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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter W.

List of associated production music contents

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Waddle Cop

Waddle Cop was composed by David Farnon. The instruments include the trombone and the euphonium.

Wah Wahs

The Wah Wahs were composed by Richard Myhill.

Wah Wah (a)

Wahini Wobble

Wahini Wobble was composed by Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield.

Waikiki Dance

Waikiki Dance was composed by Lionel Wendling.

Waikiki Queen

Waikiki Queen was composed by Hans Haider.

Wailing Strings

Wailing Strings was composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • 130b. "Model Sponge" - "Now that I have no need of purchasing food for myself, I do not need a refrigerator."

Wailing Theremin 2

Wailing Theremin 2 was composed by Harry Lubin.

Walking Bass

Walking Bass was composed by Richard Myhill.

Waltz Elegante

Waltz Elegante was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Waltz Elegante [#25]

Waltz Elegante [#27]

Waltzing Flutes

Waltzing Flutes was composed by Gerhard Narholz.

Waltzing in Dreamland

Waltzing in Dreamland was composed by Alan Moorhouse.

Waltz of the Flowers

Waltz of the Flowers was composed by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky.

War Agitato

War Agitato was composed by Jack Shaindlin.

War Blowers

War Blowers is a song written by The Blue Hawaiians for SpongeBob SquarePants. This is the second half of the song, which is mistakenly known by some as "Leaf Blower".

  • 1b. "Reef Blower" - Second half.
  • 3a. "Jellyfishing" - Title card.
  • 5a. "Pizza Delivery" - Squidward walks up to the customer's door.
  • 7a. "Hall Monitor" - SpongeBob directing traffic.
  • 8a. "Sandy's Rocket" - Montage of SpongeBob and Patrick capturing everyone.
  • 15b. "Suds" - Montage of Patrick trying to cure SpongeBob.
  • 16b. "The Paper" - SpongeBob pretends to be "SpongeBob JunglePants".
  • 26b. "Squidville" - SpongeBob and Patrick play with Reef Blowers; "Tag, you're it!"
  • 56b. "I Had an Accident" - Patrick acts like a gorilla.

War Clouds

War Clouds was composed by Gary Kettel.

  • 12b. "Employee of the Month" - SpongeBob and Squidward shake hands. (Plays behind Timpani - Military (d), also by Kettel.)

War Lords

War Lords was composed by Robert Cornford.

War Statements

War Statements were composed by Laurie Johnson.

War Statement 3

War Statement 10

  • 150a. "Krusty Dogs" - "We've got to get rid of these weiners and bring back the Krabby Patty."


Wargames was composed by Keith Mansfield.

  • 123-124. "Truth or Square" - "It's a perfect opportunity for Plankton to try and steal the formula."

Wargames Links

Wargames Links were composed by Keith Mansfield.

Wargames Link (d)

  • 19b. "Neptune's Spatula" - Neptune explains to SpongeBob that the loser has to give up fry cooking "for good".

Wargames Linking Sections

The Wargames Linking Sections were composed by Keith Mansfield.

Wargames Linking Section (b)

Wargames Linking Section (d)

Wargames Linking Section (f)

Wargames Linking Section (g)

Wargames Linking Section (h)


Warlord was composed by Wolfgang Kafer.

War of Nerves

War of Nerves was composed by John Scott.

  • 24b. "Imitation Krabs" - SpongeBob reveals the disastrous consequence, TARTAR SAUCE!!!

Watch Out!

Watch Out! was composed by Dick Stephen Walter. The instruments in this song include the flute and the tuba.

The Way West

The Way West was composed by Jack Dorsey.

Wedding March

Wedding March was composed by Felix Mendelson-Bartholdy. There are several duets of this cue. This track was also used in the Camp Lazlo episode "Wedding Bell Blues".

Wedding Procession

Wedding Procession is an organ arrangement of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's "Wedding March" by Leslie Pearson. A shortened version of this track was also used in the 1994 adaptation of "Miracle On 34th Street".

