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This article is a list of associated production music used in episodes starting with the letter p. 

List of associated production music contents

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Pageantry Processional

Pageantry Processional was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

Panic Stricken

Panic Stricken was composed by Chris Payne and Roger Paul.

  • Plankton! - "...This little piggy brought home a Krabby Patty. This little piggy will help me drop it in. Any last words, SpongeBob SecretPants?"

Panther Prowl

Panther Prowl was composed by David Farnon.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
014 Karate Choppers The beginning.
Season 4
072 Wishing You Well Mr. Krabs sneaks to the wishing well.
078 Best Frenemies "You sure this is gonna work?"

Parallel Dimension

Parallel Dimension was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
044 Idiot Box "How are they doing that!? That was the most realistic space-launch I've ever heard!"
Season 4
075 Squidtastic Voyage Sandy shows Squidward the plan.

Park Avenue Beat

Park Avenue Beat was composed by Fred Steiner. It is also the theme tune to Perry Mason.

Paroxysms (i)

Paroxysms (i) was composed by Trevor Duncan.

Passage to Victory

Passage to Victory was composed by Ron Goodwin.

  • Jellyfish Hunter - "Sir, this is the greatest thing I've ever eaten. I'm going to come back here every day for the rest of my life!"


Pastime was composed by Gerhard Trede.

Peg Leg Waltz

Peg Leg Waltz was composed by Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr and Sage Guyton.

Season Episode Scene
Season 7
138 The Play's the Thing Title card.
148 The Masterpiece Title card.
150 Krusty Dogs Title card.
Season 8
158 The Googly Artiste The ending.
177 The Good Krabby Name Title card, The Krusty Krab is filled with customers.


Pell-Mell was composed by Sam Spence.

Season Episode Scene
Season 1
011 MuscleBob BuffPants SpongeBob attempts to do a push-up for Sandy.
017 Rock Bottom SpongeBob gets the candy bar.
Season 3
055 The Great Snail Race SpongeBob wants Gary to practice sprints.
Season 4
064 Good Neighbors Patrick fills SpongeBob with paint.
069 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired SpongeBob crawls the course but then trips on a pebble.
Season 6
114 Ditchin' Man Ray is trapped inside a bubble.
Season 7
134 SpongeBob's Last Stand SpongeBob goes to see Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy and the word "APATHY!!!" appears.
Season 8
157 Oral Report SpongeBob is on a treadmill.
Season 9
179 Extreme Spots Patrick jumps rope.
Squirrel Record SpongeBob attempts to revive Sandy.
182 Bumper to Bumper Played during the 3-D movie.
184 Jailbreak! The guards chug into the wall.

People's Court

People's Court is the theme song from the classic television series of the same name. It was composed by Alan Stanley Tew.

Pepito from Tampico A

Pepito from Tampico A was composed by Ronald Sekura and Otto Sieben.

  • Scaredy Pants - The Flying Dutchman telling SpongeBob that he is not scary; The Party Music.
  • Suds - Played during Patrick's cure.

Phantom Train

Phantom Train was composed by The Surfdusters.

  • Plankton! - Mr. Krabs discovers Plankton stealing a Krabby Patty; Plankton controls SpongeBob; SpongeBob leaves and Squidward faints.
  • A Life in a Day - Patrick is chased by the bikers.

Piano Presto A

Piano Presto A was composed by Ted Atking and Alan Feanch. On SpongeBob, this music is associated with ice cream.

Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23

Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23 was composed by Pyton IIIyich Tchaikovsky.

Piano Concerto No. 21 Elvira Madigan

Piano Concerto No. 21 Elvira Madigan was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

  • Sleepy Time - Gary reads SpongeBob poems; SpongeBob leaves Gary's dream.


Pikanterie was composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • Valentine's Day - Montage of SpongeBob giving paper hearts to everyone in Bikini Bottom; Montage of SpongeBob having fun at the carnival while Patrick keeps thinking about the "friendly handshake."

Pineapple Rag

Pineapple Rag is a little known rag written by Joplin.

Pink Lilac

Pink Lilac was composed by Conrad Leonard.

