the boots.
  • In "Arrgh!," he gets SpongeBob and Patrick to be pirates and help him find the Flying Dutchman's treasure. The two eventually see that Mr. Krabs was using their game board as a map and that he wanted the treasure for himself.
  • In "Patty Hype," he takes over SpongeBob's business so he can earn money. The side effects anger the customers and they chase Mr. Krabs back and forth. This may not count as antagonism because he was unaware of the side effects.
  • In "Life of Crime," he lies to SpongeBob and Patrick that they could take anything as long as they give it back. It is also shown that Mr. Krabs has stolen many objects from people, telling the boys that they are "borrowed."
  • In "Pressure," he, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward made fun of Sandy to show that sea creatures are better than land creatures.
  • In "The Smoking Peanut," he steals Clamu's pearl and abuses Free Day in order to make a quick buck.
  • In "Krusty Love," he falls in love with Mrs. Puff and asks SpongeBob to give her stuff that she doesn't even need, telling him not to spend any money, and when SpongeBob comes back with the item, he repeatedly tells him he was not supposed to spend his money on anything. This continues until SpongeBob curses Mr. Krabs and leaves the episode.
  • In "Sailor Mouth," he uses foul language. While this could be an antagonism, he only swore out of pain since he trips on a rock.
Jellyfish Hunter 93

Mr. Krabs operates a factory farm of jellyfish with his exercycle

  • In "Jellyfish Hunter," he tricks SpongeBob into collecting jellyfish. SpongeBob soon discovers that Mr. Krabs is squeezing jelly out of them so more jelly Krabby patties can be made. The jellyfish are eventually set free and sting Mr. Krabs all at once, burning his body. He has no choice, but take jelly off the menu. This might be one of his most villainous roles yet.
  • In "The Fry Cook Games," he told SpongeBob that Patrick was not his friend and he was just helping Plankton. Therefore, Krabs lied to SpongeBob so he could win the award for the Krusty Krab, but neither side won in the end.
  • In "Squid on Strike," he give his workers a bill instead of a paycheck for ridiculous reasons (such as breathing and existing). And later forces both Squidward and SpongeBob to work for free for the rest of their lives to pay off the damages to the restaurant (which SpongeBob destroyed) despite it being obvious that Squidward was innocent as he was with Krabs the entire night.
  • In "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm," he refuses to pay even a cent to Sandy to get rid of a worm, and claimed that he rather have the worm come and eat them all alive.
  • In "My Pretty Seahorse," Mr. Krabs tried to get rid of Mystery (in which SpongeBob tries to hide her from him and Squidward). He told SpongeBob about a story about losing a friend (actually a dollar he spent on soda) which guilted SpongeBob into releasing Mystery into the wild. While he was almost proud about getting rid of Mystery, Squidward told Mr. Krabs that Mystery ate his money. With no other choice, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob tried to get Mystery back. It should be noted that Mr. Krabs wished for Mystery to be given up as he noticed she was not enjoying her unnatural surroundings and did console SpongeBob when he tearfully gave up Mystery stating he had done the right thing for her.
044a - Nasty Patty 447

Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob trying to hide the evidence of "killing" the suspected fake health inspector

  • In "Nasty Patty," he and SpongeBob creates a tainted patty to a health inspector, believing he is fake. However, when they realized he was real, and they presumed the patty killed him, they try to bury him and lock him in the freezer. Also, he tells SpongeBob he'll fire him if he does not join him. He even tries to frame SpongeBob for the "death" of the health inspector when the police think that they're hiding something.
  • In "One Krab's Trash," he tries to take back a soda-drinking hat he sold to SpongeBob after hearing about its price. He scares SpongeBob out of it with a paper ghost, defiles a grave, and fights an army of skeletons to get it back, only to find out that it was worthless. Apparently, when Mr. Krabs said "What a baby." when reading Squidward's dreams' grave, karma comes back to him when he cries and Squidward says exactly the same thing at the end of the episode. Also, earlier in the episode, he scams his customers, such as saying that the umbrella belongs to the queen of Switzerland.
  • In "Can You Spare a Dime?," he believes that Squidward stole his dime even though there's no proof that he stole it. He even thinks Squidward is lying when he said he didn't take his dime. At the end of the episode, he thinks Squidward put the dime in his pants.
  • In "Wet Painters," he tricks SpongeBob and Patrick to paint the wall of his house, telling them the paint is permanent, and threatens them to not leave a single drop of paint on anything but the wall, or he will cut off their butts and put them on his fireplace. It turns out that his threat was just a prank. As punishment, while he was laughing, the paint came off his wall and into the floor.
  • In "Clams," he made SpongeBob and Squidward stay for days until he gets his millionth dollar back (even to the point of starvation) and when they attempt to abandon him, he holds them hostage just to get back his millionth dollar from a giant clam. Krabs succeeded, though his near-death experience worried SpongeBob and Squidward (who complained because he was tied to SpongeBob). This is one of Mr. Krabs' biggest antagonistic role in the series.
  • In "Born Again Krabs," he tries to sell a rotten Krabby Patty to customers. He gets sick after eating it and is persuaded to be generous by the Flying Dutchman. However after realizing it wasn't a dream he steals back toys from children, soda from a customer, stopped another customer from watching free TV, nearly rips someone's arm off for a penny, and trades SpongeBob's soul for 62 cents. But after Squidward scolds him for choosing money over SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs shows remorse and wants SpongeBob back.
057a - Krabby Land (598)

