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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter z.

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Zampano's Waltz

Zampano's Waltz was composed by Florence Caillon and Xavier Demerliac.


Zelle was composed by Gerhard Trede. It's commonly used as a theme for Plankton, but can be used for other bad guys as well.

Zelle 501

# Episode Scene
Season 2
34a Welcome to the Chum Bucket "All these tears? And the show tunes?"
34b Frankendoodle DoodleBob's arm sneaks over to SpongeBob's house.
39b The Fry Cook Games "Almonds?! Curse him, that's good."
Season 3
43b Just One Bite SpongeBob is shocked to hear Squidward never had a Krabby Patty.
58b Plankton's Army "I'll canvass all the seediest lowbrow dives in town to find my minions!"
Season 4
61a Fear of a Krabby Patty "Open 24 hours, eh?"
Season 5
58b Goo Goo Gas "That's it! Finally, victory will be mine! I'll turn Eugene Krabs into a"
84a Spy Buddies "Can't you go later?"
97a 20,000 Patties Under the Sea "A traveling restaurant, eh?"
Season 6
123-124 Truth or Square Plankton sneaks into the vent.
125b Chum Caverns "Did you see that?"
Season 7
100a Banned in Bikini Bottom Plankton calls the cops.
129a Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy "All the way from the bakery."
129b The Inside Job "The secret recipe isn't in the brain, it's located in the heart. How cheesy."
130a Greasy Buffoons Plankton spies on the customers eating Deluxe Krabby Patties.
134 SpongeBob's Last Stand "I've got superhighway preparations to attend to."
137a One Coarse Meal Plankton tickles Mr. Krabs with a feather.
139a Gramma's Secret Recipe "Sweet dreams, indeed, fool. Only this dream is about to become a nightmare, for Mr. Krabs!"
143 The Great Patty Caper "This is too easy. Karen, I'm off on a business trip!"
145a Buried in Time Plankton laughs.
147b Shellback Shenanigans "Yes, SpongeFool."
Season 8
153a The Other Patty "That fool Krabs, he blew it again!"
154a Drive Thru Plankton comes to the drive-thru.
160b Walking the Plankton "You might as well hand over that secret formula right now, 'cause once you shove off it's as good as mine!"
167a The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom "What's this? Krabs is cooking up some new scheme to undermine the success of his biggest competitor?"
170a Free Samples "I can't believe how well this is turning out!"; "*laughs* Sweet and delicious victory, you are mine!"
174b For Here or to Go "You have to let me guess now, Krabs!"

Zelle 502

# Episode Scene
Season 4
73a New Leaf "Yeah, baby! This is it!"
Season 5
84a Spy Buddies "Merciful Neptune!"
Season 8
153a The Other Patty "That fool Krabs, he blew it again!"

Zelle 503

# Episode Scene
Season 3
52a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble arrive in their villain car; "You might as well give up, Mermaid Man."; Barnacle Boy, Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble torture fish at Make-Out Reef.
58b Plankton's Army "Root beer?!"
Season 5
58b Goo Goo Gas "Everyone, say your ABC's!"
84a Spy Buddies "Secret mission, eh?"
Season 6
103a Spongicus Plankton destroys the Chum Bucket with a wrecking ball.
117a Shuffleboarding SpongeBob sees Man Ray enter the Laundromat.
125b Chum Caverns Plankton digs underground for a better restaurant location.
Season 7
147b Shellback Shenanigans "Now that I'm Gary, that SpongeBob will have no idea it's me and give me that batch of Krabby Patties!"

Zelle 504

This track often sounds like Creepy Sting 3.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
The Thing SpongeBob and Patrick try to free Smellie.
The Pink Purloiner SpongeBob spies on Patrick for eight hours; "I don't have any binoculars! See?"
The Gift of Gum SpongeBob uses a truck to try and get rid of Gummy.
Season 5
The Original Fry Cook SpongeBob hides in the freezer.
Fungus Among Us
84a Spy Buddies The opening.
Krabs a la Mode Old Man Jenkins exits the bathroom.
Bucket Sweet Bucket Plankton tries to sneak into Krabs' office.
Breath of Fresh Squidward The opening.
The Donut of Shame The angel and devil donuts talk to Patrick.
Goo Goo Gas Plankton does math equations.
Atlantis SquarePantis Plankton plans to enter the unguarded weapon room.
BlackJack SpongeBob enters his parents' house.
Blackened Sponge SpongeBob wears sunglasses.

Zelle 505

# Episode Scene
Season 2
39b The Fry Cook Games Patrick's turn for the Chocolate High Dive.
Season 3
42a The Bully Flats comes into the bathroom.

Zelle 506

# Episode Scene
Season 1
18b Walking Small "Hey, pencil neck!"
Season 2
32b The Smoking Peanut Title card; SpongBob is greeted by the policefish.
Season 3
42a The Bully Flats comes into the bathroom.
50b Krusty Krab Training Video Mr. Krabs throws Plankton back to the Chum Bucket.
58b Plankton's Army Title card; "I have the restaurant surrounded."

Zoom (d)

Zoom (d) was composed by Dick de Benedictis.

# Episode Scene
Season 7
141 The Main Drain Mr. Krabs begins his story about the main drain.
143 The Great Patty Caper SpongeBob enters the freezer.
Season 8
156 Frozen Face-Off "You don't stand a chance, Krabs."
172 Face Freeze! "Why? Is there something wrong?"
Season 9
187 Séance Shméance "I now summon the unliving!" (impacted with "Evil Mind 4")

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