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These are a list of levels in every SpongeBob SquarePants platforming video games (excluding Battle for Bikini Bottom). The games are all given in random order.

Creature from the Krusty Krab

  • Diesel Dreaming – The game's inaugural level. It begins with the narrator introducing Bikini Bottom during the night, when suddenly the camera rolls inside SpongeBob's house to see him pulling the covers of his bed to reveal a hot rod. He pulls a lever and goes crashing out of his house, seeing a hi-octane world while transforming into what appears to be Ed Roth's cartoon character Rat Fink, although he talks just normal. After a simple race, Plankton comes crashing into SpongeBob, causing his license to get out of his grip. SpongeBob goes looking for it through an obstacle course which he learns from Mrs. Puff. After retrieving his license, a grotesque Patrick (who calls himself "Piston Patrick") challenges him to a race. After completing the race, Plankton yet again comes and this time, he destroys SpongeBob's entire car. He looks for the parts to race against Plankton, and when he finishes a race, a crazy version of Gary comes and knocks him over. SpongeBob goes on a final quest to retrieve 5 turbo boosts to use during the last challenge, and when he emerges in victory, comments on how well he and his hot rod did, doesn't notice a pit up ahead of him and falls into it.
  • StarfishMan to the Rescue- This is episode two, where Patrick's story begins. Patrick wakes up and transforms into StarfishMan. Bikini Bottom seems to have turned into a comic book (after it was suggested the level be given cel shading to make it feel like a cartoon) and StarfishMan must stop an evil version of himself (named "Dreaded Patrick"). A "phone guy" (that has Patrick's voice, as every citizen is a starfish) tells StarfishMan his abilities and some tips. (The "phone guy" is encountered while talking on the telephone, which rings every once in a while.) The player advances from the first level to the second, where StarfishMan must save a town civilian from an incoming train, and after using his powers to stop it, the civilian needs his every single piece of his clothes back (called a "costume pickup"). In the third level, StarfishMan must collect laundry after the mayor informs him of Dreaded Patrick, who has made the town dirty. As the final level, StarfishMan discovers a civilian tied up to a rocket, which Dreaded Patrick is just about to launch. StarfishMan rides up to the lift, battling enemies along the way, and dashes toward the civilian. Saying everything is alright, he is knocked unconscious from behind by two of Dreaded Patrick's minions, and when he wakes up, finds himself attached to the rocket instead. StarfishMan is launched out of Earth while saying "You're the vile villain, I'm the good guy, I'm supposed to win" and crashes into an asteroid, creating a ring that traps Dreaded Patrick.
  • Super-Sized Patty – Episode 3, Plankton's story 1, Plankton wakes up and finds a Krabby patty crumb he stole, and grows and turns it into a Krabby Patty, However, It grows and grows and grows and grows into a GIANT Krabby Patty, then Plankton decides to grow big as well but it fails, Then he runs out of Chum bucket and puts a freeze ray on which destroys things in his way, The chase begins when the patty jumps out the Chum bucket, Then Plankton runs in town for his life, Then it,s minigame time when Plankton disguises himself as a bin, being quiet and careful collecting items,then it turns to sunset and the chase continues,Then more items being collected, Then chasing again in a Jellyfish factory then outside on to a rooftop of Oyster Stadium then all the way back to the Chum bucket Finally, Thinking about something, The patty jumps up in the air and chuses Plankton.
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