A Pirate's Life for Me (a)

A Pirate's Life for Me (a) was composed by Ron Goodwin.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
010 F.U.N. The music at the movie theater.
017 Arrgh! Title card; Mr. Krabs shows up in a ship.
Season 2
033 Shanghaied Title card.
Season 3
046 One Krab's Trash Mr. Krabs battles the skeletons.
051 Party Pooper Pants Opening music.
054 Ugh Opening music.
059 The Sponge Who Could Fly Opening shot of Encino.
Season 6
115 Grandpappy the Pirate Grandpa Redbeard appears.
Season 7
151 Love That Squid SpongeBob moves the cash register.
Season 8
156 Frozen Face-Off Flashback of Mr. Krabs at sea.
162 Ghoul Fools Mr. Krabs spots the treasure.
164 Barnacle Face "Don't worry, Pearl!"
Season 9
189 SpongeBob, You're Fired! SpongeBob washes the Krusty Krab.

The Pirate's Waltz

The Pirate's Waltz was composed by Robert Alexander White.

  • Shanghaied - "In the event of trespassing on me ship, uninvited or otherwise, shall be part of me ghostly crew forever. And, uh, ever."

Pizzicato Polka

Pizzicato Polka was composed by Clive Harrison.

# Episode Scene
Season 6
101 House Fancy Show host praises Squidward's house
Season 8
161 Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation Super Mega Mall World
164 Barnacle Face Mr. Krabs making soap bars out of Krabby Patties

Place Bleu

Place Bleu was composed by Werner Von Overheidt.

Plaisir D'Amour

Plaisir D'Amour was composed by Florence Caillon and Xavier Demerliac.

  • Tunnel of Glove - "Boring!"; SpongeBob still talking; "Look, Pearl, a sweet adorable cherub!"

Planet Surface

Planet Surface was composed by Gregor F. Narholz, who composed other music.

Planet Xz-3

Planet Xz-3 was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.


Playbill was composed by Wilfred William Burns.

Playful Bridge 5

Playful Bridge 5 was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Playing with Toys

Playing with Toys was composed by John Charles Fiddy.

  • Shanghaied - "I had four biscuits, then I ate one. Now I only have three."

The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
037 Procrastination "In other news, local resident SpongeBob SquarePants only has a few hours to complete his essay and yet he continues to goof off. When will he learn?"
Season 3
048 Squilliam Returns Patrick beats the hats.
055 Mid-Life Crustacean "What are you doing with my bloomers?"
Season 5
085 New Digs Mr. Krabs rips down curtains to reveal Mrs. SquarePants taking a shower.

Point of Departure

Point of Departure is a series of cues composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Point of Departure K

Point of Departure M

  • Hooky - "You could end up vaccum packed in a can of tuna!"
  • New Student Starfish - SpongeBob and Patrick are sentenced to "detention".

Point of Departure N

Point of Departure O

  • Hooky - "And do you know what happens when you don't float back down?"
  • New Student Starfish - Mrs. Puff catches SpongeBob and Patrick "RED HANDED".

Point of Departure U

  • Hooky - SpongeBob's getting reeled in and ripped his underwear.

Police Car

Police Car was composed by Sam Spence.

Police Car Chase

Police Car Chase was composed by Jack Beaver

Polite Conversation

Polite Conversation was composed by Graham Preskett.

Polka Mit Pfiff

Polka Mit Pfiff was composed by Elmer Stigman.

Pomp and Ceremony

Pomp and Ceremony was composed by Frank Damico.

Pomp And Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance was composed by Edward Elgar. It is often associated with graduation ceremonies and is a British patriotic song.

  Fiachra Trench Duet

  • Hall Monitor - Played during SpongeBob's acceptance speech.
  • Doing Time - Flashback of the opening of Mrs. Puff's Boating School.

  John Fox Duet

  • Pressure - "We're sea creatures!"/"Yeah!"


Popcorn was composed by John Scott.

Poppin' Around

Poppin' Around was composed by Bruce Campbell.

Portents of War (a)

Portents of War (a) was composed by Robert (Bob) and John Foster.

  • Dear Vikings - SpongeBob and Squidward are kidnapped by the vikings.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips was composed by Wade Denning

Power and Glory

Power and Glory was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Power Plant

Power Plant was composed by Cecil Milner.

  • Chimps Ahoy - SpongeBob and Patrick work on an invention.

