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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter h.

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Hackney Carriage

Hackney Carriage was composed by Cedric King-Palmer.

Hail to the Chief (a)

Hail to the Chief (a) is a traditional march usually associated with the President of the United States of America. This version was arranged by Will Schaefer. There are two versions of this cue used on the show, one composed by Will Schaefer, and another composed by Graham De Wilde.

Will Schaefer Version

  • Doing Time - "It is with great pride that I officially open this unfinished bridge."

Graham De Wilde Version

Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah

Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah was composed by George Frideric Handel.

Halloween Antics A

Halloween Antics A was composed by Kevin Riepl.

Ghoul Fools - The Flying Dutchman follows the captain.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame was composed by Harry Bluestone.

  • Chimps Ahoy - "It's the banana peiler we've been searching 117 years for!"

Happiness Castle

Happiness Castle was composed by Maurice De Courpalay.

Hangin' Ten

Hangin' Ten was composed by Rod Abernethy.

Happy and Gay

Happy and Gay was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Happy As You Go

Happy As you Go was composed by Harry Lubin.

  • Truth or Square - "Hey, kids! Isn't this exciting? I'm here at Nickolodeon, home of SpongeBob SquarePants and I'm gonna ask him if he'll be my guest-of-honor on my 10th Anniversary TV Special!"; Patchy confronts the studio.
  • Kracked Krabs - Beuford 'Bargain' Bottom in "Convenience Store Caper".

Happy Boy

Happy Boy was composed by Jack Shaindlin.

Happy Bridges

The Happy Bridges were composed by Harry Bluestone.

Happy Bridge 1

Happy Bridge 3

Happy Bubbles

Happy Bubbles was composed by Steve Belfer.

Happy Choo Choo A

Happy Choo Choo A was composed by Otto Sieben (pseudonym of Gerhard Narholz)

Happy Christmas Medley

Happy Christmas Medley is a medley of traditional Christmas carols including "The Holly and the Ivy," "The First Noël," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" arranged by David Snell.

Happy End

Happy End was composed by Gerhard Trede.


Happy-Go-Lively was composed by Laurie Johnson.

  • Squidville - Title card; Montage of Squidward enjoying and then slowly getting bored of life in Tentacle Acres.
  • Money Talks - Exterior shot of the mall.
  • Goo Goo Gas - Plankton goes to the store to find baby powder.

Happy Haunting Hosts

Happy Haunting Hosts was composed by Eban Schletter.

Happy Home

Happy Home was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Happy Jose

Happy Jose was composed by Ulrich Wenzel.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
019 Neptune's Spatula "Now behold. The splendor of Atlantis."
feature film
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie The music that plays in the elevator when SpongeBob and Patrick wait for their floor.
Season 4
070 Ghost Host The music that plays at the mattress store.
Season 8
160 Patrick’s Staycation SpongeBob massages Patrick.

Happy Sponge Chase Vibes

Happy Sponge Chase Vibes was composed by Nicolas Carr.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
062 The Lost Mattress Montage of SpongeBob and Patrick trying the mattresses.
065 Funny Pants Title Card
071 Whale of a Birthday Title Card
076 Hocus Pocus Title Card
079 The Pink Purloiner Title Card
Season 5
082 Night Light Title Card
083 Fungus Among Us Title Card
088 Money Talks Title Card
097 20,000 Patties Under the Sea Montage of SpongeBob and Patrick feeding the sea monster.
Season 6
110 The Slumber Party Title Card
Season 7
123-124 Truth or Square Title Card
133 Squidward in Clarinetland Title Card
135 Back to the Past Title Card

Harmonica Shorts

Harmonica Shorts was composed by Robb Appleton and Rick Fenn.

Harry the Hippo

Harry the Hippo was composed by Phillip Green

# Episode Scene
Season 7
129 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy Sandy goes to the Krusty Krab.
132 Kracked Krabs A huge guy is shown; "Quit fooling around!"
140 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom SpongeBob meets Raar.
146 The Abrasive Side "Don't you remember?"
148 The Masterpiece The statue falls on SpongeBob.
152 Big Sister Sam Sam is angry.
Season 8
160 Walking the Plankton "Boy, I'm so sweaty."
170 Home Sweet Rubble Patrick pushes a big boulder.
171 inSPONGEiac Patrick tells SpongeBob a story.
177 Move It or Lose It "WHAT?!"

Harry's Back

Harry's Back was composed by Hans Ehrlinger. It's a classical song that played in early season 2 episodes.

A Hat, A Cane

A Hat, a Cane was composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

  • Culture Shock - SpongeBob's tap dancing routine with a hippopotamus bubble.

The Haunted Carnival

The Haunted Carnival was composed by Eban Schletter.

The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
033 Shanghaied SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward first board the Dutchman's ship.
Season 3
056 Born Again Krabs SpongeBob stands up for Mr. Krabs.
Season 4
070 Ghost Host The Dutchman's ship appears.
076 Hocus Pocus "Who dares to see Mr. Magic?!"

Haunted Surf

Haunted Surf was composed by The Surfdusters.

  • Plankton! - SpongeBob searches for a mysterious voice; Plankton takes off his disguise and sneaks onto SpongeBob's bed.

Hawaii Jive Ho

Hawaii Jive Ho was composed by David Jones.

  • Ugh - SpongeBob wakes up.

Hawaiian Beach

Hawaiian Beach was composed by Peter Dennis.