Mr. Krabs sneaks out of the window to deposit his profits to the bank, after having cheated out the children

  • In "Krabby Land," he creates a bogus theme park and masquerades as a clown so he can collect children's money. SpongeBob gets disappointed by this, and the children beat Mr. Krabs up and take his money after finding out.
  • In "Fear of a Krabby Patty," he opens the Krusty Krab for 24 hours. He makes Squidward and SpongeBob work 24 hours every day (which is actually a violation of several workers' rights laws) without getting a break or even being allowed to go home. After 43 days, they are near the breaking point; Squidward had severe insomnia, SpongeBob was hallucinating, and even Krabs was in bad shape.
  • In "Krusty Towers," he plagiarizes the law of the hotel he visited into the Krusty Towers making Squidward miserable. Squidward quit and returned as a customer ragging Mr. Krabs the same way he did with him. At the end of the episode, he decides to build a hospital making Squidward miserable again.
  • In "Whale of a Birthday," it was revealed that because of Mr. Krabs' cheap nature, he makes Pearl's birthday parties horrible. Pearl once revealed that Mr. Krabs once gave her a box of staples as a birthday present. Pearl's 16th birthday was at first, horrible, but she manages to get a lot of presents, bought by SpongeBob through Mr. Krabs' credit card, which was most likely maxed out.
  • In "Wishing You Well," he tried to take thrown coins meant for a wishing well. During his wishing well scheme, he put SpongeBob in there so he can get the coins. Later that night, after getting some coins in his well, he wouldn't let SpongeBob and Patrick leave so he can get more coins from any late-night wishers. Near the end of the episode, he told SpongeBob that there is no such thing as magic (even though SpongeBob and Patrick struck magic down the well) and regardless of Sandy, Mrs. Puff, and Plankton's wishes coming true, he still didn't believe him. To prove him wrong, Krabs wished he was served, but in the end, ends up actually served. Before being eaten, Mr. Krabs cried that he believes in magic.
  • In "New Leaf," he destroys Plankton's gift shop after disbelieving that Plankton had given up on getting the secret formula, upsetting Plankton. Mr. Krabs has also taunted Plankton in getting the "secret formula," which strongly annoyed Plankton after realizing the paper had contained nothing but a prank message.
  • In "That's No Lady," he forced SpongeBob to work 3 hours early, not that SpongeBob really minds anyways. He also stalked Patrick (as Patricia) by date offerings until he discovered that Patricia is Patrick in disguise. Then again, was only because he was in love with him.
  • In "Born to Be Wild," he invites the Mild Ones to the Krusty Krab much to SpongeBob's chagrin. Counts as an antagonism because SpongeBob still mistook the Mild Ones as the Wild Ones.
  • In "Best Frenemies," he teams up with Plankton to steal a kelp shake. But the algae growing on Plankton and Mr. Krabs was a backfire due to the radioactive ingredient that was mixed with the kelp juice.
  • In "Squid Wood," he made Squidward wash the dishes and made Mini-Squidward do the register just because Mini-Squidward is making him money.
  • In "The Krusty Sponge," he makes Squidward cook spongy patties (rotten patties that turned yellow), which made the customers ill and brought Mr. Krabs to court; he was acquitted only because the judge was a SpongeBob fan.
  • In "The Krusty Plate," he left SpongeBob alone with the Krusty Krab burnt in a flashback. At the end of the episode he chased SpongeBob for destroying the Krusty Krab.
  • In "Atlantis SquarePantis," Mr. Krabs placed an illegal stand in front of the museum (even though it was free on Mondays) and then was busted by Miss Shell.
  • In "Pat No Pay," he made Patrick do some work and threatened him that if he can't to do something right, he will not give him a Krabby Patty to eat again.
  • In "The Two Faces of Squidward," as SpongeBob and Squidward were running from the fans, blocking the doors, Krabs tells them that all of Squidward's fans at the Krusty Krab means a lot of money, and decides to let them in if they pay him in exchange of touching Squidward's handsome self, despite Squidward's chagrin. When Squidward gets turned back to normal, the customers leave, prompting Krabs to slam the door on Squidward's face, making him look more horrid than his usual face, in hopes of making them come back.
  • In "Stanley S. SquarePants," he blames SpongeBob for the damaged things Stanley broke.
  • In "Penny Foolish," he sees SpongeBob picking up a "penny" (which was actually $500 bill) and tries various plans to take it from him, even to the point of insanely breaking into SpongeBob's house with a metal detector.
The secret ingredient of the secret formula bottle

Mr. Krabs accidently revealing the secret Krabby patty Ingredient which he stole in order to not pay the Delivery fee.