Weekend Break

Weekend Break was composed by Phil Green, Geoffrey Love, Ken Thorne.

Wien Bleibt Wien

Wien Bleibt Wien was composed by Andrew Pilmer.

Weird Bridge

Weird Bridge was composed by Roger Roger.

Welcome to Glove World

Welcome to Glove World was composed by Barry Anthony. 

SpongeBob Music - Welcome to Glove World-001:27

SpongeBob Music - Welcome to Glove World-0

  • 149b. "Tunnel of Glove" - The beginning; Patrick goes to the Power Plant; The ending.
  • 150a. "Krusty Dogs" - The Krusty Dogs machine is revealed.
  • 150b. "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa" - "No wonder we were so amused."; "Brace yourselves, fellers. Your hideaway is about to become the worst-kept secret in the sea."; SpongeBob and Patrick ride on the ship.
  • 161b. "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation" - Planet Rollercoaster is revealed.
  • 172b. "Glove World R.I.P." - New and improved hall of mirrors; Patrick in mascot costume.
  • 192a. "Company Picnic" - Krabs plays carnival games.
  • 204b. "The Whole Tooth" - Opening; Patrick hiding at bottle toss stand.

We're Saved

We're Saved was composed by Nicolas Carr. It was played twice in Pizza Delivery. It is the episode's title card and is sung by SpongeBob after Squidward says "Will you cut that out!"

  • 5a. "Pizza Delivery" - Title Card; The "We're saved" song SpongeBob sings.

We Shall Return! 2

We Shall Return! 2 was composed by Udi Harpaz.

Western Panorama

Western Panorama was composed by Len Beadle.

  • 16a. "Valentine's Day" - Sandy arrives at the carnival with Patrick's valentine.

Western Spaghetti

Western Spaghetti was composed by Eric Caspar and Eric Gemsa.

West Point

West Point was composed by Larry Hochman.

West Side Rumble

West Side Rumble was composed by Sam Spence.


What? was composed by Sven Perner.

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes was composed by Sam Spence.

What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor was a traditional folk song composed by Okko Bekker. This track seems to be semi-associated with Mr. Krabs.

  • 8b. "Squeaky Boots" - Title card; Mr. Krabs offers SpongeBob the boots.
  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - "PLASTIC!"
  • 20a. "Hooky" - "All right, SpongeBob LazyPants! I'll find you. This nose can smell laziness for up to 10,000 leagues! Aha! I'll give you a break you'll not soon forget!"
  • 22b. "Bossy Boots" - Mr. Krabs shows SpongeBob the accessories in his office and how much they cost.
  • 48a. "No Weenies Allowed" - A fight breaks out in line for the Salty Spittoon.
  • 53b. "Clams" - Mr. Krabs admires his millionth dollar and tells SpongeBob and Squidward that they are going on a fishing trip.
  • 61b. "Shell of a Man" - The trophy gets awarded to Mr. Krabs.
  • 98. "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" - "The Krusty Krab is closed until further notice."
  • 99a. "The Two Faces of Squidward" - All of Squidward's fans leave the Krusty Krab.
  • 107b. "No Nose Knows" - "What?! Why I gotta good mind to--!"
  • 203a. "Pineapple Invasion" - Krabs squishes Plankton.

The Wheels of Industry

The Wheels of Industry was composed by Robert Sharples.

Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels Within Wheels was composed by Ronald Hanmer

Where Am I?

Where Am I? was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

  • 207a. "Mimic Madness" - Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Plankton find SpongeBob.

Where Danger Lurks

Where Danger Lurks was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

Where Dreams Come True (a)

Where Dreams Come True (a) was composed by Jim Rattigan. The cover version was composed by Ron Goodwin.

Whimsical Walk

Whimsical Walk was composed by Phillip Green.

Whisper from the Past

Whisper from the Past was composed by Gregor F. Narholz. Although it is the same composition, different versions of it were used.