Hawaiian Beauty

Hawaiian Beauty was mayhap composed by Lionel Wendling.

# Episode Scene
Season 6
107 No Nose Knows Patrick smells good scents.
Season 7
140 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle Mr. Krabs gets massaged.
151 Love That Squid Squidward and Squilvia's date works out at 8:00.
Season 8
177 The Good Krabby Name Mr. Krabs and a customer are in the crow's nest.

Hawaiian Blues

Hawaiian Blues was composed by George de Fretes.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
007 Jellyfish Jam The opening.
014 SB-129 The opening.
Season 3
045 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV "SpongeBob, you need to admit your mistakes."

Hawaiian Breeze

Hawaiian Breeze was composed by Jon Jelmer. It has two parts. The first half of its second part sounds slightly different unlike that part's second half.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
012 The Chaperone "Just don't be late, SpongeBob."
Employee of the Month Squidward and SpongeBob have a truce.
018 Walking Small Plankton cries because he has two ice cream cones.
Season 2
022 Something Smells Patrick is shown with a bag over his head.
Bossy Boots "Oh SpongeBob, how could I have done such a thing to me own flesh and blood?"
023 Bubble Buddy "He's a bubble buddy."
037 I'm With Stupid SpongeBob confesses to Patrick's fake parents that he isn't really stupid.
040 Squid on Strike Plays during Squidward's dream.
Season 3
042 Club SpongeBob Squidward cooks himself a bug.
045 Doing Time "Alright seniors, let's open these windows so the world can see your nice, white clothes."
047 Can You Spare a Dime SpongeBob tucks Squidward in.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? SpongeBob talks to Mr. Krabs about Gary running away.
076 Hocus Pocus SpongeBob cries when he thinks that he'll never be able to change Squidward back to normal.
Season 6
112 Porous Pockets SpongeBob reunites with Patrick.
Choir Boys SpongeBob tells Squidward that Patrick is away.
Season 7
128 Stuck in the Wringer Patrick brushes his teeth.
136 A Day Without Tears SpongeBob and Squidward watch the sunset.
145 Enchanted Tiki Dreams Squidward gets upset after his tiki land is destroyed.

Hawaiian Calypso

Hawaiian Calypso was composed by Jo Van Wetter. 2 of these 3 episodes are from the 2004 section of season 3, and in the 2, the track is associated with SpongeBob.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
057 Krabby Land Opening scene with SpongeBob eating breakfast.
060 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler SpongeBob and the Strangler go shopping.
Season 4
069 Krusty Towers Squidward does a quick change into vacation gear.