  • In "Patty Caper," he stole the secret ingredient of the secret formula, so he wouldn't have to pay for delivery ($1.99) and he tried to frame SpongeBob for it (while holding the ingredient of the secret formula). As punishment, he was forced to sell free Krabby Patties all day and watching it all go down.
  • In "Plankton's Regular," he doesn't want Plankton to have one single customer, despite Plankton telling him he would no longer try to take his secret formula. At the end, when the fish is revealed to have been paid by Karen to visit the Chum Bucket, Krabs sadistically laughs at Plankton's misery.

A newspaper article showing Mr. Krabs' harshness and cheapness.

  • In "Krabby Kronicle," he creates a newspaper and makes SpongeBob write lies about people, ruining their lives. SpongeBob tries to stop him, but Mr. Krabs threatens to take away his spatula. Soon Mr. Krabs' scheme is found out, and an enraged crowd steals back his money. In a picture advertising his scheme, Mr. Krabs was holding a whip, while scolding SpongeBob. Additionally, in the end of the episode, he counterfeits the money, which is obviously illegal.
  • In "The Slumber Party," he destroys SpongeBob's television and his house to show how destructive teenagers can be. Then, he makes SpongeBob spy on Pearl and her friends. Pearl's party is ruined and Mr. Krabs is forced to spend his money for a new party.
  • In "Krusty Krushers," he puts SpongeBob and Patrick in danger of being killed by huge wrestlers so he can earn the $1,000,000 prize for himself. However at the end of the fight, SpongeBob and Patrick choose wrestle camp instead, much to Mr. Krabs' dismay.
  • In "No Hat for Pat," he made a fortune when Patrick kept falling on his face, disappointing SpongeBob. Eventually, people take their money back after a Patrick stunt failed. Krabs, then harshly fires Patrick, telling him that he will never wear the hat as long as he is still standing. This is probably Mr. Krabs' most abusive role.
  • In "Truth or Square," he had hidden cameras on his friends (which obviously, he would spy on them).
  • In "Tentacle-Vision," he barged into Squidward's house during his show just to promote The Krusty Krab.
  • In "Greasy Buffoons," he and Plankton sell customers greasy food. This eventually turns people (including Patrick) into overweight, mindless zombies. SpongeBob calls a health inspector, resulting in both the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket being shut down until the grease gets cleaned up.
  • In "Kracked Krabs," he charged everyone $1 per footstep in a video.
Screenshot 2015-05-02-07-14-31~2

Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob that dressing as Pearl was only a trick to scare out Plankton

