People living in Bikini Bottom have been seen saying unique phrases throughout the SpongeBob SquarePants series. Here is a list of the main ones.

Bikini Bottomite phrase Usage
Tartar sauce! Alternative to swear words
Kelp-for-brains name-calling
Barnacles! Alternative to swear words
Holy Krabby Patties! Remark of exclamation
Barnacle-head name-calling
Fishpaste! Alternative to swear words
Neptune!/King Neptune!/Dear Neptune! Blasphemous swear
Holy Cephalopod! Remark of exclamation
Shrimp Alternative to swear words
Jumping Jellyfish! Exclamation
Neanderthal name-calling
Mother of Pearl! Remark of exclamation
Coral Slang for Cool
Bottom feeder name-calling
Great Barrier Reef! Exclamation
Flippin' Fish Fossils! Exclamation
What in the name of Davy Jones' Locker Alternative to swear words (in the sense of "what the heck")
*Dolphin noises* The 11th bad word


  • "Armor Abs Krabs' can't show up at the reunion like this. All pink and soft and unmanly. I'm all flab and no ab!" —"Eugene H. Krabs"
  • "Sorry about the foul language, Mr. Krabs, but you're acting like there never was a man in that shell. The Krabs of his navy days was fearless. He wouldn't let something as insignificant as a missing shell slow him down.", — SpongeBob SquarePants in "Shell of a Man."
  • "That's a good idea! Use the children to crawl into small places you couldn't normally reach." —"Sandy"
  • "This is a load of barnacles." —"Frank"
  • "Flippin' fish fossils! Look what you did!" — "Mr. Krabs"
  • [begging] ''Oh, Mr. Krabs, we're so sorry! Don't de-butt me! Don't de- butt me!" — "SpongeBob"
  • [begging] ''Mr. Krabs, I'm sorry! Have mercy! Have mercy!" — "Patrick Star"
  • "Sorry? You dusted all my knickknacks! That was really nice. Great Barrier Reef!! What's this?" — "Mr. Krabs"
  • [begging] ''It's not our fault, Mr Krabs!" — "SpongeBob"
  • [begging] ''We didn't do it on purpose!" — "Patrick Star"
  • [begging] ''Accident! Accident! Accident! Accident!" — both "SpongeBob" and "Patrick Star"
  • [begging] ''I don't want to be butt-less!" — "SpongeBob"
  • "Oh, and I suppose the floor molding just painted itself on its own.'' [wall is decorated with tiny ships] ''That's what I call craftsmanship. Criminy jim-jam! You messed up my dollar...'' [runs over to a bunch of dolls lined up perfectly] ''...rama!" — "Mr. Krabs" in "Wet Painters"
  • [Anchor falls and smashes into SpongeBob's house] "Holy shrimp! Squidward! The sky had a baby from my cereal box! Squidward! Squidward, the sky had a baby!" — "SpongeBob" in "Shanghaied"
  • "It's Hip! It's coral! It's losing money!" "Mr. Krabs" in "Bossy Boots"
  • Two… sa-lads. Never heard of it. I got to stay hip. I don’t want to end up like silly old Squidward. But what in the name of Davy Jones’ locker is a sa-lad? - "SpongeBob" in "Bossy Boots"

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