Hawaiian Cocktail

Hawaiian Cocktail was composed by Richard Myhill.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Tea at the Treedome Sandy gives SpongeBob a grand tour of her dome.
002 Bubblestand "You should be ashamed of yourselves."; The ending.
Ripped Pants SpongeBob walks away feeling embarrased.
004 Boating School "I’ve got too much to worry about."; "Only, now I don't even have my bike."
008 Squeaky Boots Spongebob apologizes to Mr. Krabs.
012 The Chaperone "Oh, Gary, I'm a prom failure."
Employee of the Month The Krusty Krab explodes and it starts raining Krabby Patties.
017 Arrgh! "A game. That's right. Of course it is, my mistake. I guess I got a little carried away, eh?"
Rock Bottom "Okay, 329."
018 Walking Small "Gee, Plankton, I'm sorry about the Chum Bucket."
019 Fools in April Squidward attempts to apologize to SpongeBob.
Neptune's Spatula Patrick and Mr. Krabs cry; SpongeBob cries
020 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II "I'm sorry, Barnacle boy. I didn't mean it. I just wanted to spend time with you. You're my heroes!" (starts to cry)
Season 2
022 Your Shoe's Untied "SpongeBob's fault, SpongeBob's fault!!!"/"I failed. My career is over."
Squid's Day Off Mr. Krabs puts Squidward in charge while he's in the hospital.
024 Dying for Pie Squidward cries when he thinks SpongeBob has exploded.
025 Patty Hype Mr. Krabs and Squidward make fun of the Pretty Patties.
026 Squidville "SpongeBob, this is the final straw..."; "Yep, this is great..."
033 Shanghaied SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick are eaten. (Squidward's ending only)
035 Band Geeks "Well, you did it. You took my one chance at happiness and crushed it. Crushed it into little tiny, bite-size pieces. I really had expected better of you people. I guess I'm a loser for that, too. Don't bother showing up tomorrow. I'll just tell them you all died in a marching accident. So, thanks, thanks for nothing!"
038 Artist Unknown SpongeBob feels ashamed of himself because of all of the work he worked on, and runs away to a city dump.
040 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm "No, not tough enough. Not tough enough!"/"SpongeBob, quit your worrying. I can take care of myself. After all..."
Season 3
041 The Algae's Always Greener "Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh..."
044 Nasty Patty "What a brave man, going in the line of duty like that! Why? Why? Why?"
045 Doing Time "But I don't belong here! It's all a big mistake!"
046 One Krabs Trash SpongeBob leaves with the soda-drinking hat; "There he is with me $1,000,000 hat!"
048 No Weenies Allowed SpongeBob cries after breaking his fingers.
Squilliam Returns "O.K, I admit it! I'm a fraud! This was all a futile, pathetic attempt to impress you! This isn't really my restaurant...I'M JUST A CASHIER!" / "Squidward, I understand. I...have a confession to make myself."
053 New Student Starfish SpongeBob sulks about getting detention.
Clams Mr. Krabs bawls.
055 The Great Snail Race SpongeBob apologizes to Gary for what he's done to him.
056 Born Again Krabs "I'm sorry, Flying Dutchman." "What have I done?"
060 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler Squidward is 12% on time for work
feature film
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie SpongeBob and Patrick cried after "everybody they know is a goner", Mindy tries to get their attention.
Season 4
064 Good Neighbors "I have only half an hour of me time left, and the idiots took my house."
065 Selling Out "Have fun, Mr. Krabs."
Funny Pants SpongeBob sadly enters Mr. Krabs' office.
066 Dunces and Dragons SpongeBob and Patrick cry.
067 Enemy In-Law "Why did I ever buy that computer wife? I need a real woman--not a girl in a cold-hard shell."
068 Patrick SmartPants "Goodbye, Mr... BEST FRIEND!"
SquidBob TentaclePants "It's no use, Sandy."
069 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired "I failed?"
070 Chimps Ahoy "I've worked day and night for a week, but none of my inventions were any good. If I don't have a real impressive invention by this afternoon, they'll cut my funding and I'll have to leave Bikini Bottom."
Ghost Host "Lonnie, there's this grand new product named toothpaste."
071 Whale of a Birthday Pearl cries while running to the Krusty Krab.
072 All That Glitters The spatula is being taken to the hospital.
073 New Leaf Plays while seeing the inside of the Chum Bucket; Plankton gets upset after Mr. Krabs destroys his knickknacks.
075 That's No Lady "Please unset it."
076 The Thing "Day 5, I think. I've been waddling in those fields. I'm hungry, tired, lost..."
077 Rule of Dumb The comic book collector cries.
079 Squid Wood Squidward cries.
080 Best Day Ever SpongeBob finishes his speech.
The Gift of Gum "What am I gonna do, Gary?"
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe? "Why Mr. Krabs? Why does he hate us so?!"
082 Night Light "All alone. No light. No shelter."
083 Waiting "My birthday party? I missed my birthday party?"
085 New Digs SpongeBob apologizes to Mr. Krabs that he was a minute late for work.
Krabs a la Mode After the clamboni gets ruined.
086 Bucket Sweet Bucket "Just forget it."
087 To Love a Patty "I've been replaced by a sandwich!"
088 Money Talks "I would give anything to talk to money!"
090 The Donut of Shame "A donut this nice could really make a guy happy."; Patrick cries in front of SpongeBob confessing he took the donut.
091 Le Big Switch The customer sobs after being insulted.
093 Picture Day SpongeBob cries while trying to take the picture.
094 Blackened Sponge SpongeBob looks in the mirror at his black eye.
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? SpongeBob escapes Bikini Bottom.
100 Banned in Bikini Bottom "It's no use. I'M RUINED!!!!"
Season 6
102 Nautical Novice Mrs. Puff sees SpongeBob all groggy when he arrives on the bus.
104 Gone SpongeBob cries after realizing that he can't imitate Mrs. Puff or anybody.
105 The Splinter "No, anything but that. Please Squidward, you can't let this happen! (cries) You can't let them force me away!"
106 A Life in a Day SpongeBob, Larry, and Patrick end up in the hospital.
108 Plankton's Regular "It's the second foulest thing I've ever tasted!"
109 Boating Buddies "Officer, please! I have impeccable boat smarts! I pried my self in obtaining an unsoiled driving record! It's all that I have!" / "Well you can have it again, right after you complete boating school."
The Krabby Kronicle "You're reaching new levels of imagination, boy!"
110 The Slumber Party Pearl gets angry at Mr. Krabs because of her slumber party that got ruined.
Grooming Gary "I'm all alone behind this rope!" / "Uh, Patrick, I'm right here." / "You don't understand, SpongeBob! You'll never understand what it's like to be alone behind the red rope!"
116 Squid's Visit Montage of SpongeBob crying and begging Squidward to visit his house.
To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants "I wish I could see him one last time."
118 Komputer Overload "Oh curse you cruel fate. Once again, you've left me covered in the sticky goo of my own folley. Only this time, I'm all alone."
120 Toy Store of Doom Patrick explains to the construction worker that he and SpongeBob want to go to the toy store, but it's not open yet.
Season 7
122 Single Cell Anniversary "And now the smell of defeat's so deeply penetrates my soul that my very skin is permeated with its foul stench!"; "There's nothing wrong. Don't worry. I'm fine."
123-124 Truth or Square Plankton "launches himself".
128 Stuck in the Wringer " I can't do anything without this stupid wringer getting in the way."; "Don't you go crying on me!"
130 Greasy Buffoons The ultra chummy patties are shown.
Model Sponge SpongeBob barges into Mr. Krabs' office, upset.
134 Squidward in Clarinetland Squidward melts; "Squidward, are you okay?"
136 A Day Without Tears SpongeBob stubs his toe.
140 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle (higher pitched) SpongeBob passes out; "SpongeBob, can you hear me?"
146 The Abrasive Side SpongeBob is upset because he can't say no to anyone.
150 Krusty Dogs Squidward is shown outside during his break.
The Wreck of the Mauna Loa Mr. Krabs gets arrested after the ride has been destroyed.
152 Big Sister Sam Patrick cries.
Perfect Chemistry SpongeBob's heart shatters.
Season 8
161 Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation Mr. Krabs cries over the shredded money.; Pearl cries.
166 The Way of the Sponge Fuzzy removes Sandy's belt.