  • In "One Coarse Meal," he dresses up as Pearl and cruelly terrorizes Plankton, who goes into a suicidal depression and laughs at it. Just when Mr. Krabs is about to get the punishment he clearly deserves, SpongeBob betrays Plankton by projecting a family of whales (the mime only creeps him out). This is one of Mr. Krabs' most villainous roles, but this episode also portrays his most abusive side.
  • In "The Play's the Thing," he opens a dinner theater at the Krusty Krab and forces SpongeBob and Squidward to both put on the play and serve food at the same time (which doesn't happen in a real dinner theater). The customers expect them to be able to do this and throw hard burned Krabby Patties at them when they are unable to. Mr. Krabs shows no sympathy and decides to do it again another time.
  • In "The Cent of Money," he uses Gary as a coin magnet. He steals everyone's money, brings Gary to exhaustion, and distracts SpongeBob by giving him tedious chores. Mr. Krabs is soon crushed by a tidal wave of money and put in the hospital, where every cent he collected is used up to pay his bill. This is Mr. Krabs' third most villainous role.
  • In "The Curse of the Hex," he refused to let Madame Hagfish have a Krabby Patty and takes away the Krabby Patties SpongeBob made for her.
  • In "Sponge-Cano!," he nearly tried to take SpongeBob and Squidward's life essences (kill them.)
  • In "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa," he gives away SpongeBob and Patrick's secret by turning it into an amusement park. He nearly gets everyone killed, and gets arrested.
  • In "Accidents Will Happen," he told them that he borrowed the camera from the airport when they saw it. In reality, Mr. Krabs actually stole it.
  • In "Drive Thru," Krabs kept braking his walls in order to make more drive thrus, but in the end, he ends up destroying his restaurant.
  • In "Barnacle Face," Mr. Krabs denied Pearl's decisions of going to the spa and caused Pearl to have barnacles in the first place when it is revealed that the house's soap was made of the Krabby Patty's grease. As punishment, he lost his diamonds when SpongeBob used them to cover Pearl's barnacles and chased them.
  • In "The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom," Mr. Krabs used all the serum on a Krabby Patty, disregarding SpongeBob's advice on the way. As punishment, Mr. Krabs got eaten by the Patty until SpongeBob absorbed it.
  • In "InSPONGEiac," he snaps at SpongeBob and being picky at his work, like too much mustard (101%) and saying the way that he flips Krabby Patties is wrong and kicks him out to get some sleep for he believes he's wasting his profits, claiming that he'd be broke in 411 years.
  • In "Chum Fricassee," Squidward gets a new job at the chum bucket (as it has been shown how poor of an employer Krabs is) and then becomes famous for his grandmother's recipe. This nearly causes the KK to go out of business (which would have happened anyway had somebody reported his abusive nature). The chum bucket is later destroyed by overreactive Bikini Bottomites after Squidward made one small mistake. Krabs then punishes him by using him as a doormat (literally). Yet another time he abuses his workers.
  • In "Hello Bikini Bottom!," Mr. Krabs did several crimes, like steal Colonel Carper's first band (SpongeBob and Squidward) and sound equipment, Mrs. Puff's bus, and others. After the meteor shower that Patrick told him about, Mr. Krabs made money success, until there was a line stating that he had to pay everyone he did crimes at, ending with Colonel Carper getting the remainder of his money by having his roadies pulverize Mr. Krabs down. Luckily for Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob was generous enough to let him take Gary's college fund to get the Krusty Krab back.
  • In "Squid Baby," he wouldn't show care for Squidward when he got the head-go-boom-boom-itis.
  • In "Safe Deposit Krabs," he tried to take money from the Bikini Bottom Bank but was kicked out twice. After being locked in its safe, this worried SpongeBob.
  • In "SpongeBob You're Fired," he fires SpongeBob to save a nickel. He later relents and rehires SpongeBob after his own horrendous cooking almost destroys his business (he solves the nickel problem by installing a pay toilet).
  • In "Tutor Sauce," his driving methods to SpongeBob were illegal. He mentions that he taught Pearl how to drive without her needing a license. After using Gary to stir the wheel to help SpongeBob, the police checks on them. Mr. Krabs tells the officer that he isn't a registered driving instructor to where instead of getting a ticket (or even having SpongeBob paying for it), he gets to be a student at Mrs. Puff's Boating School to his shock.
  • In "What's Eating Patrick?," he teaches Patrick how to eat in order to win the eating contest, even in means of depriving him from tasting the patties. During the contest, Patrick tries to leave because he was tired of not tasting, only for Krabs to tell him if he does, he bills him, stating that all the training patties become eating patties. While Krabs' threat to Patrick held some morality (such as how the boy and the rest of the town would be upset if they lost the contest yet again), his methods were still harsh to Patrick's esteem of eating.
  • In "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom," he, along with Crupski, showed no concern about the customers' safety at the stadium and cared less about the consequences when the plumbing system begins to go haywire.
  • In "Larry's Gym," after overhearing Larry about that the opening of the gym is free only for today, Mr. Krabs takes advantage of the opportunity and stays there thoroughly. He even taunts Larry several times (especially when he becomes unfit). However, at the end of the episode, Mr. Krabs becomes cooked from staying in the sauna in preserves from abusing the opportunity.
  • In "Lame and Fortune," after Squidward won money as an award for being the most miserable cashier thanks to a fortune cookie, Krabs took the money from Squidward abrasively stating "Me register, me money" (also considered stealing), making Squidward miserable again.
  • In "Mutiny on the Krusty," Mr. Krabs acted like a tyrant and abused his power throughout the episode. He cared less about the rip current that's endangering everyone and the only thing he cared about was having his customers spend their money in his restaurant, mostly out of petty crankiness due to the fact that this was the day that he must pay his employees for their service. He even berated and belittled the customers and his workers after being called tyrant and claimed himself as the captain of the restaurant, much to everyone's disdain. He even acted like a spoiled child when he selfishly refused to save the customers from the monster. However, SpongeBob managed to get him to his senses when he almost spent his first dime on candy. At the end of the episode, he forced Squidward and the customers to push the Krusty Krab back to Bikini Bottom, despite performing a heroic act of saving them from a sea monster. This is one of Mr. Krabs' biggest antagonistic roles in the series.
  • In "Krusty Katering", he lies to a high-class lady about being a high-class caterer just so he can steal her check.

Sandy Cheeks

While generally friendly and positive, Sandy is prone to mood swings and can be vicious when angered. She is especially a threat when someone insults her hometown.

  • In "Texas," she tried to lasso SpongeBob and Patrick when they insulted Texas.
  • In "Pre-Hibernation Week," SpongeBob couldn't take the extreme activities that he was doing with Sandy. He got scared and hid under Patrick's rock. Sandy made everyone else look for SpongeBob and wouldn't let them go home unless they found SpongeBob. After they distract Sandy and escape, she nearly destroys the town looking for SpongeBob. This is the first time in the series to portray Sandy as a villain.
    Crazy sandy

    Sandy (when disturbed by SpongeBob and Patrick,) on the verge of maiming them.