Premonition of Disaster

Premonition of Disaster was composed by Arthur Harold Wilkinson.

Pressure Point

Pressure Point was composed by Duncan Lamont.

  • Grandma's Kisses - Patrick tells SpongeBob he need to acquire a taste of "free-form jazz".

Preussens Gloria

Preussens Gloria was composed by Joseph Kanz and Johann Gottfried Piefke.

Primitive Force

Primitive Force was composed by Raymond Jones.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
069 Krusty Towers Mrs. Tentacles sees SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs in ski masks.
Season 6
123-124 Truth or Square A huge crowd of people stand outside the Krusty Krab.
Season 7
129 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy "That no-good fur thief will see me coming a mile away."
147 Shellback Shenanigans "Gary, are you sure you're feeling all right?"
149 Tunnel of Glove The power goes out.
150 The Wreck of the Mauna Loa "Just as I thought."

Proclamation (a)

Proclamation (a) was composed by Gregor F. Narholz, Keith Mansfield and Richard Strauss. It sounds almost identical to the famous theme from "Also sprach Zarathustra".

  • Ugh - SpongeGar has a revolation of fire.

Project X

Project X was composed by King Palmer.

Prologue of a Drama No. 9

Prologue of a Drama No. 9 was composed by Hans Conzelmann and Delle Haensch.

The Promised Land

The Promised Land was composed by Kay Rudd and David Farnon.

Kay Rudd version

David Farnon version

The Protector A

The Protector A was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Proud Fanfare

Proud Fanfare was composed by David Farnon.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
069 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired Saergent Roderick sees SpongeBob's rocket ship.
070 Chimps Ahoy SpongeBob and Patrick's invention is revealed.
Season 6
107 Giant Squidward SpongeBob & Patrick finish their present and showcase it to 'Giant' Squidward.
Season 7
130 Greasy Buffoons Mr. Krabs presents "Wow! Soup".
131 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful SpongeBob presents a statue of Squidward made of garbage.
132 Kracked Krabs A trophy is awarded to Mr. Krabs.
136 Summer Job "And the patty is unscathed!"
138 The Play's the Thing "Hooray! Whoopee!"
Season 8
169 Are You Happy Now? Aerial shot of paper SpongeBobs shown in the Krusty Krab.

Proud Moment

Proud Moment was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Pua Paoakalani (b)

Pua Paoakalani (b) is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by Kapono Beamer and Queen Lili'uokalani. This version is the "sad" version of the song.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
019 Fools in April SpongeBob runs away and cries.
Season 2
024 Dying for Pie Squidward and SpongeBob watch the sunset.
Season 3
058 Missing Identity "I lost my name tag!"
feature film
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Mr. Krabs explains to SpongeBob why he did not get the manager position at the Krusty Krab 2.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? Gary runs away from home.
064 Skill Crane "You've had a rough day, Squiddy. But that doesn't mean tomorrow won't be better."
065 Funny Pants "I've read all the books but still nothin.'"
074 Bummer Vacation "But who will fry the patties and clean the grill while I'm gone?"
080 The Gift of Gum Patrick misses his gummy.
Season 5
083 Waiting "No, Patrick. People like me don't deserve 'moments.'"
090 The Donut of Shame "I wanna give you this because you're my buddy and a donut this nice could really make a guy happy. *faints*"
096 Pest of the West SpongeBob is upset because he doesn't have any famous relatives.
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? SpongeBob begins to cry.
Season 6
123-124 Truth or Square Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs give up.
126 The Clash of Triton King Neptune loses his appetite.
Season 7
145 Enchanted Tiki Dreams Squidward hides under his chair.
149 You Don't Know Sponge Patrick explains to SpongeBob that Larry is not his best friend.
150 The Wreck of the Mauna Loa SpongeBob and Patrick's hideout has been banned "for good".
Season 8
160 Patrick’s Staycation Patrick explains that he needs a vacation.

Pure Evil

Pure Evil was composed by Larry Hochman.

Puffing Along

Puffing Along was composed by Harry Bluestone

Pulse of Africa

Pulse of Africa was composed by Robin Hogarth.

  • Ugh - Title card

The Pursuit of Power (a)

The Pursuit of Power (a) was composed by Keith Mansfield.

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