Hawaiian Farewell

Hawaiian Farewell is an arrangement of Queen Liliuokalani's "Aloha Oe" by George Elliot.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
005 Home Sweet Pineapple "The only thing left of my house is this little pebble."
006 Pickles SpongeBob keeps writing down and crossing off different ways to make the Krabby Patty.
Season 2
027 Life of Crime "Take a last look, Patrick. We can never go back."

Hawaiian Flower

Hawaiian Flower was composed by Jon Jelmer.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
018 Walking Small Plankton packs a briefcase.
Season 3
043 The Bully SpongeBob visits Flats in the hospital.
Season 4
073 New Leaf Plankton explains his truce.
079 The Pink Purloiner Patrick gives SpongeBob the net he made.
Season 5
086 Bucket Sweet Bucket Plankton shows SpongeBob his rusted pipes.
Season 6
107 Giant Squidward 'Giant' Squidward compliments a fish's hairdo.
114 Ditchin' SpongeBob sees the "Bikini Bottom Hug Fest."
116 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants The opening.
Season 7
136 A Day Without Tears Squidward shows SpongeBob the sunset.

Hawaiian Happiness

Hawaiian Happiness was composed by Jon Jelmer.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
010 Culture Shock After Pearl's act.
011 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost Squidward confesses that he is not a ghost.
017 Arrgh! SpongeBob and Patrick tell Mr. Krabs about the game.
Season 2
037 I'm With Stupid SpongeBob reads Patrick the letter from his parents.
Season 3
044 Idiot Box SpongeBob and Patrick leave the box to go to bed.
058 Missing Identity SpongeBob walks back home.
Season 4
074 Bummer Vacation SpongeBob goes jellyfishing.
Season 5
085 New Digs SpongeBob goes to sleep in a cardboard box.
096 Pest of the West SpongeBob and Sandy leave the library.
Season 6
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One SpongeBob drags seaweed around; Sandy makes a fire.
114 Dear Vikings SpongeBob writes his letter to the vikings.
115 Cephalopod Lodge Squidward walks back home with SpongeBob and Patrick.
Season 7
146 Earworm Squidward goes to bed.

Hawaiian Hula

Hawaiian Hula was composed by Terry Day.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
020 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II "...met a villain and learned to treat third degree burns, all in one day!"
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied "Hey, SpongeBob, wanna see my new shoes?"
022 Something Smells The opening; SpongeBob sees the peanut plant.
033 Shanghaied Shot of the island at dawn

Also Plays In The Spongebob App Spongebob Moves in, The news, and the preview for LIghts Camara Pants.

Hawaiian Links

The Hawaiian Links were composed by Richard Myhill. They are very brief slides on a lap steel guitar.

Hawaiian Link (type a)

This one is a basic glissando

Hawaiian Link (type b)

This one is more melodic, sadder.

Hawaiian March

Hawaiian March was composed by Setsuo Ohashi and Yasuteru Miura.

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian Party was composed by Peter Dennis.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
055 Mid-Life Crustacean Mr. Krabs has breakfast.
Season 4
062 Krabs vs. Plankton SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs win the trial.
063 Have You Seen This Snail? SpongeBob feeds Gary, not knowing that Gary ran away.
Season 7
139 Gramma's Secret Recipe SpongeBob looks at old photo albums with Plankton (his grandma).
140 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle Everyone gets all of their stuff back.
149 You Don't Know Sponge "I don't need Patrick!"
Tunnel of Glove "I guess that turned out to be...kind of fun."; "You understand, girls. It's for posterity?"

Also plays in the SpongeBob App "SpongeBob Moves In" for the iPad, and along with the game SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge whenever you pause the game or beat the level.

Hawaiian Pussycat

Hawaiian Pussycat was composed and performed by George de Fretes. It seems to be based on the chord progression of "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue". This piece is most commonly used as a theme for Gary.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors The opening.
009 Nature Pants The ending.
Opposite Day Montage of SpongeBob, Patrick and Gary doing "opposite" things.
013 Scaredy Pants SpongeBob shows Patrick his ghost costume.
014 Karate Choppers SpongeBob tries to come up with things he and Sandy can do besides karate.
016 Valentine's Day Title card.
019 Fools in April The ending.
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied "Gary! Well I'll be. You can tie shoes!"
022 Something Smells SpongeBob says "Hi" to everyone in Bikini Bottom.
027 Life of Crime The ending.
029 Dumped The opening; The ending.
032 The Smoking Peanut The ending.
033 Gary Takes a Bath Title card (replaces "Hawaiian Train" in current airings); The ending.
Season 3
056 I Had an Accident (The only episode in season 3 to play this track) Sandy and Patrick jellyfish outside of SpongeBob's house.
Season 5
083 Fungus Among Us (The only episode outside the Hillenburg era to play this track) The ending.

This Song Is Available On itunes.