  • In "Survival of the Idiots," while half asleep, she beat up SpongeBob and Patrick and put them into graves after mistaking them for Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry, who were two people in her dream of Texas Outlaws. She is also extremely mad at SpongeBob and Patrick when they took away her fur and she used them as coverings to stay warm. This is Sandy's second most villainous role.
  • In "Pressure," upon being made fun of by SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs, Sandy made them go up dry land for 1 minute. Though Sandy learned that they can withstand it, she realized that they end up getting attacked by seagulls.
  • In "The Great Snail Race," she kicked SpongeBob's butt at the end of the episode for making a sexist comment.
  • In "Patrick SmartPants," she scolds Patrick for his smart skills.
  • In "To Save A Squirrel," SpongeBob and Patrick had to go through torture that Sandy created to survive after Sandy said that she had to go to a survival training camp, when she was really testing their survival skills. SpongeBob and Patrick were lost in the woods with food, water, and a tent. Patrick burned the 2-week supply of food to make their fire and their tent burned down. SpongeBob had to use all the water from the canteen to put out the fire. Then they eventually got so desperate that they almost ate each other. The cave fish turned out to actually be Sandy, who gave them their survivalist medals and revealed that she was just testing their survival skills. As a punishment, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to eat Sandy in the motto of "Eat or be eaten." This is Sandy's biggest antagonism in the series.
  • In "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants," she teased SpongeBob by calling him SpongeBob UnderPants, which causes him to scream at the end of the episode. Although she was possibly joking.
  • In "Tentacle-Vision," she disrupts Squidward's show with her dancing.
  • In "Rodeo Daze," Sandy attacked SpongeBob and Patrick because she thought they were planning to get her. After she finds out that they were just delivering a letter to her, she didn't bother to apologize for attacking them by mistake. During the conversation afterward, Sandy acts rude to SpongeBob.
  • In "Whelk Attack," she wouldn't let SpongeBob and Patrick inside her Treedome for protection from the whelks because she thought they were whelks in disguise. She eventually did after they proved they were the genuine article.
    Rodeo Daze 26
  • In "SpongeBob You're Fired" she experiments on people by making them eat toxic food which causes one person to be allergic to the food, and causes Patrick to mutate.
  • In the end of "Kenny the Cat," she proves to the crowd that Kenny couldn't hold his breath for that long, and apparently she was proved right, for it ruined the moment of Kenny making people happy, and the Bikini Bottomites turned against him. He was later sent back to the surface world. This is Sandy's third most villainous role.

Gary the Snail

Though Gary is intelligent and loves his owner, SpongeBob, he can be naughty at times, sometimes in his rivalry with Squidward.
Once Bitten 09a


  • In "Gary Takes a Bath," he refuses to take a bath and takes SpongeBob's ladder away.
  • In "Once Bitten," he becomes aggressive and bites pretty much everybody in Bikini Bottom, even SpongeBob, and was accused of having "Mad Snail Disease" (although it was revealed he had a splinter stuck in his body). Even after the splinter was removed, he bit Mr. Krabs.
  • In "The Thing," it is revealed that he hates Squidward, and one time he viciously attacks him.
    Gary Takes a bath
  • In "Grooming Gary," he riots because SpongeBob, and other pet owners, had made him "fancy," which he did not want to be.
  • In "Treats!," he constantly bothers SpongeBob by asking him to get more Snail Bites even going so far as to make him go to every pet store in the world to see if they had them.

    Gary rebels against owners and pets.

  • In "Gary's New Toy," he became so distracted in his ball, Gary disregarded SpongeBob whenever he needed him, though this is because the ball hypnotizes him. As SpongeBob tries to place the ball away from Gary, he manages to get it back. When it came to the decision that SpongeBob tells Gary either him or the ball, Gary went for the ball, leaving his owner to cry. However, when Gary was hungry, he realizes the ball is evil and reconciles with SpongeBob.

Pearl Krabs

Though Pearl is a bratty, spoiled teenager who constantly makes demands of her father, some of her decisions lead to problems and they can be quite minacious.

Growth Spout 12
  • In "The Slumber Party," Pearl and her friends attack a girl who she thought is SpongeBob, causing her to cry. They also torture SpongeBob when he tries to get in the party, with Pearl going as far as to deem SpongeBob as bad as Mr. Krabs. When SpongeBob ruins the party, Pearl forces Mr. Krabs to spend his money on a new party and never invites SpongeBob or Mr. Krabs, though SpongeBob doesn't seem to mind.
  • In "Tentacle-Vision," she takes Mr. Krabs' wallet for money, and disrupts Squidward's show by her cheerleading.
  • In "Growth Spout," Pearl threatens to eat Mr. Krabs' money when he does not want to feed her.
  • In "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle," she demanded to go to the mall, even though she and the others were trapped in a deserted island with no way to get home. But near the end of the episode, they got out.
  • In "Tunnel of Glove," Pearl attempted to leave the ride, but the combination of that and SpongeBob's obstruction leads them trapped until Patrick destroyed the ride.
  • In "Drive Thru," Pearl and her friends harshly pranked Squidward with a megaphone, injuring Squidward's ear.
  • In "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation," Pearl takes the two dollars that was rewarded to both SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs to pay for a pair of shoes, which causes Mr. Krabs to cry.
  • In "Safe Deposit Krabs," Pearl yells at SpongeBob for no reason, when SpongeBob was trying to inform her that her dad was missing.

Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff is nice, but when SpongeBob annoys her, she goes insane and wants to get "rid" of him. Her antagonisms may be identical to Squidward's due to SpongeBob annoying them and him being the common bane of their existences.
No Free Rides 51

Mrs. Puff stole SpongeBob's boat (that SpongeBob's parents gave to him).

  • In "Hall Monitor," when she realizes that SpongeBob is the new hall monitor, she tries to make someone else the hall monitor, to which they all refuse, in which Mrs. Puff has to announce that SpongeBob is hall monitor. She is then arrested for making SpongeBob the hall monitor, since he caused crimes.
  • In "No Free Rides," Mrs. Puff lets SpongeBob pass by giving him extra credit and later in the episode steals his new boat mobile. She then gets arrested for reckless driving.
  • In "The Bully," when she thought that SpongeBob punched Flats, Mrs. Puff told him "I'm going to kick your butt!"
  • In "Doing Time," Mrs. Puff gets arrested for SpongeBob's reckless driving.
    Hall Monitor Gallery (62)
  • In "Oral Report," Mrs. Puff tries to arrest SpongeBob but gets arrested herself.
  • In "Demolition Doofus," Mrs. Puff wants to murder SpongeBob for making her deflate and states that she wants him killed "in the most horrible way." She also gets very frustrated when SpongeBob doesn't get hit by any of the other drivers and tries to kill SpongeBob herself. This is Mrs. Puff's biggest antagonism in the series and also the darkest plot in the entire series making this episode rate PG when it premiered in Canada.

Barnacle Boy

Like Squidward, Barnacle Boy is often nasty at times and despite being a superhero, he has a few antagonisms in the series.

  • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II," he denied SpongeBob of using the Conch Signal and calling him a hero and tells Mermaid Man that they should ditch him (since he caused trouble to them during the middle of the episode), but changes his mind after SpongeBob saves him from the Dirty Bubble.
  • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" after being fed up of being treated like a child, Barnacle Boy joins the dark side and renames himself "Barnacle Man."

Patchy the Pirate

Though Patchy is a SpongeBob fan, some of his schemes are known to be vulgar, diabolical and unchancy. He can also be very mean to Potty when he is annoyed with him.

Patchy and Potty (Clay Motion) at It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

Patchy driving a mail truck he stole.

  • In "Christmas Who?," he cuts Potty's strings and pulls Potty, which makes Potty's puppeteer fall.
  • In "Party Pooper Pants," he accidentally stabs the mermaid's paddling pool and orders the Bird Brains to walk the plank.
  • In "The Sponge Who Could Fly," he loses faith on SpongeBob SquarePants due to a simple video on "cheap walk cycles," as he describes. He soon goes ballistic and attempts to destroy all of his SpongeBob merchandise.
  • In "Atlantis SquarePantis," he tries to eat Potty because of his lack of hunger due to being stranded in a desert.
  • In "Truth or Square," he went through a note book which has actors and actresses' numbers. Then, it was revealed that he forced P!nk to go on his show.
  • In "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!," he tied-trap a mailman to use his mail truck so he can get to the North Pole, and during the journey he runs into mishaps. In the end of the episode, as a punishment, he hallucinates a polar bear cave for Santa's workshop and enters, and then gets chased by a polar bear. Santa replies that stealing a mail truck definitely counts as naughty. This is Patchy's biggest antagonism in the series.
King Neptune & Spongebob2

King Neptune

King Neptune is often harsh and unfair towards his citizens, due to his bad temper and severe punishments given to his prisoners. Also, he gets very apoplectic when somebody messes with his crown.

  • In "Neptune's Spatula," he didn't believe SpongeBob pulled the spatula until Patrick told him. Neptune then fried Patrick until the starfish was dead (although he semi-restored him.) During the challenge, Neptune made more patties than SpongeBob and called him a loser when the king won (up until nobody, not even himself, could eat the patties.) After declaring SpongeBob the true winner, Neptune told SpongeBob that he can't bring his friends. However, after SpongeBob's alternative, Neptune fried the stove when he burned his finger, with SpongeBob glaring at him.
  • In "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie," he falsely accused Mr. Krabs of stealing his crown (even though this was obviously Plankton's doing) and froze him until the day of execution without a fair trial or evidence and almost imprisoned his servant for touching his crown which was his job.

Bikini Bottomites

The Bikini Bottomites are the citizens who appear randomly in Bikini Bottom as recurring characters. Many do not consider them antagonists, but they have been shown to have antagonistic sides throughout the series. Often they will go to extreme lengths to teach someone a lesson. They are also shown to be hypocritical on occasion. Harold is considered the most antagonistic one.

