This is a list of SpongeBob SquarePants characters organized by their scientific classification.

Sponges (Phylum-Porifera)

Sea stars (Class-Asteroidea)

Mollusks (Phylum-Mollusca)

Octopi (Order-Octopuda)

Snails (Class-Gastropoda)

Arthropods (Phylum-Arthropoda)

Crabs (Infraorder-Brachyura)

Lobsters (Family-Nephropidae)


Chordates (Phylum-Chordata)

Mammals (Class-Mammalia)

Whales (Order-Cetacea)

Squirrels (Family-Sciuridae)

Pufferfish (Family-Tetraodontidae)

Sea Horses (Order-Syngnathiformes)

Sea Cucumbers (Class-Holothuroidea)


Jellyfish (Subphylum-Medusozoa)


Inanimate Objects

Humans (Family: Hominidae)

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