Hawaiian Stings

Hawaiian Sting 1

Hawaiian Sting 2

Hawaiian Sting 3

Hawaiian Sting 4

Hawaiian Sting 5

Hawaiian Sting 6

Hawiian Sting 7

Hawaiian Sting 8

Hawaiian Sting 9

Hawaiian Sting 9 (a)

Hawaiian Sting 9 (b)

Hawaiian Sting 9 (c)

Hawaiian Sting 10

Hawaiian Sting 11

Hawaiian Sting 12

Hawaiian Sting 13

Hawaiian Sting 14

Hawaiian Sting 15

Hawaiian Train

Hawaiian Train was composed by Victor Cavini. This is the first production music to play in the series, and is often used on title cards.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Help Wanted Title card
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors Title card; Squidward invites SpongeBob to his house for a dinner party. (Althought a different portion of this is used.)
Boating School Title card
Season 2
032 The Smoking Peanut "Ah, the Bikini Bottom Zoo is having its annual 'Free Day'."
033 Gary Takes a Bath Title card. (replaced by "Hawaiian Pussycat" in current airings)
Season 4
074 That's No Lady Title card, into the opening.
Season 5
093 Pat No Pay Title card.
Season 6
116 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants Title card.

Head Over Heels (a)

Head Over Heels (a) was composed by Andrew Jackman.

  • Culture Shock - The first part of Squidward's interpretive dance.

Heavenly Voices

Heavenly Voices were composed by David Farnon.

Heavenly Voices (b)

# Episode Scene
Season 1
003 Plankton! "Look at it, Squidward."; SpongeBob says his "last words".
019 Neptune's Spatula "The golden spatula!"
Season 2
021 Squid's Day Off "The cash register..."
023 Bubble Buddy "Dude, he made me experience high tide!"
025 Patty Hype "Mr. Krabss, I have an ideaa!"
038 Artist Unknown "You are the teacher to my pupil? This isn't art class... this is heaven."
039 The Fry Cook Games
Season 3
042 Club SpongeBob Squidward sees the exit.
043 Just One Bite "...good for your soul."
052 Chocolate with Nuts The conman shows SpongeBob and Patrick a candy bar bag.
Season 4
061 Shell of a Man Mr. Krabs shows SpongeBob his treasure.
063 Have You Seen This Snail? Gary sees nachos.
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe Mr. Krabs picks up a penny and questions about it with Plankton.

Heavenly Voices (c)

Heavy Footstep (a)

Heavy Footstep (a) was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
019 Fools in April Squidward sets up his prank.
Season 2
022 Bossy Boots "SpongeBob, do you realize what this means?"
024 Imitation Krabs SpongeBob scrubs the floor.
Season 4
073 New Leaf "Come on, buddy, let's get some shuteye."
Season 7
130 Greasy Buffoons The grease gets dumped behind the Chum Bucket.

Hello Sailor (b)

Hello Sailor (b) was composed by Richard Myhill.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
036 Graveyard Shift "You mean, if we stayed open later, you'll give us your money?"
Season 3
043 The Bully The opening, where SpongeBob is confused about where to put his pencils.
053 Clams "Uhhh, what do you like better the coral bits, or the nacho oyster skins?"
058 Krabby Land Mr. Krabs comes out of his office.
Season 4
072 Wishing You Well "It's beautiful. (sniff sniff) You smell that, boys? That's the smell of money!"
075 That's No Lady Mr. Krabs appears.
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe "Now that's a handsome-looking burger!"
088 Money Talks At home, Mr. Krabs talks to his money.
Season 7
128 Growth Spout "You're the owner of the best restaurant."

Hen Pecker

Hen Pecker was composed by The Surfdusters.

Heraldic Call 4

Heraldic Call 4 was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Heraldic Overture

Heraldic Overture was composed by Sam Fonteyn.

Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot was composed by Gerhard Trede.

Here and There

Here and There was composed by Gary Hughes.

  • Not Normal - SpongeBob watchs a video tape called: "Journey into Normality".

Here Comes the Band! (a)

Here Comes the Band! (a) was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

Here it Comes (a)

Here it Comes (a) was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (b)

Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (b) is an old Austrailian folk tune arranged by Tim Laycock and Robert Alexander White. This usually plays as a sad theme for Mr. Krabs or the Krusty Krab.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
008 Squeaky Boots "Arrgh, that was the worst night I ever weathered."
Season 2
025 Patty Hype Mr. Krabs tries to think of an idea.
Season 3
056 Born Again Krabs SpongeBob and Squidward are alone in the Krusty Krab, which is out of business.
Season 4
070 Ghost Host "It's no use, SpongeBob."
074 Bummer Vacation Mr. Krabs reads the letter from the Fry Cooks Union.
Season 6
109 The Krabby Kronicle Mr. Krabs sobs after his money is gone.
Season 7
130 Greasy Buffoons "I guess this is it, boy."

Heroes Salute

Heroes Salute was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Heroes Win

Heroes Win was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Tea at the Treedome "Oh yeah? Well watch this!"
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors SpongeBob saves Squidward.
010 F.U.N. SpongeBob chases Plankton.
Season 2
023 Big Pink Loser "I want to defeat the giant monkey man and save the ninth dimension!"
Season 3
053 New Student Starfish SpongeBob and Patrick rescue Roger.

Hero of the Beach

Hero of the Beach was composed by The Surfdusters.

A Hero's Story (a)

A Hero's Story (a) was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Hey, Hot Lips! (d)

Hey, Hot Lips! (d) was composed by Dick Walter.

Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman

Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman was composed and performed by Jeremy Wakefield and Sage Guyton.

  • Squid on Strike - Title card; SpongeBob lies on his bed, listening to a Record Player.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Hiding Place

Hiding Place was composed by Marc Andre Dall'Anese.

High Black Shoes

High Black Shoes was composed by Tom Hedden.

