Throughout the series, the main characters have acquired alter-egos (normally only lasting one episode).

SpongeBob SquarePants

Hall Monitor Gallery (47)

SpongeBob as the Maniac

Spongebob As Fry Boy

SpongeBob as Fry Boy

The Flabby Patty fry cook

SpongeBob as Flabby Patty Cook

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II 132

SpongeBob as Sponge of Mystery

Patrick Star

That's No Lady 19


Squidward Tentacles

Handsome Squidward

Squidward as Mr. Handsome

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs Pirate

Captain Krabs

Sandy Cheeks

Sheldon J. Plankton


Plankton as Mr. Plankton

Mrs. Puff

Pearl Krabs



Mermaid Man

Barnacle Boy

The Dirty Bubble, Man Ray, & Barnacle Boy2

Barnacle Man (center)

SpongeBot SteelPants

Globulous Maximus

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