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This is a list of bumpers for SpongeBob SquarePants that aired on MTV.


Bumper name Bumper plot First aired Last aired Image
Psychedelic SpongeBob #1 A person, after reading some statistics on a paper, opens a projector, showing some statistics on the board with the light closed. When the presentation goes to the next page, the statistics start turning 3D and then, a universe appears. Little cubs, each one with a SpongeBob emotion, follow a path and it turns that the path stops at statistics, where SpongeBob is at the top.

Note: This bumper was also used to promote The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash.

2009 2009 PsychedelicSB1 1
PsychedelicSB1 2
PsychedelicSB1 3
Psychedelic SpongeBob #2 A person is sitting at an armchair. Suddenly, a clock appears, doing the usual hypnotizing method. After realizing that everything in the room is black/white, the window sucks everything in the room, featuring the person. Then, we get into a universe, with life vests and we see next, a jellyfish in the air, where SpongeBob is. We also see the MTV logo, with some bubbles coming out of it.

Note: This bumper was also used to promote The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash.

PsychedelicSB2 1
PsychedelicSB2 2
PsychedelicSB2 3
PsychedelicSB2 4
PsychedelicSB2 5
Psychedelic SpongeBob #3 A person is on his bed and watching TV. After a while, some plants and flying objects appear. SpongeBob's tie is seen straped on the TV, which shows an eye inside of it. It leads with some rounding stairs to SpongeBob, who is shown with 6 hands; like an Indian god.

Note: This bumper was also used to promote The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash.

PS3 1
PS3 2
PS3 3
PS3 4
Puking SpongeBob SpongeBob walks through a pavement. Once he sees a poop with the MTV logo, he starts puking and the red words "Stay Tuned" cover up the whole screen. 2016 present SB MTV Poking 1
SB MTV Poking 2
SB MTV Poking 3
Countryside In the coutryside, there's a big sponge. Someone holds it and takes it away, and the audience starts applauding, as the black/yellow words "BACK SOON" behind the sponge are revealed. SB MTV Countryside 1
SB MTV Countryside 2
Snail There's a snail moving slowly on the ground. The words "We'll," "Be," "Right," and "Back" are appearing. Every time one of the words appear, a "meow" is heard. SB MTV Snail 1
SB MTV Snail 2
Purple Sponge There's a purple sponge with a man's face, on a yellow background, zooming out. Then, the sponge turns upright and the face yells "Yeeahhhh—" SB MTV Purple 1
SB MTV Purple 2

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