# Episode Scene
Season 7
128 Stuck in the Wringer "You know what, SquarePants? That's quitter talk."
130 Greasy Buffoons Scene Of SpongeBob making a Krabby Patty.
148 The Masterpiece SpongeBob opens the Krusty Krab.

High Hazard

High Hazard was composed by Philippe Pares.

High Speed Action

High Speed Action was composed by Laurie Johnson.

Highly Strung

Highly Strung was composed by George French.

Hilo March

Hilo March is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by George Kulokahai and His Island Serenaders.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
003 Plankton! The ending
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors "Wow, Patrick! You saved me!"; The ending
005 Pizza Delivery The ending
009 Nature Pants SpongeBob follows the jellyfish wherever they're going.
Opposite Day Title card
010 F.U.N. SpongeBob takes Plankton to Jellyfish Fields.
011 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost SpongeBob and Patrick play their game.
013 Scaredy Pants "Ooooh, I'm the Flying Dutchman!"; "Roar, roar! I'm the Flying Dutchman!"
014 SB-129 The ending
015 Suds SpongeBob calls Sandy to go to the doctor.
016 The Paper Title card; Squidward finally gets the paper from SpongeBob.
018 Walking Small "Steppin’ on the beach! Doo-doo-doo-doo! Steppin’ on the beach! Roo-doo-doo! Steppin’ on the beach! Doo-doo-doo-doo! Steppin’ on the beach! Roo-doo-doo!"
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied Title card
023 Big Pink Loser SpongeBob and Patrick happily walk home, after Patrick removes the lid from the jar.
035 The Secret Box Title card
037 I'm with Stupid The ending
Season 3
042 Club SpongeBob Title card; The ending
049 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve The ending
Season 4
070 Ghost Host The ending
078 Born to Be Wild The ending

This Song is Available on itunes.

Hilo Rag

Hilo Rag was composed by Guy Fletcher. This song was also used in adverts for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
021 Squid's Day Off Squidward "promotes" SpongeBob.
029 Survival of the Idiots SpongeBob and Patrick have fun in the snow after putting earmuffs on Sandy.
040 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm Title card; "Aw, shucks, I don't want yer money."
Season 3
053 New Student Starfish The opening.
055 Mid-Life Crustacean Patrick arrives at the Krusty Krab.
Season 5
083 Waiting SpongeBob stuffs the envelope with box tops and begins to wait for the toy.
089 Sing a Song of Patrick Title card.

Hippo's in my Bath

Hippo's in my Bath was composed by Richard Myhill. Rather than SpongeBob, it most likely plays in the popular and first Nintendo Video Original Series to extensively use the APM Music Library, Threediots.

Historical Fanfares

Historical Fanfares were composed by Gerhard Narholz.

Historical Fanfare 32.05

  • Arrgh! - "One for all... and all for one."

Historical Fanfare 32.07

Hit and Run

Hit and Run was composed by Ralph Dollimore. This composition uses both the original, and the cover version by Sam Spence. The original was used as the music for the game "Improbable Mission" on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Original version

Sam Spence version

Hog Fever (a)

Hog Fever (a) was composed by Graham Preskett.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
005 Pizza Delivery SpongeBob shows Squidward how the pioneers hitchhiked.
Season 2
029 Survival of the Idiots Sandy chases SpongeBob; "TARTAR SAUCE!!! The lock's still frozen!"
040 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!"
Season 3
058 Plankton's Army Plankton and his family attack.

Holiday Dream

Holiday Dream was composed by Max Mahlmann.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
003 Plankton! SpongeBob walks home from The Krusty Krab.
Season 2
030 No Free Rides Mrs. Puff apologizes to SpongeBob for making him pass.
032 Pressure SpongeBob and Sandy relax.
036 Krusty Love Mrs. Puff says to Mr. Krabs that she will always love him.
Season 4
072 All That Glitters Title Card
Season 5
084 Good Ol' Whatshisname "A tropical getaway?!"

Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic was composed by Malcom Lockyer and Bert Weedom. Its original title was 'Jolly Gigolo' when first released in 1957.

Holiday Playtime

Holiday Playtime was composed by Cedric King-Palmer.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail was composed by Larry Hochman.

The Holy Land

The Holy Land was composed by David Farnon.

Hollywood Christmas

Hollywood Christmas was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Hollywood Fanfare

Hollywood Fanfare was composed by Larry Hochman.

Hollywood Heyday

Hollywood Heyday was composed by A.M. Hughes.

Hollywood Glitz

Hollywood Glitz was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Honolulu Lula

Honolulu Lula was composed by Terry Day.

Honolulu March

Honolulu March is a traditional Hawaiian song. Two versions of it are used on the show. The first version is performed by Hans Haider and the second version by George De Fretes.

