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Before a video game is released, there may be several things not accessible or not accessible without Gameshark/Action Replay, in the final game. These are called Beta Elements.

Battle for Bikini Bottom

  • The Shiny Objects were originally different, and resembled crystals.
  • The Tubelet enemies originally had a laser.
  • The Kelp Forest was originally set in the daytime.
  • Sandy would originally slide on her back during the mountain levels instead of using a shellboard.
  • The proto also lacked special effects and sounds.
  • SpongeBob originally used a regular helmet for the Bubble Bash.
  • There was an unused soccer ball that was supposed to replace the watermelons. It was most likely a placeholder graphic.
  • A Robo-Squidward boss was also planned, but was taken out due to memory constraints, lack of time, or the fact that each character alternates boss fights. However, in the Game Boy Advance version, there is a Robo-Squidward.
  • Also on the Beta version, SpongeBob wasn't smiling.
  • Patrick headbutts enemies instead of hitting them with his belly.
  • Different characters were in different places.
  • There was an unused level in SpongeBob's Dream (Patrick's Dream), the theme of the level is dessert based, one of the cashews allow you to warp to "Patricks mind" which is what was used for Patrick's dream instead.
  • Not only were the characters in different places, in Patrick's Dream, there was The Larry the Lobster, some background characters and 2 robots (Chomp-Bot and Fodder)
  • There was a different Robot (you don't destroy it, also, it doesn't have an attack).
  • In the final boss fight against Robo-SpongeBob, there was originally supposed to be a third segment where the Robot gets anchor arms and is fought directly (it's shown in the cutscene, but the arms instead deflate). The robot also has a pair of legs and wears a speedo as well.
  • By hacking the game you can bring up an early pause menu screen. One of the levels are titled "Glove World" which could mean that it was planned to original be a level, but scrapped in the final version.

For more information vist the page on TCRF -


Beta version with SpongeBob not smiling

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

  • There are a lot of beta things that can be seen in the Extra.
  • Characters had different attacks.
  • Some enemies from the old game were cut.
  • Some bosses were cut.
  • Some levels with different maps were removed.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick had extra clothes in the beta.
  • Patty Wagon had a different handling.
  • Damaged Patty Wagon looks different in the beta.
  • Bikini Bottom looked different.
  • Some vehicles looked different and had different colors in the beta.

Creature from the Krusty Krab

Spongebob beta

Beta Version

  • The Z and fuel counters looked different in the beta version.
  • SpongeBob's airplane was completely different, resembling more of a boat than an actual airplane.
  • In Rocket Rodeo, there was either an unused part or a beta version of the black hole mini-stage.
  • There was an unused trailer cafe called The Kookie Cook.
  • During the map cut scenes of Alaskan Belly Trouble, one can see two unused enemies that were supposed to be in the second level of Alaskan Belly Trouble and are possibly variants of the Crab and Spitting Piranha enemies.
  • There were originally ten health spots instead of five.
  • On the back of the GameCube version, you can see three mock up screenshots.
  • A Delta version of the game can be visible by waiting on any main screen.
  • Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster level was different, having more buildings and lighter background.
  • Starfishman was originally going to have his black outline from "Starfishman to the Rescue" in "Rooftop Rumble", but it was removed in the final version. It can be visible in some screenshots of "Rooftop Rumble" and the attract trailer.
  • The Giant Plankton laser icon was different, being a cutout of a screenshot instead of a 2D image of him shooting a laser.

Truth or Square

  • In the beta version Pearl, Man Ray and the salesman were supposed to appear in the video game.
  • Pearl in the talent show level (deleted level except in the DS and PSP version, but Pearl doesn't appear).
  • Man Ray in the Mermalair.
  • The Salesfish was supposed to appear in every version but he only appears in the DS version.

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