  • In "Help Wanted", the anchovies go berserk and nearly destroyed the Krusty Krab until SpongeBob feeds them.
  • In "Ripped Pants," they treat SpongeBob like an outcast just for pulling a ripped pants joke one too many times.
  • In "Pizza Delivery," he angrily rejects his pizza as SpongeBob forgot his drink (which he didn't even order). He also insults SpongeBob by saying that he does not care for the customer, even though SpongeBob cares for the customers. This causes SpongeBob to break down crying. Squidward is disgusted, and gets payback by literally slamming the pizza in the customer's face. He also does not care that SpongeBob and Squidward went through extreme lengths just to give him the pizza.
  • In "Hall Monitor," they arrest Mrs. Puff for the actions of SpongeBob. NOTE: This isn't the only time that this happened.
  • In "F.U.N.," they all call Plankton a loser saying that he is the most hated thing in Bikini Bottom.
  • In "Bubble Buddy," they all try and kill Bubble Buddy due to him doing annoying things that wasn't even intentional (such as using the bathroom for a long time, making a joke about dancing which was mistaken for calling them fat, and even simply washing Pearl's hand). They later even tried to take their frustration out on the lifeguard, though Squidward stopped them.
  • In "Grandma's Kisses," they, including Squidward, all make fun of SpongeBob for being kissed by his grandmother, and later spy on him through his grandmother's window.
  • In "Squirrel Jokes," they force SpongeBob to make offensive jokes about Sandy, and later laugh at her because of it.
  • In "The Smoking Peanut," they falsely arrest Patrick for throwing a peanut at Clamu (which isn't even against the law) and later resort to cruel and unusual punishment by publicly throwing peanuts at him. SpongeBob later admitted that he did it, but they now insisted on hurting both Patrick and SpongeBob, up until the point when they realized that Mr. Krabs was the one who upset Clamu by stealing her pearl.
  • In "Squid on Strike," they don't listen to Squidward when he tells them that Mr. Krabs was violating workers rights, and later literally run over him multiple times. A policeman even gives Squidward a ticket for littering even though he was just stomping on his Krusty Krab hat as part of a strike. A teenager also wanted to take SpongeBob's job as fry cook.
  • In "The Bully,they attack an old man twice, thinking that he kicked SpongeBob's butt.
  • In "Doing Time," they arrest Mrs. Puff even though SpongeBob was the one who destroyed Bikini Bottom with his bad driving.
  • In "Party Pooper Pants," they lock SpongeBob out of his house and wreck up the place and even look through his medicine cabinet, and later the police arrest him only because he didn't invite them to his party (obviously not illegal).
  • In "Chocolate With Nuts," one of them frantically chases SpongeBob and Patrick across town yelling "CHOCOLATE" repeatedly, and when it finally looks like he is about to kill them he ends up buying all their chocolate instead. In the same episode, another one manipulates SpongeBob and Patrick's good nature and gullibility to get them to spend money when they were trying to make money.
  • In "The Great Snail Race," they cheer after Gary crashes onto the wall.
  • In "I Had an Accident", they try to make SpongeBob do activities that are likely to hurt his butt, oblivious to his injury.
  • In "Krabby Land," the children are rude to SpongeBob just because he's not Krabby the Clown and they laugh at him getting injured up to the point where they tore off his limbs and used them as boomerangs. They later assault Krabs and steal his money (which he didn't even steal: the kids' parents paid him for admission to KL). And they presumably paid the two thugs to force-feed Mr. Krabs lima beans while he was tied up.
  • In "The Sponge Who Could Fly," they form a mob on SpongeBob for mocking their dreams, even though they did the same thing to him. Later, when he does gain the ability, instead of feeling sorry for what they did to SpongeBob, they force him to do a bunch of random tasks that have nothing to do with his new ability. They eventually end up nearly killing him when he refuses to do any more, saying they owe him for all he has done even though he did nothing wrong to them.
  • In "Wigstruck," they make fun of SpongeBob's new wig, and later start a riot because of it.
  • In "The Thing," they lock Squidward in a zoo as they thought he was an animal.
  • In "Squid Wood," they make fun of Squidward for being less talented than Mini Squidward even though they were both doing exactly the same things in the same way, and Mini Squidward was merely a puppet created by SpongeBob.
  • In "Fungus Among Us," they get mad at SpongeBob for giving them a disease which is understandable. But after attacking SpongeBob they only spread the disease more.
  • In "The Krusty Sponge," they scold SpongeBob for not being able to give them a ride on the Krusty Sponge Fun Train despite that the train was peddle powered and caused SpongeBob to get exhausted from the work. They were also oblivious to the fact that he was the real SpongeBob (as he became famous after a good review by a food critic) as they thought he was wearing a costume.
  • In "Picture Day," they threaten to mess up SpongeBob's appearance for picture day.
  • In "The Two Faces of Squidward," they invade Squidward's privacy numerous times and even took some of his possessions.