Honolulu March {HH}

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Help Wanted "Today's the big day, Gary."; "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready..."; SpongeBob runs to the Krusty Krab.
002 Bubblestand SpongeBob shows Squidward the "technique"; Squidward attempts to blow a bubble, while SpongeBob and Patrick try to remind Squidward about the "technique". Squidward does the technique.
003 Jellyfishing SpongeBob eagerly waits for the return of Squidward.
005 Home Sweet Pineapple Squidward wakes up knowing that it is the day that SpongeBob finally moves.
007 Hall Monitor SpongeBob continues his hall monitor duties downtown.
013 I Was a Teenage Gary Gary plays in his exercise wheel.
016 The Paper Squidward tries to think of things to do that are more fun than SpongeBob's paper.
017 Rock Bottom SpongeBob floats back home on his balloon.
020 Hooky "Okay, Gary, today is a new day. I'm ready to prove myself loyal to Mr. Krabs."
Season 3
051 Party Pooper Pants Title card
056 I Had an Accident Title card
Season 7
132 Yours, Mine, and Mine The next morning, SpongeBob wakes up, excited to play with the toy.
133 Squidward in Clarinetland The opening
Season 8
169 Planet of the Jellyfish The opening

Honolulu March {GDF}

# Episode Scene
Season 1
009 Opposite Day "Absolutely, Mr. Tentacles, I can sell your home in a heartbeat."; The realtor arrives; The ending.
010 Culture Shock Title card.
017 Arrgh! SpongeBob and Patrick find the "X".
020 Hooky Title card.
Season 2
027 Life of Crime SpongeBob and Patrick say everything that they are going to do with the balloon.
029 Dumped All Gary wanted was the cookie in Patrick's pants.
030 No Free Rides After Mrs. Puff returns home and gets surprised.
032 Pressure SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward become live action puppets.
037 Procrastination SpongeBob sees Gary.
Season 3
045 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV The ending.
Season 4
068 Patrick SmartPants The ending.
074 Bummer Vacation Title card; "Indeed I did, and there she is." (At the end, clashes with a Hawaiian cue.)
Season 5
085 Krabs a la Mode The Krusty Krab is turned into a swimming pool. (At the end, clashes with a Hawaiian cue.)

Hope & Glory

Hope & Glory was composed by Thomas Blug and Mark Scholz.


Horlepiep is a traditional Dutch polka performed by bandoneon player Jan Rap. The cue is mainly associated with Mrs. Puff and/or her Boating School.

Season Episode Scene
Season 1
007 Hall Monitor The opening.; The ending.
Season 2
033 Shanghaied Final scene of the Patchy segment.
037 Procrastination Exterior shots Mrs. Puff's of Boating School.
Season 3
045 Doing Time The beginning.
053 New Student Starfish Title card; The ending.
060 Pranks a Lot Montage of SpongeBob and Patrick scaring everyone in Bikini Bottom. (This cue plays because this montage starts with Mrs. Puff.)
Season 4
069 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired Title card.
077 Driven to Tears Patrick gets into Mrs. Puff's boat. "You're not the judge of me!" "Actually I am. Let the testing begin!"
Season 5
084 Boat Smarts Title card.
Season 6
102 Nautical Novice "You saved us all."
104 Gone SpongeBob pretends to be Mrs. Puff.
109 Boating Buddies Exterior shot of Mrs. Puff's Boating School; The ending.
Season 7
136 Summer Job The beginning.
Season 8
154 The Hot Shot "He will be treated just like the rest of us"; The ending.
157 Oral Report Patrick, dressed as Mrs. Puff, scolds SpongeBob; Exterior shot of Mrs. Puff's Boating School.
159 A SquarePants Family Vacation Mrs. Puff reads SpongeBob's invitation.
173 Demolition Doofus "Let's get this party started" ;SpongeBob crashes into other cars.
177 Move It or Lose It SpongeBob runs up to Mrs. Puff Boating School.
Season 9
182 Bumper to Bumper Title card.

Horror Chords

Horror Chords were composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Horror Chords (b)

Horror Crash

Horror Crash was composed by Harry Lubin.

# Episode Scene
Season 7
140 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom "Pile of gravel?!"
142 Trenchbillies SpongeBob and Patrick crash in an outhouse.
Sponge-Cano Squidward falls.
150 The Wreck of the Mauna Loa SpongeBob and Patrick fall underground.
152 Perfect Chemistry "Hey, cut it out!"
Season 8
153 The Other Patty Mr. Krabs and Plankton scream.
160 Walking the Plankton Plankton crashes into a big guy's butt.
164 Barnacle Face Pearl screams.
168 Restraining SpongeBob Squidward falls face-first in a seaberry pie.
169 Are You Happy Now? SpongeBob falls.
170 Free Samples Everyone vomits.
176 Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up Is Go! Mr. Krabs screams.
Season 9
179 Squirrel Record Sandy goes crazy.
183 Eek, an Urchin! SpongeBob frantically runs and screams.

Horror Link

Horror Link was composed by Len Rawle.

Horror Link (a)

  • Scaredy Pants - "Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I am the Flying Dutchman! Booga, booga, booga, booga! Give me your souls!"

Horror Strike

Horror Strike was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Horses for Courses

Horses for Courses was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Hostile Space

Hostile Space was composed by Harry Lubin.

House Of Horror

House Of Horror is a section of two tracks with five parts composed by W. Merrick Farran and one composed by Larry Hochman.

House Of Horror {W. Merrick Farran}

1st track

1st part

2nd part

  • Plankton! - Plankton ventures in SpongeBob's brain.
  • Bubble Buddy - Everyone begins to surround SpongeBob with needles in attempt to pop Bubble Buddy.
  • Wormy - SpongeBob realizes the "Best Friend" tag has fallen off Wormy when he was changing into a butterfly overnight. (Very beginning of this part heard only.)
  • Life of Crime - "I'm warning you!"
  • Graveyard Shift - Squidward's story of The Hash Slinging Slasher begins to come true
  • Jellyfish Hunter - No Name breathes heavily on the phone and cuts the power to SpongeBob's house
  • Wet Painters - SpongeBob tries to warn himself of being careful with the permanent paint ; The slideshow of time cards is shown until Patrick is seen carrying a "3 HOURS LATER" card.
  • The Camping Episode - SpongeBob and Patrick tells Squidward what attracts sea bears.
  • Oral Report - SpongeBob begins to feel nervous.