Whisper from the Past [#63]

  • 10b. "F.U.N." - Plankton confesses.
  • 35b. "Band Geeks" - "Evelyn, when your little Jimmy was trapped in a fire, who rescued him?"
  • 72a. "All That Glitters" - "I had a spatula once. A real spatula."

Whisper from the Past [#64]

Whisper from the Past [#64.02]

  • 10a. "Culture Shock" - "So this is what it feels like. *sniff* The big time. With this mop, I shape my destiny!"
  • 15b. "Suds" - "You gotta help me get better, Patrick."
  • 16b. "The Paper" - "Squidward's shirt. I've always loved that shirt!"
  • 30a. "No Free Rides" - SpongeBob says to Mrs Puff that he must try hard next time.
  • 31a. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III" - SpongeBob and Patrick see the weapon wall.
  • 106a. "A Life in a Day" - SpongeBob takes off his skateboard.
  • 115b. "Cephalopod Lodge" - SpongeBob promises that he'll get Squidward back in the lodge.

Why Am I So Poor? (b)

Why Am I So Poor? (b) was composed by Laszlo Borteri.

  • 131b. "A Pal for Gary" - SpongeBob gets Puffy Fluffy.
  • 141a. "The Curse of the Hex" - "Give me one good reason why I should lift the curse."; "We have the gold doubloon you asked for."

The Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch was composed by John Fox and Otto Sieben.

  • 66. "Dunces and Dragons" - The prisoners are released from jail; The travelers prepare for their plan.

Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

Wild Panic

Wild Panic was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

The Wild West (a)

The Wild West (a) was composed by Ron Goodwin.

Will He, Won't He?

Will He, Won't He? was composed by David Lindup.

William Tell Overture

The William Tell Overture was composed by Gioachino Rossini.

(Giochiano Rossini)


Willy Nilly

Willy Nilly was composed by Cyril Watters.

  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - The backstory of Mr. Krabs & Plankton in grade school.

Winds of War [#8]

Winds of War [#8] was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking was composed by Richard Myhill.

With Tongue in Cheek

With Tongue in Cheek was composed by Trevor Duncan.

  • 38b. "Artist Unknown" - SpongeBob and Squidward make marble sculptures.

Witty Fellow

Witty Fellow was composed by Gerhard Trede.

Woe is Me!

Woe is Me! was composed by Richard Myhill. It was first used in a 1998 Nickelodeon bumper where a vampire wants a date. It is also heard in an episode of "The Mighty B!".

Wonderland of Snow

Wonderland of Snow was composed by Terry Day.

Wondrous Pastures

Wondrous Pastures was composed by John Fox.

Wooden Bear

Wooden Bear was composed by Gil Flat, Tony Tape and Florian Voelxen. This cue seems to be semi-associated with Plankton and Patrick.

Workaday World

Workaday World was composed by Jack Beaver.

Worker's Symphony

Worker's Symphony was composed by Hans May.

  • 61a. "Fear of a Krabby Patty" - Montage of Mr. Krabs' announcing the number day it is while SpongeBob continues to fry patties.
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - Mr. Krabs explains the process (followed by a montage) of making their burger.
  • 95a. "The Inmates of Summer" - SpongeBob types on a typewriter.

Workers Playtime

Workers Playtime was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Working Machines

Working Machines was composed by Gerhard Trede

World in Action

World in Action is a much-used piece of incidental music from the 1968-1973 Southern TV children's adventure programme, Freewheelers. It was composed by Laurie Johnson.

World of Fantasy

World of Fantasy was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

World of Sport

World of Sport was composed by Don Harper.

Wwind + Gliss

The Wwind + Gliss cues were composed by Marcin Pospieszalski.

Wwind + Gliss 56 D#Maj

Wwind + Tremo

The Wwind + Tremo cues were composed by Marcin Pospieszalski.

Wwind + Tremo 55 C / D# / A WW.St

Wwind + Tremo 55 D#WW.St

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