  • In "Banned in Bikini Bottom," they ban Krabby Patties from Bikini Bottom and also closed down the Krusty Krab, but this is countered after Miss Gretel Puss ate a Krabby Patty.
  • In "Spongicus," they find Patrick getting mauled by a lion fish entertaining.
  • In "Gone," they celebrated National No SpongeBob Day, by abandoning SpongeBob for weeks, building a wooden effigy, and burning it to the ground.
  • In "Sun Bleached," they make fun of SpongeBob and Patrick for not being tan.
  • In "Giant Squidward," they force Squidward to do all their work to prove that he is nice, and later run him out of town just because he didn't say bless you when someone sneezed (which he didn't even hear).
  • In "Grooming Gary," they force their pets to join a pet show (much to their dismay) and even after they threw a riot, they were still oblivious to their wrongdoings.
  • In "Porous Pockets," they become friends with SpongeBob only because he is rich, and keep him away from Patrick. They later ditch him almost instantly when he goes broke.
  • In "Ditchin'," they (including Sandy) kept preventing SpongeBob from going back to Boating School. A policeman also arrests a fish for having gummy fish as a snack (the policeman mistake it for being cannibalism even though it was only gummies that were shaped like fish).
  • In "No Hat for Pat," they laugh at Patrick's stupidity and even found it entertaining when he was about to get injured.
  • In "Truth or Square," a customer finds Mr. Krabs' wallet and intends to keep it and the contents to himself rather than return it to its owner.
  • In "Tentacle-Vision," they ruin Squidward's TV show by barging into his home (which is illegal) and later kick him out of his own house and throw a party in it every night causing him to develop insomnia.
  • In "Stuck in the Wringer," they scold SpongeBob for yelling at Patrick even though Patrick's stupidity caused SpongeBob to be kicked out of his job, sustain multiple injuries, develop mental illness and even make him unable to eat anything.
  • In "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy," they make fun of Sandy for being in her underwear in public, and later arrest her for it despite that it was Plankton who stole her fur.
  • In "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful," they force Squidward to clean up the garbage around town even though he never actually littered rather they just didn't let him explain.
  • In "SpongeBob's Last Stand," they boo and throw garbage at SpongeBob and Patrick for protesting against a new highway that was being built. Even though they weren't hurting anyone nor was it illegal.
  • In "The Play's The Thing," they force Squidward to put on a play and serve food at the same time and throw hard burned Krabby Patties at him when he is unable to. They didn't find this weird or unusual and were oblivious to the fact that this was not how dinner theater worked.
  • In "Sponge-Cano!," they threaten to kill Squidward just for being a jerk and not having an attitude of gratitude.
  • In "The Great Patty Caper," they start to literally tear apart the Krusty Krab and even try to attack Squidward for not getting their Krabby Patties even though Squidward told them many times that they were out. The bank manager later forces Mr. Krabs to pay off the damages to the bank even though SpongeBob and Patrick were the ones who destroyed it.
  • In "Drive Thru," they get mad at SpongeBob and Squidward for not delivering food fast enough, and later are seen trying to eat Squidward (literally).
  • In "The Googly Artiste," they take away Squidward's art hat, and turn his art down for a pet rock Patrick made. Yet another time Squidward is put down for something of equal or less quality. They even destroy Squidward's art.
  • In "Free Samples," they are fooled into buying bad Krabby Patties from Plankton and hence attack the Krusty Krab for it. Though this is reversed after they eat real Krabby Patties.
  • In "Chum Fricassee," they demolish the Chum Bucket only because Squidward made one small mistake and was unaware of the consequences, to punish him they literally use him as a doormat.
  • In "Move It or Lose It," they believe an obvious lie that Krabby Patties are dangerous.
  • In "Hello Bikini Bottom!," they forcefully take back the money Mr. Krabs got while touring Squidward and SpongeBob. It is understandable when he stole Mrs. Puff's bus as well as Colonel Carper's equipment, but he did not owe the birthday children, or the retired elders, nor did Dwight T. Wad have a legal reason to bill him. Also Carper billed him extra "just because" (inferring that Krabs did not owe him that extra money).
  • In "Little Yellow Book," they resort to unlawful punishment when Squidward reads SpongeBob's diary even though they read it too. They first start by segregating him, and later taking away his house saying that he violated his loan (which reading a diary has nothing to do with) and later publicly torturing him by shackling him and throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at him. They were also laughing at SpongeBob's secrets as well demonstrating their hypocritical side. NOTE: Squidward was the main antagonist, but the Bottomites were minor antagonists mainly due to their disproportionate retribution against Squidward.
  • In "It Came From Goo Lagoon," they threaten to destroy the Krusty Krab unless Mr. Krabs gave Plankton the secret formula, and a wife at her wedding was rude to her new husband after goo fell on him.

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