2nd track

3rd part

4th part

5th part

  • Hall Monitor - SpongeBob is screaming and babbling while he runs in a mailbox.
  • I Was a Teenage Gary - Title card; Squidward sees SpongeSnail.
  • SB-129 - After the 2000 year card.
  • Karate Choppers - Plays when the volcano sauce bottle is shown.
  • Valentine's Day - Patrick goes on a rampage.
  • Walking Small - "MEGA BUCKET!!"
  • Hooky - SpongeBob pictures himself in a tuna can.
  • Bossy Boots - SpongeBob screams after he sees Mr. Krabs lying on the ground.
  • Bubble Buddy - SpongeBob screams after Pearl blows her bubblegum.
  • Wormy - SpongeBob and Patrick notice that the butterfly probably ate Wormy.
  • Survival of the Idiots - Sandy screams after she notices all of her fur is gone.
  • Graveyard Shift - SpongeBob starts screaming repetitively (Pitch +2); The Hash Slinging Slasher is real.
  • Jellyfish Hunter - "(SpongeBob gasps) BLUE JELLY!!!!"
  • Krab Borg - Mr. Krabs comes out of the door with painful red eyes, a pair of small tonks in his hand, and batteries in his pocket; "Squidward, the robots are running the navy!"
  • Wet Painters - The paint starts going down the wall; The dollar is shown to have a tiny drop of paint. (Pitch +1 each time)
  • Pranks a Lot - Mr. Krabs screams.
  • Fear of a Krabby Patty - SpongeBob begins to be afraid of Krabby Patties. (Pitch +1 each additional time compared to its previous, effective with SpongeBob screaming after seeing every krabby patty in the dining room)
  • Have You Seen This Snail? - Grandma go's after Gary.
  • Skill Crane - "I've got to win that crane!!!"
  • Good Neighbors - Squidward's house grows arms and legs; Squidward's house destroys everything in Bikini Bottom.
  • Enemy In-Law - Betsy Krabs screams in fright from being taken by the Chum-Bot.
  • SquidBob TentaclePants - The ending.
  • Ghost Host - The Flying Dutchman scares Squidward by using various things, (Pitch +1 each time compared to its previous; effecive when a Giant SpongeBob is in Squidward's house) The very end.
  • All That Glitters - SpongeBob starts crying uncontrollably when his spatula is broken.
  • Once Bitten - "That mad snail is coming! If he bites you, you'll turn into a zombie."
  • The Thing - Squidward, covered in hard cement gets stung by jellyfish. (Pitch +2)
  • The Pink Purloiner - SpongeBob runs around in the background wiping saliva off his tongue and screaming after using "Confess-A-Bear."
  • Fungus Among Us - The camera shows the ick on Squidward's head. (1 note only)
  • To Love a Patty - (SpongeBob screams) "What's happened to you?!?" (Pitch +1 each additional time compared to its previous, starting with pitch -1 compared to normal) Note: This also plays after "The Jitters".
  • The Krusty Plate - Mr. Krabs sees the spot; SpongeBob sees the spot. (Pitch +1 each additional time compared to its previous)
  • What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? - An egg hits SpongeBob.
  • Stanley S. SquarePants - SpongeBob notices Stanley broke his Spatula. (Pitch +1 each additional time compared to its previous)
  • The Splinter - Squidward grabs 2 pillows and places them over his ears while SpongeBob screams. Squidward tumbles out of the kitchen, out the front door, and comes back in through the back door. SpongeBob stops screaming.
  • No Nose Knows - "Bad smells are all around me!"
  • Grooming Gary - The pets start a riot.
  • Toy Store of Doom - "[screams] Nothing can stop it!"
  • Krusty Dogs - "No-o-o M-m-m-m-more Krabby Patties?????"
  • Perfect Chemistry - Squidward screams as he sees SpongeBob's eyes blinking; Squidward screams after SpongeBob's mouth says "Hi, Squidward!!!". (Pitch +1)
  • Oral Report - The students stare angirly at SpongeBob.
  • Evil Spatula - Title card; Plankton looks at the label too late ("Oh, no.") and the Chum Bucket explodes.

House Of Horror {Larry Hochman}

Housewives Choice

Housewives Choice was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Hula Festival

Hula Festival (aka "Hula Dancers") was composed by George Elliot.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
033 Gary Takes a Bath Gary catches the "New Boomerang Pet Ball".
039 Jellyfish Hunter "Oh, it's you."
Season 3
042 My Pretty Seahorse "Good morning, flowers!"
053 New Student Starfish SpongeBob shows Patrick the classroom.
057 The Camping Episode The ending
Season 4
062 The Lost Mattress Title card
076 Hocus Pocus Montage of SpongeBob having fun with the Ice Cream.
Season 5
100 Stanley S. SquarePants Title card

Hula Guitars

Hula Guitars was composed by Eric Spencer.

The Hurry Up

The Hurry Up was composed by Kenny Graham.

Hustle and Bustle

Hustle and Bustle was composed by Jack Beaver.

Hymn of Achievement

Hymn of Achievement was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

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